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Topic: British national grid reference system

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 British national grid reference system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Two such systems exist: this article describes the one used for Great Britain and its outlying islands; a similar system, used throughout Ireland (including Northern Ireland), is the Irish national grid reference system (used jointly by the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland).
The Ordnance Survey (OS) devised the national grid reference system, and it is heavily used in their survey data, and in maps (whether published by the Ordnance Survey or commercial map producers) based on those surveys.
For example, the grid reference of the 100 m square containing the summit of Ben Nevis is NN 166 712. /wiki/British_national_grid_reference_system   (1347 words)

 Talk:British national grid reference system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Some databases, at the very least, turn an Irish national grid reference system square into a general square by preceeding the Irish square with I (note that irish references have only one letter at the beginning, so this works out to the same format).
Essentially the British National Grid is a particular specification of the Transverse Mercator projection, which was presented by Johann_Heinrich_Lambert some time in the in the 1770's and later updated by Gauß and Kruger in the C18th and early C20th respectively.
I have also seen references that claim to lay in square CI and being somewhere in the channel islands, but all my searches simply say that there is no national grid covering the channel islands. /wiki/Talk:British_national_grid_reference_system   (710 words)

 Unit 013 - Coordinate Systems Overview
The Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) is an extension of the UTM system.
State plane systems were developed in order to provide local reference systems that were tied to a national datum.
Reference systems and map projections extend the ideas of Cartesian and polar coordinate systems over all or part of the earth. /education/curricula/giscc/units/u013/u013.html   (3483 words)

 National Grid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the mapping grid, see British national grid reference system
It began operating in 1933 as a series of regional grids with auxiliary interconnections for emergency use, but by 1938 the grid was operating as a national system.
These groups also operated the systems until April 1, 2005, when National Grid plc took control of day-to-day operations, though the network is still owned by the Scottish companies. /wiki/National_Grid   (339 words)

 Monitoring mobility flow patterns of the clans intra- and inter-regional population movement in Scotland
The grid references do not give the actual distances from the reference point, but a system of combination of letters and numbers has been employed to denote location, thus avoiding the lengthy numerical representation of a 12 digit (one metre resolution) grid reference.
Scotland was the first country in modem times to establish a national system of registration giving to the individual the power to have his rights recorded in an official register and thus protected.
While the Ordnance Survey has developed a grid whose co-ordinates are alphanumeric, PAF contains a conversion to numeric representation of the easting and northing Since the origin of the grid is west of the Scilly Isles, the co-ordinates of the Gl3 1NF postcode are 254.67 kilometres east of that point and 668.48 north. /Spatial/gisweb/spatdb/egis/eg94021.html   (4137 words)

 National GPS Network information: active station map
The false origin is 400 km west and 100 km north of the true origin on the central meridian at 49° N 2° W. To reduce the number of figures needed to give a National Grid reference, the grid is divided into 100 km squares which each have a two-letter code.
National Grid positions can be given with this code followed by an easting between 0 and 100 000 m and a northing between 0 and 100 000 m.
The parameters of the National Grid TM and UTM projections are given in annexe A. The TM projection can be thought of as a sheet of paper carrying the mapping grid (of eastings and northings), which is curved so as to touch the ellipsoid along a certain line. /guide7.asp   (757 words)

 Ordnance Survey glossary: mapping terminology and acronyms
The heights expressed for points mapped on the National Grid are expressed as a height difference in meters from a known point on the harbour wall in Newlyn, Cornwall.
A plane-rectangular coordinate system based on and mathematically adjusted to a map projection in order that geographic positions (latitudes and longitudes) may be readily transformed into plane coordinates and the computations relating to them made by the ordinary methods of plane surveying.
The distance is measured with reference to an idealised spheroid shape of the earth. /oswebsite/aboutus/reports/misc/glossary.html   (9261 words)

A reference to a point on a map using this grid is called a National Grid Reference, or Grid Reference, or G.R. for short.
This grid reference in now accurate to within 100 metres (in eastings and in northings) and is commonly called a six-figure grid reference.
A more accurate (six figure) grid reference is given by estimating the tenths of a grid square towards the next Easting and Northing grid reference number and inserting that number after the Easting and Northing reference respectively. /html/gridref.htm   (1224 words)

 South Africa: Energy and Environmental Issues
Enforcement, by national and local courts, is a critical component to ensuring compliance with national environmental protection legislation.
Successful implementation of national environmental policy and enforcement of the corresponding laws is critical in reversing energy production and consumption trends that have a deleterious effect on human health and the environment.
As a party to the Framework Convention, the country is required to report on national emissions and is encouraged to consider climate change issues in domestic social, economic, and environmental policymaking. /emeu/cabs/safrenv.html   (3008 words)

 British national overseas
The British national anthem originated in a patriotic song first performed in 1745.There is no authorized version of the National Anthem, as the words are...
On 7 March 2005,a British national was shot and killed as he drove home from a Kabul...
Holders of UK passports, which indicate their nationality to be BritishNational (Overseas) can only be processed for an ETA if resident in and applying in... /british+national+overseas.html   (1042 words)

 Understanding Ordnance Survey Grid References
The British National Grid provides a much simpler way to specify the position of any feature on an OS map, from a city down to the smallest farm or church or stream.
The easiest way to understand the British National Grid is to picture a map of England, Wales and Scotland with a network of one-kilometre squares laid over it, like a sheet of graph paper.
To simplify the system, there is a grid of larger squares, each 100 kilometres by 100 kilometres (roughly 60 miles by 60 miles), which each have a two-letter designation such as TQ, SV, NA or HZ. /family/misc/osgrid.html   (848 words)

 The World Factbook 2004 - Notes and Definitions
References to other situations involving borders or frontiers may also be included, such as resource disputes, geopolitical questions, or irredentist issues; however, inclusion does not necessarily constitute official acceptance or recognition by the US Government.
National estimates of the percentage of the population lying below the poverty line are based on surveys of sub-groups, with the results weighted by the number of people in each group.
This entry includes the name of the Factbook reference map on which a country may be found. /docs/notesanddefs.html   (8880 words)

 wiki/Tottenham Definition / wiki/Tottenham Research
OS Grid ReferenceThe British national grid reference system is a system of geographic grid references commonly used in Great Britain, different from using latitude or longitude....
National RailNational Rail is a brand name describing the passenger rail service previously provided by British Rail, the now defunct UK state-owned rail operator.
The first system, of ten sectors identified by letters, was introduced in 1858; the numbered subdivisions date from 1917. /wiki/Tottenham   (4328 words)

 G6CSY Worked All Britain page
It is awarded by working Ordnance Survey national grid reference squares combined with counties, as part of the Worked All Britain award scheme.
The grid reference system divides the country into 100km by 100km squares, called 'large squares' by WAB.
Besides working the usual counties, countries and squares, there is an award that that 'British' based (and is aimed at improving your geography). /ham/wab.html   (451 words)

This is a one metre grid reference, it can be reduced to the standard 100m reference by omitting the last two figures of each five figure group: TG 514 131.
All mapping systems have to use a model of the shape of planet Earth, which is not a perfect sphere.
There are a few short cuts, for example I have not taken into account the fact that the NGR grid has a scale factor that varies as you move laterally across the map. /lltongr.html   (1660 words)

 UK marketing agencies
The difference between the two is that the rating point refers to the percentage to the entire universe while the target rating point refers to the percentage to a particular segment or target.
These two measures refer to the percentage of the universe of the existing base of audience members that can be reached by the use of each media outlet in a particular moment in time.
Secondary or tertiary legislation may come in the form of arrts.The economics of imposing or removing regulations relating to markets is analysed in regulatory economics. /UK-marketing-agencies.aspx   (6905 words)

 Bamburgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Map sources for Bamburgh at grid reference NU1734
Bamburgh Castle, then called Din Guardi, was the capital of the British kingdom of Bryneich between about 420AD and 547.
In 547 the castle was taken by the invading Angles led by Ida son of Eoppa and was renamed Bebbanburgh by one of his successors. /wiki/Bamburgh   (296 words)

 Get-a-map help: hints on how to use Ordnance Survey's free online mapping
Please note that for views at levels five to eight, the British National Grid reference is shown when centred over Northern Ireland, because the MiniScale® mapping is registered to this grid, but it is not conventional to use this system to describe Irish locations.
For all views at levels five to eight, the map data is registered to the British National Grid.
The reference can be as little as a single character long (for example, J in Northern Ireland) and up to 12 characters long (for example, TQ1234567890) and defines that square. /getamap/help.html   (1975 words) Mapping and Markup, Part 1
Note: A simple overview of various coordinate reference systems is available online at the Geographer's Craft Project of the Department of Geography at the University of Colorado.
Where a standard for describing geography truly starts to advance beyond one for describing geometry is in the use of coordinate reference systems.
I'll introduce you to one of GML's principal authors--Ron Lake of Galdos Systems, who is to GML roughly what Tim Bray is to XML--and we'll take a brief look at some of the processing applications which have sprung up around the standard. /pub/a/2004/11/24/tourist.html   (1677 words)

 Brain Disease Research, Particle Physics Meet In The Middle(Ware)
World's Largest Computing Grid Surpasses 100 Sites (March 24, 2005) -- British physicists and computer scientists are playing a key role in facing one of the biggest computing problems in the world - how to process the massive data volumes expected from the world's...
Fermilab's DZero Experiment Crunches Record Data With The Grid (May 5, 2005) -- Hundreds of scientists from the DZero collaboration at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory are using the technology of the future to process particle physics data...
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency that supports fundamental research and education across all fields of science and engineering, with an annual budget of nearly $5.58 billion. /releases/2004/05/040527235755.htm   (978 words)

 Datum map reference Information
The horizontal datum is used as a reference for position.
For global applications, the geodetic reference (datum) used for GPS is...
Datum Map Reference are great for when you're looking to get better at datum map reference for selfish purposes. /reference-desk/datum-map-reference.html   (300 words)

 Mapping Hacks
a 6-figure OS National Grid reference may be thought of as the point at the south-west of a 100m by 100m square.
Conceptually each object represents a point on the ground, although you some grid systems may take that point to be a cor- ner of a defined area.
The A-Z has a different kind of grid system which works with its index, a street gazetteer contained in the back of the book, taking up almost half of it. /index.cgi/cartographic   (533 words)

 GPSy -- Features
You can choose a primary and secondary coordinate system and can select from a list of 127 geodetic datums for automatic translation.
This provides a sophisticated auto-mapping solution that rivals some of the more expensive ($3000~) built-in car GPS systems while also giving you the convenience of a hand-held GPS unit.
connects your Macintosh to a broad range of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, Loran-C, DECCA, and OMEGA navigational units and displays your current coordinates, altitude, bearing, heading, speed over ground, velocity made good, distance to go, current waypoint, GPS satellite data, and more. /features.html   (1255 words)

 Copyright and Credits Page
The map references used in this website are based on the British National Grid Reference System.
The materials contained within this website may not be used without the express written permission of the author.
Readings were taken from the Ordnance Survey Landranger Series of Great Britain, Sheet 173, Swindon and Devizes. /abw.mork/copyrght.htm   (184 words)

 Making the Grid Predictable through Reservations and Performance Modelling -- McGough et al. 48 (3): 358 -- The Computer Journal
barrier to the widespread adoption of the Grid paradigm, because
Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The British Computer Society.
Making the Grid Predictable through Reservations and Performance Modelling -- McGough et al. /cgi/content/abstract/48/3/358   (149 words)

 Natiional Grid Reference System
The British Ordnance Survey uses a National Grid Reference System to locate any site within UK.
As well as locating a site, grid references can be used to calculate how far apart two sites are.
When one is working in a small area that is entirely within the 100km square it is normal custom to omit the NY part of the reference, so my house becomes 317251. /TNatGrid.htm   (336 words)

 Dictionary of Meaning
{{mnbafgh*}} Latitude-longitude coordinates and Ordnance Survey British national grid reference system grid references: **Dunnet Head: {{coor dms584021N032231W}}, {{gbmappingsmallND202767}} **Duncansby Head point: {{coor dms583843N030123W}}, {{gbmappingsmallND405733}} **John o'Groats: {{gbmappingsmallND379735}} **Stroma Lighthouse: {{coor dms584148N030700W}} Category:Geography of Scotland Category:Firths /Pentland_Firth.html   (824 words)

 Peter Bennett's GPS and NMEA Site - Garmin Support
Converts coordinates from/to: Longitude/latitude, UTM, German grid, Swiss grid, British grid (OSGB), French grid (Lambert II), Swedish Grid, Irish Grid, New Zealand Grid, user defined grids all with proper geodetic datum. (15,492 bytes) contains the source code for an Excell Add-in (VB for Apps) which converts GarDown7 track data to a *.dbf file, and converts the Lat/Long to the Swedish National grid.
A variety of grids and coordinate formats are supported together with the import/export of many different file types. /pub/peter/idx_garmin.html   (1253 words)

A "virtual public library" which includes a Reference Center with an annotated, searchable directory of Ready Reference Internet Resources and a section of "Pathfinders" to aid in doing research on a particular topic, both online and at the library.
Includes links to dictionaries and thesauri, research and reference sites, and sites for grammar and the mechanics of writing.
A searchable collection of links to reference sources of all types. /sa/lib/links/Llref.htm   (2514 words)

 GuruNet — Content Map
British Locomotive and Multiple Unit Numbering and Classification /cm-dsid-2222-letter-1B-first-30701   (36 words)

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