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Topic: British monarchy

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  British monarchy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British monarch or Sovereign is the head of state of the United Kingdom and in the British overseas territories.
Thus, as the modern British monarchy is a constitutional one, the Sovereign's role is in practice limited to non-partisan functions (such as being the Fount of honour).
The war culminated in the execution of the king, the overthrow of the monarchy, and the establishment of a republic known as the Commonwealth of England.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_monarchy   (9635 words)

The British Civil War was a genuine civil war between the classes for supremacy, and the people won the day, converting the British monarchy into a constitutional monarchy; yet the basis for the constitutional monarchy lay in the remote past, in 1215 at Runnymede.
What has guaranteed the British monarchy's longevity, for this generation, was the compassion of the British public for the son of Princess Diana, the future king of the United Kingdom.
Additionally, the prerogatives of the monarchy are put at the disposal of the democratically and popularly elected members of parliament, who form the Cabinet, separating the political duties from the ceremonial obligations of royalty, and guaranteeing a balance that must be maintained by the diligence of the parties, including the monarch.
www.worldfreeinternet.net /archive/arc14.htm   (3343 words)

 A brief guide to the British monarchy
In a monarchy the head of state, the nation's representative-in-chief, inherits that position from her or his parents and is entitled to hold it until death.
Supporters of monarchy at one time based the monarch's claim to power on "divine right." They said that the privilege was given by God.
In Britain we now have a "constitutional monarchy" in which the monarch acknowledges the rights of the legislature and the executive branch of government.
www.centreforcitizenship.org /monarchy/mon.html   (334 words)

 Free Life Commentary No 83
But the lurid claims of warnings from the Queen, of homosexual rape in the royal household, and of the general conduct of the royal family, are highly damaging regardless of their truth - and have been taken up by the republicans in the media and used to cause the greatest damage possible.
An argument consequent on this is that the Monarchy is a survival from the time before the middle-class revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries.
The Monarchy is not simply an ancient institution that is harmless and that ought therefore to be left alone.
www.seangabb.co.uk /flcomm/flc083.htm   (3322 words)

 Middle Finger News - US/British Media And Big Oil
As part of the Vatican Counter-Reformation in opposition to the Protestants, the British Monarchy, the Jesuits as part of an Army for the Vatican, and the Papacy, opposed this.
After the War, President James A. Garfield opposed the British Monarchy encroaching on the burgeoning financial and industrial development of the U.S. For the benefit of the British, orchestrated by them if not actually arranged, was in 1881, the political assassination of President Garfield.
Fuirthermore, in one way or another, British Petroleum has a stranglehold on the bulk of the gas stations in the U.S. Part of it is through the British Monarchy's arrangement with their former colony, Kuwait.
www.rense.com /general56/missif.htm   (1421 words)

 british in hawaii
The British flag was hoisted on shore four days later and Lt. Puget took possession of all Hawai'i in the name of King George III of Great Britain.
With the advent of the Victorian Age, the Hawaiian monarchy departed from its Congregationalist ties and during the reign of Kamehameha IV joined the Episcopal Church, the American wing of the Church of England.
As the Hawaiian monarchy began its fall Kaiulani was rushed back from England by Theophilus H. Davies, who strongly suggested that she be named queen to save the monarchy.
www.islander-magazine.com /british.html   (2766 words)

The British people, who are Israelites, under The Covenant, have been betrayed; impoverished and oppressed by the monarchy through-out its long and evil existence, because the people themselves have not kept The Covenant, that they swore at Sinai to keep for ever.
The British monarchy knows full well that it is descended from David and that the Stone of Destiny is Jacob's Pillar and the Throne of David because they have ample evidence in their possession*.
Thousands of British people are homeless; some reduced to living in cardboard-boxes and shop-doorways; whilst the queen, who is head of the christian church and also the richest woman on Planet Earth; not only knows about it, but sees it and allows it to continue.
jahtruth.co.uk /britmon.htm   (1535 words)

 Elitist, Racist, Religionist, Sexist, Inegalitarian: Canada's Head-of-State
The British monarchy differs from the continental European monarchies in that it enjoys greater pomp and ceremony and the finest life among an extended royal lineage.
To French-Canadians the monarchy serves as an ignominious reminder of the defeat inflicted upon the French by the British centuries ago.
The monarchy stands in contradiction to this billing although the MLC, in a stretch of credulity, claims that intermingling among European royalty constitutes multiculturalism.
www.dissidentvoice.org /Articles9/Petersen_Canadian-Monarchy.htm   (1728 words)

 USATODAY.com - On queen's 80th, Britons ask: Is monarchy licked?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Advocates of maintaining the monarchy say having Elizabeth as the symbolic head of a great nation, performing ceremonial duties, is worth the $65 million it costs British taxpayers every year.
Foes, however, portray the monarchy and its birthright of privilege and wealth as anachronisms in the 21st century.
Because the monarchy has been around for so long and survived so many personalities, Lacey doesn't soon foresee a day when it will disappear — as long as monarchs, such as Elizabeth, do their duty and put the country before themselves.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2006-04-20-royals-cover_x.htm   (1640 words)

 LONDON TOWN - British Monarchy - The Royal Family
But this is not true because the monarchy has no power to restrict politicians, and in fact ensures that they have power for which they are not accountable.
If you have a monarchy, then it is there by hereditary right, and the British public don't want to change this (according to recent polls; if you think 1 in 3 being republican is a tiny minority!).
So, they talk about having a monarchy, but in their actions they want to exercise their right to take a vote and dictate how it is run.
www.geocities.com /TheTropics/Shores/5636/royal.html   (965 words)

 CNN - Will Diana's death change British monarchy? - Sept. 6, 1997
This tribute was paid by a sovereign who had for the most part of her reign enjoyed the approval and admiration of a majority of her loyal subjects.
The British public became saturated with the royal family and its never ending problems and headline-making scandals, which the queen referred to in a royal speech, when she described the past 12 months as an "annus horribilis," a horrible year.
The monarchy was moving closer to the people, reaching out to the subjects, helping to soothe the pain.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/9709/06/monarchy   (654 words)

 What Lies Ahead for the British Monarchy and Commonwealth?
The British people were tired of fighting seemingly endless conflicts around the world and voted for a political transformation in 1945.
The dismantling of the British Empire began with independence for the nations of the Indian subcontinent.
The nations that were members of the British Commonwealth shared not only the common bond of loyalty to the crown, but the ideals of democracy, the rule of law and a love of freedom.
www.ucgstp.org /lit/gn/gn003/gn003wn1.htm   (2051 words)

 British Studies Summer 2006
The British Studies Program, now in its third decade, is organized by Southern Miss through an academic consortium of ten colleges and universities.
British journalists offer the class personal tours of important national newspapers (the staid Times, the racy Sun), expert lecturers delve into the history of Fleet Street on a walking tour, and public relations professionals explain why PR in London really is different.
British Studies Program students are housed in the King’s College hall of residence, located adjacent to Waterloo Station, the River Thames, and the South Bank Arts Complex.
www.usm.edu /internationaledu/programs_2/british.htm   (3539 words)

 Category:British monarchy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This category contains articles on all aspects of monarchy in the United Kingdom and its predecessor kingdoms.
The articles about the monarchs of these kingdoms are in the British monarchs category, while the British royalty category contains all the articles about royal individuals, including the monarchs.
The Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man categories are included because those three places are Crown Dependencies, which are outside the United Kingdom, and constitutionally only connected to it through their allegiance to the British monarch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:British_monarchy   (228 words)

 What Now for the Future of the British Monarchy?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The occasion in question was the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at the ripe old age of 101.
But then Blair is a man of the people, or as his political opponents would argue, a man of spin, astute enough to know that there is a very real sense of occasion, realist enough to know how it must be handled.
The Queen Mother, by contrast was someone who still commanded wide-spread regard and the royals have thus attempted to strike a more personal note in their public tributes to her.
www.politixgroup.com /comm38.htm   (1056 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine attacks British monarchy
The article "Great Britain celebrates its fading monarchy", was written by Michael Sontheimer and Hans Hoyng for the issue of 27 May as part of a series looking at monarchies around the world.
Her royal visits now are but a "faint reminder of times of imperial greatness, when the monarchs of the British Empire bore the title of Emperor of India".
The British Royal Family is, the article charges, the only one on Europe that "allows itself the feudal style that has cost dozens of its European counterparts their thrones.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/uk/2022235.stm   (341 words)

 The British Monarchy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This fascinating course explores the evolution of the British monarchy through key members and events, with an emphasis on important turning points in its political and cultural role.
The Treaty of Winchester, the Assize of Clarendon, the signing of the Magna Carta, and the development of Parliament in the 12th and 13th centuries established the defining characteristics of the British monarchy.
George III, plagued by the loss of North American colonies and deterioration into madness, whose reign was representative of the early modern struggle of the British monarchy.
residentassociates.org /com/british_monarchy.asp   (331 words)

 CNN Transcript - Crossfire: Should the British Monarchy Continue? - June 21, 2000
And with William in the works, I mean, he is the vital part of the equation, because I really do think that without William, the monarchy would be doomed after the death of Elizabeth II in 25 years time.
I think we still need a monarchy, because of course the pomp and pageantry and ceremonial that is associated with the royal family and the trappings of monarchy do attract a lot of tourism and many millions of dollars to the country.
And the British opinion polls have swung 180 degrees in the last three years since Diana's death, saying they wouldn't mind Charles marrying Camilla, but not to be her queen in the sense that she should be consort but not the -- obviously, the queen in waiting, as it were.
edition.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0006/21/cf.00.html   (3618 words)

 Kids and Teens Biography British Monarchs
Queen Elizabeth I Profile - List of brief facts about the life of Elizabeth I. The Virgin Queen - Biography tells about the childhood of Elizabeth I, the years her life was in danger, and her lengthy reign.
The British Monarchy: Her Majesty the Queen - Biographical information and recent photograph on the official site of the Royal Family.
Elizabeth II: British Monarchs - Biography and photo, as well as articles related to the reign of Elizabeth II.
www.ability.org.uk /kids_and_teens_biography_british.htm   (825 words)

 British Monarchy Illigitimate?
The threat has always been that the commons would abolish the monarchy if the monarch were to exercise the royal perogative, as it is called, and refuse to sign.
As a non-political body (as the monarchy are deemed to be above politics) the royal family are useful for conducting trade talks or other negotiations with foreign governments particularly where the government of the day might not wish to seem to be associated directly.
Obviously the prime minister can ignore any input from the monarch but it is not in their interest to promote a constitutional crisis and so it is likely there are compromises made.
www.physicsforums.com /showthread.php?threadid=94510   (1816 words)

 The Nazi Roots of the House of Windsor
One of the biggest public relations hoaxes ever perpetrated by the British Crown, is that King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne in 1938, due to his support for the Nazis, was a ``fl sheep,'' an aberration in an otherwise unblemished Windsor line.
The British monarchy, and the City of London's leading Crown bankers, enthusiastically backed Hitler and the Nazis, bankrolled the Führer's election, and did everything possible to build the Nazi war machine, for Britain's planned geopolitical war between Germany and Russia.
Through much of World War II, secret channels of communication were maintained between the British royal family and their pro-Hitler cousins in Germany, by Lord Mountbatten, through his sister Louise, who was crown princess of pro-Nazi Sweden.
members.tripod.com /~american_almanac/naziroot.htm   (1650 words)

 USS Clueless - Queen and Commonwealth
Given the general British tendency to deal with these kinds of issues on the basis of consensus and tradition rather than for them to be based on any kind of specific charter, a lot of this is really quite fuzzy.
But de facto the British Parliament had none and I don't recall hearing of any attempt by the British Parliament to try to exercise any such influence in the latter half of the 20th Century.
If the UK ratifies the European Constitution, it doesn't abolish the monarchy, and my best guess is that the Queen and her heirs likely would continue the same non-relationship with the nations of the Commonwealth, who would continue to swear loyalty to her symbolically, and then ignore her, just as they do now.
denbeste.nu /cd_log_entries/2003/05/QueenandCommonwealth.shtml   (1859 words)

 British Monarchy, English Church Establishment, and Civil Liberty — www.greenwood.com
British Monarchy, English Church Establishment, and Civil Liberty — www.greenwood.com
The preservation of the monarchy and of the establishment of the church of England is a matter that cuts deep in fact and theory.
The monarchy and the church are symbols of civil liberty, and as such they carry the freight of British national identity.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/GM9844.aspx   (175 words)

 The American Thinker
Prince Charles is about to do great damage to the British monarchy by coming to the United States to lecture us that we have been too
The Prince of Wales will try to persuade George W Bush and Americans of the merits of Islam this week because he thinks the United States has been too intolerant of the religion since September 11.
Many conservatives revere monarchy as a living embodiment of tradition.
www.americanthinker.com /comments.php?comments_id=3518   (491 words)

 Re: British Monarchy in Battle -- The History of the British Monarchy
Re: British Monarchy in Battle -- The History of the British Monarchy
George II was the last British King to lead his army in person, during the War of the Austrian Succession, at the Battle of Dettingen, 27th June, 1743.
Re: The French Monarchy I -- Re: The French Monarchy I, 20:08:06 06/08/04 Tue
www.voy.com /98082/43.html   (261 words)

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