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Topic: Britain Yearly Meeting

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  Britain Yearly Meeting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Britain Yearly Meeting is the umbrella body for the Religious Society of Friends in Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man).
Britain Yearly Meeting, which until 1995 was known as London Yearly Meeting, grew out of various national and regional meetings of Friends in the 1650s and 1660s and has met annually since 1668.
In 2005, a residential Yearly Meeting was held at the University of York, from 30 July to 6 August.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Britain_Yearly_Meeting   (429 words)

 Advices and queries - Britain Yearly Meeting
Yearly Meeting in 1760, troubled that standards in the Society were falling, set up a committee ‘for the promotion and revival of wholesome discipline’ (sources and references), which visited meetings all over the country.
Meeting for Sufferings agreed to publish the draft in 1988 and invited meetings to use it for two or three years and to join in the process of revision by telling of their experience.
Preparative meetings should give periodic consideration to the ways in which advices and queries can be used and they are to report to their respective monthly meetings annually or triennially, as directed, on the use made of them.
quakerscotland.gn.apc.org /aq.htm   (4530 words)

 Faith and Practice of Pacific Yearly Meeting 2000
The Meeting strives to be present for all its members throughout different stages of their lives and their specific needs -as single people, coupled, or in broader communities -recognizing the Divine in each.
Early Meetings were both a religious body and an economic unit, coming to the aid of persecuted members who risked imprisonment and loss of jobs and property for acting on their beliefs.
Meetings that have united on a course of action, such as providing sanctuary to families fleeing oppression, have often found their faith deepened and their community life enhanced.
members.aol.com /psam1234/quaker/pacym/pym31.htm   (1842 words)

 Meeting the Spirit - An Introduction to Quaker Beliefs and Practices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Clerk discerns 'the sense of the meeting'.
Meetings for clearness can also be of help and comfort to Friends who are confronted with difficult choices at turning points in their lives and to the dying.
Yearly Meetings or their committees often appoint staff for administrative support or to work on the concerns that were endorsed by the Yearly Meeting.
emes.quaker.eu.org /documents/files/meeting-the-spirit.html   (7178 words)

 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Britain Yearly Meeting 2006 Epistle to Ireland Yearly Meeting
Britain Yearly Meeting published Quaker Faith & Practice in 1995, and is currently engaged in a revision of structures known as RECAST (Representation, Communication and Accountability in our Structures), which occupied much time and careful attention before and during our residential Yearly Meeting last summer in York.
May your Yearly Meeting, both now and in your Triennial preparations, experience the spirit of Christ working among you, supporting you at all times and enabling you to speak peaceably and lovingly to each other and the world.
www.pym.org /pm/more.php?id=3101_0_45_0_M   (489 words)

 Meeting for Sufferings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Meeting for Sufferings is an executive committee of Britain Yearly Meeting, the body which acts on behalf of members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Great Britain and the crown dependencies, It has about 200 members, who meet once a month to make decisions when the Yearly Meeting is not in session.
Meeting for Sufferings was originally established to assess the persecution of Friends and attempt to obtain redress.
Meeting for Sufferings is subordinate to Yearly Meeting, which ratifies its minutes and has overall constitutional authority.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Meeting_for_Sufferings   (780 words)

 A precious patchwork: Britain Yearly Meeting's Book of Christian Discipline
At our first meeting in the autumn of 1986 we were joined by a member of the previous revision committees whose work had resulted in Christian faith and practice (1961) Advices and queries (1964) and Church government (1967).
Then Meeting for Sufferings received minutes from two Monthly Meetings and one central department, and the process of considering then undertaking revision was set in train by appointing a Memorandum Group to report to Yearly Meeting in 1986.
Yearly Meeting did unite to accept the book, with additions and changes, including changing the title by adding 'Quaker' to 'Faith and practice', and putting the whole into one volume, symbolising the interdependence of our inspiration and our church government.
www.quaker.ca /cfriend/cf3-98-2.html   (945 words)

 5.06 | WALES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Meeting of Friends in Wales is not a general meeting as described in 5.01 and does not supplant those general meetings which include parts of Wales.
It consists of all Friends who are members in preparative, recognised and notified meetings within Wales; other Friends may attend on the same basis as 4.05 prescribes for the attendance at a monthly meeting of Friends who are not members of that monthly meeting.
The Meeting of Friends in Wales may communicate by minute with Britain Yearly Meeting and its agenda committee, Meeting for Sufferings, the standing committees of the yearly meeting and of Meeting for Sufferings as well as the general meetings which include parts of Wales and their monthly meetings.
quakersfp.live.poptech.coop /qfp/chap5/5.06.html   (337 words)

 Public Quaker: Yearly Meeting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I belong to Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
It's an awesome experience to be in the plenary sessions of Yearly Meeting - I love the deep, passionate, velvety silences of worshipful waiting on G-d.
I too love my yearly meeting, which always has residential sessions, as we are too spread out to meet otherwise.
www.am464.net /archives/2005/07/yearly_meeting.html   (417 words)

All Local Meetings have been asked to reply in April to a number of questions on the subject of the organisation and structure of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM)..I shall encourage my Meeting to do so.
For many years it was controlled solely by BYM though supported by other European YMs, but in recent years its governing structure has been reformed to one where most European YMs are represented on its governing body, though BYM retains the largest share.
I have served as a Clerk to a Monthly Meeting (Orlando, Florida) as an Overseer and an Elder and as Clerk to the Premises Committee of a busy Meeting House (Westminster), on a Central Committee, on Meeting for Sufferings and as a representative of BYM on FWCC.
home.clara.net /spetter2/struct8.htm   (2980 words)

 Some Reflections After Taking A Quaker Tour of England - QuakerInfo.com
A meeting was formed, and a meetinghouse built, with the words of John 3:16 in large letters on the wall of the meeting room.
At Hartshill Meeting, where we visited, we were told that the morning meeting attracts only 3-4 attenders, while the evening fellowship attracts 20-25.
The tiny groups of nonpastoral Christian Friends in North America have sought to encourage their brothers and sisters in Britain through a number of travels in the ministry by American Friends from the New Foundation Fellowship and Ohio Yearly Meeting (Conservative).
www.quakerinfo.com /tour_ref.shtml   (1512 words)

The Clerk of the Trustees is nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting.
The Clerk of this Committee is nominated by the Nominating Committee and appointed by the Yearly Meeting.
The Clerk of the Nominating Committee is nominated by the Interim Meeting and appointed by the Yearly Meeting.
www.bym-rsf.org /minutes/y2001.htm   (12716 words)

 The Quaker Jargon Buster
BYM - an abbreviation of Britain Yearly Meeting.
It can be as shorthand for meeting for worship, or it can refer to a meeting of Quakers that has gathered for business and administrative matters, for example: preparative meeting, monthly meeting, Six Weeks Meeting and yearly meeting.
Swarthmore Lecture - a lecture given at the time of Britain Yearly Meeting by one or more Friends, it is an important platform for the continuing development of Quaker thought and theology.
easyweb.easynet.co.uk /pdaniels/qjargon.html   (1599 words)

 Britain Yearly Meeting York 2005 - Britain Yearly Meeting in York 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Britain Yearly Meeting York 2005 - Britain Yearly Meeting in York 2005
The epistle from Britain Yearly Meeting 2005 or is in text below.
Britain Yearly Meeting, old and young, has gathered across the campus of the University of York, from 30 July to 6 August 2005.
www.britainyearlymeeting.org.uk /york2005   (758 words)

 Issue #1: The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) as a Religious Community
The Clerk, the presiding official of a Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business, serves as the person charged to maintain the discernment process and as the one most responsible to hear the Spirit-led unity of judgment, the Sense of the Meeting, as it emerges from the group's search for God's will for them.
In such a meeting there will be an unwillingness to part asunder, being ready to say in yourselves, it is good to be here: and this is the end of all words and writings to bring people to the eternal living Word.
Britain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice, § 1.01 and Epigraph, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Faith and Practice: A Book of Christian Discipline (Philadelphia: Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1972).
www.quaker.org /quest/issue1-3.html   (6745 words)

 Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Britain Yearly Meeting Junior Yearly Meeting 2006 Epistle
Base group meetings helped to spread a sense of belonging with a supportive, trusting atmosphere.
Through a role-play exercise we were able to take on identities different to our own, and were faced with the task of finding those who shared our new identity.
www.pym.org /pm/more.php?id=3114_0_45_0_M   (488 words)

 the Friend - Yearly Meeting - Gold star
One of the main reasons for wanting to come to Yearly Meeting was to experience Quakers and Quakerism at their very best.
I was staying with a group of 14 to 18 year-olds in Finchley Meeting house for...
Friends from Budapest Meeting gave practical help and told us of their development through links with Friends over the past 10 years, though for some the Esperanto movement had provided earlier contacts.
www.thefriend.org /articledisplay.asp?articleid=50   (741 words)

 FGC Notes for the Guidance of Speakers at QHS Enquirers' Weekends
The geographical spread of these is such that over a number of years it will be possible for most enquirers to Britain Yearly Meeting to attend one of these gatherings.
The business meeting should also be referred to in the session on Meeting as very few of the participants will ever have been to a Meeting for Business.
The afternoon is free: this allows a lot of informal conversation to go on and one of the points about any weekend is that information is exchanged over the dinner table and during walks.
www.fgcquaker.org /library/fosteringmeetings/0606.html   (1588 words)

 FCNL: british quakers
Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain
Quakers in Britain - Statement on war over Iraq
Signed for Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, March 2003
www.fcnl.org /issues/int/sup/ira_frdsmin_britain320-03.htm   (159 words)

 online faith & practice (quaker book of discipline)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Beyond Britain Yearly Meeting - Britain Yearly Meeting and the ecumenical movement (The historical background)
Beyond Britain Yearly Meeting - Britain Yearly Meeting and the ecumenical movement (Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations (CIR))
Quaker marriage procedure - the meeting for worship (Appointment of meeting for worship)
worship.quaker.org /qfp/fandpresults.asp?ymid=1   (1711 words)

 [No title]
It was agreed that all Friends (especially Monthly Meeting Representatives) should encourage discussion of these queries in their respective monthly meetings and encourage attendance at the Fourth Month, 2006 Quarterly Meeting, where the afternoon will be devoted their further consideration.
The quarterly meeting has requested representatives to be appointed by each monthy meeting, but most meetings have not done this, and some meetings appoint someone different each time.
This seems to be the case with the yearly meeting, but some Friends seem to feel that the quarterly meeting is simply one more thing added to a long list of responsibilities, and not something which feeds the spirit of the monthly meetings.
www.bloomington.in.us /~quaker/news/2006/news0206.html   (3220 words)

 Quakers in Britain -The Religious Society of Friends - Britain Yearly Meeting
We Quakers find that by meeting together for communal worship we are empowered to find peace and strength for work in the world.
The Yearly Meeting operates as a religious charity excepted from registration in England and Wales under SI 1996 No 180.
This site is maintained by Dave Smith as a contribution to the work of Britain Yearly Meeting.
users.breathe.com /andrew.smith/BYM.htm   (365 words)

 BYM QuakerNet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Access to papers and other archive material from the BYM2004 and previous annual meetings of Britain Yearly Meeting, including Documents in Advance, Minutes and Epistles.
This is an experimental site developed on behalf of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends or Quakers.
It has been used to host the yearly meetings for 2004 and 2003 of BYM Quakers and archive material from previous annual meetings.
www.bym2002.org.uk   (248 words)

 Quakers in Cambridge
In our Meetings for Worship we meet with God in an un-programmed quiet time and in the vocal contributions of others.
There are three Quaker Meetings in Cambridge, all part of Britain Yearly Meeting.
Together we form Cambridge and Peterborough Monthly Meeting (which is the administrative unit of Quakers in the Cambridgeshire Area).
www.cambridge-quakers.org.uk   (188 words)

 Yearly Meeting Epistles - 2002 - QuakerInfo.com
For centuries, Friends (Quaker) yearly meetings have been sending epistles to one another, usually annually.
At one time, these generally would have been individual epistles to each yearly meeting.
Some yearly meetings don't issue an epistle but do have a brief message coming from the yearly meeting sessions, a summary of the chief concerns during the sessions, or something else similar in content to an epistle.
www.quakerinfo.com /epistles2002.shtml   (351 words)

 Friends United Meeting: Quaker Life
Teaching our children and youth is the whole meeting's responsibility.
Using her experience in the church and as a mother, she also shares Sunday School concerns in Kenyan churches that apply anywhere.
Raised in the Catholic Church, Michael True traces his mother's influence on his spiritual journey, from his childhood faith to his present-day membership in a Friends meeting.
www.fum.org /QL/issues/0106   (464 words)

 Bristol & Frenchay Quaker Meeting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Our Meetings for Worship are mainly silent, so we can seek the presence of God within and between ourselves.
Central Meeting which is near the City Centre,
Local Meetings meet for worship on Sundays; the area meeting meets monthly.
www.digitalbristol.org /members/quakers/index.html   (360 words)

 Geneva Quaker House : About Us : QUNO
Located in a pleasant residential neighbourhood not very far from the Palais des Nations, Quaker House is not only home for the Quaker UN Office but also serves as the Meeting House for the Geneva Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and provides meeting space for a range of other groups.
The Foundation was originally set up in the 1960s by the Friends Service Committee of Britain Yearly Meeting, the American Friends Service Committee, and Geneva Quakers to purchase a property which would be conveniently sited for access to the United Nations, but also be convenient for local Quakers.
The Foundation is embarking in 2005 on a major refurbishment project aimed at improving basic infrastructure of the building and well as meeting and office facilities.
www.quno.org /aboutUs/Qhouse-Geneva.htm   (256 words)

 yearly - OneLook Dictionary Search
Yearly : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Phrases that include yearly: half yearly, yearly meeting, britain yearly meeting, canadian yearly meeting, junior yearly meeting, more...
Words similar to yearly: annual, annually, yearlies, each year, etesian, every year, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=yearly   (199 words)

 Quaker Faith And Practice Of Britain Yearly Meeting (QuakerBooks)
Quaker Faith And Practice Of Britain Yearly Meeting (QuakerBooks)
Quaker Faith And Practice Of Britain Yearly Meeting
This is the revised version of Britain Yearly Meeting's 1995 discipline.
www.quakerbooks.org /get/0-85245-375-2   (139 words)

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