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Topic: Break down of demonic structures

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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization: Consultation Statement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
We realize afresh that the only way to break the power of Satan in everyday life, in society and in culture is by walking in the light so that Satan may not bind us in the darkness.
Deliverance from Satanic and demonic powers and influence in the ancient church was used as proof of the resurrection and the truth of the claims of Christ by the church fathers.
The biblical text reveals that while it is possible that a believer may be afflicted physically by a demonic spirit, (6) there is no direct evidence that demons need to be cast out of believers.
www.lausanne.org /Brix?pageID=13860   (3478 words)

 Open Conversation
They used the legal jargon and the organizational structures of the economy and the monarchical and feudal system that existed in their time.
It is demonic because it is endlessly flexible in its choice of victims and because it can truly deliver the good that it advertises.
God breaks the grip of scapegoating by stepping into the place of a victim, and by being a victim who cannot be hidden or mythologized.
www.openconversation.com   (4117 words)

 Global Harvest Ministries
We must be willing to tear down the religious structures that keep the wineskin for this age from coming forth with power.
It is this corporate sin that builds the foundation of the throne on which Satan is seated, and it is from that throne that demonic forces work to perpetuate the sin and establish the throne of iniquity to an even greater extent.
Paul’s actions did not merely set one girl free of demonic torment but also allowed the gospel to fl ow into a territory once held captive by the spirit that inhabited her.
www.globalharvest.org /index.asp?action=gpn3   (3444 words)

 Reynolds: Fat kids in America - Glenn Reynolds - MSNBC.com
Divorce rates are down, and I think people are more realistic, overall, in their expectations of both marriage and divorce than they were in the 1970s.  But there are still a lot of problems.  (The obligatory mention of the Britney Spears / Kevin Federline marriage goes here, I guess).
But rape has gone down 85%.  So much for the notion that pornography causes rape — or, at least, if it did have much effect in that direction, it would be hard to explain how rape rates could have declined so dramatically while porn expanded so explosively.
They are going down.  Dot com is Dot Junk unless you're on the board of directors.
msnbc.msn.com /id/3395977   (4140 words)

 Banner of Truth Trust
The Reformers replied that it is only the gospel which makes the church, and to preserve that gospel it was necessary to break with the organised religion of their day.
It is not given to any man to lay down the precise boundary between Christian and non-Christian; it is not given to us to state the minimum that an individual must believe, or the amount of grace he must show, in order to be regarded as a Christian.
Certainly to be regarded as a Christian there needs to be a profession of faith and a changed life, but no certainty is given to the church to judge the reality of that profession and change.
www.banneroftruth.org /pages/magazines/2001/07/ed454-b.php   (3095 words)

 The ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church
It is time to trace them to their source, to run them down, to flush them out, to expose the roots of a vast network of oppression and disdain for the lives of others.
The goddess Kali, asked to save her people, is successful and breaks into an ecstatic dance of joy which raises the fear that her undisciplined emotion will shake and break the foundations of the earth.
The interpretation of the myth of the Demon Mara, however, was used eventually to justify the suppression of women.
www.womenpriests.org /classic/chitt05.asp   (5536 words)

 Socio-Technical Humanity :
He created wing structures, eyes, chemical factories like the liver, lightning bolts and even nuclear furnaces called stars –long before man was there to advise Him.
In London after the great revivals pubs closed down, the slums were made attractive, and technical colleges and schools went up.
Jeremiah 7:31 ASV  And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire; which I commanded not, neither came it into my mind.
aibi.gospelcom.net /missions/sociotech.htm   (3331 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
No bombs were dropped--too, y of the structures are intact--instead, it feels as though something sinister and insidious rotted the place from the inside out.
He repeats this down the line, and when finished, the warriors are frighteningly pumped up, their bodies and spirits now adrenalized with terrible dark energy.
Her hands move down his body, along his arms, pull the guns from his fingers, and drop them to the ground.
www.godamongdirectors.com /scripts/legend.txt   (17803 words)

 Brown, "Philosophical View of the Gothic Novel"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Kant's thought of the limits is a dream of pure reason, yet also a dream beyond the bounds of ordinary rationality, a realm of spirit inhabited by spirits, a world where mad savages and devils live at eternal peace.
The monster appears demonic not because he exercises supernatural powers free from the constraints of causality, but because he is excluded from community.
All that follows develops antithetical structures, such as are illustrated in my summary of leading themes in the later critiques.
www.english.upenn.edu /Projects/knarf/Articles/brown.html   (10337 words)

 IGN: Painkiller: Hell Wars Preview
Wooden carts could be shot down hills with grenades, coffins could be splintered apart to reveal coins, and barrels could be pierced for explosive results.
In addition to performing earth-shaking hammer pounds to try and squish our puny character, this boss character would launch the rubble from the structures he was demolishing into their air.
The driving guitars and demonic wails of the soundtrack were appropriate for the setting and mixed well with the thuds, crashes and whirrs of the game's savage arsenal.
xbox.ign.com /articles/658/658647p2.html   (862 words)

 How to Choose a Counselor
In his model of the mind he assigned the mental functions of body, soul, and spirit to three structures within the brain called the id, ego, and superego.
But demonic activity is also a significant cause in some cases, especially if the victim has been involved in a form of occult worship.
These urge the self to trample down as unjust any inconvenient restrictions whether from common decencies, social ties, or limited opportunities.
www.themoorings.org /perspectives/psychology/choose.html   (3627 words)

 meal delivery in New York City   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Although the virgin birth could be accommodated by inserting a few words into the genealogies to break the physical link between Joseph and Jesus, those same insertions also broke the physical link between David and Jesus.
In Jeremiah 22:30 we read, Thus says the Lord: write this man down as childless, a man who shall not prosper in his days: for none of his descendants shall prosper, sitting on the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah.
The Roman means of controlling newly annexed territories was to leave the basic structure intact but to use and control it by directing the more important matters while leaving the lesser matters to the client rulers.
www.mothersandmenus.com /mm/20050311054641900995.html   (20396 words)

 Blistering.com Review: Unholy Ghost - Torrential Reign
From the moment ‘The Calling Of Sin’ opens with its blazing mix of relentless riffs and double kick drums, you know exactly what the band are going to deliver with the albums remaining ten tracks that follow.
As an opener, ‘The Calling Of Sin’ is simple and straight down the line brutality with little in the way of any added extras, until the guitar solos towards the end make themselves heard amongst the fast paced riffing.
Unholy Ghost is not the most original of acts, and Torrential Reign isn’t about to bring a whole new sound to the death metal scene in Florida.
www.blistering.com /fastpage/fpengine.php/link/1/templateid/7172/tempidx/4/menuid/2   (432 words)

 Methodist Church
It does not consist of an established set of doctrines which can be set down and examined by those who might consider 'joining' it - in fact, any thought of dogma is anathema to it.
Literally meaning 'action', it refers to the inescapable result of every action, good or bad, the fruits of which the eternal individual soul is literally bound to experience at some stage in its endless Journey through birth, life, death and birth again.
Indeed the bureaucratic structures of the churches are increasingly viewed, even by Christians, as a managerial necessity, rather than as a source of theological wisdom or spiritual leadership.
www.spiritual-wholeness.org /churchte/methodis.htm   (9957 words)

 Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization: LOP 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Conversion involves as well a break with the past so complete that it is spoken of in terms of death.
Other churches are still almost completely inhibited from developing their own identity and programme by policies laid down from afar, by the introduction and continuation of foreign traditions, by the use of expatriate leadership, by alien decision-making processes, and especially by the manipulative use of money.
Of course, the evil and the demonic are deeply entrenched in most cultures, and yet Scripture calls for national repentance and reform, and history records numerous cases of cultural change for the better.
www.lausanne.org /Brix?pageID=14322   (15534 words)

 Ankerberg Theological Research Institute - The John Ankerberg Show
There is…a class of art which speaks a particularly sophisticated language, for it seeks to encapsulate a secret symbolism of forms and structures which are intended to be understood only by the initiated, or by those who have in one way or another developed the sensitivity of the soul to occult truths.
The intensity of a lightening storm is practically unmatched in terms of awe and wonder; with this in mind, it’s a shame that mankind uses God’s wonderful creation to focus attention on what’s demonic and evil.
Pray that the Holy Spirit will break the bonds of New Age and occult philosophies, revealing the real condition of the human heart–sinful and in need of forgiveness.
www.johnankerberg.org /Articles/new-age/NA1201W4.htm   (1660 words)

 We saw TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by Missiles - Part 3 [Free Republic]
On the 747-131 (The TWA 800 aircraft) the bay between the rear spar and spanwise beam #3 is sealed and carries fuel.
At least two of the three main wing structural elements were broken by that event, and indeed the NTSB's report actually confirms that the front spar and spanwise beam #3 spars were broken by the supposed initiating explosion.
If this were the case, not only would the high-backed seats stop heads from bending backwards to a breaking point, but most important, passengers would not have suffered "massive facial and head injuries from hitting the seats IN FRONT of them," as the medical examiner reported to be the case.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3b58858c35db.htm   (12924 words)

 Glory of Zion International - Letters to Intercessors
This is a time for all religious ritual to break as God raises up His remnant for this hour.
This is a time for the religious box to break from around the Church, and for God’s power to flood this nation.
He is the King of kings.” Elijah travailed with his head between his knees until the cloud that he saw by the spirit in the heavens came into the earth realm (1 Kings 18).
www.glory-of-zion.org /news20020222.htm   (2231 words)

 [No title]
TGD seems particularly enamored of the point that these are "doctrines of demons" and insistent that these ideas were planted directly in the heads of people by demons.
As it stands TGD's screed is structured as one very much opposed to the mere act of self-education, and his implicit comparison of a certificate of education to a "dog's head on a stick" used by a shaman, is beyond absurdity and presupposes no real basis or need for education.
It runs down to this: while there are indeed "tares" among the wheat, none of this is predicted by Jesus in the parables TGD cites, and in turn it is no sign of the "end times".
www.tektonics.org /af/dreamy01.html   (13866 words)

 Prophetic Worship Part 2
In prophetic worship, God plucks up and breaks down, destroys and overthrows, builds and plants in the deep reaches of the heart.
It's certainly not demonic, and it's not that something was wrong in the worship or that some demonized person touched you during ministry time, or any of the other bogus reasons for oppression that we put forth today to make us afraid of unclean people or even of revival.
God sends a song and then orders His servant to make the people learn it and to let it be a witness to confront their sin, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant.
journals.aol.com /truerevivalfires/TrueRevivalFires/entries/1719   (3196 words)

 Fingertips: This Week's Finds
He's just singing the basic chord triad, starting in the middle, going down to the one note, then up to the five, but the quality of his fragile tenor at the top there, combined with the casual, difficult-to-pin-down backing vocals, makes this an exquisite moment, truly.
Great structures of amorphous sounds are constructed, and it can be cool in its own way, but sometimes it's cool too to be able to hear everyone.
I think you have to slow down a bit to sink into her soundscapes; throw too many things in the multi-task pile while you're listening and the song--all rubbery synths, skittery boops, whispery vocals, and stray animal noises--might not register at all.
www.fingertipsmusic.com /this_weeks_finds.htm   (5844 words)

 IGN: Shadow the Hedgehog Preview
Although this evil Black character, who talks with a deep, spooky voice, seems to know who Shadow is and indeed expects that the hedgehog will happily do his bidding, Shadow himself does not appear to remember him and nor does he feel obligated to carry out any of his objectives.
Unlike the blue hedgehog, Shadow is able to pick up and equip various guns and blades located throughout the worlds he explores and he can use them to projectile shoot or slice and dice enemies respectively.
On the other hand, much of the models and structures are low-polygon in make-up and therefore lack roundness, and some of the textures could be crisper.
cube.ign.com /articles/660/660521p1.html   (1249 words)

The church offered deliverance for the disenfranchised classes, as symbolized by the demonized man. But once people were in the church, they had to submit to the authority of the leaders, as symbolized by Jesus.
The overthrow of the demonic realm, and the entry of the Christ Holy One with his power, implies a reordering of political, social, aesthetic, and linguistic structures.
The passage illustrates this reordering by the language of utter destruction of evil, by the sweeping, totalizing character of the change in the formerly demonized man, and by the obvious social consequences in the reaction of the crowd and the surrounding region.
www.frame-poythress.org /Poythress_books/GCBI/BG01ChaUn.htm   (3914 words)

 Mary Catherine Hilkert: "Grace-Optimism": The Spirituality at the Heart of Schillebeeckx's Theology
The main focus of his two-volume Jesus-project was to begin a socio-political retrieval of the Christian claims that God desires the salvation of all and that Jesus is universal savior in the face of such fundamental historical evidence of the demonic in history as Auschwitz, Hiroshima, Vietnam, and irreversible ecological destruction.
Precisely as symbols of a future that is not yet realized in either world or church, the sacraments are "symbols of protest serving to unmask the life that is not yet reconciled in the specific dimension of our history" (836).
A real crisis of hope among believers in the Netherlands and beyond, prompted largely by the ideological operation of the institutional church in recent decades, motivated the shift from Schillebeeckx's original intent to write an ecclesiological thirdvolume to his christology to a broader work that re-presented the heart of the gospel.
www.spiritualitytoday.org /spir2day/91433hilkert.html   (5186 words)

 Restuccia, "Female Gothic Writing"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
His ugly {255} propensities are spread over almost all of the novel's male figures as part of Brontë's female gothic translation of fantastical ghosts and goblins to human monsters who abuse their wives.
And the corollary of this absorption of the gothic into normality is that the terrorized gothic victim is secretly identified as the normally happy wife.
But they appear eventually to locate, and thus wish to expose, in their male comrades fidelity to the power structures against which those male comrades supposedly rebel: Romantic sons insist on power over women just as their fathers insisted on power over them.
www.english.upenn.edu /Projects/knarf/Articles/restucci.html   (7399 words)

 Ask the President   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Scroll down the page to locate the category that is of interest to you.
The marriage with the Messiah is consummated when the new Jerusalem comes down from heaven at the end of the wedding feast as "the bride adorned for her husband" the Messiah (21:2).
This is the number of the demonic beings that come forth from the region of the Euphrates to torment men on earth during the tribulation.
www.conservativeonline.org /ask_the_president.htm   (10992 words)

 April, 2004 - Pawlikowski
To the extent that the globalization process enables us to break down cultural, ethnic and religious barriers and brings us into increased human understanding and solidarity it is a good thing.
These new agreements were meant to encourage extensive free trade when the war had ended, in the belief that by breaking down economic barriers that had in the past alienated peoples and separated nations from one another future wars could be prevented.
Faith groups do not have the ultimate solutions to poverty, but structures of belief, practice and institutional organization that exist in the name of religion are perhaps some of the least appreciated variables in the development process.
www.interreligiousinsight.org /April2004/Apr04Pawlikowski.html   (4609 words)

 Amazon.com: Otogi 2: Computer & Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Last year's Otogi: Myth of Demons was an incredible experience, and Otogi 2 retains much of the details that make the series stand out from the norm.
Her magic is unstoppable, and since she can replenish her mp by stealing it from demons she can cast powerful spells constantly.
The end of this level throws thousands of demons at you at once, and as you're destroying them, the particle effects slow everything down to what looks like 5 frames a second.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0002EJ852?v=glance   (3642 words)

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