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Topic: Brandybuck clan

 The Barrow-Downs
Meriadoc ‘Merry’ Brandybuck was one of the three hobbits to accompany Frodo Baggins on his big journey to destroy the One Ring.
An offspring of the wealthy Brandybuck clan from Buckland, he was especially close friends with Peregrin Took, with whom his name in the Ring War is closely associated.
The Brandybuck clan was well-off and well established in Brandy Hall, but they were often considered as a bit peculiar by other hobbits for living so near to a river and other strange lands.
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 Brandybuck clan - BookwormSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
2820–2923) was an ancestor of Frodo Baggins and Meriadoc Brandybuck.
The Brandybuck family was one of the most prominent in the Shire, and the most important family in Buckland, so much so in fact that the head of the Brandybuck clan was called the ‘Master of Buckland&; and his authority over that strip of wooded country, east of the river Baranduin, was widely respected.
The Tooks of Great Smial (and the Brandybucks) were the strongest clan in the Shire, and their head one of the three most important members of Hobbit society (the other two being the Mayor of the Shire; and the Master of Buckland, head of the other great clan, the Brandybuck).
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 Brandybuck clan Information
They were mostly of Stoorish blood, but with a Fallohide strain.
Ten Oldbuck Thains followed, until Gordenhad Oldbuck, the eleventh Thain, crossed into Buckland over the river Brandywine, passing the Thainship to the Took clan.
It should be noted that the name Brandybuck is only a translation of the original Westron Brandagamba, Marchbuck.
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 Rogorn - Meriadoc Brandybuck ( Kalimac Brandagamba )
One of the most distinguished Hobbits of history, remembered in the Annals of the Shire not only for his deeds in the year of the War of the Ring, but for his deep interest in the origins of the Hobbits themselves, as shown by his many contributions to the sum of Hobbit-scholarship.
Of the two younger hobbits in the Company of the Ring (him and Pippin), he was undoubtedly the more mature, and he took the Quest seriously from the first, characteristically spending a good deal of time in the libraries of Rivendell, studying maps of the lands which lay far beyond his knowledge.
The Brandybuck family was one of the most prominent in the Shire, and the most important family in Buckland, so much so in fact that the head of the Brandybuck clan was called the ‘Master of Buckland’; and his authority over that strip of wooded country, east of the river Baranduin, was widely respected.
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 Accent Rationale
were often found as leaders or "Thains" ('Thane' is a Medieval Scottish term for a clan leader).
Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry) is a cousin of both Frodo and Pippin and from a well-to-do family.
As the character seems to want to be a “bit of a lad” we developed a Gloucestershire accent like Sam Gamgee's, but less broad and rarely dropping the 'h's.
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 Science Fair Projects - Brandybuck clan
He led the colonization of Buckland, and renamed himself to Brandybuck.
Gormadoc Brandybuck (Third Age 2734-2836): Master of Buckland until his death, and an ancestor of both Frodo Baggins and Meriadoc Brandybuck.
Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck who was part of the Fellowship of the Ring was a member of this family.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/Master_of_Buckland   (435 words)

 Encyclopedia of Arda: Gormadoc ‘Deepdelver’ Brandybuck   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A descendant of Gorhendad the founder of Buckland, and in turn an important ancestor of the Brandybuck family, Gormadoc is listed at the head of the genealogical table given in The Lord of the Rings.
Gormadoc's nickname 'Deepdelver' seems to have its origins in Tolkien's first drafts of the Brandybuck family tree.
At first, these placed Gorhendad, not Gormadoc, at the head of the tree, and Gorhendad was not only Buckland's founder, but also the delver of Brandy Hall in Buck Hill.
www.glyphweb.com /arda/g/gormadocbrandybuck.html   (223 words)

 Merry Brandybuck
                   aster Meriadoc Brandybuck, better known to his friends and family as "Merry",  was easily one of the most remarkable Hobbits in the whole history o' the War of the Ring, and that's a fact, 'cause i, Sam Gamgee, was there to see it.
He was the smartest Hobbit; always a bit of a planner and thinker,  it was he who first found out about old Mr.Bilbo's funny "magic" Ring, and it was him who got me to spy on Mr.Bilbo and mr.
Merry was able to say goodbye to the aged King Eomer of Rohan before accompanying Mr.Pippin to Gondor, where they lived out the rest of their days in honor and comfort.
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 The Feud
His Brandybuck sense of order, its rational philosophy, and all around civilization fled and a slightly untamed Tookishness engulfed him, as if he suddenly became more in tune with the animals in the woods than with the books in his father’s library.
Perhaps you had to be exactly half of each to see it, half Brandybuck with their love of lore and knowledge and educated lack of fear of the things outside the Shire, and half Took with their unquenchable boldness and ferocity and love of adventure.
Merry knew he was not an intruder, and for the moment, he was no Brandybuck either, but was just Merry, sitting on the floor of Uncle Paladin’s study, in front of the fire as he had a hundred times before.
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When she had wed into the regal Brandybuck clan, she had brought with her an inflated ego and an overblown sense of importance.
The Tooks and Brandybucks have always been close -- as you are well aware -- but Prim was somehow one on her own.
Of course, he had warmed to Prim's youthful enthusiasm; perhaps was even flattered by her thirst for knowledge, but I would never, ever accept that his intentions towards her were dishonourable." "Dishonourable?" Frodo echoed.
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 History and Practice of Communications in The Shire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
When the Hobbits first came to the shores of the Baranduin river in Eriador, they were a semi nomadic people with a tribal social structure strongly tied to clan relationships.
Three distinct groups or breeds were recognized, at least among the Hobbits themselves (though it is doubtful that any others knew, or even cared about the differences); these were the Fallohides, the Stoors, and the Harfoots.
But the Bolo messengers served only a small portion of the East Farthing, and soon their rates became too much to bear, for they charged whatever they thought they could get from the customer for the delivery of letters and parcels.
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 forums :: View topic - Current Revison: 173, 30 October 2006
KOL CHANGE: the clan stash display and interface have been changed.
Clan buff purchases have added pwd hash and now work again.
'clan' is now a fallback default channel for some things.
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 Brandybuck clan - One Wiki to Rule Them All, the Middle-earth Encyclopedia
Brandybuck clan - One Wiki to Rule Them All, the Middle-earth Encyclopedia
The Brandybuck clan was a powerful Hobbit family.
Wikia is a service mark of Wikia, Inc. All rights reserved.
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 The Reading Room || Lord of the Rings Reading and Writing Workshop
The head of the Brandybuck clan motioned for him to come in.
Brandybuck attempted to talk to Frodo after he finished with the punishment.
There were bruises from Maggot's beating, but atop them were the marks of Brandybuck's thrashing, three of which were open and swollen an angry red.
www.theonering.com /articles/14230,1.html   (9846 words)

 West of the Moon - Yuletide in Buckland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A soft knock on the door interrupted his irritable reflections, and he opened it with a yawn, expecting it to be one of the Brandybuck minions announcing the status of his bath.
It was a place he remembered from his childhood here, a storage shed on the far side of the Brandybucks' extensive orchards, where apples and other fall fruit were stored in the winter, bedded down with hay.
Saradoc Brandybuck, the grand Master of Brandy Hall, sat at the head of the table, with Mistress Esmerelda at one side and Master Merry at the other.
www.west-of-the-moon.net /servlet/ReadSlashStory?storyID=156   (8757 words)

 One of these Days Part 1~ Arriving   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The weather was beautiful, the scents of summer strong in the air, and elsewhere in the Shire, young hobbit lads and lasses were stripping down to their underclothes and splashing about in ponds.
(The Brandybuck clan was even swimming in the river, much to the disapproval of those outside the family.
What he really wanted was to get away from all the sympathetic comments, questions, and glances he had been receiving for the past month.
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 scale model kits die cast books figures re-enactment
The figures are from “The Scouring of the Shire” and comprise a magical mix of mounted characters, plus a wizard and sidekick…The Heroes in question are none other than Frodo of the Nine Fingers, Samwise Gambee, Peregrin Took Guard of the Citadel, and Meriadoc Brandybuck Knight of the Mark all of course Hobbits.
The rise of the Clan Pestilans heralded by the infection of the Lizardmen spawning pools south of the city of Chaqua, festering waters giving rise to twisted malformed creatures the vile Rat Spawn …
Yet another, and we cant get enough of em, full colour standard high quality format publication that takes the lid off the world of the Ogres and this blood curdling tome gives you all you need to know to begin either fighting the monsters or else taking their side.
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 ~Flame of Anor :: Fallohides
Afterwards the Fallohides mixed more and more with the Harfoots and later the Stoors, until the three Hobbit races became one.
The influental Took clan had distinct Fallohide traces both in appearance and character, as did the Oldbuck (Brandybuck) clan.
Both Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins were part Fallohide, due to their Took mothers.
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