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 Lee's Summit, Raymore and Kansas City Missouri real estate listings, home buying, selling and relocation information - NUMBER1EXPERT(tm)
Fawn Brents will search for your ideal home and email you the newest Lee's Summit, Raymore and Kansas City MLS listings of properties in Jackson County MO
Fawn Brents' realty library of real estate tips and advice on everything from preparing your home for sale to negotiating with home buyers to escrow, closing costs, property inspections, and mortgage brokers
Fawn Brents' collection of real estate trivia questions and answers that include real estate topics such as the most expensive home, largest swimming pool, and more   (1633 words)

 Ashton Press Photos
Photos of Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson), Carmen Argenziano (Jacob Carter), Gary Jones (Walter Harriman/Chevron Guy), Greg Evigan (TekWar/BJ and the Bear), Julie Caitlin Brown (Babylon 5), The Lone Gunmen (Dean Haglund and Tom Braidwood), Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and more.
Photos of Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson, Stargate), Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter), Tony Amendola (Bra’tac), the boys from Star Trek: Enterprise, a whole slew of people from Buffy and Angel, Tony Geary and Tyler Christopher from General Hospital, scenery from the Huntington Gardens, and more.
Our first pictures are of Billy Warlock (A.J. Quartermaine on General Hospital), Brad Maule (Dr. Tony Jones on General Hospital), Richard Hatch (the original Philip Brent on All My Children and later Apollo on Battlestar Galactica), and Henry Darrow ( Santa Barbara and General Hospital).   (1633 words)

 Stewart Jackson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stewart James Jackson (born January 31, 1965 is a British politician.
He stood for the seat at the 2001 election, and had stood for Brent South at the 1997 election.
Stewart was first selected for the Peterborough seat in October 2000 and fought the 2001 General Election and was re-adopted on August 2002 for the 2005 General Election. /wiki/Stewart_Jackson   (304 words)

 Lake Sun Leader
Brent Edward Roberts, son of Edward and Thelma Roberts Jackson, was born November 17, 1923, in Cotter, Ark. He departed this life Sunday, May 1, 2005, at the Lake Regional Health Systems, in Osage Beach, Mo., at the age of eighty-one years, five months, and fifteen days.
Brent was a loving father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and uncle, and was a caring neighbor and friend.
Brent opened and was currently operating Greenview Motors. /articles/2005/05/06/obituaries/04.txt   (413 words)

 The Anniston Star - Brent Bozell stakes claim to ‘clean’ TV: air and cable
Brent Bozell, The Man Hollywood Loves To Hate, the TV filth-fighter and smut-smasher par excellence, the arch-nemesis of Dennis Franz’s butt and Janet Jackson’s nipple, has a confession: He’s a secret fan of The Simpsons.
Bozell prefers the pick-and-choose method (or a la carte, as it’s known in the cable industry), which he says would give viewers control over what channels come into their homes.
Bozell says the pricing argument is nonsense, that no one knows how a la carte would affect cable rates. /entertainment/2005/as-tv-0625-0-5f25c0112.htm   (671 words)

 The Road From Bristol: Special emeritus matchup: Brent Musburger vs. Beano Cook (Christian Laettner Subregional)
Brent Musburger The Crimes: Too many crimes over too many years to detail.
Posted by: Larry at July 21, 2005 07:34 PM The Brent, for his continuing habit of calling Duke's arena "The Cameron".
Posted by: JoeyT at July 21, 2005 10:23 AM Brent Musburger. /bravesjournal/bristol/archives/2005/07/special_emeritu.html   (2203 words)

 Breaking Down the Broadcasters
Keith Jackson and Dan Fouts continue to do the West Coast, while two other veteran combos, Brent Musburger-Gary Danielson and Brad Nessler-Bob Griese, cover the rest of the country.
While it’s also true that Brent soft-pedals things when assigned to a mediocre game, he nevertheless steps it up for the marquee contests, and it’s not that hard to appreciate that as you listen to Musburger during a five-star game.
But if Brent leaves you uncertain, the closer on this crew is Gary Danielson. /2005/Columnists/MZ/Broadcasters.htm   (2008 words)

 Univ. School-Jackson vs Friendship Christian (May 27, 2005)
5.0 9 5 4 1 3 0 0 0 0 23 25 4 7 77 Brent Boyd................
School-Jackson 1st - Liles singled to left field (1-0).
Liles tripled to left center, RBI (1-0); Grimm scored. /2004Champions/StateBaseball/ClassA/Game15.htm   (912 words)

 ABC Sports - Dan Fouts to reunite with Keith Jackson
Fouts joined ABC Sports as a college football analyst in June, 1997, and was paired with Brent Musburger for two full seasons before moving to West Coast games with Keith Jackson in 1999.
ABC's Tim Brant, who served as an analyst on the Jackson team for the past two seasons, will return to the booth in the familiar role of play-by-play announcer, having spent many years in that position over the past 20 years.
His analytical skills are exceptional and we already knew that he has great chemistry with Keith. /abcsports/pressreleases/s/2002/0502/1377155.html   (408 words)

 Margaret Bennett Memorial Art Page
A son Brent Jackson Bennett, his wife Linda and three grandchildren, Carey, Gregory and Adam, and a sister Patricia Kemp in Cavalier, ND.
She is survived by her husband J. Smith Bennett of 62 years, a son Michael Bird and his wife Peggy, two grandchildren Russell and Michael, their wives, Kim and Chris and three great grandchildren Ryan, and Aimee, Bennett and Kolby.
Margaret Bird Bennett was born August 17th in Seattle, Washington to Mary Adie and George Theodore Pollow. /bennett   (408 words)

 VOIR.CA - Montreal - Musique - Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson et le SMAM, pionniers du renouveau de la musique ancienne à Montréal, célèbrent Noël et leurs 30 ans avec leurs amis des Idées Heureuses et la musique de Christoph Graupner.
Christopher Jackson: "C'est incroyable, le niveau de maturité que le milieu a atteint durant ces 30 ans."
Une musique qui a évolué, comme nous le confiait Christopher Jackson lors du dévoilement de la saison: "C'est incroyable, le niveau de maturité que le milieu a atteint durant ces 30 ans. /musique/musique.aspx?iIDArticle=33616   (408 words)

 Every Name Index of Jackson Brigade Quarterly
Jackson, Brent A., 2( 3): 3; 6( 3): 5; 7( 1): 4, 14-15;
Jackson Cemetery (Terre Haute, IN), 4( 1): 1- 2
Jackson, Nancy A., 1( 1): 1, 4, 6, 12; 1( 2): 1, 4, 6, 8; /~hyde/jackson/Index10year.html   (408 words) - Nantz announces 20th consecutive Final Four
When Brent Musburger was unceremoniously fired by CBS in 1990, then-CBS executive producer Ted Shaker gave Jim Nantz a choice: become host of The NFL Today or the network's lead college basketball play-by-play announcer.
"I traveled with them for five years, sometimes filling in for Brent when he had other assignments.
"My style is a tribute to the men who preceded me," Nantz says, citing Jim McKay, Pat Summerall, Jack Whitaker, Chris Schenkel, Dick Enberg, Keith Jackson, Curt Gowdy, Jack Buck, Jim Simpson, Verne Lundquist and Musburger. /sports/columnist/martzke/2005-03-22-martzke-nantz_x.htm   (797 words)

 NASA Astronauts Honor 31 KSC Employees for Service SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Astronaut Brent Jett presented the Silver Snoopy Award to NASA employees John T. Jackson and Matthew J. Carroll with the International Space Station Directorate, and Mark G. Femminineo with the Shuttle Processing Directorate. /news/viewpr.html?pid=16140   (450 words)

 Livingstone vs Shaw (3/2/05 at RBC Center - Raleigh, NC)
FT SHOT by JACKSON,Daniel 00:39 33-29 H 4 FOUL by KORNEGAY,John 00:29 00:29 33-30 H 3 GOOD!
Livingstone vs Shaw (3/2/05 - Period 2 00:00) POINTS OFF TURNOVERS 1 2 - Tot Livingstone.............
Official Basketball Box Score -- 1st Half Livingstone vs Shaw 3/2/05 9:00 p.m. /mens/basketball/mgame04.htm   (3303 words)

 Appalachian Journal - Back Issues
"Brent Kennedy's Melungeons": "The Melungeons Become a Race" by David Henige, "A Response to Henige" by Darlene Wilson, and "Henige Answers Wilson." "The Ballads of Sharyn McCrumb" by Meredith Sue Willis.
Sketches, reminiscence, and folklore by Sidney Farr, Sarah Evelyn Jackson, Granville Liles, and W. Edward Orser.
Letters to the editor from Martin Crawford, Libby Pearson Killebrew, and N. Brent Kennedy on Chris Everett's "Melungeon History and Myth" and "Everett Answers Killebrew and Kennedy." With the quarterly "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle." ($8.00 each) /Backiss.html   (8464 words)

 Edwin Mattison McMillan, September 18, 1907—September 8, 1991 By J. David Jackson and W. K. H. Panofsky Biographical Memoirs
written together with the mathematician Richard P. Brent, was on an improved algorithm for computing Euler's constant: the limit of the difference between the sum of the inverse integers from 1 to n and the natural logarithm of n, as n * ƒ.
Both parties agreed that their respective inspirations were indeed independent and that the idea of phase stability would inevitably have surfaced.
We advisedly use the term "natural scientist" since McMillan's interests transcended greatly that of his profession of physicist. /readingroom/books/biomems/emcmillan.html   (5896 words)

 Western Michigan 2, Michigan State 0 :: Jan. 12, 2002 -- Kalamazoo, Mich.
Michigan State: [2-Jon Insana D], 3-Duncan Keith, 4-John-Michael Liles, 8-Aaron Shots by Period 1 2 3 Tot Hundt, 9-Brock Radunske, 10-Kevin Estrada, 11-Steve Jackson, 14-Ash Goldie, ---------------------------------- 16-Kris Koski, 17-Troy Ferguson, [18-Adam Hall LW], [19-Jim Slater C], [20-Brian Michigan State......
0 0 0 - 0 Referee:Steve McInchak Linesman:Tony Molina, Brent Gawlik Western Michigan.... /sports/m-hockey/stats/011202aaa.html   (271 words)

 Seven A Plus Boer Goats
Calvin and Ann Jackson won Grand Champion Yearling Doe at the Morehead, Kentucky, Boer Goat Show May 4th with Haley, their 6-month-old nanny kid from 7A+ Durango and 7A+ Celestine.
Remington Gaspard showed Starsong while Brent, Kelly and Keziah Gaspard cheered him on.
Some of our customers share the fun with us when they do well in shows by sending us news and pictures, so with their permission we will put those pictures on this page when the win was with a goat we raised or a kid from two 7A+ goats. /show_2003.htm   (850 words)

 The Celebrity Picture List
Brent Jones - Football Player [ 1 ]
Rod Woodson - Football Player [ 1 ]
John Elway - Football Player [ 1 2 ] /picslist.html   (850 words)

Jackson, John J. Jackson, John J. Jackson, John J. Jackson, John J. Jackson, Lewis Jackson, M.F. Jackson, Russell Jackson, T.A. Jackson, Washington Jackson, Wm.
M.'s heirs and legal representatives Lloyd, L.A. Lock, H.G. Lock, W.W. Locke, J.C.H. Lockhart, Amelia S. assignee of Tabitha Brent Lockhart, D.B. Lockhart, Samuel A. Lockhart, Thomas J. Lockredge, Geo.
Anderson, Joseph C. Anderson, Joseph M. Anderson, Susan Anderson, T.J. Andirsch, Carl Andrews, Ben Andrews, Chester H. Andrews, R.B. Andrews, R.H. Andrews, R.H. Andrews, Robert W. Andrews, Vina Angel, A.S. Angel, Emma Apperson, E.M. assignee of Geo. /274-2.txt   (850 words) - NBA - NBA Game Log
Brent Barry missed 26 ft Three Point Jumper.
Brent Barry missed 24 ft Three Point Jumper.
Brent Barry missed 27 ft Three Point Jumper. /nba/gamelog?gameId=240316001   (850 words)

 Shamone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The expression is also used twice (glossed as "show more" and "sh-mowa" in the DVD subtitles) in the cult BBC comedy hit The Office; once by Tim while performing a Michael Jackson impression, and later by David Brent as the coda to his rendition of Pink's "Get The Party Started".
The word or expression "shamone" (or "cha'mone") is one of the most recognizable vocal hallmarks of the musician Michael Jackson.
Described as a "ridiculous, funky, fantastic invention" [1], the oft-repeated deliberate mispronunciation is found in many Jackson songs, with the original lyric most likely being "c'mon" (which is how it appears in the "Bad" lyric sheet), or possibly "jam on". /wiki/Shamone   (345 words)

 Mississippi Health Partners
Physician: Roberts, Jr., James E. Group: James E. Roberts, Jr., M.D. Address: 439 N. Jackson St., Ste.
Physician: Wiggs, Christopher D. Group: Jackson Healthcare for Women, P.A. Address: 300 Southeast 3rd Ave.
Physician: Bush, William G. Group: OB-GYN Clinic of Jackson, PLLC /results.asp?query=5   (345 words) - NBA - NBA Game Log
Brent Barry missed 24 ft Three Point Jumper.
Brent Barry missed 26 ft Three Point Jumper.
Stephen Jackson made 25 ft Three Point Jumper. /nba/gamelog?gameId=240316001   (345 words)

 Officials List
Directors: Conrad Anker, Brent R. Bishop, Douglas K. Chabot, James Donini, Steve M. Furman, George Gluck, Jr., Renny Jackson, Michael J. Lewis, Montgomery Mayko, Linda McMillan, Gregory Miller, Kim Reynolds, Steven Schwartz, Theodore Paul (Sam) Streibert, James Frush
Directors: Conrad Anker, James Ansara, Brent R. Bishop, Douglas K. Chabot, James Donini, Steve M. Furman, George Gluck, Jr., Renny Jackson, Michael J. Lewis, Linda McMillan, Natalie Ann Merrill, Kim Reynolds, Theodore Paul (Sam) Streibert
Directors: Conrad Anker, Brent R. Bishop, Douglas K. Chabot, James Donini, Steve M. Furman, George Gluck, Jr., Charlotte Fox, Michael J. Lewis, Montgomery Mayko, Nancy Norris, Gregory Miller, Ralph Tingey, Steven Schwartz, Theodore Paul (Sam) Streibert, James Frush /about/pastofficials.asp   (1973 words)

Egustus Brister, James H. Brister, Julius Brister, William Brent, Linnus Burns, David Bolian, Luther Bowman, Fred Brister, Wallace Butler, Lee Corbin, Lott Coke, Luther Cannon, David Coney, Judge Crosby, Burt Coon, Chancy Cole, Henry Davis, Edward Gardner, Pollard Gardner, Wiley Hall, A. Hemphill, Oscar Harwith, Albert Jackson, Frank Jorden, Dan Kelly.
Applewhite, George Brown, Chester A. Boyd, David C. Coney, A. Cummings, Hicks Elam, Barney W. Hodges, A. Jackson, Hugh A. Lewis, Morgan Micklebury, Columbus Montgomery, Oris C. Reed, John Richardson, Patrick Smith, R. Willson, R. Wooten
Egustus Brister, Julius W. Brister, F. Busby, William N. Brent, Linnus M. Burnes, David Bolian, Luther L. Bowman, James H. Brister, Fred E. Brister, Carl H. /boguechitto3.htm   (1973 words)

 Parliamentary Candidates
Iris Mary Jessie Cremer S Lab P Paul Andrew Daisley Lab David Michael Gauke C Miss Sarah Macken PLA Ashwinkumar (Ashwin) Tanna UKIP 12 BRENT, Brent North (Lab) Philip David Allott C *Barry Strachan Gardiner Lab Paul Lorber L Dem 13 BRENT, Brent South (Lab) *Rt.
Glenda May Jackson Lab Amos Philip Klein Ind Thomas Brian Joseph McDermott UKIP Karl Andrew Mennear C Jonathan Andrew Simpson L Dem Miss Mary Christina Beatrice Teale PLA Sister Xnunoftheabove (William McCain) Ind 18 CAMDEN, Holborn and St. Pancras (Lab) Miss Novjot (Joti) Brar S Lab P *Rt.
Vera Baird Lab Christopher (Chris) Douglas Roy Main C John Roy Taylor S Lab P Stanley (Stan) William Wilson L Dem 210 REDDITCH (Lab) Richard Kevin Armstrong GP Michael Reeves Ashall L Dem George Stephen Flynn UKIP Miss Karen Elizabeth Lumley C *Mrs. /cand01.html   (1973 words)

She is survived by her mother, Beverly Scott; two brothers, Brent Scott of California and Vada Scott; one sister, Korie I. Jackson of Baton Rouge; two stepbrothers, Dequan Morris and John Perry, both of Baton Rouge; her grandmothers, Carolyn Jackson Griggs of Hammond and Helen Jackson of Ponchatoula.
He is survived by one daughter, Elizabeth Denise Scott of Hammond; one sister, Leaster Peterson of Chicago; and one brother, Frank Scott of Sacramento, Calif. He was preceded in death by four sisters, Renna Holmes, Almena Jackson, Janie Scott and Alberta Scott; and two brothers, Jessie and Albert Scott.
She was the wife of Jessie Scott; beloved daughter of the late Jack and Ada Meades; mother of Mark Scott and mother-in-law of Angela G. Scott; sister of Jerry Meades, John Meades, Robert Meades, Mattie Meades, Doris Monteleone, and the late Joyce Breaud Madere, Leon Meades and Donald Meades. /pub/usgenweb/la/tangipahoa/obits/obitssur/scott.txt   (1973 words)

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