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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Bridget Moynahan pictures, photos and wallpapers, news and gossip
Bridget Moynahan had some specific ideas for her baby shower, held on Saturday, when she and a friend hashed out the plans in late April, according to a...
Bridget Moynahan announced her pregnancy through the New York Post's Liz Smith while the daddy, Patriots QB Tom Brady was overseas snuggling up to his new...
Actress Bridget Moynahan, former girlfriend of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, is pregnant and Brady is the father,...
bridgetmoynahan.celebscentral.net   (931 words)

  Bridget Moynahan Pictures, Biography, Filmography, Awards, Wallpapers
Kathryn Bridget Moynahan was born in Binghamton, New York, on September 21, 1972, and raised primarily in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Bridget Moynahan became a star thanks to her portrayal of Rachel, the fire-breathing barmaid in 2000's chick flick, Coyote Ugly.
In 2001, Moynahan appeared as "the other woman" in the romantic comedy Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.
starglimpse.com /celebs/pages/bridget_moynahan/bridget_moynahan.shtml   (455 words)

 Bridget Moynahan Photos - Bridget Moynahan News - Bridget Moynahan Information
More Pictures Kathryn Bridget Moynahan, altough born in Binghamton, New York, on September 21, 1972, was raised primarily in Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Bridget Moynahan played mostly sports in her childhood before going...
Bridget has a green moon and stars tattoo on her inner-left ankle.
www.tv.com /bridget-moynahan/person/47842/summary.html   (490 words)

 Bridget Moynahan
Moynahan chopped her locks to get serious as Layla, Farrell's love interest, fellow CIA trainee...
In real life, the only thing suspect about Moynahan was her decision to star in Coyote Ugly.
And yet the admitted nail-biter and knitting hobbyist seems to be leaving her fellow barmaids in the dust as she boogies her way toward A-list status.
movieline.standard8media.com /features/moynahan.shtml   (141 words)

 bridget moynahan Fan site| bridget moynahan Pic, gallery, wallpaper, Picture, photo
Bridget Moynahan was born on September 21, 1970 in a place called Binghamton, New York.
After graduating from high school, Bridget Moynahan changed her mind and moved to New york city looking for name and fame.
Bridget first role was in HBO series Sex and the City where she played Natasha who is the love of main character.
www.bridgetmoynahan.us   (420 words)

 Bridget Moynahan
Born in Binghampton, NY, Moynahan was raised in Longmeadow, MA.
She spent most of her childhood playing sports, and as she grew up, her natural beauty led to a modeling career posing for such magazines as Glamour and Vogue.
Moynahan lives in New York and is dating NFL Patriot Football Player Tom Brady
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=4976   (154 words)

 TV Tattler Interview: Bridget Moynahan of 'Six Degrees' - AOL Television
Bridget Moynahan has starred in 'I, Robot' and 'The Recruit' alongside big-name co-stars like Al Pacino and Will Smith.
But when it came to her next project, the ABC drama 'Six Degrees,' it was all about location.
Read our interview with Bridget Moynahan of 'Six Degrees' on ABC, plus get more Q&As with television celebrities, cast and crew about the hottest TV shows.
television.aol.com /tv-celebrity-interviews/bridget-moynahan   (893 words)

 Bridget Moynahan: The Recruit - Movie
Colin Farrell was very good, and his leading lady, Bridget Moynahan, who I'd never seen in anything else before, was excellent.
The storyline is filled with intrigue ranging from the tense CIA training sessions to the love interest between Clayon and Bridget Moynahan to the fake dissmissal of Clayton and much more.
Bridget Moynahan gives much the same performance as she does in "I, Robot", playing it smart and sassy with a real cute pout, and a concerned wrinkle.
www.superiorpics.com /bridget_moynahan/movie/2003_the_recruit.html   (569 words)

 CNN.com - Bridget Moynahan: 'The Recruit' - Jan. 24, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Bridget Moynahan lucked out when she landed the role of CIA trainee Layla in "The Recruit."
First, O'Halioran dyed Moynahan's hair to give her a more urban look, adding copper and deep auburn high- and low-lights.
Moynahan's makeup had to be every bit as understated as her clandestine CIA gig.
www.cnn.com /2003/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/24/in.look.style.moynahan   (616 words)

 UGO.com Film/TV - The Sum of All Fears feature
Bridget: I knew from the script that, literally, the most you ever see of me in the hospital is washing my hands, so I did get that down.
Bridget: That's the funny thing about the whole relationship, you are still getting to know each other, and you're nervous about really sharing your feelings, and you don't want to play the games that everybody seems to play.
Bridget: I flew out to L.A. to meet with Phil Alden Robinson, the director, and his one bit of advice was not to memorize the material.
www.ugo.com /channels/filmtv/features/sumofallfears/bridgetmoynahan.asp   (1590 words)

 Bridget Moynahan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kathryn Bridget Moynahan (born September 21, 1970 in Binghamton, New York) hails from Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Known as "Kat" to her friends, Bridget attended Longmeadow High School and graduated in 1989.
In 2004 Moynahan began dating Tom Brady, the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League, but broke up in November/ December 2006 ([2]).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bridget_Moynahan   (345 words)

 Bridget Moynahan - actress - Brief Article Interview - Find Articles
The movie is not Barfly, but that's what newcomer Bridget Moynahan plays this summer is what is certainly her big break, Coyote Ugly, an estrogen heavy tale about a trio of sexy barmaids produced by the normally high-testosterone Jerry Bruck-heimer.
Moynahan landed the role after responding to a New York Times article about desperate young actors hoping for a part in Coyote Ugly.
Bridget Moynahan, who is quite nice in person, wears a jacket by Levi's.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1285/is_8_30/ai_64566610   (265 words)

 AskMen.com - Bridget Moynahan Photo
Then, Bridget Moynahan went on to take roles in a variety of movies, from the trashy Coyote Ugly and the saccharine Serendipity to high-tech thrillers like The Sum of All Fears, The Recruit, and I, Robot.
Her role in Gray Matters may not have registered on the brains of too many moviegoers in 2005, but Bridget had greater exposure in the arms-dealing action flick Lord of War, starring Nicolas Cage.
Moynahan is already set to appear in two 2006 releases.
www.askmen.com /specials/2006_top_99/bridget-moynahan-55.html   (256 words)

 AskMen.com - Bridget Moynahan
Bridget possesses a rare blend of quality traits: tall, tough, smart, and hot.
To date, Bridget has appeared in seven films, including blockbusters like Coyote Ugly, The Sum of All Fears and The Recruit, modeled in countless fashion magazines, and portrayed the man-stealing "Natasha" in Sex and the City.
I don't even know what a lot of these fancy drinks are." -Bridget Moynahan, on her preferred alcoholic beverage.
www.askmen.com /women/actress_150/191_bridget_moynahan.html   (467 words)

 Bridget Moynahan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Kathryn Bridget Moynahan (born September 21, 1970 in Binghamton, New York) is an American model and actress of Irish descent, best known for her roles in films such as Coyote Ugly, I, Robot, and Lord of War.
Find more information about Bridget Moynahan in her biography section and about her career here.
We have great collection of Bridget Moynahan pictures - with pictures of her acting and modelling here in our gallery section.
www.bridgetmoynahan.org   (238 words)

 Viewer Discretion - Bridget Moynahan stars in new ABC drama - The Boston Globe
I caught up with Bridget Moynahan today, Tom Brady's leading lady who is here in Pasadena, California, promoting her role...
Moynahan’s character is a successful advertising executive with a handsome boyfriend.
Moynahan told me she's in favor of a woman proposing.
www.boston.com /ae/tv/blog/2006/07/bridget_moynaha.html   (215 words)

 Bridget Moynahan Biography, Photos, News for Bridget Moynahan | TVGuide.com
There are no blog posts for Bridget Moynahan.
There are no group posts for Bridget Moynahan.
There are no forum posts for Bridget Moynahan.
www.tvguide.com /detail/celebrity.aspx?tvobjectid=142832   (73 words)

 ABC.com: Six Degrees   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Bridget Moynahan plays Whitney, a hard-charging, beautiful PR executive who seems to have it all.
Moynahan's talent and beauty combined in blockbuster films that have established her as one of Hollywood's favorite leading ladies.
Born in Binghamton, New York and raised in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, Moynahan currently resides in New York City and Los Angeles.
abc.go.com /primetime/sixdegrees/bios/bridget_moynahan.html   (257 words)

 UGO.com Film/TV - Bridget Moynahan interview from The Recruit, Touchstone Pictures' CIA action flick
The first thing to understanding why one-time model and now rising actress Bridget Moynahan is so beautiful is because she is a physical fitness queen.
But Moynahan’s smart and tough, too, and that’s made her a producer’s asset in Hollywood.
Bridget Moynahan (BM): I’ve worked out my entire life so I don’t have to really get back from a problem area.
www.ugo.com /channels/filmtv/features/therecruit/bridgetmoynahan.asp   (787 words)

 Tom Brady Stunned by Bridget Moynahan's Baby Announcement at Hollywood.com
HOLLYWOOD - Football star Tom Brady was shocked by ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan's public announcement that she was expecting his child.
Moynahan reportedly didn't inform Brady, who is now dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen, that she was announcing the pregnancy until the very last minute.
Sources say the couple didn't know Moynahan was pregnant when they broke up in November, but Brady "has known about it for a while".
www.hollywood.com /news/Brady_Stunned_by_Moynahans_Baby_Announcement/3659263   (362 words)

 Bridget Moynahan Picture, Profile, Gossip, and News at CelebrityWonder.com
Brad Moynahan (administrator at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Wallpaper of Bridget Moynahan for your desktop, available for Mac and PC.
Find movie reviews for major Bridget Moynahan films, available from various nationwide critics.
www.celebritywonder.com /html/bridgetmoynahan.html   (270 words)

 Bridget Moynahan - MovieActors.com
Bridget Moynahan was born on September 21, 1970 in Binghamton, New York.
In 2000 Bridget Moynahan had a reaccurring role on the hugly popular TV series SEX AND THE CITY playing Natasha, opposite Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.
Stuff Magazine ranked Bridget Moynahan #86 in 2002 as one of the 102 Sexiest Women in the World.
www.movieactors.com /actors/bridgetmoynahan.htm   (152 words)

 Beauty Beyond Belief-Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan related links and many more celebs with pictures and Edards.
Bridget Moynahan detailed profile page with picture gallery,bio,info, news, movie, music, DVD, CD, poster, hair, hairstyle,dress, bikini, lyrics, and more.
Bridget Moynahan Wallpapers, Wallpaper Gate, your gate to free desktop wallpapers, images, pictures, photos and postcards from various categories.
www.beautybeyondbelief.com /bridget_moynahan.shtml   (251 words)

 Celebopedia - Bridget Moynahan
A rising leading lady, Bridget Moynahan has stolen the show in films such as Coyote Ugly, The Sum Of All Fears and The Recruit.
Bridget has dated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
This site is not endorsed by Bridget Moynahan or any organization Bridget Moynahan is, was or will be associated with.
www.celebopedia.com /bridget-moynahan   (177 words)

 Bridget Moynahan - Moviefone
Bridget Moynahan on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more...
AskMen.com feature on Bridget Moynahan that includes pics, pictures, biography, video, related news,...
Bridget Moynahan - Filmography, Biography, News, Photos, Birth date, Relationships, Bridget Moynahan Film Clips, and Fun Facts on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /celebrity/bridget-moynahan/277887/main   (94 words)

 Bridget Moynahan Movies & News
Bridget Moynahan has starred in at least 2 Movie(s).
He will be joined by Greg Kinnear, Joe Pantoliano, Bridget Moynah...
The first trailers for the Alex Proyas movie, in which technophobe cop Will Smith stumbles upon an apparent conspiracy by robots to take over the worl...
www.moviesonline.ca /sheiladenise/celeb-Bridget-Moynahan.htm   (294 words)

 Bridget Moynahan picture from the movie - Bridget Moynahan movie stills - Bridget Moynahan pics
Bridget Moynahan wallpapers, screensavers, pictures, skins, posters, filmography, discography, awards and biography.
Bridget Moynahan biography, latest news, picture, movie and multimedia.
Bridget Moynahan high resolution pictures, wallpapers and screensavers.
www.allmoviephoto.com /c/BridgetMoynahan.html   (277 words)

 Bridget Moynahan
Just sit back and enjoy the Bridget Moynahan videos, news, and the rest of the Bridget Moynahan information we've put together for you.
Kathryn Bridget Moynahan (born September 21, 1970 in Binghamton, New York) is a model and actress of part Irish descent.
She is known for having appeared in feature films like 'The Sum of All Fears' with Ben Affleck, 'The Recruit' with Al Pacino and Colin Farrell, 'Lord of War' with Nicolas Cage and 'I, Robot' with Will Smith.
www.celebritypro.com /bridget_moynahan_main.htm   (133 words)

 Bridget Moynahan
Welcome to actress Bridget Moynahan's celebrity profile featuring photos, pictures, posters, video, related news, contact info, popularity rating, and other interesting facts.
Kathryn Bridget Moynahan (born September 21, 1970 in Binghamton, New York) from Longmeadow, Massachusetts, is a model and actress of part Irish descent, recently appearing in feature films like The Sum of All Fears, The Recruit, Lord of War and I, Robot.
You can leave your own thoughts and comments about actress Bridget Moynahan here.
www.my-wc.com /celebs/bmoy   (201 words)

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