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In the News (Wed 17 Apr 19)

 British National Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Democrats continued to publish the old NF newspaper The Flag for a while, and beat the NF at the Uxbridge by-election of 1997 in which the candidates were the respective party leaders.
The new movement brought the LEL into permanent coalition with the 1960s incarnation of the British National Party and a third of the Racial Preservation Society led by Robin Beauclair (the remainer of the RPS - led by Dr David Brown - joined its house political party, the National Democratic Party).
Its purpose was to oppose immigration and multiculturalist policies in Britain, and multinational agreements such as the United Nations or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as replacements for bilateral agreements between nations. /wiki/British_National_Front   (1892 words)

 British National Front - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The new movement brought the LEL into permanent coalition with the 1960s incarnation of the British National Party and a third of the Racial Preservation Society led by Robin Beauclair (the remainer of the RPS - led by Dr David Brown - joined its house political party, the National Democratic Party).
The National Democrats continued to publish the old NF newspaper The Flag for a while, and beat the NF at the Uxbridge by-election of 1997 in which the candidates were the respective party leaders.
Its purpose was to oppose immigration and multiculturalist policies in Britain, and multinational agreements such as the United Nations or the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as replacements for bilateral agreements between nations. /wiki/British_National_Front   (1892 words)

 BBC NEWS Politics Profile: British National Party
The British National Party was formed by John Tyndall, co-founder of the National Front, in 1982.
His trial, along with party activist Nick Collett, was prompted by speeches filmed by a BBC team, which showed Griffin describing Islam as a "wicked, vicious faith".
Under its current policy, the party backs an immediate halt to "all further non-white immigration" and the "voluntary resettlement" of non-whites to "their lands of ethnic origin". /1/hi/uk_politics/3896747.stm   (478 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Special reports BNP could be behind brutal racist attacks in Belfast
The British National party and other far-right groups may be behind a spate of vicious racist attacks in loyalist areas of Northern Ireland, it emerged yesterday.
The BNP recently announced it would be fielding candidates in the next round of council elections in the province.
Councillor Bob Stokoe, a former Lord Mayor of Belfast who lives in the Village area, said he thought that individuals from groups such as the BNP or Combat 18 may be involved. /Northern_Ireland/Story/0,2763,1112030,00.html   (626 words)

 British National Party - Chairman Nick Griffin - Working to secure a future for British children
Membership of the British National Party is open to those of British or kindred European ethnic descent.
Standard British National Party Membership -£25 per annum
The Party is financed entirely by the hard work of its growing ranks of supporters and members; people who work extra shifts and overtime to donate to the Party, we have pensioners who pay a small but regular sum in addition to their yearly subs. /shopping/membership.htm   (587 words)

 UK: British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin Released
It must be emphasised that this is a deliberate political manoeuvre to demonise and disrupt the British National Party in the run up to the General Election which is widely expected to be contested in May next year.
This latest attack on the BNP which is the last defender of free speech in Britain, could however be the undoing of any support left for New Labour amongst the indigenous British folk.
The Party telephone lines and email inboxes have been inundated with calls this afternoon from well-wishers, many of whom have not voted for the BNP in a recent election. /story.php?id=4344   (897 words) -
In terms of share of vote, the BNP came 8th, behind the three major parties, an Irish and a Scottish party, the UK Independence party and the Greens.
Notice that the BNP is up in nearly every district compared to 2001: 16.9% in Barking; 13.1% in Dewsbury; 9.7% in Dudley North where their raw vote count more than doubled over '01.
According to the BBC, 11 parties and 1 independent gained seats - the BNP are still a long way from winning a seat. /archives/022858.php   (228 words)

 BBC NEWS UK England Lancashire BNP becomes Burnley's second party
The far right British National Party is now the official opposition in Burnley after making gains in the local elections.
Labour campaigner and former member of the Commission for Racial Equality, Shahid Malik, said it was "shameful" that the BNP fielded more candidates than the Tories and Liberal Democrats.
Mr Griffin, 44, was celebrating the success of his party on Friday in Burnley, despite failing himself to win a seat in Oldham. /2/hi/uk_news/england/lancashire/2994563.stm   (527 words)

 The British National Party//
That is of the notion of “Britishness”, a British national identity and the notion of a homeland.
Instead of turning the nation into a boot camp, I believe we should increase education scope and spending in areas designed to expand the intellect, for that seems to be the only way to combat the harmful politics of nationalism and the malevolence behind covert totalitarianism.
A party is best defined by its members and its voters, not by a list of shaky policies most likely penned over the head of a half-pint of Stout. /forums/printthread.php?threadid=112762   (16075 words)

 The Swanker: British National Party in ‘Racist Thugs’ Shocker
The Swanker: British National Party in ‘Racist Thugs’ Shocker
National organiser Tony Lecomber was given a 5-year sentence for an attack on a Jewish schoolteacher in a London tube station.
The Labour Party, ironically itself founded in Bradford in 1897, is by far the worst offender, choosing to ignore the fundamental truth it was founded on – that economic inequality breeds social and political decay. /the_swanker/2004/08/british_nationa.html   (1202 words)

 British National Party - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
British National Party - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
We are copying the successful campaigns of our friends The 'Front National', Austria's 'Freedom Party', 'One Nation' in Australia and the 'Swiss Peoples Party' etc. If you attack the BNP then it shows just how misinformed you are about what the far right is currently doing and why.
The BNP is now cleverly positioning itself as the party of the silent majority of White Britons and concentrates on vote winning issues like immigration. /forum/showthread.php?t=131041   (866 words)

 UK Indymedia - Anti-racism
The BNP, who claim to be the 'law and order party' recently published another article on their website inciting criminal damage, calling on people to protest the usage of the words 'white trash' in a recent episode of the TV soap serie Coronation Street.
Coinciding with the court case of Nick Griffin leader of the BNP a large demonstration against the Fascists was organised in Leeds.
A prominent member of the party in Lincoln recently appeared in court for multiple counts of arson and criminal damage. /en/topics/anti-racism   (2348 words)

 American Renaissance News: The British National Party (BNP) Goes Straight
The BNP is subject to continuous harassment by the government, which subjects it to police surveillance and other measures that are quite surprising to learn of in a democratic nation—though similar things are, of course, done in Israel to dissident parties.
The party’s generally working-class orientation (its voters are largely alienated white working class; its leadership is generally upper-working-class with a sprinkling of the exceptionally independent-minded highly educated) made socialism natural, as did its early recognition that mass immigration to Britain was largely driven by business interests.
The British voting public—which is deeply dissatisfied with the mainstream political establishment in Britain and eager for alternatives to listen to, if not actually vote for—seems to be gradually, and with due skepticism, picking up on the fact that the BNP has changed. /mtnews/archives/2005/10/the_british_national_party_bnp.php   (8870 words)

 Dhimmi Watch: British National Party leader detained after calling Islam 'wicked faith'
LONDON (AFP) - The leader of the rightwing British National Party(BNP), Nick Griffin, was arrested Tuesday after he called Islam a "vicious, wicked faith" in a television documentary.
BNP is very racist, but islam must be controlled and all people against democracy and would be muslim must be deported if they were foreign and if they were brittish must be des-nationalized and deported to Saudi Arabia.
We (the british people) have to be told the truth by a group of people (the bnp) who are basically a bunch of no hope scum. /dhimmiwatch/archives/004301.php   (5264 words)

 The British National Party
The men and women of the British National Party are motivated by love and admiration of the outpouring of culture, art, literature and the pattern of living through the ages that has left its mark on our very landscape.
A key role of the British National Party is to provide legal advice and support to victims of repression and those denied their fundamental civil rights.
In 1999 Nick Griffin became the Leader of the British National Party. /index.asp?pageid=412   (534 words)

 The British national Party - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
The British national Party - Stormfront White Nationalist Community
But the fact that a Briton has to worry about being British in his own country is definately a cause for concern.
It would be wrong to bring any weapon to any BNP events because of the risk of being seen with one either someone with a camera who takes the picture and you dont know where it is going to end up. /forum/showthread.php?t=26243   (1200 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports BNP to contest racial hotspot
The British National party yesterday signalled its hope of making headlines in the coming general election by announcing that its leader will fight one of the most racially sensitive seats in the country.
The party leader, who is 45, called Islam a "vicious, wicked faith" and claimed that, unless people backed the BNP, Muslims would "do for someone in your family".
She added: "They're a malign influence on British politics and on racial relations in Keighley. /farright/story/0,11375,1387629,00.html   (343 words)

 british national party
Compare this to The Socialist Alliance (55,000 in England, 2,500 in wales) The Socialist Labour Party (51,000 in England, 2,800 in wales, 3,000 in Scotland) or the Scottish Socialist Party (72,000 in scotland alone).
The BNP will concentrate all their efforts on a small pocket in the North West and possibly come away with a result but they are a very small fringe party with little or no structure and are not the threat people percieve them to be(electorally).
Blair gets a letter from 52 former senior British diplomats /viewtopic.php?t=1173   (2077 words) - Encyclopedia: National Liberal Party (UK)
The National Liberals evolved as a distinctive group within the Liberal Party in 1931 when the main body of Liberals were maintaining in office the second Labour government of Ramsay MacDonald, who lacked a majority in Parliament.
The Liberal Party was one of the two major British political parties from the early 19th century until the 1920s, and a third party of varying strength and importance up to 1988, when it merged with the Social Democratic Party (the SDP) to form a new party which would become...
National Liberal Party was a name used by two groups of politicians, who had formerly been associated with the Liberal Party. /encyclopedia/National-Liberal-Party-(UK)   (3607 words)

 British National Party
They are a democratic party which have significant differences from Hitler's Nazi party.
And of course the immense majority of people in the neo-nazi party is anti-semitic and anti-arabs, their security corp is organized as a private militia...
Your list is not adequate for the French situation: minorities is not a concept that exists in French law (with the exception of women, who are a majority anyway: half of the candidates from any party must be women): everybody is either a French citizen or not. /   (902 words)

 Scoop: Scoop Feature: British National Party Rises Again
The BNP is small fry compared with similar parties across Europe, and its relative success is hardly a portent of fascist rule in Britain.
Then there was the story of the late Pim Fortuyn’s broad appeal in the Netherlands, his grisly murder and his party’s considerable success: it’s now a partner in the new governing right wing governing coalition.
This is inconvenient and not a handout that is abused as the BNP implies. /stories/HL0205/S00129.htm   (2769 words) Hands Across the Water
Cotterill's group, the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), has provided a meeting ground for hate groups as disparate as the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the more mainstream, neo-Confederate League of the South.
After American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own followers in, for instance, infighting eventually destroyed his organization.
Besides the National Alliance and the League of the South, AFBNP meetings have featured Steven Barry, editor of the neo-Nazi Resister magazine, and white supremacist lawyer ý and neo-Confederate enthusiast ý Kirk Lyons. /intel/intelreport/article.jsp?aid=177   (1010 words)

 British National Party ? - visordown
You can't ostracize someone for supporting a legal UK political party, however much you may disagree with them.
The question is not "Should you employ a racist?", but "Should you employ supporters of a legal political party?"
BNP is to Kombat 18 what Sinn Fein is to the IRA /forums/showthread.php?t=80555   (847 words)

 National Socialism - ENCYCLOPEDIA - The History Channel UK
The party of Jacques Doriot in France, the Rexists in Belgium, the Iron Guard in Romania, the Hungarian National Socialists, the Croatian Ustachi, and the German-American Bund in the United States were all affiliated to some extent with the Nazis.
National Socialism made its appeal not to an economic class but rather to the insecure and power-hungry elements of society.
After 1920 Hitler led the party; its name was changed, and he reorganized and reoriented it, stamping it with his own personality. /site/search/search.php?word=NatlSoci   (1275 words)

 A century of British fascism -- Searchlight Feature
The party's earliest activists had placed themselves and the NF to the right of the Conservative Party and had assumed that the NF would appeal predominantly to disgruntled ex-Conservatives, but the 1960s were to prove that a more significant source of support would be racist voters.
These successes, impressive for an obviously extremist and racist party though without actually producing elected councillors, continued in local and parliamentary by-elections through 1976 and into early 1977.
Or was it the 1980s, when racism became ever more sanctioned by the state through increasingly restrictive legislation on nationality, immigration and asylum? /features/century/cbf.php?include=page7   (1754 words)

 Books from Bloomfield Books, Harley's Books, The Heretical Press, Historical Review Press, HRP
Although British, international orders are accepted, with payment currency selectable at the 'Review Order' page.
Fascist Europe Rising: The Repression and Resurgence of Democratic Nations
Knuth, E.C. The Empire of "The City": The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of The British Government   (2999 words)

 Spearhead Online: The website of Spearhead magazine, edited by John Tyndall
by John Tyndall, founder and former Chairman of the British National party, who died on July 19th 2005.
Mr Tyndall was an excellent writer, an uncompromising nationalist and tireless campaigner against mass immigration and the consequent threat to Anglo-Saxons and kindred people.
Organised Jewish groups boast of the role they played in the introduction of race laws in the UK and France and promoted 'holocaust denial laws' which, to their internal shame, many European countries have introduced.   (168 words)

 Migration News
The British National party and the National Front, parties that favor a halt to non-white immigration, organized protests and no-go areas for Asians.
These parties are especially strong in the segregated cities of northern England-they received 16 percent of the vote in Oldham and 11 percent in Burnley in June 7, 2001 elections.
Many of their children, born in the UK, but living in relatively segregated areas of cities such as Oldham, Burnley and Leeds, in which unemployment rates rose as the mills closed, are jobless and frustrated. /MN/comments.php?id=2430_0_4_0   (889 words)

 British National Party -
In the 2005 General Election, the British National Party stood 119 candidates across England, Scotland and Wales.
On 18 December 2003, the party polled 14.7% in a by-election in Aston Ward for Flintshire County Council, North Wales.
The party has frequently cited the cases of Gavin Hopley of Lancashire and Kriss Donald of Glasgow, two young white men whose murderers were Asian, and whose murders the BNP maintains were hate crimes. /psypsych/British_National_Party   (7240 words)

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