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Topic: British hip hop

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Book Hip Hop Singers. Hip Hop Artists, Hip Hop Singer, Hip Hop Music.
First noticed in the Bronx, New York, during the mid-70s, hip hop singers were born from a cultural movement in large inner cities.
With its roots in disco and funk, this unusual combination of rapping and DJ-ing quickly catapulted hip hop music artists into the center of a new music and dance craze that is still going on today.
In time with heavy, defined rhythms, a hip hop singer would speak (rather than sing) the lyrics.
www.gigmasters.com /HipHop/HipHopSinger.asp   (359 words)

 Mixmaster Morris | Music I Like | Trip Hop | Mixmag - June 1994
Hip hop was out there on its own, a whole culture and musical genre best left to low riding Americans obsessed with guns and girls with big bottoms.
This is trip hop, a deft fusion of head-nodding beats, supa-phat bass and an obsessive attention to the kind of other-wordly sounds usually found on acid house records.
The result is hip hop untouched by the vagaries of West Coast rap fashion.
www.southern.com /MMM/music/triphop/triphop-mixmag.html   (1409 words)

 British hip hop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
British hip hop, was originally influenced by the hip hop scene in New York City, at first being very much in awe of the American innovators, with British rappers often adopting American accents in the early years, before gaining the confidence to develop their own styles.
The growth of British hip hop was given a boost when in 2002, the BBC launched a digital radio station 1Xtra devoted to "new fl music" including hip hop, RnB, garage, dancehall and, drum and bass.
Hip hop in the UK never achieved the same kind of cultural impact, or levels of success as it did in the US, but US acts were all too prolific in the UK.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/British_hip_hop   (2544 words)

 Guardian | A quantum leap forward for British hip hop
Hip hop is an American genre, born out of the New York ghettos in the late 1970s.
On a more prosaic level, the handful of British rappers who made the charts simply weren't very good: UK hip hop is haunted by memories of embarrassing rappers such as Derek B. The victory of Ms Dynamite's debut album, A Little Deeper, at this year's Mercury music prize therefore is a success against the odds.
A Little Deeper may be the first occasion a British rapper has attempted to mimic the sound of an American hip hop artist and succeeded.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4503330-110893,00.html   (361 words)

 MP3.com - the source for digital music!
Although it is rarely heard outside of the U.K. and Europe, British Rap has its own traditions and is a style onto itself.
British rap began in the late '80s, and it used the sonic collage of Public Enemy as a launching pad.
The notable exception to that rule is jazz-rap, as European hip-hop acts were heavily influenced by England's acid house and acid jazz, and these ideas later spilled over to the hip-hop that was made in Europe.
www.mp3.com /hip-hop/genre/15/styles.html   (5386 words)

 Hip Hop and Social Change at The Field Museum
Jonzi D has been actively involved in British Hip Hop culture, rapping and b-boying in clubs and on the streets since its inception in the early 1980's.
Jonzi D is the UK pioneer of Hip Hop Theatre and the Artistic Director of Still Brock Productions, one of Britain's most significant emerging international companies.
He astutely addresses issues of fl identity, hip hop culture and race all from the perspective of an international hip hop practitioner.
www.fieldmuseum.org /hiphop/bio_jonzid.html   (219 words)

 CD Baby: CD Baby: HIP-HOP/RAP music you will love.
While a lot of modern hip hop relies on hook heavy song construction that just ends up increasing the fluff, SD takes the high road and kicks lengthy verses that run circles around themselves, constantly coercing the listener to keep a finger poised near the rewind button.
While trends in hip hop continue to lean towards the use of multiple producers to fill an album, it has become a rare treat to hear a record that relies on one beatsmith.
With a voice that is tailor made for rapping as well as singing, she uses discretion when saturating the tracks, creeping in and out of the forefront while echoing the beats with vocal hits and jabs that are well placed and add a real density to the mix.
cdbaby.com /style/hiphop   (1204 words)

As an international phenomenon generally acknowledged to have originated in the Bronx circa the 1970s, hip-hop transcends race, class and economic spheres.
In dance, the leap from street to stage is shortening.
As to hip-hop's effect on British contemporary dance, motives and opinions vary.
www.britishcouncil.org /usa-arts-dance-hip-hop-feature.htm   (539 words)

 Hiphop-Directory : General Hip Hop Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Hip hop from the motherland - from Dakar to Johannesburg and beyond.
Anomie1 is a site covering the four elements of hip hop culture with features such as graff galleries, artist profiles, event information, reviews, and interviews.
Culturama is a site featuring an information database of hip hop movies, magazines and videos, an archieve of artist and art photos, and a message board.
www.hiphop-directory.com /General_Hip_Hop_Sites/index.php   (741 words)

 Hip Hop timeline and history - B-Boys.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Hip Hop "Grandfather" Afrika Bambaataa (Godfather of Hip-Hop culture, Father of the Electro Funk sound, founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, visionary, historian, and the Master of Records) starts to DJ.
Hip Hop shifted more attention to the MCs while DJs Bam, Disco King Mario, Breakout, Casanova Fly, Disco Wiz, and Grandmaster Flash continued to perform around town.
McClaren was influenced to get into hip hop by meeting Bam and the Zulu Nation during the previous year.
www.b-boys.com /hiphoptimeline.html   (6047 words)

 British Hip Hop @ Roots   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
For those interested in the historical aspects of hip hop and all things old skool, Greg Wilson's article on Electrofunk and the origins of hip-hop is a must.
The past few months on Sheffield's hip hop scene have been ruff, rugged and raw, with legends from far and wide descending on the Steel City to drop beats and spit rhymes.
Jazzy showed all the skills of a hip hop don without ever over indulging in the turntablism, keeping the crowd rocking from start to finish.
www.vanguardonline.f9.co.uk /roots   (561 words)

 Brighton Hip-Hop Festival 2006 - BHHF 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
It is a celebration of hip hop’s unique visual culture, to inform, educate, provoke and entertain its audience.
Hip hop has always borrowed, magpie-like, from its cultural forebears – funk, jazz, blues and reggae; similarly, the Festival will throw into the mix films from different eras or musical traditions.
Much of today’s hip hop is hardly connected to its urban American roots, and the Festival will reflect the variety of the culture, searching to find the most surprising and interesting manifestations of the culture on this hip hop planet.
www.brightonhiphopfestival.org /2006_02_fresh_styles_film_festival.htm   (1119 words)

 British Rap Downloads - Download British Rap Music - Download British Rap MP3s
British rap began in the late '80s, and it...
Black Grape were embraced by both the British public and press, making Ryder one of the more unexpected comebacks in rock & roll history.
Ryder formed Black Grape in 1993, recruiting ex-Happy Monday Bez (dancing, percussion), rappers Kermit (born Paul Leveridge) and Jed from the Ruthless Rap Assassins, and ex-Paris Angels guitarist Wags.
www.mp3.com /british-rap/genre/560/subgenre.html   (1925 words)

 Hip Hop Internationale. Audio of old britcore and other international hardcore hip hop. Gunshot, Hijack, Def Wish Cast, ...
Most artists featured here are from the 80's and 90's era (with a few current "old style" influenced artists) where hip hop was more rough and rugged and i'm trying to show people how much BETTER things used to sound.
Too many "hip hop fans" don't know or don't care about much more than Eminem, 50Cent or Snoop and this is a quick education and introduction for them to broader styles.
Yes i grew up on US hip hop and in fact it does make up the largest portion of my personal collection but at the same time i have always listened to product from elsewhere and been into it just as much, if not more so.
www.hiphopinternationale.com   (335 words)

 UK Hip Hop Trip - British hip hop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
It was mostly a business trip but I tried to collect as much information on what is going on with the UK Hip Hop scene.
The British cabs are a trip, you step up to the cab window tell him where you are going and throw all your bags on the ground in the cab.
The British telephone system is pretty easy to use, just get a BT Telecom card in the airport at a magazine stand in either £5 or £10 pounds.
www.b-boys.com /ukhiphop.html   (847 words)

Perversely, however, as hip hop has expanded over the last 15 years to become the largest selling music form in the world, the representation of women within it is become far narrower.
It’s good to see, therefore, that the sands are gradually shifting, particularly in the UK where street music (an amalgam of electro, hip hop, drum’n’bass and garage, with rappers blasting out rhymes over the top) continues to emerge from the underground and crossover into the mainstream.
It's this fresh perspective and the voice of the unheard (one of hip hop’s founding tenets) that’s blowing a wind of change through rap.
www.britishcouncil.org /usa-arts-music-women-in-hip-hop-feature.htm   (1262 words)

 Uk Hip Hop, British Hip Hop, UK Hip Hop Records Label, Inertia - Cash Cow Records
If this is your first visit then feel free to browse around and have a listen to all the hip hop on offer.
Add a new addition to his skills in the form of beat making and hip hop production and this lad is set for life....
Logic - Like all the Gang Green rappers Logic is locked on to that ultimate goal - to be part of the next generation of British hip hop pioneers.
www.cashcowrecords.co.uk   (415 words)

 Hip Hop Slam >>> News
Recent reviews of Hip Hop Slam CD/record releases include one of Scratch Attack: the LP by Brolin Winning in the East Bay Express, Scratch Attack Vols.
Hip Hop Slam welcomes new member Joefu (see bio) who is interning for the summer.
It is actually really sad to see how the turntable is NOT as big a part of the hip hop world as it used to be.
www.hiphopslam.com /news/2003/hhs_news_service_014.html   (3071 words)

 HipHopCity.com: Where HipHop Lives!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
British hip-hop at its rawest, I'm an unsigned emcee and am looking to promote my work.
A Hip Hop group from Moreno Valley, California
We had their music featured in "Scary Movie 3", and "CSI Miami" as well as night clubs and radio stations in the bay area.
www.hiphopcity.com /directory/html/sgp50.html   (147 words)

 British Rap - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
During the mid-'80s, hip-hop began to emerge from countries beyond the United States, the first being the U.K. The same basic U.S. production techniques and philosophies were applied by early British rap acts Derek B. and the Cookie Crew.
Many British hip-hop artists also incorporated Jamaican-style vocals, resulting in a subgenre called ragamuffin, which is unique from American rap and reggae.
In many cases, though, the outstanding difference between U.K. rap and its U.S. cousin remains the dominating presence of the British dialect.
music.download.com /2001-8522_32-0.html   (181 words)

 Low-Life | UK Hip Hop Story | Introduction
As the volume of UK Hip Hop ever expands something has had to give and this website has not been what it should be over the last few months.
What follows is not meant to be complete, but is my experience of growing up in one of the UK's urban jungles and being deeply influenced by Hip Hop and its associated culture.
Also follow the links to the most complete UK Hip Hop Discography and help provide a service by submitting details of anything missing or anyone who deserves recognition or respect.
www.low-life.fsnet.co.uk /ukhiphop/story/index.htm   (1811 words)

 101 Record Labels - Hip Hop
Set up by some of the big names in the industry, as a record company run by musicians for musicians.
- An independent Hip Hip and RandB record label with national and worldwide distribution.
The next generation of Hip Hop from the people who brought you Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Cypress Hill, and Wyclef.
www.geocities.com /hip_hop_record_labels   (1050 words)

 Low-Life | UK Hip Hop Story | International | British Hip Hop in Lithuania - Mishkas
I recently got a message written to me from Vilnius, Lithuania, where two top dudes, Terry and his partner-in-crime, Mark Splinter, are currently organising events trying to get an internet radio show off the ground.
Whilst their intentions are to remain fairly eclectic and multi-genre, they also aim to feature a lot of UK-based Hip Hop and this could be a good opportunity for any up and coming acts to gain some valuable overseas exposure, and to make an early mark on an emerging Eastern European territory.
Splinter had DJ Vadim out to Lithuania to do a few shows a few months back, and the UK refugees are definitely looking to bring some more UK acts over, whether they are DJs, Beatboxers, MCs or full crews.
www.ukhh.com /bhh/international/mishkas.htm   (480 words)

 SoundClick artist: DJ Crap Picture - Dj crap picture is nuts British Hip Hop and Electronica cross by accident and the ...
Not new to the hip hop scene by any means.
I do not play live as people do not want to watch someone messing with a PC etc. I DJ here and there, playing a mix of hip hop and electronica.
Other than hip hop, it would be J. Saul Kane, who did Octagon Man and 9 Deadly Venoms etc.
www.soundclick.com /bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=8203   (585 words)

 British hip hop - Forums
witness is a hip hop classic full stop.

katch 22 did a couple of good tracks as i recall.
Classic early Warp.
i've been fully impressed with the state of British hip-hop for a good two years now, the Rodney P andamp; Skitz mix CD that came out with Touch last year was a great showcase.
They're playing out this way next month, looking forward to that one...
i kinda lump a lot of 2-step/wot-you-call-it in with the idea of British hip-hop too.
www.djhistory.com /forum/showthread.php?t=7764   (427 words)

 Hip Hop at The Eminem Blog   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
If it is true that most artists become corrupt by mainstream success, Xzibit is one of those emcee that you will drink with delight after years, like a good glass of fine old wine.
I recently came across a newspaper article in which narrow minded people with a snobbish mentality seemed to deny graffiti the quality of being considered as art.
You are currently browsing the The Eminem Blog weblog archives for the 'Hip Hop' category.
www.theeminemblog.com /category/hip-hop   (740 words)

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