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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  The Americus Brass Band
The band has been invited to perform at many regional and national events including the 125th anniversary reenactments of the battles of Bull Run and Gettysburg, the 1996 International Brassfest II, the 1996 Great American Brass Band Festival, and the 2000 National Civil War Band Festival.
The Americus Brass Band was invited to perform at the Hollywood Bowl in summer 1999, the first band to perform in that venue in over 60 years.
The Americus Brass Band remains the foremost professional Civil War replica band in the country and continues to do its part to insure that this glorious but terrible chapter in American history will never be forgotten.
www.americusbrassband.org   (555 words)

  Northwest Brass Band Festival
The Northwest Brass Band Festival 2007 is an "international" festival featuring British Brass Bands from the state of Washington and Canada.
Brass Band Northwest is dedicated to preserving and performing music in the British Brass Band tradition as well as performing contemporary works composed and arranged for the brass band.
The band is self-supporting, and contributions are greatly appreciated.
www.brassbandnw.org /festival.htm   (363 words)

 The Brass Crest: Brass Band Instrumentation
In the band accompaniment, the cornet section is not used at all.
Brass instruments whose bore is mostly cylindrical, such as the trombone, are the brightest.
In the typical brass band, the cornets and trombones are the bright instruments.
www.brasscrest.com /instru/instru001.html   (534 words)

 Rockhampton City Brass Band
The Rockhampton City Brass Band is the oldest band in the region, and one of the oldest in the country, having its origins in 1873.
Life membership of the Rockhampton City Brass Band is awarded in order to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the band rather than simply the length of their membership.
“Brass banding, especially with a group such as the City Band is always a pleasure and when we bring musical enjoyment to the community then the pleasure is doubled.
www.rockybrass.com   (443 words)

 The Triangle Brass Band
Providing the Triangle area with quality music in the British brass style since 1986, the Triangle Brass Band has established itself as one of the finest performing ensembles in the region.
Brass band experience is desired, but not required.
The Triangle Brass Band rehearses on Wednesday evenings during the concert season (September to June), from 6:15 to 7:45, at the Cary Academy 1500 North Harrison Avenue in Cary.
www.trianglebrass.org   (259 words)

 Indiana Brass Band Circa 1835 Keyed Instruments
The Indiana Brass Band is a organization representing the musical technology of the 1830's, which is a period in our musical history that is not well known.
Brass instruments had the power to project sound, but except in the hands of highly skilled professionals, they were not articulate enough to play but some notes of the scale without making rather slow adjustments.
The Indiana Brass Keyed Band recreates this early band in the style of the bands of that day by using the Kent bugles, quinticlavs, ophicleides, cornopeans, trombones, natural and piston horns, and percussion; and occasionally with a little help from our woodwind and string friends.
www.wildcatband.com /keyed.html   (426 words)

 Colchester Brass Band
The Colchester Band was formed at a public meeting on the 24th of August 1860,where a "Public Subscription Appeal" was launched to raise two hundred pounds for instruments and uniforms for a group of 17 musicians.
The band were briefly under the direction of Stephen Pegram, and were pleased to appoint Peter Ivey as Musical Director in 1992.
Despite slipping back into the Second Section the band went on to qualify for the Finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain in 1995 and 1996, gaining promotion to the Championship Section in 1997 after a first place by 4 clear points in the first section qualifiers with a piece called "Spectrum".
www.brassband.freeserve.co.uk /History.htm   (506 words)

 Brass Band
Brass has been taught at the school for over 15 years and numerous pupils, past and present, are able to play an instrument because of this facility.
Mrs Woollam has taken the ‘brass band’ after school club for the past 11 years and numbers have swelled during this time from 5 to 15.
Many of our past and present brass musicians are members of local youth bands and this gives pupils the opportunity to meet other children with a similar interest and the prospect of travelling both within the UK and Europe.
www.rodeheath.cheshire.sch.uk /brass_band.html   (335 words)

 ~ TBC Brass Band ~   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The band was invited to perform on stage with Big Al Carson in a club in the French Quarter.
High School Band, was asked to form a brass band from his marching unit to perform at a convention in Florida.
To Be Continued's goal is to be successful, to keep the brass band music scene alive, and to inspire young people to take music lessons and learn both music and a form of personal discipline.
www.tbcbrassband.com /index.html   (233 words)

 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
New Orleans' own Dirty Dozen Brass Band and very special guests are paying tribute to Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, by releasing their reinterpretation of the classic CD on the record’s 35th anniversary.
Allen Toussaint and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band are among the all-star cast of the DVD "From The Big Apple to The Big Easy" which documents the benefit concert of the same name held in New York City in September 20, 2005.
As a response to those who have expressed concern, we are relieved and grateful to advise that BeauSoleil and The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, who had homes and families in New Orleans and the vicinity, are safe and relocated.
www.rosebudus.com /dozen   (1067 words)

 Brass Bands
The Whangarei District Brass is a Brass Band situated 170km North of Auckland(New Zealand).
A contesting band from County Durham in the North-East of England.
Members are adult professional and amateur musicians seeking to perform music in the brass band tradition: a variety of styles played well with a lot of fun and camaraderie.
i.webring.com /hub?ring=brassband   (640 words)

 Online Easy Listening Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio - ALL BRASS BANDS!
Brass bands in the British tradition are limited to cornets, flugelhorns, tenor horns, baritones, euphoniums, trombones, tubas (known as basses in brass bands), and percussion; but not trumpets or french horns, since they are orchestral and concert band instruments.
In UK bands compete against each other in contests and are graded according to their results from Championship Section (being the highest) to 4th Section, with a separate Youth Section (usually up to and including 19 years of age).
Competitions among bands usually consist of a performance of at least one of the following: a test piece (which may be set by the contest organisers or chosen by the band), a march, a hymn, or an entertainment selection.
www.live365.com /stations/docfox   (437 words)

 Home - Brass Band Buizingen
No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the publishers.
Since the brass band was founded in 1975, one of the most important milestones was the switch from fanfare band to brass band.
From this point of view the board members, conductor and band members are thoroughly aware of the need for a disciplined organisation, for musical magic and for charismatic team spirit.
www.brassbandbuizingen.be /eng/eng_index.htm   (188 words)

 New England Brass Band
The New England Brass Band is extremely proud to announce our First Place finish at the 2006 North American Brass Band Honors Division competition held in Louisville, KY on April 1st 2006.
NEBB has begun a new year long initiative in support of the Brass Band Aid campaign to assist with the building of a new school in the town of Adet, in the north of Ethiopia.
The New England Brass Band is a proud member of the North American Brass Band Association.
www.newenglandbrassband.org /index.html   (341 words)

 Benfield Brass Band
The Benfield Brass Band is a traditional British style brass band, composed entirely of brass and percussion instruments.
TheBenfield Brass Band is a non-profit volunteer organization which performs a limited number of concerts in the Anne Arundel County vicinity, as well as at the annual Gettysburg Brass Band festival.
Many of the band's members play together in other local instrumental groups, and the band comes together in the spring and plays through mid-summer.
www.baywindsband.org /benfieldindex.htm   (93 words)

 Prairie Brass Band - Arlington Heights, Illinois
Brass Band Aid and will contribute to the building of a new school in the town of Adet in the north of Ethiopia.
Formal acceptance into the band may be contingent upon successful completion of a brief audition.
The Prairie Brass Band is funded in part by the Illinois Arts Council.
www.prairiebrass.org   (274 words)

 Rebirth Brass Band hits the road   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Members of the Rebirth Brass Band were scattered by Katrina, but they are now all back in New Orleans.
At the heart of brass bands, at least brass bands from New Orleans, isn't so much the plunger-muted trumpets and trombone blasts.
In the early days, Frazier said the band was called the "Group" brass band.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06341/744009-42.stm   (553 words)

 Band Music from the Civil War Era: Home Page
Band Music from the Civil War Era makes available examples of a brilliant style of brass band music that flourished in the 1850s in the United States and remained popular through the nineteenth century.
Bands of this kind served in the armies of both the North and the South during the Civil War.
The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/cwmhtml/cwmhome.html   (264 words)

 The Harrogate Band - A British Brass Band
In concert or to support an existing event, the band uses the combined skills of its players, musical director and 28 years of experience to deliver musical services to the local community, business and other organisations.
The Band can provide music for virtually any event and it has a range of repertoire and styles to fit the occasion.
The full brass band of around 25-30 players is suitable for most engagements - formal concerts; carnivals, festivals, fairs, fetes and parties; fund raising and PR events; parades and processions; inside or outside.
www.harrogate.co.uk /harrogate-band   (260 words)

 Welcome to Jack Brass Band
The crack of the snare drum, the blat of the sousaphone, the blaring brass over it all tells you that the Jack Brass Band is an infectious machine, one that drives crowd to their feet and commands them to groove.
Formed in 1999, they are the only New Orleans style brass band in Minneapolis, and are the ambassadors of the Crescent City's brass band tradition.
The Jack Brass Band embraces the traditions of New Orleans jazz, at the same time adding old time blues, rock, hip-hop, pop, funk and reggae.
www.jackbrassband.com /band.asp   (284 words)

 Motor City Brass Band
Motor City Brass Band is Michigan’s first competitive British style brass band, annually participating in the North American Brass Band Association or US Open Championships in addition to performing a full schedule of subscription and community performances.
Motor City Brass Band is fortunate to have Craig Strain as its Musical Director and Conductor.
There has been growth in membership and, because of Craig's understanding of the musical and technical capabilities of brass instruments and his experience as a brass performer, teacher, arranger, and conductor, he has taken Motor City Brass Band to ever higher levels of musicianship and performance.
www.mcbb.org   (592 words)

 The Brass Band Portal
Find a band to play in, learn with or join when you're at university
Bands by name/location, people, societies, related sites, professional cards, deputies, Salvation Army,...
News and newsletters from the world of brass bands.
www.bandsman.co.uk   (155 words)

 Brass Bands, Hire a Brass Band, Book a Brass Band
A brass band is a musical group consisting of (you guessed it) brass instruments, combined with percussion.
Ensembles which include brass and woodwind instruments can sometimes be called brass bands (as in New Orleans-style Brass Bands), but are usually more correctly termed concert bands, wind bands or wind ensembles.
A brass band in the English tradition generally comprises cornets, flugelhorn, tenor horns, baritones, euphoniums, trombone players, tubas and percussion players.
www.gigsalad.com /Music-Groups/Brass-Band   (1179 words)

 Brass Band World - Banding news and results from around the world
Brass Band World - Banding news and results from around the world
Welcome to the online arm of Brass Band World — the independent magazine for the Brass world.
Designed for players, conductors, students, brass band aficionados and music enthusiasts, BBW has been providing its readers with insights into the lives of banding celebrities, up-to-the-minute contest results and the latest news for the past 15 years.
www.brassbandworld.com   (111 words)

 Illinois Brass Band. NABBA Champions.
We are extremely proud and honored to be the first brass band from outside the British Commonwealth to be invited to the British Open, the world's oldest and most prestigious brass band competition.
The Illinois Brass Band finishes third place at the recent competition!
Hosting provided by Americaneagle.com, a proud supporter of the Illinois Brass Band.
www.illinoisbrassband.org   (175 words)

 The Great American Brass Band Festival
Festivities are held in mid-June, beginning on a Thursday with an old-fashioned Chautauqua tea gathering.
The festival is hosted by Danville's hometown band -- the Advocate Brass Band.
The New Olympian Traditonal Jazz Band marches down Main Street Saturday with parade-goers.
www.gabbf.com   (241 words)

 Band Brass - Instrument Pro
Palatino Bb Cornet The Palatino cornet provides a compact shape made from European bell brass
Bach B1111 Bach B1111 Description: Key of BBb,.728" bore, 26" yellow brass bell, red
Bach B1102 Bach B1102 Description: Key of F/Bb,.472" bore, 12-1/8" yellow brass
instrumentpro.com /C-Band-Brass   (361 words)

 Rebirth Brass Band - Band
The live concert featured New Orleans musical legends joined onstage with many of music's biggest names.
The DVD includes show-stopping performances by the Rebirth Brass Band and many others.
RBB is now selling various merchandise at www.cafepress.com/rebirthstuff.
www.rebirthbrassband.com   (256 words)

 RCBB's Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Every concert will be overflowing with brass at its best, demonstrating that the RCBB is the premier concert band in the nation!
We're excited to launch RCBB's very own blog as one more way for you to stay up to date with RCBB information.
You can have the world-famous River City Brass Band perform your favorite song when you help underwrite the musical arrangement.
www.rcbb.com   (135 words)

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