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Topic: British Rail Class 423

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In the News (Fri 21 Jun 19)

  British Rail Class 485 - tScholars.com (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab-3.cs.princeton.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The British Rail Class 485 (or 4Vec) electrical multiple units were original built for the London Electric Railway from 1923-31 as their 'Standard' tube stock.
They were purchased by British Rail in 1967 and transported to the Isle of Wight to work 'mainline' services on the newly electrified Ryde to Shanklin line.
The replacements came from the 2-car Class 483, which were also rebuilt from former London Underground stock, namely 1938 tube stock.
www.tscholars.com.cob-web.org:8888 /encyclopedia/British_Rail_Class_485   (917 words)

 British Rail Class 423 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British Rail Class 423 (or 4Vep) electrical multiple units were built by BR at York Works from 1967-74, although the MBSOs and TSOs of the first 20, 7701-7720, were constructed at Derby Works.
The units were reclassified as Class 423/9 (or 4Vop) and renumbered in the range 3901-3919.
Although first introduced in 2002, this did not initially affect the Class 423 as the older 'Phase 1' Class 421 units were withdrawn first, due to their age and lower seating capacity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_Rail_Class_423   (1991 words)

 British Rail Class 303 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British Rail Class 303 electric multiple units, also known as "Blue Train" units, were introduced in 1960 for the electrification of the North Clyde and the Cathcart Circle lines in Strathclyde.
The class was built in two batches; units 303001-035 were built 1959-60 (nominally for the North Clyde) and units 303036-091 were built 1960-61 (nominally for the Cathcart Circle).
The Class 303 fleet were nicknamed the "Blue Trains" upon their introduction, owing to the striking Caledonian Blue livery.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_Rail_Class_303   (1630 words)

 TGV - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Use of continuous welded rails in place of shorter, jointed rails means that the ride is comfortable at high speeds, without the usual "clickety-clack" vibrations induced by rail joints.
Upon privatisation of British Rail by the UK Government, the sets were bought by London and Continental Railways whose subsidiary Eurostar (U.K.) Ltd. is managed by a consortium of companies made up of the National Express Group (40%), SNCF (35%), SNCB (15%) and British Airways (10%).
The third rail system will become superfluous in 2007 when the second phase of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link is completed between London and the Channel Tunnel, as it uses 25 kV, 50 Hz AC exclusively.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/TGV   (6789 words)

 [No title]
Despite the setback in al-Kut, the British took Baghdad in Mareh of 1917, and Mosul was eaptured in November of 1918 as an armistice ended World War I. All told, it took the British four years and over 90,000 easualties to conquer the area approximately encompassing modern Iraq.
During the British period of direct rule in the early twentieth century, Iraq's tribal areas were scattered throughout the countryside and three quarters of the tribes lived in these rural areas.
While the British did not want to allow the formation of Iraqi security forces that could be a threat to British interests in Iraq, they nonetheless wanted the Iraqi forces to eventually evolve into an army and police force that were capable of becoming self reliant.
sociologyesoscience.com /hroots4.html   (5209 words)

 British Rail Class 376 information information - Search.com (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab-3.cs.princeton.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
It is a derivative of the Class 375 Electrostar designed specifically for use on the high-volume metro routes around London, England operated by Southeastern.
The Class 376's doors are wider to allow more passengers to board at once, and are metro-style sliding doors which are faster and more reliable than the Class 375's plug doors, although they do not provide as much insulation for heating and cooling purposes.
Class 376 units are five carriages long, and unlike the Class 375, have full-width cabs instead of gangways at the ends of the train; it is therefore not possible to walk between two coupled Class 376 units.
search.com.com.cob-web.org:8888 /reference/British_Rail_Class_376   (689 words)

 Railwatch - Recent news updates
Rail campaigners expect the SRA to deliver a vision of what the rail network should be and give the competing companies help and direction to achieve a nationally integrated system which works for the passenger.
Some integration in the rail industry would be very welcome – especially after the well-known disasters that have recently illustrated how fragmented our system is. Having a European company on board with the biggest freight company in the UK may well help rectify this fragmentation.
Under British Rail, rail freight was declining, after BR abandoned its ‘speedlink’ scheme of moving freight.
www.railwatch.org.uk /news.html   (7392 words)

 Eurail Rail Passes, Discount Eurail Select Saver & Youth Pass: - Britain on Rail
Eurail, owned by a group of European rail carriers and other shipping companies, sells a variety of passes for a fixed number of days of travel anywhere in Europe.
For the maximum convenience of the traveler, there are Eurail Select passes that provide travel on the rail networks of any 3, 4 or 5 adjoining European countries.
The countries you choose to include on your pass must be joined by either mail rail or shipping lines and Eurail also gives you the convenience of using the Select pass consecutively or non-consecutively.
www.britainonrail.com /eurail-rail-pass.htm   (685 words)

 Canada By Rail: British Columbia
The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel is located in Cranbrook and is the home to many beautifully restored rail cars and coaches.
Location: Revelstoke is located within the Columbia Mountains in the Interior of British Columbia, 641 km east of Vancouver, B.C. and 415 km west of Calgary, Alberta.
Location: Midway is located in the southern interior of British Columbia on the border with Washington State.
www.canadabyrail.ca /maps/BC.html   (2405 words)

 Product Profiles
British grocery chain Tesco has signed a new order for 120 Cool Liners from trailer manufacturer Krone.
According to Ralph Abato, national sales manager for Ancra, the use of trailer rub rails to secure cargo is a practice that is being frowned upon.
The chassis is a 2005 Mack CV713 with a McNeilus 14.5-cubic-yard barrel.
www.trailer-bodybuilders.com /mag/trucks_product_profiles_43   (11062 words)

 Carlson Wagonlit - Suntime Travel L.L.P.
You can also contact her by phone with any questions you may have or to help determine which pass is right for you.
It also offers unlimited travel on the national rail networks of any 3, 4 or 5 adjoining Eurail countries that are connected by train or ship at a youth discount.
It also offers Unlimited travel on the national rail networks of any 3, 4 or 5 adjoining Eurail countries that are connected by train or ship.
www.suntimetravel.com /railpass.asp   (1977 words)

Departments of Justice, Transportation and Agriculture had recommended that both companies shed some of their rail lines to prevent a negative impact on the industry.
British Rail (Firm)--History--20th century; Railroads and state--Great Britain--History--20th century; Privatization--Great Britain--History--20th century.
Rails from the West; A Biography of Theodore D. Judah.
www.kipnotes.com /Railroads.htm   (6726 words)

 Tennessee Overhill Experience - Historical Sites & Museums
When combined, these museums present a microcosm of the history of the settlement of the frontier and coming of the Industrial Revolution which created the towns and divers mix of people that are here today.
Special events and classes throughout the year, including one of the South’s largest quilt shows.
Located on Hwy 411, south of Benton, is the gravesite of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Overhill Cherokees, and her son Five Killer.
www.tennesseeoverhill.com /historical.asp?1   (455 words)

 Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Ideally nestled between the beautiful Swan, Kalamalka, and Okanagan lakes in the North Okanagan Valley, is the city of Vernon, the oldest community in British Columbia's interior.
Fruit aside, winemaking is the hot ticket in the Okanagan, and British Columbians have long taken inordinate pride in their wines.
The Kalamalka Forestry Centre plays an important role in the future of British Columbia's forests, and is open to the public between 8am and 3 pm on weekdays.
www.britishcolumbia.com /regions/towns/?townID=3474   (2479 words)

 General travel info for Spain
RAIL: There are direct trains between Madrid–Paris and Madrid–Lisbon, as well as Barcelona–Paris, Barcelona–Zürich–Milan and Barcelona–Geneva.
The pass is available in 19 European countries, but must be bought in the country of residence for which a valid passport or other form of ID has to be shown.
Also available from Rail Europe, the Inter-Rail Pass allows up to 50% reductions for 2nd class rail travel in 29 countries; the pass is now also available for those aged over 26 (though they pay approximately 40% more than those aged under 26).
hiddentrails.com /europe/spain/general.htm   (3398 words)

 Rail Uk - Information
stub Fleet British Class 08 British Class 66 British Class 73 British Rail Class 87 British Class 488 British Class 489 British Class 185 British Rail Class 158 2005.
British for use British Class 485 British Class 486.
rail stub British sectors A car mover and rail track s, a rail siding or the with their steel rail wheels only the in a s.
home.tiscali.de /onlineinfo/rail-uk.html   (308 words)

 Virtual-Rail.co.uk | MSTS Downloads   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Cab: Aliased to the 'Class 08 Shunters Cabview'.
Cab: Aliased to the 'BR Green Class 117'.
Any problems with the downloads from Virtual Rail, please drop me a note and I will fix the problem as soon as possible.
www.virtual-rail.co.uk /mstsdownloads.htm   (746 words)

LOCO operates a 7-1/2 inch gage (distance between the rails) railroad on five acres of land, located fifteen miles east of Oklahoma City.
We have built a world class railroad and are now going through the legal steps to set up a rent to own agreement with the land owner.
We recently received 15,000 feet of steel profile rail from a mill in Switzerland and we are working on a production of rail joiners and tie plates.
www.backyardrailroad.com /clubregistry/clubreglist.html   (5493 words)

 Euro Railways: Eurail Select Passes
Residents of Europe, former Russian Federation, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia are not eligible to purchase or use the France ’n Spain Pass.
Benefits: 100% refund on the unused portion of rail passes if lost or stolen while traveling in Europe.
What you will receive: Refund one day of the cost of your Railpass for each day of use of point to point ticket or the cost of the point-to-point tickets, whichever is lower.
www.eurorailways.com /rail/mcp/eurail/slt.htm   (728 words)

 London Sightseeing Tours, Trip to York By Rail
You will be given a welcome pack that will include information on places to see and visit in York.
Outstanding architecture and 2000 years of history combine with bustling shopping streets and numerous award winning world class attractions.
Clients will be met at Kings Cross Station, at 07:00am, (in front of the ticket office) by a Golden Tours representative, who will check them in and escort them to the train.
www.go-today.com /site_gtweb/sightseeing-tours/london-423.asp   (299 words)

You could also find that all the time and effort spent on your restoration is to no avail as the boat could be virtually worthless should you ever wish to sell her.
If errors in restoration put the boat out of class, she can only be measured under to today’s rules: and she will almost certainly fail.
You should also note that spinnaker poles of the older boats may be shorter than those used today as the rules were changed some years ago, and you will certainly want a longer pole of approximately 2200 mm.
www.britishdragons.org /classicsdonstreet.htm   (7403 words)

 [No title]
High-speed rail is separate from other Amtrak service changes discussed in recent years, including a Milwaukee-to-Fond du Lac passenger route with a possible stop in Waukesha County.
State lawmakers last year approved the Passenger Rail Station Improvement Grant as a mechanism to help communities or developers with "construction or rehabilitation of passenger railroad stations along existing or proposed rail passenger routes." Officials in Sun Prairie have their own idea about using the money.
He explained that Sun Prairie's proposal does not involve high- speed rail, which he said was a preference for the grant program, while Brookfield's plan to relocate a railroad company does not clearly fulfill the requirement for "construction or rehabilitation" of a rail station.
www.railfan.net /lists/rshsdepot-digest/rshsdepot-digest.archive.200104   (17760 words)

 Classic Motorsports Online: Classic British, Italian and American Sports Cars, vintage racing, rallying, and more   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
They didn’t score the “expert” class in PAX index, but it looks like we wound up 9th on index, out of 78 entries.
We used a bunch of parts from the DJet fuel injected volvos, including the fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel tank, intake manifold and coolant temperature sender.
We’ve actually got the oxygen sensor feeding information into the ECU and the Megatune program so we can tune the fuel curve and watch the effects on screen.
www.classicmotorsports.net /news.php?m=200501   (1183 words)

 MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCE LESSON PLAN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Two days will be set aside for preparation of team report and any additions/modifications to individual data records.
In addition to class texts, large maps of various regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, BBC documentaries on several Sub-Saharan States, school library resources especially biographies of African leaders and journals like "Current History", "West Africa" and "New Africa" will be utilized.
At the beginning of each class period, students will meet as a class with the instructor to review the objectives, to structure the work assignments, to pin-point resource tools,
www.bsu.edu /classes/cantu/philippondominiclessonplan.htm   (1036 words)

 [No title]
It saddens me to see blind people, in the name of their rights, drop out of classes because their screen readers don't work with certain software rather than simply working with a reader for a few days.
I boarded, white cane in hand, paid my fare, and stood in front of her, holding the overhead grab rail.
Since we were traveling during a peak period, the bus carried a standing load.
www.nfbnet.org /files/braille_monitor/BRLM0010.TXT   (21742 words)

 Railway Links - C
Class 309 Electric Trains First North Western EMU's (Charlie Hulme)
Class 33 'Crompton' Homepage UK Diesel locomotive (Mark Williams)
Class 40 Preservation Society owners of English Electric type 4
mikes.railhistory.railfan.net /links/linkc.html   (2730 words)

 British Rail Class 423 information information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
British Rail Class 423 information information - Search.com
Save up to 50% on your next rail purchase.
One driving trailer from unit 3568, and the former 4TC driving trailer from unit 3582 have been preserved.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/British_Rail_Class_423   (1955 words)

 List of Americans, British, and French military personnel detained by organs of the Ministry of State Security
Detained on 5 February 1949 while crossing the line of demarcation into the Soviet zone, where he was going allegedly to meet a German woman of his acquaintance.
ARTHUR JOSEPH DE ROCHE, a U.S. Army soldier, and Sergeant JOHN DEMPSEY [?] of the British Army, remain in the custody of Soviet occupation forces in Austria, having crossed to the Soviet occupation zone for the purpose of seeking political asylum with us.
American soldier JOSEPH DE ROCHE presented a letter requesting that he be sent to work in the Soviet Union, and if this could not be done, to release him to the Americans.
lcweb2.loc.gov /frd/tfrussia/tfrhtml/tfrsplit/tfr097.html   (3851 words)

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