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Topic: British Armies in WWII

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In the News (Tue 23 Oct 18)

The British representatives made it very plain that Singapore was none the less important to their government as a symbol of British ability and determination to protect the British Dominions and colonies and the overseas trade with them and with other countries in the Orient.
British military mission in Washington would consist of three members-a flag officer of the British Navy, a general officer of the British Army, and an officer of the Royal Air Force-with a joint planning staff, a Navy staff, an Army staff, an Air staff, and a secretariat.
Army, planes and ammunition especially, was being diverted to the British, and to the Navy and Marine Corps.
www.army.mil /cmh/books/wwii/Sp1941-42/chapter3.htm   (10539 words)

 Chapter XI: The Victory Program
The Victory Program army's conjectured composition item by item, however, was far from the actual composition of the 1945 Army- a conspicuous variation being from the conjectured total of 215 divisions, including 61 armored, which compared with the ultimate 91 divisions, of which 16 were armored.
The 10 airborne and 10 mountain divisions contemplated in 1941 shrank to 5 and 1 respectively in the actual Army: this decrease was determined in the one case by practical considerations of training and in the other by a known (and relatively nonmountainous) as distinguished from an unknown terrain.
I feel that in the matter of Army forces the Navy should accept the Army studies to the extent that we accept the Navy statement of requirements, recognizing that the Navy is the expert so far as naval matters are concerned.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/books/wwii/csppp/ch11.htm   (10587 words)

 North Africa
Second, the British were gaining momentum, and Hitler thought it important to stop the British before they could pull more troops off of the Russian front.
These reasons were good reasons for the British to be in North Africa, but Churchill found it much more difficult to persuade his new allies in the U.S., who entered the war on December 7, 1941, to support such a campaign.
The British argued that the allies would be unable to muster a large enough force before 1943 to be effective in Europe.
www.cs.ndsu.nodak.edu /~lugert/wwii.htm   (2595 words)

 GI -- World War II Commemoration
The British agreed not only with the concept but also with a War Department proposal, code named Bolero, for a great buildup of American forces in Britain, with approximately 1 million men to be equipped and trained to carry out air operations in 1942 and a major invasion of the Continent in 1943.
Even then the armies were powerless to cross the Roer, for a series of dams on its upper reaches remained in German hands and might be blown to flood the valley and trap any force which had moved east of the river.
Army Group B in the center, preoccupied with the Remagen bridgehead, was in no position to stop a major attack to break out of the bridgehead.
gi.grolier.com /wwii/wwii_5.html   (18839 words)

 Stone & Stone: News and Information
George Blackburn—a veteran of the Canadian Army in Normandy and later author of well-received books about his wartime experiences—died in Ottawa on 15 November at the age of 90.
Captain Paul von Kempf—who as a USN lieutenant survived the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay—died at the age of 88.
P.W. Botha—during WWII a leader of the pro-Nazi paramilitary Ox-Wagon Fire Guard and later in life prime minister of South Africa—died on 31 October at the age of 90.
www.sonic.net /~bstone   (2236 words)

This is the second volume of the study of the Army of the Conde.
This is the third volume of the study of the Army of the Conde.
One of these armies, that of the Duke of Conde fought from 1792 to 1801 when it was disbanded.
home.fuse.net /nafziger/WHATSNEW.HTM   (657 words)

 Tracing Mieczyslaw Chuldzinski or Mieczyslaw Wnuk
He was a well known Polish skier in the late 1930s, and served in the French and British Armies in WWII.
It was because of these similarities that I was interested in your father, who I understand is alive and well in New Jersey USA and I wish both you and your family all good health for the future.
Those that had served in foreign armies on the Allied side met uncertain fates at the hands of the communists if they returned to Poland.
www.polishforums.com /6_510_0.html   (557 words)

 Books at On Military Matters
ARMIES OF GEORGE S. Account of how Patton built the armies with which he dominated North Africa and Europe, 120 b/w illust, biblio, index.
BRITISH ARMIES IN WWII:Organisational History V8 8.5x11, The Indian Army Part 1-The Indian Army in the West, covers the 2nd/4th/5th/6th/8th/10th/12th Infantry & the 31st Armoured Divisions, 43rd Gurka Bde and others.
Marston demonstrates that the Indian Army of 1945 was far differemt than that of 1939; that they had learned from their errors; b/w photos/maps, notes, appendicies, biblio, glossary, index.
www.onmilitarymatters.com /wcat1940.htm   (6188 words)

In the ranks of the Polish Army in the U.S.S.R. the author participated in the bloody Lenino battle and was in command of a tank battalion in the Bautzen-Elba Campaign as a Captain.
Nearly 200.000 Polish Jews fought against Nazi Germany in the ranks of the Polish Armies on Polish soil and in Exile.
Polish Jews fought in the French Army, in the Red Army, and in the British Forces.
www.zchor.org /meirtchak/meirtchak.htm   (2830 words)

 Lone Sentry WWII Blog - Directory of World War II Links and News
The U.S. Army Quartermaster Museum at Fort Lee, Virginia preserves the history and heritage of the Quartermaster Corps, the military's logistic branch.
The St. Petersburg Times has produced a special report on WWII which pays tribute to the sacrifices of the WWII generation.
Nase Noviny tells the story of the people, weapons, and vehicles of the Czech units in the Polish, French and British armies during WWII.
www.lonesentry.com /wwii-blog/wwii-blog-lone-sentry-mar2006.html   (563 words)

 Czechoslovaks in the Second World War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
British & Commonwealth Orders of Battle - featuring the Czech Infantry Battalion No 11 East.
A website dedicated to members of the Czechoslovak military units in U.S.S.R., who took part in the liberation of the Ukrainian and later the Czechoslovak territory between 1943-1945.
Czechoslovak units in the Polish, French and British armies during WWII.
k.webring.com /hub?ring=czechoslovaksint   (186 words)

 WWII General I
After examining the state of the U.S. Army during the 1940-1943 period, Bellanger focuses on 1943-45, and examines each of the division's sub-units - from the divisional HQ to an infantry battalion, from the divisional artillery to its combat engineer element.
The author attacks the widely held belief that WWII was the "good war", the war in which America led the forces of democracy and freedom to victory over Germany and Japan.
He argues that the role of the USA in WWII was determined not by idealism, but by the interests of America's corporations and by the country's social, economic, and political leaders.
www.aberdeenbookstore.com /wwii_general_i.htm   (14755 words)

 Listing of WWII British Units
The British, in Burma, fought the longest campaign of the War.
The Tommy and his allies (3/4 of the army were non British) fighting on foot, through the dark stinking jungle, over the pleasant hills and across the vast dry belt, were the ones upon whose backs, victory was carried.
The 15th (Scottish) Division--The 15th Division reenactment group is dedicated to preserving the memory of one of the boldest fighting divisions to serve in the British Army in time of war.
www.reenactor.net /ww2/allied/units_brit.html   (2045 words)

 armies - OneLook Dictionary Search
We found 6 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word armies:
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "armies" is defined.
Phrases that include armies: general of the armies, battle of five armies, battle of the five armies, british armies in wwii, general vicar of the armies, more...
onelook.com /?w=armies   (160 words)

 WWII Game Photos & Reports
We had actually tried to do the same thing two years earlier, but Dave had a football accident which caved in his head and the game we had designed at the time was abandoned.
I have reproduced some pages from these rules, not in an attempt to violate copyright, but to allow WWII gamers from the 70s to indulge in a bit of nostalgia.
Angriff is indeed very much a 70s era set of rules (see my comments on Rally Round the Flag in the rules part of my ACW section).
www.ucs.mun.ca /~tmarshal/gameswwii.htm   (2062 words)

 British WW2 Reunion's and Tracing your Military Ancestors Page
Recipients of the Victoria Cross Associated with the North-East of England
British Army Records as Sources for Genealogy and Biography
The purpose of this site is to explore the 19th Century British and Indian Armies and their soldiers.
members.tripod.com /~Caryl_Williams/veterans.html   (887 words)

 CONTE Collectibles WWII Plastic Toy Soldiers
These figures are made with excellent detailing, the figures come in great battle action poses and are done with a keen sense for WWII historic accuracy.
I highly recommend that you acquire some of these great WWII figures and playsets.
They are the first group in a series of WWII Playsets produced by Conte Collectables.
www.angelfire.com /pe/ATSTOYSOLDIERS/AXXS/CONTEWWII.html   (343 words)

 sell.com classifieds : British Commonwealth Armies 1939-45 book Sup 2 WWII WW2 for sale in Kansas City (22GX5S)
British Commonwealth Armies 1939-45 book Sup 2 WWII WW2
Click here for more info about this classified ad.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
www.sell.com /22GX5S   (283 words)

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