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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Brindisi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brindisi (in Latin Brundusium, Brundisium) is an ancient city in the Italian region of Puglia.
Later Brindisi was conquered by Ostrogoths, and reconquered by the Byzantine Empire, who ruled Brindisi until 1070 and invasion of Normans.
Later, from 1268, Brindisi was ruled by the Angevins, and then by the Aragonese, Venetia and Spain in turn, falling to Austrian rule in 1707-1734, and afterwards to the Bourbons.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brindisi   (169 words)

 Reid Bramblett - Essays - Brindisi, Waiting Room of the Aegean   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Brindisi is the only Italian town where more road signs point to "Greece" than to anywhere in Italy.
Brindisi was settled in the 6th century BC by the Messapians (who dubbed it Brunda, or "stag's head," after the antlery shape of its branching harbor), and later became a Greek colony that evolved into the Latin port of Brindisium.
(Brindisi sold it to Lecce, which still uses it to prop up a statue of their patron saint on the main piazza.) The remaining column was recently spirited away for restoration.
www.reidsguides.com /e_it_brindisi.html   (593 words)

 Brindisi Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Brindisi (in Latin Brundusium, Brundisium) is an ancient city in southern Italy.
Later Brindisi was conquered by Ostrogoths, and reconquered by Byzantium, who ruled Brindisi until 1070 and invasion of Normans.
In 1707-1734 Brindisi was ruled by Austria, abd then by Bourbons.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/b/br/brindisi.html   (180 words)

 Brindisi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Brindisi enjoys a very advantageous position which has helped to make it the safest harbour in the lower reaches of the Italian Adriatic.
In the middle ages Brindisi suffered from barbarian invasions and sacks by the Saracens (847 and 853), The Goths, the Byzantines and the Lombard followed each other as rulers, and then during the period of the Crusades, it once again became a city of major importance.
Brindisi was greatly involved in the Crusading movement, and the Church of San Giovanni al Sepolcro is an eloquent witness to this fact, built as it was by the Templars on their way back from the Holy Land in the eleventh century.
www.inmedia.it /Puglia/eng/murge/brind.htm   (828 words)

Brindisi was the birthplace of the poet Pacuvius; here also Virgil died in 19 B.C., on his return from Greece.
In the tenth century, after Brindisi had been destroyed by the Saracens, the bishops took up their abode at Oria, on account of its greater security.
In the reorganization of the dioceses of the Kingdom of Naples in 1818 Brindisi was combined with the Diocese of Ostuni, formerly its suffragan.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02787e.htm   (623 words)

 BRINDISI - LoveToKnow Article on BRINDISI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The chief importance of Brindisi is due to its position as a starting-point for the East.
The inner harbour, admirably sheltered and 27 to 30 ft. in depth, allows ocean steamers to lie at the quays.
The town was captured in 836 by the Saracens, and destroyed by them; but was rebuilt in the 11th century by Lupus the protospatharius, Byzantine governor.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /B/BR/BRINDISI.htm   (244 words)

 Car Hire Brindisi Italy from car rentals.co.uk
Brindisi is best known as a ferry terminal for the short passage to Greece, but the town has plenty to offer in terms of charming mazes of streets, cosmopolitan atmosphere and exciting nightlife.
Brindisi is located on the Puglia stretch of coastline, which forms the ‘heel’ of the boot of Italy, and you can be on one of a myriad of pleasant sandy beaches in very little time.
Brindisi’s hospitality is famous, and the town has many first-class accommodations and superb restaurants.
www.carrentals.co.uk /car-hire/brindisi-guide.html   (323 words)

 Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi-Pearlman - Law offices serving Utica NY and all upstate!
The damages you receive should be fair and just compensation for the “pecuniary losses”, that is economic losses, resulting from the death of your family member for you and each distributee for whom the claim is brought.
If the deceased family member is a parent, the “pecuniary losses” should include the parental nurturing and care provided to the children, loss of physical, moral and intellectual training, guidance and assistance that would have been provided to the children if he or she had lived.
At Brindisi, Murad and Brindisi-Pearlman, LLP, we understand that this is an extremely difficult time for you and your family.
www.bmbplawyers.com /wrongful.html   (168 words)

Born at Brindisi in 1559; died at Lisbon on 22 July, 1619.
The Conventuals of Brindisi were entrusted with his education.
The known writings of St. Lorenzo of Brindisi comprise eight volumes of sermons, two didactic treatises on oratory, a commentary on Genesis, another on Ezechiel, and three volumes of religious polemics.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09359a.htm   (1571 words)

 Brindisi, Murad & Brindisi-Pearlman - Law offices serving Utica NY and all upstate!
If you believe your loved one was injured, is being neglected or abused in a nursing home or died as the result of nursing home negligence, you or your loved one may be entitled to compensation as a result of their negligence.
Depending on the circumstances involved, there may be a claim against the nursing home and you may be able to recover monetary damages for any injuries proximately caused as a result of their negligence.
There are also certain administrative rights that may be available and certain agencies that should be notified, so that they can conduct an investigation and take whatever appropriate action may be necessary against the nursing home for their negligent actions or omissions.
www.bmbplawyers.com /nursing.html   (175 words)

 Brindisi on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
CHAN MAN; With "Camelot," Michael Brindisi begins his 15th year at the helm of Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, undiminished in his belief that for musical theater to succeed, it must be taken seriously.(VARIETY
Cornball wizard; To Michael Brindisi, artistic director of Chanhassen Dinner Theatres, the dramatic contents of classic Broadway musicals like `State Fair' remain big and relevant.
Dow to shut Brindisi unit: collapse of D'Agostini deal forces Dow to close Italian MDI plant.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/b/brindisi.asp   (603 words)

 RIGZONE - BG Group & Enel Sign Brindisi LNG Agreement
Until Brindisi LNG is operational the production from Egyptian LNG Train 2, in which BG Group is a 38 per cent shareholder, will be supplied primarily to the Lake Charles LNG importation terminal in Louisiana, USA.
Brindisi is an important building block in the development of BG's strategic plans for LNG transportation and trading in the Atlantic Basin."
The Brindisi LNG terminal, which is strategically located to receive LNG from the Mediterranean and Atlantic Basin and from the Gulf states will be capable of processing 8 billion cubic meters - or 6 million tonnes - of natural gas per annum.
www.rigzone.com /news/article.asp?a_id=19677   (420 words)

 Brindisi - ZeroDelta.net: Your Travel Guide to Italy
The province of Brindisi is extended to North from the Murge baresi and tarantine and ends to South with the piana messapica, a time swampy.
The coast is rich of small landings and inlets alternate to long sandy beaches alternating to rocks and a territory of big agricoltural vocation with the olive tree, the vine, the tomatos, the artichoke, the cereals and the water-melons.
To remember the ancient tradition of procession to sea of Santi Teodoro of Amasea and Lorenzo of Brindisi, the Corpus Domini where the bishop takes in procession the Sacramento for the main roads of the city mounting on on the white horse protected and the ancient tradition of the Osanna.
www.zerodelta.net /brindisi.php   (657 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : 'The Woman Clothed with the Sun' According to St. Lawrence of Brindisi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Brindisi in the year 1559 witnessed the birth of Lawrence.
For the sage of Brindisi this woman is without doubt the Mother of Christ appearing in bodily glory.
From this unique and marvellous vision, then, the seer of Brindisi gives us profound insights into the esteem of God and Christ for her, her return of love, and the tender and personal loving care she gives her devoted children.
www.petersnet.net /research/retrieve.cfm?RecNum=2977   (2807 words)

 St. Lawrence of Brindisi
Brindisi was first sent to the Conventual Franciscans for his early education.
Blessed John XXIII was recently declared a blessed and he was also a Franciscan secular and a great admirer of Lawrence of Brindisi.
Sing we of the blessed Mother who received the angel's word, and obedient to the summons bore in love the infant Lord; sing we of the joys of Mary at whose breast that child was fed who is Son of God eternal and the everlasting bread.
www.doctorsofthecatholicchurch.com /LB.html   (3992 words)

 St. Lawrence of Brindisi, OFMCap
In the life of St Laurence of Brindisi, we see a man full of the courage and daring of Christ whose spirit carried him throughout the long and arduous years that he was engaged in a most trying apostolate.
Of him it can be truly said that he possessed the special gifts that adorned the Churches' first Apostles and men were moved to the practice of virtue more by his example than by his words.
In St Laurence of Brindisi he called a humble son of St Francis to further increase the light of Christ in the world by his powerful preaching and prolific writings.
www.beafriar.com /lawrence.html   (507 words)

 Brindisi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Moreover, Brindisi has many monuments of great historical and artistic importance like the ancient church of S. Giovanni al Sepolcro, the 16th century Nervegna Palace and the imposing baroque faÁade of the Cathedral.
Situated in the immediate hinterland of Brindisi along the ancient Roman Appian Way the village was one of the centres under the direct influence of the port of Brindisi.
Placed in the countryside of Torchiarolo, between Brindisi and Lecce, Valesio has roughly quadrilateral fortification walls, some parts of which are disguised in a countryside that is characterized by the typical olive trees and vineyards.
www.clio.it /sr/vr/chora/inglese/ibrindisi.html   (271 words)

 Brindisi hotels and accommodation, hotel reservations in Puglia, by All-Hotels(tm)
The hotel Minerva can be found in Brindisi, in a peaceful and easily accessible spot.
Despite its convenient position in Brindisi city centre, only 100 metres from the railway station and just a couple of steps from...
The hotel is located in the centre of Brindisi on the most enchanting place of the port.
www.all-hotels.com /europe/italy/puglia/brindisi_e1.htm   (389 words)

 Steamship Poonah, Lying At Brindisi,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
But she is well arranged, and in good weather must be very pleasant.
We could not touch at Ancona, which is on the programme, because of the rough weather.
The best are supposed to come on board here at Brindisi, having come by rail from London, so I hope when we sail tomorrow morning, we shall find ourselves in the midst of that delightful society which the voyage to India has always been said to furnish.
www.oldandsold.com /articles28/travel-do-42.shtml   (280 words)

 Chanhassen Dinner Theatres: Artistic Director - Michael Brindisi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Michael Brindisi begins his 15th year as Resident Artistic Director for Chanhassen Dinner Theatres.
Brindisi has directed over 45 Chanhassen shows including Shirley Valentine, State Fair, Brigadoon, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Crazy For You, The Rainmaker, My Fair Lady, Oil City Symphony and Phantom.
Brindisi also serves as corporate vice president of Chanhassen Dinner Theatres.
www.chanhassentheatres.com /story_of_cdt/resident_artistic_director.asp   (251 words)

 Brindisi Virtual Tour - History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
With the opening of the Suez Canal, Brindisi was chosen by the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company as the terminus port for the ship of the biggest european navigation company of the last century.
From 1871 to 1914 the Indian Mail Route had a stop in Brindisi (photo1 - photo2) and became exclusively a rail-maritime line: from London to Brindisi passengers and cargoes travelled by train, then ships sailed from Brindisi every Sunday at 2 p.m.
In the 1914 the stop-off in Brindisi was changed to Marsilia (France), not exposed to danger of war as Brindisi.
www.brindisiweb.com:8080 /storia/valigia-e.htm   (165 words)

 Charming Brindisi Is Right at Home / Belden's newest spot offers rustic Italian seafood
Brindisi is the latest such restaurant and should be at the top of the list for anyone who wants to explore the rustic cuisine of Puglia, located in the boot of the country.
White fava bean puree shows up in many regional dishes, and at Brindisi this staple is topped with braised escarole and olive oil ($6), another major product of the area.
The Apulia-style cream caramel ($7) is a better way to end, as is the dense chocolate torte ($7) and the profiteroles stuffed with whipped cream and drizzled with a chocolate sauce ($7).
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2004/08/29/CMG9U86TTR1.DTL&type=food   (804 words)

 Europe 1997 - Interrail Journal: Brindisi, Aug 14 (Aug 25 on our way back)
When we got on the train to Brindisi, we thought we had a compartment to ourselves.
In addition, the Brindisi banks looked scary with the armed security guards in the front wearing bullet proof vests.
It was so stormy on the ferry that we had to tie our shoes to a bench and disappear completely in our sleeping bags to avoid catching a cold.
www.kuederle.com /Europe/Journal/brindisi.html   (404 words)

 Reizen naar Apulie - Vakantie in Apulië
Provincies in Apulië: Bari, Taranto, Foggia, Lecce en Brindisi.
From Brindisi, the provincial capital, to the white villages in the most distant Murge, to the old towns that grew up in the shadow of the Castles, the area offers a rich heritage of features that reflect its history, art, folklore, handicrafts and traditions.
A land kissed by the sun, a territory generous in nature, art and history, a beautiful coast, altogether made to measure for "holidaying", whether you prefer to laze on the beach or follow new paths where you can discover caves, castles, cathedrals, rock dwellings, trulli and old manor houses.
www.reiswijs.nl /landeninfo/europa/italie/apulie/apulie.html   (1203 words)

 Circolo Tennis Brindisi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Il Circolo Tennis Brindisi è una struttura che nasce e si sviluppa nell’anno 1961 per volontà e sforzo di una serie di soci benemeriti che formarono quella che ancora oggi è una associazione sportiva, la più anziana della Città di Brindisi.
Il circolo Tennis Brindisi organizza per i giorni 23 e 24 aprile l'incontro internazionale di Federation Cup tra le nazionali di Italia e Russia.
Rilevante il ruolo dei patrocini degli enti locali, in particolare Regione "Puglia", Provincia di Brindisi e Comune di Brindisi.
www.circolotennisbrindisi.it   (653 words)

 Ferries to Greece 2005/2006 - Anek - Minoan Ferry - Superfast Ferries
From Brindisi (Italy) to Corfu (Greece) daily 8 hrs.
From Brindisi (Italy) to Corfu (Greece) - Partenze stagionali (Giu/Lug/Ago/Set)
From Brindisi (Italy) to Corfu, Igoumenitsa, Cephalonia and Patras (Greece)
uk.geocities.com /my_ferries/greece.html   (935 words)

 SI.com - Soccer - Brindisi named new Boca Juniors coach - Tuesday July 6, 2004 1:57AM
"We evaluated a number of candidates and the decision to chose Brindisi was unanimous," Boca Juniors vice president Pedro Pompilio said Monday.
Brindisi takes over Boca after coaching several Argentine clubs.
Although Brindisi was praised for his midfield work alongside Maradona when the Buenos Aires club won the 1981 Argentine title, Boca fan Norberto Casado isn't convinced Brindisi has what it takes as coach.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /2004/soccer/07/06/bc.sport.soccer.argentina.boca   (447 words)

 Hotel Brindisi - Prenotazione diretta alberghi Brindisi
Scegli la data di arrivo e quella di partenza e scopri tutte le possibilità di soggiorno negli Hotel di Brindisi aggiornate in tempo reale con tariffe, cartine di riferimento, descrizioni e servizi.
Alberghi a Brindisi con il miglior rapporto qualità/prezzo raccomandato da Traveleurope.
Strategicamente realizzato a soli 10 metri dal mare, l'albergo è stato per anni meta di regnanti che raggiungevano il porto di Brindisi...
www.traveleurope.net /itinerari/b/brindisi.shtml   (134 words)

 city break Brindisi | short weekend city break Brindisi
Great Hotels of the World brings you short city breaks in Brindisi from its collection of the finest luxury accommodation in the world.
Golf hotels in Brindisi will give you the ideal opportunity to take in the best courses and playing opportunities in Brindisi.
Brindisi business hotels will take care of your conferences and meetings.
www.ghotw.com /list/city3/home/brindisi.htm   (194 words)

 Car Rental Brindisi with Auto Europe
When you reserve a car rental in Brindisi, Italy, you'll start your tour of the country in the Puglia region on the heel of the boot.
Auto Europe offers several pick up locations and a large rental car fleet, so finding a car rental in Brindisi is both easy and economical.
Once a thriving Roman port city whose main purpose was trade with neighboring Greece, Brindisi is still a bustling hub of actvity, commerce and Italian tradition.
www.autoeurope.com /car-rental/Brindisi-rental-guide.cfm   (429 words)

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