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Topic: Britain and Ireland

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  Britain and Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The islands of Great Britain and Ireland are part of an archipelago with a combined area of 315,000 km² off the west coast of Europe, and the term "Britain and Ireland" is sometimes used, somewhat loosely and incorrectly, to refer to that entire archipelago.
More commonly, the term "Britain and Ireland" is used to refer to the two states within the archipelago, namely the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (comprising England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.
In the context of the Northern Ireland peace process the term "Islands of the North Atlantic" (IONA) has been used as a neutral term to describe these islands, though that term has also been labelled ambiguous.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Britain_and_Ireland   (220 words)

 Great Britain and Ireland Travel Tips
Britain: English is the national language but Welsh is spoken in Wales.
Britain and Ireland: No inoculations are necessary when arriving in Britain or Ireland from the U.S. but you should consult with your health care provider before traveling.
Britain and Ireland: There are currently no departure taxes in Great Britain or Ireland, please see www.gate1travel.com/departure_tax.htm for more information.
www.gate1travel.com /europe-travel/Britain-travel-tips.htm   (1498 words)

 Britain and Ireland: 4 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Britain and Ireland went to London to mark it's celebration of 'multicultural' Patrick on 12th March 2006.
And yet in Northern Ireland, the one place where cultural tensions between Irishness and Britishness are never far from the surface, it has become an important bone of contention in recent years as Protestants and Catholics contest the very essence and character, not to mention the core national identity of Ireland's otherwise wholly international saint.
Britain and Ireland talks to Kevin Cullen, a third generation Irish American journalist living in Boston.
www.britainandireland.org   (702 words)

 Adventure travel and cruises to Britain and Ireland.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Travel to Britain and Ireland: Combine the seafaring rewards of watching sharks, dolphins, porpoises, and whales with the pleasures of exploring castles and hamlets and sipping brews in cozy, wood-panelled pubs on a small-ship cruise around Britain and Ireland, where you can view puffins, manx, shags, fulmars, shearwaters, and sea eagles.
Ireland recognizes both English and Gaelic Irish (usually referred to simply as ‘Irish’) as official languages, and in a few places, such as the Aran Islands off the west coast, Irish is the language of daily life, though locals easily mix the two.
Britain and Ireland are famous producers of beer and whiskey; if you enjoy these, try to learn a little about them before you go.
www.expeditiontrips.com /britain-ireland-travel.asp   (2447 words)

 Britain and Ireland
The suspension of the Northern Ireland Assembly is the latest demonstration of the inability of capitalism to solve the national question in Ireland.
Diana, the Monarchy and the Crisis in Britain
The election of a Labour Government in Britain has raised enormous expectations, not least by workers in Northern Ireland who are looking for a way out of the impasse they have faced for nearly a century.
www.newyouth.com /archives/britainireland.asp   (1659 words)

 Ireland 1789-1801
Ireland was to be joined to Great Britain into a single kingdom, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Ireland was to be represented at Westminster by 100 MPs, 4 Lords Spiritual and 28 Lords Temporal (all were Anglicans).
Ireland was to keep a separate Exchequer and was to be responsible for two-seventeenths of the general expense of the United Kingdom.
www.victorianweb.org /history/ireland1.html   (667 words)

 Ireland, the British Invasion
For most of the Middle Ages Ireland was ruled as a separate kingdom under the British Crown.
Then the Potato Famine in the years 1845 to 1848 caused enormous upheavals as the population of Ireland fell from 9 Million to 3 million through famine and emigration.
Further unrest followed the famine in Ireland, and Gladstone became British prime minister in 1868 declaring "my mission is to pacify Ireland", but failed to deliver safety for tenants from high rents and eviction.
www.great-britain.co.uk /history/ireland.htm   (706 words)

 Let's Go Travel Guides | Discover Britain and Ireland
But even if the disparate regions of Britain are perpetually at odds, they all embrace the fruits of the cultures they've come across in their globetrotting days: Brits eat kebab and curry as often as they do scones and lemon curd, and watch American TV shows as much as the BBC.
Despite the survival of a bucolic “Merry Olde England,” in today’s Great Britain, the hum of the big city draws as much attention as the picturesque views of a country inn.
Make sure to set aside plenty of time for Ireland as well; between the dramatic mist-cloaked mountain peaks and the dazzling green of the landscape, you'll find that the “Emerald Isle” is no mere marketing slogan.
www.letsgo.com /destinations/europe/britain_ireland   (403 words)

 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finally on 6 December 1922, the twenty-six Southern Ireland counties seceded from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and formed the autonomous Irish Free State.
Though the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland came to an end in 1922, the monarch continued to use the title of King or Queen of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until 1927.
Then, under the Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927, new titles were introduced for the British monarch so that he would reign as 'King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', in Britain, and 'King of Ireland', in Ireland.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Kingdom_of_Great_Britain_and_Ireland   (1146 words)

 Ireland - Scotland - Country/Regional Rail Passes
This pass covers all of the British Isles (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland, including a round-trip Stena Line ferry crossing between Wales or Scotland and Ireland during the pass's validity (It is OK to leave via one port and return via another).
Ireland's train system fans out from Dublin but dosn't go into much of the countryside on west coast.
This pass covers the entire British Isles (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland) including a round-trip Stena Line ferry crossing between Wales or Scotland and the Emerald Isle during the pass's validity (okay to leave via one port and return via another).
meleterc.com /irelandscotwales.html   (662 words)

 Britain and Ireland: Lives Entwined - Governance - British Council - Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
With respect to Britain, there are sharply more favourable attitudes towards the Scots, the northern English, Londoners and the Welsh than towards other parts of England.
'A book was produced on the theme of the Dublin conference entitled, Britain and Ireland: Lives Entwined in which Eoghan Harris in reflective mood writes, ‘I am not saying that something nasty did not happen in the historical woodshed.
What I am saying is that what happened was neither as nasty as we believe, nor did it last as long as we believe, nor was it the work of some beastly soldier passing by’.
www.britishcouncil.org /ireland-britain-and-ireland-entwined.htm   (651 words)

 Britain and Ireland: 2 Archives
He begins with the peculiar trans-national niche that Terry Wogan has carved for himself, with a daily radio audience far in excess of the Irish population, and journeys through language with Heaney, and uncovers a rich heritage in the visual arts.
Conor Brady reflects on how shared language and family ties create a closeness between the Britain and Ireland that is unique in Europe.
Language and mutual interest have always tied Britain and Ireland tighter than in any other area of life, barring sport.
www.britainandireland.org /issue/2   (499 words)

 Great Britain and Ireland in 3D
Great Britain was the first great European vacation I took, way back in 1990, the first year I was taking 3D vacation photos.
Also, in 2000 I was able to add a trip to Ireland on to a UK work-related trip, so I was able to spend better part of a week in the Emerald Isle.
I have not yet been to Northern Ireland, so it is grayed out for now.
www.3dphoto.net /world/europe/great_britain/gb-ireland.html   (151 words)

 Hotels & Short Breaks throughout Britain and Ireland
We offer a huge range of hotels and other accommodation throughout Britain and Ireland, plus selected short break and weekend deals.
Ireland - known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is composed of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom, with a breathtaking landscape, and a warm welcome.
The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is a popular destination, a modern and upbeat city, and Belfast the Capital of Northern Ireland is developing rapidly, and has many restaurants and attractions worth visiting
www.openroads.com /?id=britain_ireland   (368 words)

 The Churches of Britain and Ireland
Of all the things people wanted to see, the most requested were pictures of the churches where their ancestors were baptised, married and buried.
The ultimate aim is to have at least one photo of every existing church in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands, and where possible, photos or artwork of churches no longer in existence.
There are currently over 6300 churches on the web-site, and I think it's only proper to express my sincere thanks to the small army of church enthusiasts who have kindly allowed me to use their photographs, and without whom this would have been a far less comprehensive effort.
www.stevebulman.f9.co.uk /churches   (672 words)

 Discover Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland has been tipped by the Lonely Planet as one of the must-see countries to visit in 2007, in a new book published this month.
Northern Ireland is a great venue for all the family.
Patrick of Ireland is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular Saints.
www.ni-tourism.com   (260 words)

 GENUKI: United Kingdom and Ireland
Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland), Wales, and Scotland, together with the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
However, in line with normal genealogical practice, this Information Service is structured according to the counties as shown in these maps of England, Scotland and Wales, and of Ireland, i.e., as they were prior to the re-organisation that took place in 1974 (1975 for Scotland).
The Association of British Counties (A.B.C.) "is a society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing existence of the 86 traditional Counties of Britain".
www.genuki.org.uk /big   (1971 words)

 Round Britain and Ireland
It is with imense pride that we completed the Around Britain and Ireland race at 07.26hrs Tues 5th September.
What makes this race particulaly difficult is that it is almost all coastal and thus dangerous and it is a logistical nightmare catering for a full crew for two weeks.
Since April the Around Britain crew have been through some races together starting with the Ouistreham race where we had a mixed bag of calms and windward blows before spinning around on the line and heading back home to give us a big hike towards the required qualifying mileage.
www.lcsc.org.uk /offshore/round_britain.htm   (3376 words)

 Haunted Britain - Ghosts Stories from the United Kingdom and Ireland
Each location featured has its story told in detail and is accompanied by atmospheric photographs taken by Richard Jones as he toured haunted Britain and Ireland collecting true ghost stories for his books and documentaries.
There are grand palaces and old Stately homes; smaller family properties, as well as a fair smattering of houses that have long since fallen into ruin and which now stand as melancholic reminders of their days of glory.
The majority of them are open to the public which means that having perused their stories on the haunted Britain website you will be able to visit them and absorb their ambience for yourselves.
www.haunted-britain.com   (1163 words)

 British Embassy in the USA: Northern Ireland
Tony Blair has welcomed a report into paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, declaring that the IRA's campaign is over
The Independent Monitoring Commission found that the leadership of the IRA "does not consider a return to terrorism in any way a viable option" and that it "continues to direct its members not to engage in criminal activity."
The British and Irish governments unveiled a blue print today for resurrecting the devolved administration for Northern Ireland.
www.britainusa.com /nireland   (177 words)

 Great Britain Travel options, including Scotland tour information, from Tauck
Experience some of the world’s best-loved castle hotels on this Ireland tour including Northern Ireland travel; visit Derry, Giants Causeway, Belfast, Dublin, the Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Waterford and the Ring of Kerry.
This Ireland travel experience combines multiple nights at some of Ireland's finest resort hotels with beautiful scenery and historical sites from the Ring of Kerry to the Georgian streets of Dublin.
The Mona Lisa beckons you to experience the powerful history and rich culture on this Paris and London tour, highlighted by the Louvre, river cruises, and a West End theater performance.
www.tauck.com /tours/europe-tours/great-britain-and-ireland-tours   (397 words)

 Amazon.com: Let's Go 2000: Britain & Ireland: The World's Bestselling Budget Travel Series (Let's Go. Britain and ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Complete coverage of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, from historic castles to happening clubs.
This guidebook is an excellent buy for anyone who wants to travel to Britain and/or Ireland without spending a lot of money.
The book's writers seem to have a sense of humor and are good at combining the factual and the entertaining.
www.amazon.com /Lets-Go-2000-Britain-Bestselling/dp/0312244525   (1206 words)

 Discover Ireland - The official site of Tourism Ireland
So whether you fancy a bit of James Joyce, or to gaze at spectacular artworks, Ireland has it all.
Boasting an astonishing array of sights and activities, Ireland is yours to enjoy
Ireland launches 14 new looped walks with maps, grading and route summaries.
www.discoverireland.com /gb   (236 words)

 Britain and Ireland Explorer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
This morning we head towards Fort William and continue in the shadow of Ben Nevis, Britain's highest peak, as we make our way towards the Kyle of Lochalsh, and cross 'over the sea to Skye'.
Next across the border into Northern Ireland to visit the famous Beleek Pottery Centre, continuing along the shores of Lough Erne to the town of Enniskillen before returning through beautiful countryside to our hotel in Sligo.
After stopping to view the thatched cottages of Adare, the prettiest village in Ireland, we head for County Kerry.
www.escortedirelandtours.com /budget/britainandirelandexplorer.htm   (1513 words)

 Study In Britain & Ireland
The British American College London is committed to bringing the classic elements of American higher education to Britain.
ISIC is the one and only international form of student ID which provides its members with the best deals in international travel.
From the rolling of the South of Britain to the rugged peaks of the North - This is your guide to travel in the UK.
www.studyinbritain.com   (377 words)

 Britain and Ireland
Interactive guide Find out where Britain's main ethnic groups live.
June 1995: Protests by Asian youths lead to three nights of rioting in Bradford.
BBC: An exploration of the Northern Ireland conflict
bluedandelion.net /english/britain_ireland.htm   (512 words)

 British Embassy in the USA: Official UK Government website
We provide up-to-date information about Britain including UK Government policy and humanitarian efforts, British science and technology advancements, requirements and regulations for visas to Britain, and a wealth of additional information and news about Britain in the US.
We are aware of an incident on the upper east side of Manhattan where a small aircraft has apparently hit a residential apartment block (at 72nd Street and York Avenue).
Christmas is one of Britain's most popular holidays and features customs that are centuries old.
www.britainusa.com   (387 words)

 Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland - Rotaract is an opportunity to...
Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland - Rotaract is an opportunity to...
It enables members to meet people, try new activities, and make a difference in their local community.
This is the official site for Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland (RGBI).
www.rotaract.org.uk   (160 words)

 Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland - Home
These Federations are Great Britain and Ireland, the Americas, Europe, and the South West Pacific.
Members are women of all ages, cultures and ethnic groups, who join their local clubs to give service to others.
This website is run by the Federation of Great Britain and Ireland to inform current and prospective members, partner organisations, the press, and the public about our work.
www.soroptimist-gbi.org   (435 words)

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