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Topic: Brewery

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  Welcome to the Portsmouth Brewery
Portsmouth Brewery growlers are available at the bar.
The Brewery proudly serves a selection of Squamscot sodas, family-bottled since 1863 at Conner Bottling Works in Newfields, NH.
The Portsmouth Brewery, New Hampshire's original brewpub, has been serving great food and outstanding handcrafted beers in a friendly, lively atmosphere since 1991.
www.portsmouthbrewery.com   (477 words)

 Diamond State Brewery
In fact, the argument could be made that the city's three large commercial breweries were able to flourish from the I880s until Prohibition because of the city's tremendous population explosion, which was fueled by the industrial revolution and led by two cultures steeped in the tradition of beer - the Irish and Germans.
As was the case with many small breweries during the era of the Civil War and immediately after, the Nebekers simply could not compete with their larger, more expertly managed competitors.
The brewery proper was a stylish five-storied structure with massive lines common to late nineteenth century breweries.
www.americanbreweriana.org /history/diamond.htm   (2182 words)

 Thrale.com - Anchor brewery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The brewery was inherited by Halsey's son-in-law, Viscount Cobham.
The brewery was situated in a 9 acre compound.
Brewery House in which the Thrale's and Samuel Johnson lived during the winter, stood attached to offices at the entrance to the brewery yard, with the clerks' quarters, store houses, vaults and vats, dung pits and stabling for nearly 100 horses.
www.thrale.com /history/english/hester_and_henry/brewery/index.php   (4683 words)

 Lemp Falstaff Brewery History
The brewery was the 19th largest in the country, producing 61,000 barrels in 1876.
The large shipping breweries of this time frequently formed their own trunk railroads to make shipments from their plants, due to battles with railroads over the way the brewers shipped their beer, in the years before artificial refrigeration in beer cars.
That is, the breweries would cram the rail cars with as much ice as possible (overload them, according to many rail lines) to protect the unpasteurized beer from spoiling during transport.
www.breweriana.com /history/historylemps.html   (2868 words)

 The Brewery: News
During the spring of 2004, the Brewery was thought to have closed its doors for good.
The Brewery is a private club for members and their guests.
Patrons under 21 are not allowed to leave and return to The Brewery during an event.
www.brewerync.com /main/news.php   (238 words)

 Here it is folks
The trouble began this summer when residents of the Brewery heard that leaders from the Lincoln Heights council were including the Brewery within their proposed boundaries.
They see the Brewery as a valuable resource that could be the center of a Lincoln Heights art corridor including the Plaza de la Raza to the north.
Also, the Brewery and downtown council are considering various ways to keep the Brewery but leave the land around it to Lincoln Heights.
www.chanfles.com /brewbastards.htm   (1132 words)

 CBB Brewery
Click on the links to learn more about who we are, take a virtual tour of the brewery, peruse our history, or to find out more about our friends.
If you'd like to come to the brewery and take a tour, we gladly arrange that too.
Brewery tours are available Monday - Friday from 9A to 4P.
www.cascobaybrewing.com /brewery/home.html   (145 words)

 Stevens Point Brewery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This article forms part of a series on beers and breweries of the world.
Stevens Point Brewery is a regional American brewery located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
It was founded in 1857 by Frank Wahle and George Ruder.
www.stevenspoint.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Stevens_Point_Brewery   (188 words)

 Pilsner Urquell
Not a surprise - the brewery tradition of this town dates back to 1307, and beginning with the 14th century every owner of a house in the town could even brew his own beer.
The brewery tradition in Plzen, the drive towards a better quality, and the manufacturers' struggle to advance their businesses resulted into a foundation of the Burgher's Brewery in 1842.
The unique Brewery Museum vividly documents the long journey of beer from the home products of the burghers owning the brew right, up to a top quality drink.
www.zcu.cz /plzen/com/brewery   (495 words)

 Illustrated History of the Salem Brewery Assn.
When Adolph's brewery burned in 1869, he rebuilt and named it the Salem Brewery, but relocated to the southeast corner of Cottage and Trade streets, three blocks west from his old location.
In 1903, Margarite quit the brewery selling her interests to the Kola Neis Hop Company of Albany, OR, and to Leopold Schmidt, of the Olympia Brewing Company.
In 1906 the brewery's secretary was William Schuldt, but with the startup of the Acme Brewing Company in 1907, Schuldt was sent to San Francisco to oversee that operation as secretary/manager.
www.brewerygems.com /salem.htm   (1581 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Mackeson's Brewery
Mackeson's Brewery is a former brewery in Hythe Kent.
It is one of the few surviving examples of the old southern English style of sweet stout once known as milk stout, so-called because it contains lactose, a sugar derived from milk.
The beer is now brewed by "under supervision" of Whitbread by Interbrew (including a brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio).
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Mackeson%27s_XXX   (352 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | Bitter end at Boddingtons brewery
He said that last time the brewery was under threat workers had support from drinkers all over the UK, MPs, the Campaign for Real Ale and expatriate Mancunians all over the world.
Chief executive Steve Cahillane said: "To reach this position on the Boddingtons brewery has been extremely difficult, particularly because of the tremendous commitment shown by all of the employees at the brewery.
Boddingtons has been brewed in the city since 1778 and its brewery in Strangeways, just north of the city centre, is one of Manchester's best-known landmarks.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/manchester/3640100.stm   (523 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Ancient Peru's ritual beer binges
The huge brewery was discovered by researchers at Cerro Baul, a religious centre for the pre-Inca Wari empire.
It is believed to have been used to brew vast quantities of a spicy, beer-like alcoholic drink called "chicha" and served to hundreds at one sitting.
The brewery, some 2,440m up in the Peruvian Andes, could produce as much as 1,000 litres of the drink a day.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/3942507.stm   (328 words)

Badger Brewery: Tanglefoot Strong Ale - Tanglefoot Strong Ale is the flagship beer for Badger Brewery.
Palmers Brewery - Palmers Brewery in Bridport, Dorset, UK has been in operation since 1794, and produces fine traditional ales.
The York Brewery Company - Within the ancient walls of the City of York, beer is being brewed commercially for the first time in forty years.
www.ability.org.uk /brewery.html   (2001 words)

 Yards Brewing Co. - Philadlephia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Being the oldest and only surviving brewery within city limits, Yards has continued its investment in the renewal of our city with the purchase of our new brewery in 2001.
Our brewery is located at the corner of Hagert and Martha Streets in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.
The original brewery was located in the city's Manayunk section and cost a modest $20,000 to construct.
www.yardsbrewing.com /brewery.html   (552 words)

 Wagner Valley Brewing Company: Hand-crafted beer from the heart of the Finger Lakes
Planning and construction for the micro brewery began in 1995 and the brewery opened in August 1997.
The brewery is located in a building adjoining the octagonal winery building.
Visitors can follow a self-guided tour of the brewery, learn about the brewing process and the different styles of beer, and sample the brews.
www.wagnervineyards.com /wag3_ldbeer.html   (232 words)

 Wychwood Brewery
Welcome to The Wychwood Brewery, home of Hobgoblin and Brakspear Beers
Ask the 'Goblin and all will be revealed.
Wychwood Brewery, Eagle Maltings, The Crofts, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4DP.
www.wychwood.co.uk   (89 words)

 Winery and Brewery Walks
Definition of an acceptable brewery or winery for this program - any brewery, winery, distillery, or restaurant that brews beer, ferments wine, or distills spirits (such as whiskey) on the premises, and is passed by on the route of a regular, seasonal, or year round AVA sanctioned event.
The date you walked and the name and location of the brewery, winery, or distillery must be entered in the book.
A brewery, winery, or distillery may only be included once even if passed by multiple events.
www.ava.org /clubs/paws/brewery.htm   (425 words)

 Namibian Breweries Tour - Windhoek   (Site not responding. Last check: )
At the brewery in Windhoek, you will be taken on a tour by a professional who tells you about the intricate details involved in the brewing, ageing and bottling of Namibian beer.
See the process from start to finish as you are taken around the various sections of the factory to witness how the various beers are transformed from hops, malt and barley to the end product that we know and love.
Then it is off to the smaller scale schnapps factory to find out how that process has evolved and to discover and sample some of the wealth of different flavours that it is possible to make.
www.namibian.org /travel/adventure/brewery.html   (316 words)

 Bube's Brewery - Alios - The Catacombs - Bottling Works - Restaurants - Mount Joy, PA
Bube's Brewery is located within the original brewery's icehouse.
The mash/lauter tun and kettle have a 3.5 bbl capacity (approximately 110 gallons.) The brewers usually brew two consecutive batches to meet the capacity of the 10 bbl fermenters.
In the brewery there are two 10 bbl fermenters and one 10 bbl conditioning tank for lagered beer.
www.bubesbrewery.com /brewery.htm   (397 words)

 Saint Arnold: History of Brewery
Our small crew of seventeen does everything at the brewery: brew the beer, filter the beer, keg the beer, bottle the beer, sell the beer and drink the beer.
Brock was a longtime homebrewer and had considered opening a brewery as far back as college, although that was quickly dismissed as a silly idea.
Seven years after graduating, Brock revisited the idea, enlisted Kevin's help and the brewery was off and running.
www.saintarnold.com /brewery   (283 words)

 Il Vicino Wood Oven Pizza & Brewery ,Hand Crafted Ales
Brady is currently brewing in our Albuquerque Brewery that supplies all our ales to our restaurants in New Mexico- Il Vicino Nob Hill, Il Vicino Heights, Il Vicino Santa Fe, Pranzo Italian Grill in Santa Fe and Scalo Northern Italian Grill in Albuquerque.
If you are interested in a tour of any of the breweries, please contact the brewers directly at their respective locations.
We are currently making plans for a small tasting room at our Albuquerque Brewery, hopefully to be open by January 2001.
www.ilvicino.com /ilvicino/brewery.asp   (356 words)

 The Diamond Knot Brewery
Diamond Knot Brewery cannot express it's feelings at the outrage that our nation has suffered, nor the great American spirit displayed by our citizens.
Diamond Knot was the first microbrewery in the Mukilteo area, and is still a leader and innovator in the craft beer industry in the Puget Sound region, with many brews being the style against which other breweries strive to make.
From our brewing process, to the personal info behind Bob and Brian, the original two knotheads, the story of the Diamond Knot Brewery is here.
www.diamondknot.com /brewery/index.html   (357 words)

 The Northampton Brewery : Western New England's Original Brewpub
Welcome to the Northampton Brewery, the oldest operating brewpub in the northeast.
Now approaching the end of our second decade, we remain a leader, well known for our wide variety of beers, original menu and popular outdoor, rooftop beer garden.
With the addition of our fabulous sunroom, the Northampton Brewery continues to grow to accommodate our loyal fans.
www.northamptonbrewery.com   (219 words)

 Sprecher Brewing Company
Sprecher Brewery is excited to be sponsoring racecar driver Lyle Nowak in the Mid-American racing series this year!
The New York Times recently ranked Sprecher Dopplebock amongst the top 8 in a tasting of a variety of bocks, mai bocks and dopplebocks from the U.S. and Germany.
Two shows visit the brewery, one focused on beer, the other on soda.
www.sprecherbrewery.com   (473 words)

 Welcome to the Pelican Pub & Brewery
The Pelican Pub and Brewery has partnered with the Oregon Bounty to bring you a fantastic dining experience.
Pelican Pub and Brewery returns from the 2007 GABF with multiple medals!
Since they knew almost nothing about the brewing process, they decided to attend a Craft Brewers Conference in Portland and see what more they could find out.
www.pelicanbrewery.com   (477 words)

 Huber Brewery   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The brewery name is changed to the Blumer Brewing Company.
Prohibition: Brewery name changed to Blumer Products Corp. Producing "near beer" (Golden Glow), ice cream and soft drinks.
Huber Brewery is named "Best of Show" at Twin Cities Food and Wine Exposition in Minneapolis, MN Blumer's Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda and Blueberry Cream Soda introduced.
www.huberbrewery.com /history   (317 words)

 Pyramid Breweries - The Alehouses - Berkeley
This renovated warehouse space is both a brewery and a gathering place that's become an East Bay landmark.
Turn right at exit, the brewery is ahead on the left between 7th and 8th Streets.
Turn left at exit, the brewery is ahead on the left between 7th and 8th Streets.
www.pyramidbrew.com /alehouses/berkeley.php   (361 words)

 Hogs Back Brewery, Brewing the Finest Real Ales.
Our flagship real ale, 'TEA' (Traditional English Ale), has proved to be a favourite of cask conditioned ale drinkers throughout the UK and is the proud winner of many awards.
The original brewhouse was in one part of the complex of 18th century farm barns which house the brewery today.
Since TEA won it's first award back in 1992 the brewery has moved from strength to strength, winning over 40 awards from various bodies.
www.hogsback.co.uk   (351 words)

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