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Topic: Brewing (cooking)

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 Basic Brewing
1) While limes were available in period, and their use can be documented for cooking, my sources for brewing do not indicate that they were used in this manner.
Four fine late-period sources for brewing and distillation are The Jewell House of Art and Nature by Sir Hugh Platt (1594), Delights for Ladies by Sir Hugh Platt (1609), The Queens Closet Opened by W. (1655) and The Closet Of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie Kt.
Sir Digbie admonishes the reader to use barrels, which were previously used to produce sack, for brewing mead. /~lindahl/recipes/basic_brewing.html   (5541 words)

 Yaletown Brewing Co. - General Information
Located in the heritage district of Yaletown, the Brewing Company offers home-style yet innovative cooking at "casual" prices.
For Enquiries or Comments about Yaletown Brewing e-mail:
The pub has 9 t.v.'s and 2 pool tables, while the 160-seat restaurant boasts another 100 seats on its vintage loading dock patio from April until October. /restbrew/yaletown/yaletown.html   (89 words)

 Kansas Brewing History
Brewing turned from an art where brewers gauged the cooking of malt from its color into a science run by mechanical gauges.
When Germans left their splintering homelands during the mass emigrations (the Volkerwanderung) of the nineteenth century, they brought their skills, among which was brewing, a common trade in a country recognized worldwide for its beer-making mastery, brewery schools, model breweries, and for its annual forty-six and a half gallon per capita beer consumption.
A brief history of the brewing industry in Kansas by Cindy Higgins, Author of "Kansas Breweries& Beer". /FSBHistory.html   (8082 words)

 Everything about Billy Bragg
Cooking Vinyl compilation of 'Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy' and 'Between The Wars' EP Don't Try This At Home
Sept 1996, Cooking Vinyl 2nd re-issue, COOK 110
Double album compilation of Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy and Brewing Up With Billy Bragg plus Between The Wars EP /releases/compilations   (96 words)

 Brewery Creek - Food & Cooking
Includes lunch and dinner menus, a list of their beers, and information about the brewing process.
beer, brewing, export, t-shirts, chili beer, beer t-shirts, brewery, chili
Cave Creek microbrewers of Chili Beer, Juanderful Wheat, South of the Border Porter, and Ocotillo Amber. /directory/brewery-creek.html   (96 words)

 Review of Cabezon
The stainless steel mash vessel was formerly a diary tank and the 21 bbl boil kettle previously saw service cooking non-malted ingredients at Campbell Soup.
Homebrewers are renown for their skills at scrounging affordable components for their brewing systems and that same approach works at Cabezon.
Some vessels were actually designed originally for brewing by Specific Mechanical, they were handed down by Left Hand Brewing. /nmvbp/rev_cabe.htm   (845 words)

 Kona Brewing Company, Kona Hawaii
Kona Brewing Company¹s brewers will be on-hand to discuss the process of making beer, pairing beer with food and cooking with beer.
Kona Brewing Company in Kona and Mehana Brewing Company in Hilo are among nine operating breweries in Hawaii.
Kona Brewing Company was founded in 1994 and brewed its first batch of beer in early 1995. /news.html   (11891 words)

 Abita Brewing Company's Amber Lager
The “Unwrapped” episode briefly described the beer brewing process, conducted an interesting interview with Fritz Maytag of Anchor Steam Brewing Co. and a brewmaster at Miller Brewing Co., and rapped with the diehard home brewers.
The remainder of the show was filmed in New York City, where the host spoke with beer experts about the incredible quality and vast diversity of Belgian beers and helped prepare gourmet dishes with a local chef that specialized in cooking with beer.
This style of beer should be served in a straight glass or glass mug at 45° - 50°F. Abita amber has a lightly spiced, malty sweet aroma and a clear amber color, topped by a soft, off-white head. /Main/Beer/Beer59.html   (371 words)

 Food Network Canada: Host: Ellen McKinney
Ellen has made various TV and public appearances cooking with and singing about beer, and launched Steam Whistle Brewing’s website recipe collection in 2002.
In 2001, Ellen wrote a series of made with beer recipes for Steam Whistle Brewing, a craft brewery based in Toronto.
Ellen’s culinary curiosity is ignited whenever she travels abroad or spies a new restaurant. /tv/hosts/hostdetails/host_38878.asp   (371 words)

 The Campaign: News Updates
In the United States, the brewing industry is still pinning its hopes on a more conventional solution to scab.
Wayne Martin, president of PYCO Industries, which operates a cottonseed mill in Lubbock that produces cooking oil, says it would be impossible to segregate cottonseed produced from Roundup Ready plants.
Alarmingly, the industry appears to have been taken by surprise and is in disarray as to how to handle the issue. /newsupdates/decemberx.htm   (371 words)

 Western - Food & Cooking
Emphasis on the brewing process at Saskatoon`s regional brewery, Great Western.
australian wine, australian wineries, cabernet sauvignon australia, chardonnay australia, denmark western australia, howard park wines, john wade, leston park, leston wines, madfish, madfish bay wines, madfish wines, margaret river, riesling australia, scotsdale wines, shiraz australia, western australian wineries, wine australia, wineries of australia, wines of australia, howard park
great american, western sizzlin, wood grill buffet, buffet, flamekist, great american, restaurant, salad bar, steak, western sizzlin /directory/western.html   (371 words)

 Great - Food & Cooking
Emphasis on the brewing process at Saskatoon`s regional brewery, Great Western.
great spice, organic spices, the great spice company, herbs, organic, organic culinary ingredients, organic herbs, organic spice, organic spices, organic vegetables, spices, great spice company
bison, great range bison, bison, all natural, all natural meat, bison meat, buffalo, buffalo meat, gourmet, great range, great range brand bison, health food, health foods, heart healthy, low fat, natural meat, natural meats, premium meat, quality meat, rocky mountain natural meats /directory/great.html   (371 words)

 Victory - Food & Cooking
420, 420 brewing, eclipse graphics, pennsylvania, stoner brewing, victory brewing, beer, beer gear, brewery, brewery t-shirts, microbrewery, stoner, t-shirt printing, tee shirts, brewares
Producer of specialty malts for brewing and grain products for the beverage industry.
Brews include Northern Light, Victory Lager, Pride of Pilsen, Broadaxe Stout, Duke of Wellington, Brother Benedict`s Mai Bock and seasonal brews. /directory/victory.html   (371 words)

 420 Brewing - Food & Cooking
brewing equipment, brewpub equipment, pico-brewing systems inc., brew, brewery manufacturer, brewery sales, brewhouse, brewing, brewpub, brewpub manufacturer, converted keg, custom brewery, fempto, home brew, homebrew, kettle, micro, nano, pico, pico-brewing, beer
Brewing quality microbrews since 1991 as the West Seattle Brewing Co.; contains beer list and brewing tour.
420, 420 brewing, eclipse graphics, pennsylvania, stoner brewing, victory brewing, beer, beer gear, brewery, brewery t-shirts, microbrewery, stoner, t-shirt printing, tee shirts, brewares /directory/420-brewing.html   (371 words)

 Upper Canada-brewing-company - Food & Cooking
amber, beer, beers, brew, brewed, brewery, brewing, brewing company, canada, company, fresh, golden, life, melt, national, pale, recognized, territory, water, wheat, yukon, yukon brewing, yukon brewing company, yukon brew
Tips on brewing tea and recipes that use tea as an ingredient such as Berry Good Chai Pie, Moroccan Iced Mint Tea, and Tea Thyme Soup.
ontario brewpubs, peterborough restaurants, beer, brew, brewery, brewing, brewpubs, good beer, good brew, local brewpubs, where to eat in peterborough, olde stone /directory/upper-canada-brewing-company.html   (371 words)

 Miscellaneous On-line Material of Interest
Over 40 publications on varying topics, including archery, heraldry, cooking, brewing, bardic arts, dance, and more
Articles on technological innovation in western Europe during the Middle Ages.
Many from Great Britain, some from Europe, U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand. /misc.html   (371 words)

 Cooking Links
Beer Recipes -- Beachcomber Brew Supply offers free recipes for popular styles of ale, brewing instructions, and a source of brewing equipment and ingredients, including kits for many of the recipes.
Millican Pecan Company -- Each year we harvest our pecan orchards to provide you with delicious pecan candy, spiced pecans, roasted pecans, and many more pecan products.
Medical Equipment -- The V Bravo Company is your professional medical equipment provider. /asp/cooking1.asp   (10599 words)

 Miller Brewing-company - Food & Cooking
beverage group, breweries, brewery, international brewer, international brewing, largest brewer, leading brewer, london based brewer, mbco, miller, miller brewing company, sab, sab limited, sab ltd, sabm, sabmiller, sabmiller plc, south african brewer, beer
beer making, beer yeast, brewery yeast, brewing, brewing yeast, fermentation cultures, home brewers, home brewing, home vintners, home wine making, lab services, laboratory services, liquid yeast, malo-lactic bacteria, microbiology, vintners yeast, wine making, wine making yeast, winery yeast, yeast nutrient, yeast
Manufacturer of thermal coffee brewing equipment and thermal brewing products designed to work with bottled water and RO filtration systems. /directory/miller-brewing-company.html   (10599 words)

 Books on Beers  -
Beer Lover's Companion : A Guide to Producing, Brewing, Tasting, Rating and Drinking Around the World (The Essential Connoisseur)
Beer : Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing
Cooking With Beer : Taste-Tempting Recipes and Creative Ideas for Matching Beer and Food /womanebo/hlbeer.htm   (631 words)

 British Guild Of Beer Writers
Specialist breweries and brewing industry in The Netherlands, Belgium and (Northern) Europe; also on cooking with beer.
Specialist in brewery history, economics of the brewing industry, technical developments in brewing and home brewing.
Subjects are beer, breweries and pubs in general, with a particular interest in brewpubs and the new small breweries. /gui_members.php   (5111 words)

 Soda Pop - Food & Cooking
beer bottles, beer brewing supplies, bottle capper, brewing books, brewing supplies, homebrewing, homebrewing supplies, pop bottles, soda pop, vinegar, wine bottles, wine corks, wine presses, winemaking kits, home brewing
A large selection of hard to find soda pops, plus nostalgic candies and soft drink recipes.
Recipe for sugar syrup and lime soda using lime juice, soda, and the sugar syrup. /directory/soda-pop.html   (5111 words)

 Stone Mills - Food & Cooking
brewing, ar2000 mills, alan ruddock engineering, bury st edmunds, suffolk, brewing equipment, brewing machinery, inverters, malt mills, mills, mills for breweries, mills for the food industry, precision fabrication, precision mills, elevators invertors, precision engineers
Microbrewery known and celebrated for brewing "big character" beers, and is based in San Diego.
Fresh Florida lobsters (in season August 6th to March 31st) and stone crab claws (in season October 15th to May 15th). /directory/stone-mills.html   (5111 words)

 Wisconsin Brewery - Food & Cooking
beer, black bavarian, breweries, brewery, brewery tours, brewing, dopplebock, hefe weiss, imperial stout, india pale ale, mai bock, microbrewery, milwaukee beer, milwaukee breweries, milwaukee tours, oktoberfest, pale lager, pub ale, special amber, sprecher, sprecher brewing, tours, winter brew, wisconsin, wisconsin beer, wisconsin tours, sprecher`s, sprechers, sprecher brewery
bonduel wisconsin, beer, brewery, microbrew, slab city brewing
iceboat, madison wisconsin breweries, bierbauer, breckheimer, fauerbach brewery, haertel, hausmann brewery, iceyacht, madison wisconsin, madison wisconsin history, sprecher, voigt, wisconsin breweries, wisconsin brewery, hausmann, fauerbach brewery /directory/wisconsin-brewery.html   (5111 words)

 Wheat Beer - Food & Cooking
carlow craft brewery, craft beers, dark beer, porter, wheat beer, carlow, celtic beer, co carlow, county carlow, curim gold, ireland beer, ireland brewery, irish beer, irish brewery, microbrewery, mild beer, molings, molings red ale, o`hara`s, oharas stout, porter beer, stout, stout beer, traditional beer, carlow brewing company
patrick`s irish stout, stickey wicket oatmeal stout, west coast pale ale, ale, beer, beer home, beer kit, beer machine, beer maker, bock, brew it yourself, brewed it myself, brewing beer, brewing kit, brewkeg, cider
beer, octoberfest vienna lager, pale export malt extract, pilothouse pilsner, st. /directory/wheat-beer.html   (5111 words)

 North American Guild of Beer Writers - Membership Directory
Beer articles accepted by magazines, including All About Beer, American Brewer, Cheers, Massachusetts Beverage Business, and Mid-Atlantic Brewing News.
Author of Beer Basics (Wiley, 1995), and Cooking and Eating with Beer (Wiley, 1997).
The winner of Wynkoop Brewing Company 's 1998 Beerdrinker of the Year contest, Bobby Bush writes a regular beer/brewing column for Celebrator Beer News and Ale Street News. /writer/members.html   (5111 words)

 Beer Hall of Fame at Tower Place?
The Hall of Fame also would include 75,000 square feet anchored by a food court with five to seven international restaurant and a 35,000-square-feet space for micro brewing, cooking and home-brewing instruction.
Establishing the hall in a city that boasts a rich beer-brewing history would effectively "show Cincinnati how to believe in itself," said Herbst, an owner of Kenwood-based Vision Implementation Group LLC.
Covington suggested that Leisure build the Hall of Fame at its Old Bavarian Brewery at 12th Street and Interstate 75, but the city dropped the plan because Leisure's proposal was aimed at private developers and required a half-million dollars in up-front capital and marketing dollars. /editions/2004/10/14/biz_beer14.html   (5111 words)

 British Guild Of Beer Writers
Specialist breweries and brewing industry in The Netherlands, Belgium and (Northern) Europe; also on cooking with beer.
Specialist interests now: beer flavouring, Egyptian brewing, spontaneous fermentations, the status of the hop in the UK brewing industry.
CAMRA Good Beer Guide to Northern France (1998) awarded the Guild’s Travel Bursary sponsored by Budweiser Budvar. /gui_members.php   (5235 words)

 British Guild Of Beer Writers
Work published in What’s Brewing, Morning Advertiser, Pub Chef; photography for Susan Nowak’s Beer Cooking.
Freelance journalist whose work appears in What’s Brewing, the Morning Advertiser, the Field and Beers of the World amongst others.
Author of over 30 brewing publications and a regular speaker at industry conferences. /gui_members.php   (5159 words)

 English Wine-festival - Food & Cooking
imperial stout, aha, alcohol, ale, aha, bavarian, beer, belgian white, brew, brewing, brewmaster, brothers best brown, brown ale, bavarian, beer, belgian white, brew, brewery, brewing, brewmaster, brothers best brown, classic, coasters, classic, coasters, english
Recipes in Hindi and English, including traditional Indian food, exotic recipes, cooking tips, and glossary.
pinot noir, bentley, england, english, english wine, english wine festival, halland, lewes, wine, bottle, day out, drink, england, english, festival, grape, grapevine, hampshire, red, rondo, sussex, tourist, vine, vineyard, white, wine, wine /directory/english-wine-festival.html   (5159 words)

 Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation: Western Civilization, Act II
Ale and Brewing in the Medieval Times (Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage)
"Medieval cooking was not, as is so easily assumed today, a dubious practice that produced inedible dishes filled with strange spices and dangerous ingredients.
Medieval women were very similar to the women of today, looking out for the interests of her family and working to have a voice in her society." Splendid research. /medieval.html   (13402 words)

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