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Topic: British Rail Class 438

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  The Fatal Journey of Third Class Men on the Titanic : ET Research (2001) by David Gleicher - 3 July 2001
The Third Class survivors Carl Jansson and Bernt Johannesen are typical of several men who survived who were in the forward quarters and who in later accounts reported quickly comprehending the significance of what had occurred simply because water was filling their quarters.
Third Class passengers generally were free to go to the forward Well Deck (the ‘Third Class Open Space’), but under normal circumstances they would not have been permitted to proceed from there to the Bridge Deck and so on.
This is as near a concrete admission as there is, perhaps, of something it is difficult not to suspect when considering the evidence; namely, that the purpose of having the men moved to the stern was not to aid in their rescue at all, but something else.
www.encyclopedia-titanica.org /item/1510   (8878 words)

 Electric Multiple Units   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The three and four rail systems presented problems in yards where men had to work so it was not uncommon to fit some locomotives with overhead pick up apparatus for use in the yards, switching to third rail when working on the main lines.
The livery as shown is plain SR light green with large number 3's on the third class doors and 1's on the four first class compartments, the numbers on the doors and the set number on the upper side are white shaded red, the set number on the front is white.
This class of 3-car and 4-car sets was the first built under the auspices of BR (although the guards compartment behind the cab is an SR design feature, BR preferred them closer to the centre of the train) and remained in service into the early 21st Century.
myweb.tiscali.co.uk /gansg/00-app3-4/ap3-emu.htm   (17964 words)

 RailroadData.Com Railroad Links: Rail Trails
Rail Trails are trails that are located on former railroad right of ways.
Railtrails Australia is a national organisation which promotes the preservation of old rail corridors for alternative public uses such as cycling, horse riding and bush walking.
The Farmington Valley Greenway and a spur route, the Farmington River Trail, are part of the Farmington Canal Heritage trail covering 60 miles along the abandoned rail corridors from the Massachusetts border to New Haven.
www.railroaddata.com /rrlinks/Rail_Trails   (1479 words)

 Walter Shanly's Report on the Bytown and Prescott Railway
The Rail is to be of the “inverted T” pattern and to weigh sixty pounds to the yard.
The Rails are to be secured, where, they, join, by cast Iron chairs, of about twenty pounds weight.
It is worthy of remark that in the majority of the instances here quoted, by far the larger portion of the increase took place in the ten years immediately preceding 1850.
www.railways.incanada.net /candate/shanly.html   (7875 words)

 [No title]
Rail transit does this best, which is why DVARP believes that good rail transit is essential to the quality of life in the Delaware Valley.
The 'commuter rail' operations of most other North American transit properties are not meant to serve as many different travel markets as the European 'regional rail' systems; they gear their service towards a single market of middle-to-upper class downtown office workers who drive to a station and ride an express train downtown.
Better rail access to airports is needed, but the stations should be at the terminal and not at the edge of the field.
www.railfan.net /railpix/text/dvrp9401.txt   (12126 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: EUROPE 2000
The catalyst for the improvements was the Eurostar, the popular locomotive that breezes 25 times a day through the English Channel tunnel between London's Waterloo Station and Paris's Gare du Nord in less than three hours.
Various options are available, including a youth pass allowing three weeks of travel for $499 or a Flexipass allowing 10 days of travel in first class over a two-month period for $654.
British Airways is advertising round-trip flights from London to Geneva for $210.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/travel/feed/a12196-2000mar5.htm   (854 words)

 Electric Railroader’s Association
Tranz Rail, in a written response to the decision, said it was keen to begin negotiations as soon as possible.
Rail industry executives say that while each of the foreign companies has specific, individual reasons for wanting to work in Britain, they all share a desire to operate in a privatised railway, and to find some growth outside flat domestic markets.
British bus companies had grown rapidly during the deregulation of their industry and they moved into the railways to seize the opportunities emerging there.
www.electricrailroaders.org /swindler/2002_0525-0531.php   (19209 words)

 Developments in Military Medicine
Within eleven months the BSA school had graduated 1,994; and the second and last class to enroll in four-week BSA courses at Carlisle in the summer of 1945 was just beginning its schedule when VJ-day arrived.
Several courses for the training of orthopedic mechanics courses necessitated by the increasing load of amputee patients were ar­ranged for a limited number of enlisted men during 1945.
One com­mercial firm conducted classes in the final fitting of prefabricated plastic prostheses; five others gave instruction in prefabricated metal­work for prostheses; and the Boston Quartermaster Depot offered courses in shoe fitting in the operation of a machine used to make plaster casts of feet.
history.amedd.army.mil /booksdocs/wwii/DvlpmntsinMilMed.htm   (6792 words)

 A HimiIayan Loop Line
At the time of writing there are twenty-seven engines of the fourteen tons type, one weighing twelve tons, and one weighing twenty-eight tons.
There are two rail motors which seat fourteen passengers.
First-class carriages are 13 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 7-1/2 ft. from rail level to roof.
mikes.railhistory.railfan.net /r007.html   (2234 words)

 British Rail Class 438 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The British Rail Class 438 (or 4TC) were unpowered electric multiple unit built by BR at York Works from 1966-1967 and 1974.
One of these, unit no. 417 (higlighted orange) was one of the final two units in service with British Rail.
438 - 442 - 444 - 445 - 446 - 447 - 450 - 455 - 456 - 457 - 458 - 460 - 465 - 466 - 480
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_Rail_Class_438   (597 words)

 Rick Steves' Eurail Passes: How Railpasses Work
Differences between first and second class: Normally, first class is configured with three plush seats per row (whether in compartment or open-style seating) and second class has four skinnier, basic seats in the same space.
First class is filled with Eurail and Selectpass travelers age 26+ who had no choice, and business travelers who paid 50% extra in hopes that they wouldn’t have to sit with the likes of you and me.
One long train ride (for example, $210 first class from Florence to Paris) at the end of a 25-day trip can justify jumping from a 21-day consecutive-day railpass to a one-month pass.
www.ricksteves.com /rail/howrailworks.htm   (2252 words)

 RailPass Express
This pass offers – for the number of days purchased – unlimited first class coach travel on the Newman/InterCity network and one Cook Strait ferry crossing (connecting the North and South islands) on either The Interislander or The Lynx.
The Scenic Rail Pass is an easy to use, great value pass allowing you to travel around New Zealand on the Tranz Scenic Rail network at your own pace.
The pass is designed for independent travellers who want to experience a rail vacation or get the best out of their holidays to New Zealand and experience the true beauty and benefits of train travel.
www.railkey.com /tickets/pass-nzpasses.asp?AFF=RPE   (852 words)

 WSG Member Publications
On December 6, 2005 the British Columbia Supreme Court handed down its decision in the case of Hupacasath First Nation v.
BRITISH COLUMBIA LEGAL UPDATE Prepared for 39th Annual Canadian Property Tax Association National Workshop Cross Canada Legal Panel September 25 — 28, 2005 INTRODUCTION The following is an overview of legislative changes and caselaw developments in British Columbia property assessment and taxation since last September’s session.
INTRODUCTION The softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States continues to be the most significant issue facing the forest industry in British Columbia and Canada.
www.worldservicesgroup.com /publications.asp?cid=8255   (2560 words)

 Destination Unknown - by Don R. Marsh
Based on my brother Ed's sage advice, a Navy First Class Gunner's Mate, I made a beeline for the top bunk, in anticipation of those below me becoming seasick and the danger of being splattered with their undigested food, as it was sure to happen and did, once we hit open water.
After the first experience of being unable to get a lather from the soap and salt water, no one was interested in any further salt-water showers and each passing day made hygienic conditions worse.
The party was over and it was time to line up by the numbers, check off names and load on to British Railways Systems funny looking cars that would take us down south to the Birmingham, England rail yards.
www.3ad.com /history/wwll/memoirs.pages/marsh.pages/destination.unk.htm   (3123 words)

 Quebec to the Maritimes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
From the sparkling French culture to the easygoing charm of Atlantic seaside towns, sun-drenched beaches to sparkling coves and miles of rugged shoreline guarded by graceful lighthouses - this is a delightful introduction to Quebec and the Maritimes.
VIA Rail's 'Ocean' is the finest way to appreciate the splendid scenery of Canada's Maritime provinces.
It is important to note though, that Deluxe accommodation refers only to the Hotel Class and not to the room category included in the package price.
www.escortedcanadatours.com /rail/quebectothemaritimes.htm   (904 words)

 The Vanguard, August
Arviragus, an British King is given Venius Julia, Emperor Claudius' daughter, at peace negotiations in Rome during a six month hiatus of hostilities.
August 24, 1814: British troops under the command of General Robert Ross marched into the City of Washington, in the Distict of Columbia, after defeating an American force at Bladensburg, Maryland.
After 24 hours of bombardment, the British attack on Fort McHenry was repulsed on September 14, 1814.
www.hightowertrail.com /VanguardAug05.htm   (12364 words)

 France Railpass
Passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train or first use of a bonus offer.
Reservation fees are an additional charge and not inclusive in the cost of the pass.
France Rail Passes cannot be refunded or reissued if lost or stolen.
www.railplus.com.au /europe_by_rail/francerailpass.cfm   (427 words)

 Discounted European Tours, Flights, Hotels and Rail.
British Airways has announced an exceptional air sale to London for end-of-summer or fall travel.
British Airways just announced an amazing late summer/early fall sale for travel to London.
If you book a flight on British Airways to any other city during the promotional period, you can still stay in London for FREE as a stopover.
www.europeonsale.com /?m=200606   (1531 words)

 Boston to Anchorage Cruise & Rail Odyssey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Expect superb service, delightful meals and cozy accommodations on board VIA Rail as you travel across the country.  In Vancouver, you will board the ms Ryndam for a cruise to Alaska.
Designed to carry fewer passengers than others in her class and now enhanced with guest-pleasing upgrades and amenities, ms Ryndam is the perfect choice for those who wish to see the world in style.
On the west side of the fjord, the glaciers are named after colleges for women on the east, after colleges for men—hence the name College Fjord.
www.canadayourway.com /vacpac/235.html   (3169 words)

 COLD FUSION TIMES   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
World nuclear capacity is projected to rise from 361 gigawatts in 2003 to 438 gigawatts in 2030, with significant declines in capacity projected only for Europe, where several countries have either plans or mandates to phase out nuclear power, or where old reactors are expected to be retired and not replaced.
Scientists have uncovered a class of gold atom clusters that are the first known metallic hollow equivalents of the famous hollow carbon fullerenes known as buckyballs.....
Long-suffering rail commuters may be perplexed to learn that British Rail once patented a design for a bizarre and apparently impractical nuclear flying saucer.
world.std.com /~mica/cft.html   (15132 words)

 BritRail & Ireland Country/Regional Rail Passes
if you are the third, fourth, or fith or Ninth person in a party of 3 to 9 people experiencing the pleasure of traveling together by rail.
If you are taveling in both Britain and France, consider the new Combopass, Britrail + France pass with it's very affordable second class catigory + chunnel crossing voucher.
This is allowed for in the 1st class pass price.
meleterc.com /britrailpass_party.html   (771 words)

 War and War-Era Movies: Media Resources Center UCB
Captured by the Japanese, British soldiers and their ranking officer, Colonel Nicholson are forced to construct a strategic railroad bridge.
When the British destroyer H.M.S. Torrin is torpedoed in WWII, a small lifeboat of survivors cling to their memories and their courage in this spellbinding tribute to the human spirit which is based on true events.
British army officer Jack Celliers is sentenced to a Japanese P.O.W. camp in Java where he engages in a private war of wills with the camp's commander and a belligerent sergeant.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /MRC/Warfilm.html   (13888 words)

Colonial Quakers were the first Christian group in the British American colonies to protest slavery actively, but by the late eighteenth century, other Christian bodies also became vocal antislavery adherents.
Recent class visits by UT faculty members have ranged from an introduction to Homer for second graders through discussion of Latin meter for an AP Latin class, and we can also perform scenes from ancient dramatic works in English and/or Latin.
In addition to Latin classes, we are eager to address English classes reading Greek and Roman literature in translation, history classes studying the ancient world, in-services, exploratory language classes, Latin clubs and events, and community gatherings outside the schools.
www.txclassics.org /announcements.htm   (11015 words)

 [IRFCA] Indian Railways Photo Gallery - Mysore Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The ticket counter of Mysire Rail Museum is an old VH type MG caboose.
ES class steam locomotive, built by Kerr, Stuart and Co., Ltd in 1922.
Behind the ES class loco is Mysore State Railway's Narrow Gauge coach (later Southern Railway TLR 45), built in 1972.
www.irfca.org /gallery/Heritage/mys-museum   (325 words)

 Call of Cthulhu classic - Wayne's World of Books - Info & Sources
An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to the Gateway of the Orient.
Frequent riots and political assassinations challenge British rule, but Egypt is to be a protectorate of the British Empire for decades more.
The Crown's capital city, London, in the 1920s three times older than the Crown itself, grew to he the pre-eminent confluence of old privilege, new money, dynamic creativity, social class friction, madness, tuberculosis, science, education, and advanced medical research.
www.waynesbooks.com /CthulhuClassic.html   (4239 words)

 Bustamite: Bustamite mineral information and data.
Dunn, Pete J. (1995): Franklin and Sterling Hill New Jersey: the world's most magnificent mineral deposits, Part 3: 438.
Meldon Quarry (British Rail Quarry; British Railways Quarry)
Locality, mineral & photograph data are the copyright of the individuals who submitted them.
www.mindat.org /min-809.html   (450 words)

 Railway Collectors' Journal reporting Railwayana Auctions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
6 British Railways Thermometers for Bull Head and Flat Head Rail.
179 British Railways Alloy Warship loco Plaque numbered 166.
Ex GCR Class 11E 4-4-0 Loco 443 - later BR 62654 - 56" long £8300
www.prorail.co.uk /auctions/gwra/gwra0503.htm   (4498 words)

 Railway Links - A
AC Locomotive Group UK Class 81,82, 83 and 85 preservation
Alan's British Steam Gallery pics from last days of steam in the UK Alan's Eurogallery Railway photos from several European countries (Alan Curtis)
A-350 Arkansas Rail - Arkansas Association of Railroad Passengers
mikes.railhistory.railfan.net /links/linka.html   (2368 words)

 Livestock Weekly: Classifieds
Full time position, experience a must, must be dependable, will have to pass background and drug test.
We ship horses coast-to- coast with the finest equipment on the road.
_______________________________________________________________ BROODMARE BAND Rail A Mares From The Harold Gilbert Band Of Mares 2 Grays • 2 Roans • 2 Sorrels These mares are nine and ten years old and will foal in March and April to Tomvia Pine, a Lineback dun.
www.livestockweekly.com /classified/Search.ASP   (7797 words)

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