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 Welfare reform could break cycle for some families
Study shows parents' work habits affect successive generation If welfare reform is successful in moving people from welfare to work, it is likely to reduce welfare dependency for the recipients' children as they gain a stronger work ethic from seeing their parents employed, a new University study shows.
Mulligan's study of work decisions is part of a larger study of the economic links between parents and children, the results of which will be published in the forthcoming book Parental Priorities and Economic Equality.
Welfare reform could break cycle for some families /970501/welfare.shtml

 Metal and Metallurgy engineering - Aluminum Work Hardening
Since you believe that no work hardening occurs via break-in nor that age hardening occurs after receipt of the mast, (and also disbelieve my idea that ‘break-in’ is getting rid of slack in the mast connections), you believe that ‘break-in’ is nonsense.
Work hardening, more properly called strain hardening, occurs when a material is plastically deformed, i.e., when stresses beyond the yield strength cause dislocation motion.
The work hardening would occur during while the tension side of the mast is stretching on its way to failure. /viewthread.cfm?qid=41760   (6784 words)

 Flickr: Coffee_Break
"i followed coffee breaks's work for a while now and i really like her work.
Be it a picture of her beautiful kids, a droplet, a snail, a vegetable - each and every one of them is a work of art.
"There is very little I can say about Coffee (Mocha) Break that hasn't already been said by the many illustrious artists/photographers below except that we are all the beneficiaries of her very keen eye. /people/66668382@N00   (856 words)

 SAS Australia & New Zealand Academic Work Placement
The Queensland University of Technology are teaching SAS within their Business and IT Faculties and will also have students available for the work placement program in the Brisbane area over the summer break.
Students will be available over the summer break in Sydney, and some are willing to travel to Melbourne, Canberra, Perth or New Zealand to perform their work placement.
This summer break SAS will have over 100 students who are interested in gaining work experience at SAS customer sites. /offices/asiapacific/sp/academic/workplacement.html   (856 words)

 Break - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rest from activity or work (coffee break, lunch break, etc.; Break (work), man hour.
Passaggio, the break in the voice between registers.
Break (or break shot), the term in the sport of billiards; /wiki/Break   (205 words)

 Taxpayers for Common Sense White Paper
The tax break has encouraged people from all lines of work, including real-estate agents, lawyers, consultants, and many others-for whom this provision was never intended-to purchase a luxury SUV instead of a luxury automobile, which is not eligible for the same deductions.
These changes to the tax code, which were originally intended to spur capital investments by farmers and small businesses that rely on heavier vehicles, have made the purchase of heavy SUVs extremely lucrative for any small business owner, whether or not the vehicle is necessary in their work.
The tax break given to small business owners that allows the entire purchase price of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) to be deducted is one of the most glaring examples of a good idea going in the wrong direction. /TCS/whitepapers/SUVtaxbreak.htm   (205 words)

 Great Works Publishing - Catalog Information
A percussion break in the middle is followed by a countermelody in the low register instruments.
It is written to demonstrate to the young student the need to become proficient on several different percussion instruments within the same musical work.
Percussion Parade is a unique percussion feature work for elementary band. /ybinfo.html   (205 words)

 Big Break - WordReference Forums
A model's big break, for example, might be being cast in the latest Calvin Klein advertisements, while a dancer's big break might be being invited to join the National Ballet, having previously only done minor work in the industry.
For a person aspiring to work in a particular industry or profession, their "big break" is the opportunity or job offer that either first gets them noticed as an up-and-comer in their field or as an estaablishes them as an important member of it.
With an example like 'come on on, its your big break' it would be used as if two workmates working at the some company. /showthread.php?t=8146   (611 words)

 A welcome break: take a year off and get better marks - National -
MADDY Willcock noticed a lethargy in many of her friends when she fronted up for the start of university after taking a year's break to work and travel overseas.
The UWA research — yet to be published, but presented at a recent University of Melbourne forum — found women, students from outside capital cities and those whose first language was English were more likely to take a break before plunging into university life.
Rested and ready to go: Maddy Willcock was keen to start study after a gap year of travel and volunteer work. /news/national/a-welcome-break-take-a-year-off-and-get-better-marks/2006/02/16/1140064205134.html   (655 words)

 Break even analysis
Break even analysis focuses on the sensitivity and vulnerability of the business to changes in sales.
For some small businesses, it is more practical to consider the hourly rate that they need to charge for their labour or the number of hours that they need to be able to invoice each week for their business to break even.
Break even analysis is one of the financial indicators that can be calculated from a business's Profit and Loss Account (the Desktop Assistant /askjava/break.htm   (655 words)

 Array.push() in a function doesn't work - Forums
So when I return the array on the place where I used to break it it must work.
When I run the same code when it's not in a function, it works.
And, I just learned that the return function also breaks the loop and function. /forums/showthread.php3?p=95224   (263 words)

The work concludes with a joyous and rhythmically charged finale entitled "and 10,000 Angels Danced Through the Eye of a Needle".
The ever-present ritual and spiritual qualities of African music permeate the three-movement work.
for organ, electric cello, and percussion - Break Out! /~kjuusela/K-web4.html   (263 words)

 TABLEs on non-TABLE Browsers
And, to be pedantic, that is true: the HTML4 spec, for example, explains what to do with "white space" characters (which it says the no-break space is not), then explicitly excludes any specification of what to do with other kinds of space character.
In June 1997, while looking through "Best Viewed with Any Browser", I stumbled on a reference to "Designing HTML Tables to Work with HTML 2.0 Browsers" which was (but is no longer) at the EFF, and had apparently been there since at least December 1996.
In a usenet posting I saw a question about displaying a table of Food Service hours, and wanting it to work on Lynx. /~flavell/www/tablejob.html   (263 words)

 Bob Marley - Rasta Man Chant lyrics
--- [Short instrumental break] --- One bright morning when my work is over, Man will fly away home.
One bright morning when my work is over, Man will fly away home. /b/bobmarley/rastamanchant.html   (263 words)

 uniform rail gauge
Australia is still a young and growing country with the technical knowledge and resources for this work and should not have to look long in vain for the political leadership which is the first requirement.
hose who are not familiar with the break-of-gauge situation in Australia will find it helpful to refer to the map in the pocket at the back of the book which shows the various gauges in colour and the mileage of each gauge.
Had a continuing plan been adopted after World war II the work would have been completed by now. /gmone/u-gauge.htm   (263 words)

 Rest and Meal Breaks - State Laws and Codes
And there certainly are child labor laws encompassing breaks and meal periods, i.e., minors working in the motion picture industry in California.
California: Employees must get a 10-minute break for every four hours worked provided that the work day is at least five hours long.
I know, I know: one would think that rest periods would be covered by some law since (at least to me) there is a safety issue as well as just some common sense management practice that would say that employees need breaks in the day. /articles/restper.htm   (263 words)

 The Observer Special reports How to break the cycle of re-offending
As a result, many ex-prisoners do not break out of a cycle of offending, even when they intend to do so.
They are also likely to leave with few of the right skills to find work in the future.
But the good work that is going on does not reach enough people and is not sufficiently sustained on release. /crimedebate/story/0,12079,750314,00.html   (263 words)

Shaheen is a Fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public, a global non-profit organisation set up in 1981 to build an association of social entrepreneurs who will undertake socially productive and innovative work in health, education, human rights, civic participation, environment and economic development (
The result is generational illiteracy, more kids growing up without an understanding of how to break the cycle of poverty.
Yet the idea that middle class-oriented schools will integrate poor kids and work to serve the poor is still not widely accepted. /changemakers18.jsp   (263 words)

 No 4th Wall to Break - Cool Things
No 4th Wall to Break - Cool Things
I enjoy doing other people's work for them because it gives me a reason to not do work for myself.
During my time as a webcomic-creatin' kind of guy, I've done a few things here and there that were neither guest comics, nor an actual part of the "No 4th Wall" line up. /stuff.htm   (263 words)

 TLS Reviews: No 4th Wall to Break
No 4th Wall to Break is a gag comic without a whole lot of surprises, but much like the work of Aaron Farber, there is a bit of method to the madness, and having that little ground to work from can be a great deal more humorous than just working from up in the air.
There's a lot of hit-and-miss with the material, but for the most part, No 4th Wall to Break manages to create a fairly memorable cast of odd characters.
Fans of the art of the gag strip should be able to catch a few good hits from it. /tls/reviews/revnofou.html   (263 words) - lunch break shopping
Sketches, comics, and other crap I draw on my lunch break at work.
Lunch Break Learning offers business and computer skills training in bite size chunks to fit the busy schedule of students, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, anyone seeking skills critical to succeeding in the business world.
Lunch at work as we knew it may be thing of the past. /cat/lunch_break_shopping   (263 words)

 Coffee break - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
More generally, coffee break is used to denote any break from work in any arena; housewives are often portrayed in popular culture as taking a coffee break in their kitchens.
In some companies and some civil service, the coffee break may be observed formally at a set hour; in some places a "cart" with hot and cold beverages and cakes, breads and pastries arrives at the same time morning and afternoon, or an employer may contract with an outside caterer for daily service.
A coffee break is a daily social gathering for a snack and short downtime practiced by employees in business and industry. /wiki/Coffee_break   (272 words)

 Hometime - How-To - Project Help - Electrical
If you run into a difficult stretch of work, take a break and think about what needs to be done.
Electrical work can be intimidating because it can be dangerous, and some accidents can cause serious injury.
Once the electricity has done it's work, it goes back to complete the circuit on the "neutral" wire, which is most often white. /Howto/projects/electric/elec_1.htm   (924 words)

 Telephone - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch
Working from the analogy of the phonautograph, Bell devised a receiver, consisting of a stretched diaphragm or drum of goldbeater's skin with an armature of magnetised iron attached to its middle, and free to vibrate in front of the pole of an electromagnet in circuit with the line.
It is important to note that there is no "inventor of the telephone." The modern telephone is the result of work done by many hands, all worthy of recognition of their addition to the field.
He began his researches in 1874 with a musical telegraph, in which he employed a make-break circuit driven by a vibrating iron reed which created interrupted current to vibrate the receiver, which consisted of an electro-magnet causing an iron reed or tongue to vibrate, exactly the same as Bourseul, Reis and Gray. /telephone.htm   (924 words)

 FOM: Public Opinion Foundation (Russia) > Traffic Police: Knights of the Road?
As the latest polling findings demonstrate, the public is far from satisfied with the way the traffic police (GIBDD) handle their job: only 10% rated their work as good, while three times as many (34%) see it as bad.
Thus, although in both groups of interviewed drivers (regular and irregular ones) positive and negative impressions of the traffic police are more likely to be encountered than in the sample’s average, their ratio differs insignificantly, and in favor of the traffic police.
Among regular drivers, traffic rules are broken by 12% of those surveyed, two-thirds (64%) do it from time to time, and only 22% drive their cars properly. /report/map/analytic/shamseeva/ed042325   (924 words) Review: Prison Break
The framed murder, the lucky break being able to work with the warden, the intelligent main character, the dropping of the stones/dirt in the quadrangle, the need for smugglers (i guess that's in all prison movies/shows) and the completely formulated, improbable escape.
Prison break is a great show and the "plotholes" don't bother me at all.
If you don't like PRISON BREAK fine but don't Criticize the actor or the Show, First of all, they'll not be on the show if they're not good and last,Are you an actor or shall I say a writer. /archives/2005/08/31/113141.php   (2799 words)

 Ascend After School Program
Specifically, the students are taught about the rich history of the hip-hop art form and study all aspects of break dancing (top rocking, ground work, routines, popping and locking, etc.) Askia is a founding member of the Oakland Breakers and has performed during the opening ceremonies of the X-games.
Break dancing and hip-hop are used as ways to stimulate physical and social growth in the students.
Jonathan is a co-founder of the Cell Space artist collective in San Francisco and has taught percussion classes for several schools. /~ascend/afterschool   (2799 words)

 Mental Health Journalism Fellows Break Down Walls of Discrimination, Stereotypes
With the addition of two South Africans to the current class, the first to be selected from that country, both the diversity of the group and the impact of their work is expanded significantly.
"They frequently respond to questions posed by their colleagues, provide advice on media projects related to mental health issues, and share their contacts and access to mental health networks."
To counter the lack of accurate information and to bring topics of mental illness and mental health into the mainstream, the Rosalynn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism were launched in 1996. /viewdoc.asp?docID=1827&submenu=news   (2799 words)

 Problems with line breaks :-\
It breaks the line in the JS code for setting the array element and that is invalid and won't work.
OK this works perfectly without line breaks in the db values.
The problem is this: When a user creates a line break in the text area (presses enter), it adds the value to the javascript array, but it actually breaks the line in the Jscript code. /Board/index.php?board=4;action=display;threadid=7242;start=0   (2799 words)

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