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Topic: British Navy

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  British Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The overseas British Empire — in the sense of British oceanic exploration and settlement outside of Europe and the British Isles — was rooted in the pioneering maritime policies of King Henry VII, who reigned 1485–1509.
The last territorial expansion of the British Empire was the annexation of Rockall to the west of the Outer Hebrides in 1955.
British withdrawal from the southern and eastern parts of Africa was complicated by the region's white settler populations: Kenya had already provided an example in the Mau Mau Uprising of violent conflict exacerbated by white landownership and reluctance to concede majority rule.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_empire   (6078 words)

 Royal Navy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The navy helped establish the United Kingdom as the dominant military and economic power of the 18th and 19th century, and was essential for maintaining the British Empire.
The first reformation and major expansion of the Navy Royal, as it was then known, occurred in the 16th Century during the reign of Henry VIII whose ships, Henri Grâce a Dieu ("Great Harry") and Mary Rose, engaged the French navy in the battle of the Solent in 1545.
The Royal Navy is established under the royal prerogative, and the head of the Royal Navy, known as the Lord High Admiral, is the Queen (who is overall head of the UK Armed Forces).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Royal_Navy   (2821 words)

 ninemsn Encarta - British Navy
It shares joint responsibility, with the British Army and the Royal Air Force (RAF), for the defence of the United Kingdom and its dependent territories; provides a major part of the naval force of NATO; and carries Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent.
It was the world’s most powerful navy until World War II, after which it was the world’s second-largest, after the United States Navy.
The Royal Navy’s surface fleet was augmented during World War I by an air arm of the service, and a submarine force, and it also transports the Royal Marines.
au.encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_781534908/British_Navy.html   (441 words)

 Royal Navy : Home
www.royal-navy.mod.uk   (26 words)

 Learn more about Royal Navy in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Royal Navy is the navy of the United Kingdom.
The first reformation and major expansion of the Royal Navy occurred during the reign of King Henry VIII whose ships the "Great Harry" and the "Mary Rose" engaged the French navy in a battle in the Solent in 1545.
The incorporation of the royal navy was in contrast to the land forces, which are descended from parliamentary forces and hence are not royal.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /r/ro/royal_navy.html   (707 words)

 Royal Navy
The British government took the view that to do all this, the Royal Navy had to possess a battlefleet that was larger than the world's two next largest navies put together.
The Royal Navy was shocked by the outcome considering that it clearly outnumbered outnumbered German forces (151 to 99).
The war against submarines in the Mediterranean and home waters was vital to the British war effort and it was not until the autumn of 1917 that the transportation of troops and supplies from the British Empire to Europe could be made with confidence.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /FWWnavy.htm   (640 words)

 Definition of Royal navy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Royal Navy is known as the "senior service" in the UK Armed Forces, as it is the oldest of the three branches.
The first reformation and major expansion of the Navy Royal, as it was then known, occurred in the 16th Century during the reign of King Henry VIII whose ships, the "Henri Grace a Dieu ("Great Harry")" and "Mary Rose", engaged the French navy in a battle in the Solent in 1545.
In that time, the Royal Navy suffered only one major defeat, the Battle of the Chesapeake against France in 1781, and was able to defeat all challengers, as at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 where a combined Spanish and French fleet was decisively beaten.
www.wordiq.com /definition/Royal_navy   (1832 words)

 Royal Navy
The main strategy of the Royal Navy at the start of the war was to try and blockade Germany from the North Sea and to protect Britain's vital ocean trade routes.
It was not until the second-half of 1943 that the Royal Navy was able to re-establish itself in the East Indies.
The ability of the Royal Navy to escort the convoys upon which Britain's life depended was tried to the limit during this summer.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWnavyUK.htm   (1506 words)

 Merchant Navy in WW2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Frank Curry of the Royal Canadian Navy wrote these words in his diary aboard a corvette in 1941, during the Battle of the Atlantic, a battle that would be called the longest in history.
British East Coast convoys (FN/FS) commenced between the Thames Estuary and the Firth of Forth in Scotland.
The Navy’s own official historian records that there was not one single practise in the protection of a slow moving convoy from submarine or air attack.
www.mikekemble.com /ww2/merchantnavy.html   (6740 words)

 british navy | Information On The Royal Navy
The British government took the view that to do all this, the Royal Navy had to The British Navy suffered three early shocks.
Navy News Online - The newspaper for the Royal Navy and the British Naval Service, providing news pictures of maritime developments, Naval life and history.
The British Royal Navy has been the basis of most of the world’ naval dress, from the time they adopted their dark blue officers’ uniforms in 1748.
www.rna-newport.co.uk /british_navy.html   (289 words)

 Iran seizes three British navy boats on Iraq border, arrests eight
The British soldiers were detained shortly before midday and had "confessed that they had made a mistake", Al-Alam said, adding it would show television footage of the British detainees later the same day.
British armed forces control a large area of southern Iraq around the city of Basra, and along with Iraqi security forces patrol parts of the Shatt al-Arab, mostly to combat smugglers and anti-coalition militants seeking to infiltrate Iraq.
The British embassy in Tehran said it was in touch with Iranian officials.
www.spacewar.com /2004/040621144102.u874fyao.html   (521 words)

 British Royal Navy Imperial Rum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Over the years, the consumption of rum in the Royal Navy evolved, but remained an important part of the sailor's experience.
By the early 1900s, the ration had been reduced to one-eighth of a pint, and the emphasis was on quality not quantity.
British Royal Navy Imperial Rum celebrates the spirit of adventure, honor, and bravery on the high seas.
www.castlebrandsinc.com /brands/brnir.php   (267 words)

 The 1946 rebellion of the sailors of the British Indian Navy
One of the most spectacular episodes of the intense revolt against the British Raj was the uprising of the sailors of the British Indian Navy in 1946.
The union jacks on most of the ships of the Royal Indian Navy in the Bombay harbour were torn down and the rebel sailors hoisted red flags along with the flags of the political parties that were involved in the struggle for independence.
The commander of the British Indian Navy, admiral Godfrey threatened the rebellious sailors with "surrender or be perished".
www.marxist.com /History/1946sailors_rebellion.html   (1903 words)

 Battle of Yorktown
British General Clinton along with another general, Lord Cornwallis sailed from New York with a fleet of 90 ships and 850 soldiers to take control of the south.
After defeating the British Navy, French Admiral de Grass positioned his fleet and began bombarding the forts with Cornwallis and his troops.
Although this was only one quarter of the British troops in America, the surrender has a devastating affect on the British government, who were now concerned they were losing the war.
www.kidport.com /RefLib/UsaHistory/AmericanRevolution/YorktownBattle.htm   (363 words)

 Navy Story 03/14/01
The differences between British English and its younger American cousin may slow the conversation down a bit, but it’s a workable situation and doesn’t affect communication that much; British “aluminium” vs. American “aluminum” is no major hurdle.
British navigators typically do the combined jobs of officer of the deck, conning officer, and take their own bearings.
When a British officer reaches his command tour, he typically has done tours in navigation and combat information, but not engineering or other areas, so he or she is more dependent on other specialized officers.
www.lukeswartz.com /belgium/briton_aboard_to_study_abroad.htm   (1576 words)

 Bermuda's Royal Navy base at Ireland Island
He was appointed Admiral of the navies of Chile, Brazil and Greece and earned honors galore from them for his daring exploits during their struggle for liberation.
British convicts who were exiled in chain gangs to Bermuda at that time included debtors, unemployed mill hands goaded into riots in Britain by starvation, Irish nationalists, Welsh debtors, Scotsmen defiantly and violently protesting the Clearances from the northern Highlands of Sutherland and Caithness in particular, defaulting bankers, sheep steelers, poachers and petty thieves.
Generally in the UK, for British convicts sent to Bermuda, Assizes Court records are held at the PRO while Quarter Sessions records are held in local County Record Offices.
www.bermuda-online.org /rnd.htm   (4259 words)

 British navy strives to become more welcoming to gay sailors
The navy will work with the gay-rights group Stonewall, which runs the programme, to promote equal working conditions for lesbians, gays and bisexuals.
A Royal Navy spokeswoman said the navy hoped it would encourage gay and lesbian sailors to be open about their sexual preferences without fear of being bullied or harrassed as a result.
Naval captain Bob Brown said the navy was invited by Stonewall to sign up to the programme, which requires an undisclosed annual subscription.
www.turkishpress.com /news.asp?ID=37595   (562 words)

 british royal navy | Information On The Royal Navy
British Royal Navy Crews Depending upon the rating of a Royal Navy vessel, there could be up to six lieutenants on board.
British forces in Afghanistan · Royal Navy submarines Two different types or "classes" of Royal Navy submarines were involved in the military operations
The British government took the view that to do all this, the Royal Navy had to possess a battlefleet that was larger than the world's two next largest
www.rna-newport.co.uk /british_royal_navy.html   (298 words)

 CNN - British navy bids poignant farewell to Hong Kong base - Apr. 11, 1997
Two hundred sailors -- both British and Chinese -- marched, sang hymns and recited the Lord's Prayer under a burning sun, wearing tropical white dress uniforms similar to those worn by the first navy men to land on Hong Kong Island on January 25, 1841.
The navy fought piracy, then the Japanese army, and isolated Hong Kong from the turbulence of China's 1949 communist revolution, said Maj. Gen.
The closure ends a 156-year association between the Royal Navy and Hong Kong but not necessarily the British presence in the region.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/9704/11/hong.kong   (515 words)

 Mediterranean, WW2, Italy, Fleet, Cunningham, Libya, Eritrea, Massawa, Red Sea, Eagle, Malaya, Ramillies, Warspite, HMS
Malta at the centre is a British colony.
On the west shore are Egypt and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, and further south French and British Somaliland.
The Italian army is also powerful enough to conquer British and French Somaliland and pose a threat to the Sudan and Kenya.
www.naval-history.net /WW2CampaignsStartMed.htm   (658 words)

 British Royal Navy, US Marines Help Tsunami Damaged Communities in Sri Lanka   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
British sailors are on the frontlines of a humanitarian disaster.
It's the Royal Navy's second visit to the district of Kallady in eastern Sri Lanka, virtually cut off from the nearby city of Batticaloa.
U.S. Marines and Navy Seabees are also helping clear the tons of debris littering coastal towns hit by the tsunami.
www.voanews.com /english/2005-02-04-voa71.cfm   (577 words)

 USATODAY.com - British Royal Navy chooses not to take sides   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Although the Royal Navy is coy about which color will represent which side, the ship representing Nelson's HMS Victory will fly a red flag.
Tonight's re-enactment of the battle — in which a Royal Navy fleet of 27 ships defeated a French and Spanish fleet of 33 ships west of Cape Trafalgar in southwest Spain — will be followed by a four-day International Festival of the Sea that starts Thursday.
Vice Adm. Sir James Burnell-Nugent, the Second Sea Lord (the Royal Navy's No. 3) whose flagship is Nelson's restored HMS Victory, emphasizes that the re-enactment isn't an attempt at accurate historical re-creation.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2005-06-27-british-navy_x.htm   (918 words)

 British Royal Navy Crews : Napoleonic Wars : Napoleon Bonaparte :
They would command small boats, gun divisions in battle, oversee a watch, and were most likely to lead dangerous boarding or cutting-out parties.
Depending upon the rating of a Royal Navy vessel, there could be up to six lieutenants on board.
Unemployment on half-pay was often the lot of a British admiral.
www.napoleonguide.com /navy_crews.htm   (419 words)

 British Navy Ships--HMS Ark Royal (1938-1941)
The spring of 1940 saw her participating in the Norwegian campaign, and in July she was one of the ships that attacked the French Navy's base at Mers-el-Kebir, Algeria.
On 26 May of that year, her torpedo planes hit the Bismarck, making the enemy battleship virtually unmaneuverable and allowing other British warships to close and sink her.
She struck the port of Genoa in early February, during a bold British Naval raid deep into Italian-controlled waters.
www.history.navy.mil /photos/sh-fornv/uk/uksh-a/arkroyl2.htm   (476 words)

 ABC News: British Navy Punishes Group for Nude Swim   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
British Navy Punishes Officers for Apparent Skinny Dipping Incident
LONDON May 10, 2005 — The British navy has punished a group of officers for apparently swimming naked in the Caribbean, the Ministry of Defense said Tuesday.
The group of about six men and one woman belong to the crew of the destroyer HMS Liverpool, which is helping rebuild the island of Grenada after Hurricane Ivan.
abcnews.go.com /International/wireStory?id=745631   (194 words)

 British Navy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
"The mail carried by the British King, which sailed from St. Lucia on 8 April, reached the Admiralty, (endorsed 'received') on 27 May', and an extract from Byron's letter was published in the London Gazette on 29 May, 1779".
FP 22 July,1843: The Navy has 230 vessels (of 3471 guns), of which 78 are steam-vessels and 25 survey vessels (9 steam), 1 Hospital ship and 10 stationary or guard ships.
[Note: By 1843, the Navy had 3 steam vessels using the (Archimedes) screw, and had one iron vessel, which was sent on the Niger expedition and condemned in 1844, unable to proceed back to England, due to her rivets deteriorating.]
www.falmouth.packet.archives.dial.pipex.com /id75.htm   (551 words)

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