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Topic: Bridgehead

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  UM Chemistry
Bridgehead alkenes are bridged bicyclic compounds having carbon-carbon double bonds with one terminus at a bridgehead position.
The bridgehead double bond is twisted and distorted and the strain imparts high reactivity toward even mild reagents.
In some cases, the bridgehead alkenes are so reactive that they have only a fleeting lifetime and evidence of their existence is based only on the products of their reactions.
www.umich.edu /~michchem/faculty/wiseman   (276 words)

 Bridgehead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A bridgehead is literally a military fortification that protects the end of a bridge that is closest to the enemy.
The term has been generalized to mean any kind of defended area that is extended into hostile territory, in particular the area on the farside of a defended river bank or a segment of coastline initially seized by an amphibious assault.
A bridgehead typically exists for only a few days, the invading forces either being thrown back or expanding the bridgehead to create a lodgement area before breaking out into open country as happened when the U.S. 9th Armored Division seized the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen in 1945 during World War II.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bridgehead   (265 words)

 Bridgehead Corporate Finance
Bridgehead tilbyr økonomisk og strategisk rådgivning for aksjonærer og ledelse av norske, skandinaviske og internasjonale selskaper i forbindelse med kjøp og salg av virksomheter.
Bridgehead har påvist disse egenskapene ved å gjennomføre et stort antall transaksjoner, og har etablert en betydelig tilstedeværelse som transaksjonsrådgiver i Norge.
Gjennom disse erfaringene har Bridgehead høstet betydningsfull ekspertise i å løse ulike, kompliserte problemstillinger som ofte oppstår i transaksjonsprosesser.
www.bridgehead.no /tjenester.html   (150 words)

 CHAPTER XXXV: Eighth Army Holds the Ch'ongch'on Bridgehead
In the final instructions the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade and the 18th Infantry Regiment of the 24th Division were to remain north of the river in a bridgehead that encompassed and protected the bridges and tank fords over the Ch'ongch'on and Taeryong Rivers in the Anju-Pakch'on areas.
Davidson, the assistant division commander of the 24th Division, to assume command of all 24th Division troops north of the Ch'ongch'on and to co-ordinate the actions of the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade and the division troops.
The predawn attacks of 6 November against the bridgehead area and Kunu-ri proved to be the last heavy engagements of the Chinese in their First Phase Offensive.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/korea/20-2-1/sn35.htm   (3714 words)

 EMC: Partners: Partner Profile: BridgeHead Software   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
BridgeHead Software is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise data backup and recovery solutions, as well as application archiving and e-mail management systems.
Bridgehead Software is investigating the integration of its HyperTape system with EMC storage via EMC's application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide data protection while eliminating backup related downtime and user disruption.
BridgeHead is a member of the EMC Developers Program.
www.emc.com /partnersalliances/partner_pages/bridgehead.jsp   (105 words)

 COMBAT! TV Review: Bridgehead
In "Bridgehead," Saunders must take a German-held bridge despite nearly insurmountable opposition, including resistance from private Hellar, a new member of the squad.
"Bridgehead" has all the elements of a great "Combat!" episode, plus the benefit of a script by Edward J. Lakso and direction by Bernard McEveety.
With all this going for it, "Bridgehead" should be a top-notch episode.
www.jodavidsmeyer.com /combat/episodes/Bridgehead.html   (861 words)

 FM 90-13 Chapter 5
The bridgehead is the area on the far shore that is required to provide space and time for the buildup of combat power to continue offensive combat operations.
Once the bridgehead line is secure, the DTAC controls the movement of the breakout forces through the crossing area to attack positions within the bridgehead.
The lead brigade elements that secure the bridgehead line must control the avenues of approach into the bridgehead and be large enough to defeat counterattacks.
globalsecurity.org /military/library/policy/army/fm/90-13/ch5-old3.htm   (2946 words)

 Bridgehead Ltd, provides business services to foreign clients setting up in Europe. These services include; HR ...
Bridgehead (UK) Limited, has been looking after clients setting up in the UK from North America and other parts of the world for 15 years and increasingly, client demands have extended further into mainland Europe as they explore other European markets.
Bridgehead (Europe) Limited has offices in the UK, the Netherlands and Spain and a network of associates in most other European countries.
As a result, Bridgehead clients will benefit from top quality services being provided by professional firms, all of whom comply with our minimum service standards, whilst only needing to liaise with their account manager.
www.bridgeheadeurope.com /default.htm   (342 words)

 Description of Bridgehead Servers in Windows 2000
A bridgehead server is a domain controller that has been either administratively assigned or automatically chosen to replicate changes collected from other domain controllers in the site to bridgehead servers in other sites.
However, if you choose only one bridgehead server for a particular site, and that server becomes unavailable, the KCC does not choose another domain controller to be the bridgehead server.
When you configure a domain controller to be the preferred bridgehead server, you must specify the transports that are preferred for replication.
support.microsoft.com /?kbid=271997   (754 words)

 The Nancy Bridgehead
The bridgehead produced from this operation was the base from which the drive against the SAAR was launched in November 1944.
The 80th Infantry Division was to expand its shallow bridgehead over the MOSELLE RIVER at DIEULOUARD and continue to the east in the direction of DELME while covering the north flank of the corps from the strong German forces defending METZ, which was under attack by the XX Corps.
In so doing, it had re-established a bridgehead that was in imminent danger of being lost, had forced a breakthrough of a strong enemy defensive position, had captured the command installation of a German division charged with the defense of the NANCY sector, and had also captured the map depot of the sector as well.
www.thetroubleshooters.com /br/br288.html   (4694 words)

 Projects : Central Eastside : Burnside Bridgehead :
The Burnside Bridgehead project involves the redevelopment of property owned or controlled by PDC on Blocks 67, 68, 69, 75 and 76.
To develop a project consistent with the objectives outlined in the Request for Proposals for the Burnside Bridgehead project and the development proposal submitted by Opus, the property must be acquired and included within the project site.
This non-binding document outlines the initial objectives of the Burnside Bridgehead project and the roles and responsibilities of the parties as the project moves forward.
www.pdc.us /ura/central_eastside/burnside-bridgehead.asp   (793 words)

 Bridgehead organic, shade grown, fairly traded coffees, teas and gifts
Bridgehead imported, roasted, and distributed coffee purchased directly from small-scale farmers according to fair trade principles.
With headquarters in Toronto, Bridgehead 'fairly traded' coffee was well received by consumers, and within three years the business outgrew its informal structure and voluntary management.
Bridgehead became a predominantly retail player, distributing a mail order catalogue in Canada and the U.S., and operating retail stores in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.
www.bridgehead.ca /en/aboutus/history.asp?SID=187414761154340121101637632923364636549472676149205236812390&LangID=1&   (1286 words)

 Bridgehead Consulting
Bridgehead Consulting consists of over 50 staff and associates with over 500 years combined experience in the healthcare industry.
A core component of Bridgehead Consulting's activity is the technical and commercial evaluation of new ideas, products, technologies...
Market intelligence is the core of many of our consultancy activities and we use these same skills in licensing projects to provide...
bridgeheadconsulting.com   (154 words)

 Bridgehead Partners, LLC.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bridgehead Partners, LLC was founded by Managing Directors John McGovern and Gordon Smith.
Gordon Smith is a retired Rear Admiral, USN and has served as CEO, President and Director of numerous public and private companies over the past two decades.
Bridgehead Partners' Executive Partners all present portfolios of extensive hands-on, executive management of public and private companies.
home.comcast.net /~markdmcgovern/bridgehead/bridgeheadpartners/management.html   (285 words)

 Using preferred bridgehead servers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
If no active preferred bridgehead server is available and there are no other preferred bridgehead servers available for Active Directory to select, it will select another domain controller in the site to be the preferred bridgehead server.
Establishing a preferred bridgehead designates that server as the pre-eminent server for information exchange over the protocol for which the site link is established.
Establishing a bridgehead server provides some ranking or criteria for choosing which domain controller should be preferred as the recipient for inter-site replication.
www.microsoft.com /WINDOWS2000/en/advanced/help/sag_ADsite_using_4.htm   (451 words)

 Bridgehead organic, shade grown, fairly traded coffees, teas and gifts
Bridgehead emerges as a grassroots movement in support of Nicaraguan farmers
In May 1998 Bridgehead underwent restructuring, culminating in new ownership by Shared Interest, a cooperative lending society based in the U.K. that specializes in financing the fair trade sector.
In April 2000, the rights to Bridgehead (1998) Inc. were sold to Bridgehead (2000) Inc., a company formed by two members of Bridgehead's management team.
bridgehead.ca /en/aboutus/history.asp?...&LangID=1   (1286 words)

 Bridgehead Services Page
Bridgehead Container Services Ltd, one of the longer established Container lessors, celebrated its 21st anniversary in March 1998, having been established in Liverpool since March 1977.
The company fleet of over 40,000 TEU is made up of standard dry vans, open tops, a range of collapsible flats, 20' curtain sides and both 20' and 40' high cubes.
Morbridge International Ltd, which is the vehicle for our domestic container leasing business providing used units to the building trade, airports, and retailers, and Denleycrown Ltd, which trades in the buying and selling of used and new containers on a world-wide basis.
www.bridgeheadcontainers.com /bridgehead.html   (252 words)

The Bridgehead portal is at the service of the professionals working with content and creation.
The Bridgehead will not answer all your questions but serves as a tool to help you find your way to the opportunities offered by the Russian market.
In the Bridgehead you will find a pathfinding service run by experts in the various fields of content and cultural creation.
www.bridgehead.ru   (128 words)

In "Bridgehead," Saunders must take a German-held bridge against nearly insurmountable opposition, including resistance from private Hellar (Nick Adams).
Well-acted, carefully crafted moments abound: a genuine Saunders' patented pep-talk to a new squad member, Littlejohn's agonizing self-recrimination over a fatal blunder, Billie's fear under fire, and Doc's impassioned desire to shed his non-combatant role and seek vengeance.
With all this going for it, "Bridgehead" should be top-notch.
www.jodavidsmeyer.com /combat/episodes/combatBridgehead.html   (686 words)

 bridgehead - OneLook Dictionary Search
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "bridgehead" is defined.
bridgehead : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
bridgehead : DOD Dictionary of Military Terms [home, info]
www.onelook.com /?w=bridgehead   (223 words)

 Ordnance Survey’s Large-Scale Geographic Data Archive Puts BridgeHead Software’s HT FileStore and ...
The new Bridgehead and Plasmon system provides a long-term sustainable storage platform that has already reduced the cost of storage to just £1,200 per TB with a further decrease to just £600 per TB anticipated in the future.
BridgeHead’s HT FileStore software was then selected for its ability to automatically classify file data and select it according to policy for inclusion in the UDO-based archives.
BridgeHead Software is a technology company with a total focus on integrated storage management software.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/10/prweb448405.htm   (1386 words)

 Battle of Narva - Battle for the Narva Bridgehead (1944) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Soviet General Leonid A. Govorov, the commander of the Leningrad Front, realised that the Narva line could not be breached until the German bridgehead on the eastern side of the river was anihilated.
Fresh Soviet attacks against the German bridgehead on the eastern shore were met with fierce resistance from the Danes and Dutchmen.
The Soviet bridgeheads were being reinforced daily, and Steiner knew that an offensive to trap his corps was not far away.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Narva_-_Battle_for_the_Narva_Bridgehead_(1944)   (2533 words)

 Website, Print and Graphic design in Adelaide by Bridgehead Australia
Bridgehead Australia Pty Ltd is a Website design, Brand management and Programming services company based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Choosing to work with Bridgehead means you'll be in great company.
We've taken the opportunity to provide some case studies of projects that may have the answers you are looking for.
www.bridgehead.com.au   (145 words)

 Moselle Bridgehead   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
If the German plan to defend the Moselle was to be circumvented it was imperative to move at once to seize a bridgehead over the river.
Slowly the bridgehead expanded, but movement across the river was difficult.
Elements of the 3rd Infantry Division were crossed into the bridgehead and began relief of the 141st units at St. Ame on September 26.
www.kwanah.com /txmilmus/36division/archives/moselle/moselle.htm   (2193 words)

 doberman pizza. a baha'i blog.: bridgehead
Bridgehead is an Ottawa-based chain of coffeeshops (or coffeehouses) featuring organic, fairly-traded coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate.
Bridgehead has six coffeehouses in Ottawa, including their newest coffeehouse that just opened up at Bank & Albert.
Disclaimer: Bridgehead is not rewarding me in any way for this endorsement (not even in coupons or discounts).
pizza.sandwich.net /2006/05/bridgehead.shtml   (247 words)

 Romanian Bridgehead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Romanian Bridgehead (Polish: Przedmoście rumuńskie) was an area in southeastern Poland, now located in Ukraine.
The plan was a fall back plan in case it was impossible to defend Polish borders and assumed that the Polish forces would be able to retreat to the area, organise a successful defence until the winter, and hold out until the promised French offensive on the Western Front started.
However, the entry of the Soviets into the war on the German side on September 17 made all those plans obsolete and Polish units were ordered to evacuate Poland and reorganise in France.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Romanian_Bridgehead   (431 words)

 Makes sourcing british cheese simple
However, if you wish to supply a supermarket brand or a line for their delicatessen counter a factory audit will be required and you will be expected to fund this which will cost in the region of £1000 plus expenses.
Yes, for all changes no matter how small they may seem, Bridgehead will have to submit a newline form for most changes that you will make.
The product information details will need to be updated in Sainsburys systems and we will then advise you when the new format can be delivered into depot.
www.bridgeheadfoods.co.uk /faq.htm   (243 words)

 InfoStor - BridgeHead expands in the US
HT FileStore is a policy-based, multi-platform storage management module that fits into BridgeHead's HT ISM (Integrated Storage Management) suite, which addresses backup, archival, replication, and media management.
This is not BridgeHead's first foray into the US market.
BridgeHead's HT FileStore is available from its resellers.
www.infostor.com /Articles/Article_Display.cfm?ARTICLE_ID=239459&p=23   (466 words)

 IT-Director.com - BridgeHead To Effective ILM
BridgeHead Software is a company active in the field of ILM that has managed to keep a remarkably low profile since its beginnings back in 1994.
BridgeHead HT FileStore provides a policy based system that can remove unused data that does not need to be retained, and then continuously migrate and archive non-changing data to the most appropriate platform, be it secondary disk storage, tape or optical.
BridgeHead has gained significant partners and customers in the Healthcare sector and for its Email archive, Imaging and PACs offerings.
www.it-director.com /article.php?articleid=12702&SESSID=82eb6fa3661c8a2e7af4c20eb46f4076   (745 words)

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