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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Free Church of Scotland | Contemporary Calvinism - a Third Way?
To his astonishment the local Church of Scotland minister who himself is a fine evangelical preacher was unable to give that guarantee as he felt that he would have to invite another C of S minister to preach – even though he knew that this man was not an evangelical.
Sadly the Free Church man felt he had to withdraw because he could not participate in a service where people were being invited to hear the gospel, and yet it could not be guaranteed that the gospel would be preached.
Broad churchmanship (whether it is Calvinistic or not) does not work and will not work because it is not radical enough and because it is an old fashioned answer to an old fashioned problem.
www.freechurch.org /issues/2001/may01.htm   (2508 words)

 Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Church.
Dr. South says, “The High Church are those who think highly of the Church and lowly of themselves; the Low Church, those who think lowly of the Church and highly of themselves” (this may be epigrammatic, but the latter half is not true).
Broad Church are those who think the Church is broad enough for all religious parties, and their own views of religion are chiefly of a moral nature, their doctrinal views being so rounded and elastic that they can come into collision with no one.
It is also called the Roman Catholic Church, to distinguish it from the Anglican Church or Anglican Catholic Church, a branch of the Western Church.
www.bartleby.com /81/3556.html   (368 words)

 Christ Church New Haven
The Anglican Church (Church of England) also never disavowed the historic sacraments of the church nor redefined them in such a way that their original meanings as mystical signs of God's grace, present actions of the Holy Spirit, were lost.
Though the 16th Century Catholic Church in England separated from Rome to form the Anglican Church as a result of a political dispute between King Henry VIII and the Pope, there were many Reformation-minded theologians in the English clergy who were ready to articulate a different religious vision.
There are other churches from the Catholic side of Anglicanism which maintain the pre-Vatican II forms of Roman Catholic worship almost in their entirety as they had been adopted in the late nineteenth century.
www.christchurchnh.org /Episcopal.htm   (1391 words)

 Chapter Chub-faced <i>to</i> Chylific of C by Webster's Dictionary (1913 Edition)
Remember that both church and state are properly the rulers of the people, only because they are their benefactors.
Church is often used in composition to denote something belonging or relating to the church; as, church authority; church history; church member; church music, etc.
A church or parish festival (as in commemoration of the dedication of a church), at which much ale was used.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/257/1194/22199/3.html   (330 words)

 Broad Church - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
John Clifford and open church membership: the ecclesiology behind the policy.
Dance uniform history in the church of Nazareth Baptists: the move to tradition.
Broad St. church reopens its doors: The Presbyterian church along the Avenue of the Arts is viewed as a nontraditional spiritual haven.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-X-BroadChu.html   (421 words)

 The Broad Church - Frederic Henry Hedge
These are that fixed and unchangeable which every church is bound to respect, and in virtue of which every church must have its conservative side, its cardinal east, the eye of its horizon, the salient principle and starting-point of its spiritual life.
The church in which these elements unite is a broad church, though numbering its disciples not by millions, but by hundreds or by tens.
A holy catholic church it is, though the smallest sect in Christendom, and excommunicated by all the rest.
www.uuma.org /berrystreet/Essays/BSE1860.htm   (3080 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
The Tenth and Broad Church of Christ is the original congregation of churches of Christ in Wichita Falls, Texas, having been established in 1908.
The oversight and majority funding of the Church of Christ Student Center at MSU continues to be a major thrust of the congregation.
Served by five full-time ministers, 16 deacons and led by five elders, the church membership of 556 is now composed of a healthy balance of all age groups with a growing number of young families.
www.tenthandbroad.org /history.htm   (288 words)

 Reversing Ten Years of Decline: A Case Study
Tenth & Broad was a classic case of an older, downtown church in fairly rapid decline.
John was to teach a class on church growth through Oklahoma Christian in the spring of 1991.1 decided to audit the course.
If Tenth & Broad is successful in her new initiatives, it will largely be because of the attitudes of the Christians that made the church great in the latter 1940s.
4churchgrowth.com /chur4143.htm   (1637 words)

 Broad Overview - NAMB.net
The Church Renewal web site has downloadable resources to assist churches in their preparation.  The weekend introduces renewal to the entire church in a tangible way.  A significant proportion of the church membership is involved in the preparation.  A general chairperson and 13 preparation groups plan and implement the weekend. 
The final phase of Church Renewal uses small groups to focus on the new direction established during the Lay Ministry Weekend;  the journey outward.  A Discipleship weekend or Experiencing God Weekend is suggested for this phase of the Journey.
Churches participating in the journey discover that through the renewal process a spiritual foundation is laid for everything a church does.  Organizations and programs take on meaning because they are focused on ministry, evangelism and mission.
www.namb.net /site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.228495/k.A9B6/Broad_Overview.htm   (451 words)

 Lewis Carroll and Religion - Background
In basic terms, the history of mid to late 19th C religion is the history of a power struggle between the High Church with its extremes of Ritualism and Tractarianism, and the Broad Church (which didn't have those things).
The Broad Church basically were, as their name implies, 'broad', permitting much more liberal interpretations of gospel, and much wider ranging views on such matters as the Divine Inspiration of Holy Scripture.
Broad Church liberals were more inclined to attempt to integrate it into their system of thinking, with varying degrees of success.
www.lewiscarroll.org /religion/background.html   (1754 words)

 Broad St. Presbyterian (Columbus, OH) Covenant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Those who are called to office in the church are to lead a life in obedience to Scripture and in conformity to the historical confessional standards of the church.
This amendment arose because some in the Presbyterian Church (USA) do not believe a session or presbytery could interpret scripture and the confessions to find a gay or lesbian person who affirms and expresses his or her sexual orientation is leading a life in demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We are the church of the Scottish covenanters, who at risk to life and liberty, rejected efforts to conform the church to the world.
home.earthlink.net /~valewis/broadst.html   (1309 words)

 First Presbyterian Church of Bridgeton, New Jersey - Old Broad Street Church Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
This was the first church erected in Bridge Town; the cornerstone was laid in 1792.
The church is a brick structure similar to those built in Philadelphia during the second half of the 18th Century.
Broad Street Church has pews arranged in "church order" -- that is, facing the narrower wall -- rather than in the traditional "meeting house order." The elevated pulpit is of typical "wine glass" design.
www.fpcbridgeton.org /obsc.htm   (222 words)

 Broad - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Broads, network of mostly navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk
Broad church, Latitudinarian churchmanship in the Church of England
Broad is a slang term for a woman which may be considered derogatory.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Broad   (255 words)

 "Broad Minded" Church Growth?
The ratings for some of these churches are way down and their age demographics are way up.
Still, many oldline church leaders have declined to take these kinds of steps, in part because they do not want to be associated with methods used by conservatives.
"Broad Minded" churches that want to grow will "teach that there are different paths people can take to God, but the church is still where they should go to take that journey.
tmatt.gospelcom.net /column/1996/08/07   (613 words)

 Broad Church: A Biography of a Movement, The Anglican Theological Review - Find Articles
Jones is concerned to question if the Broad Church was ever a "movement." he is keen to show, first, that his heroes disliked the notion of parties within the church and, secondly, that they shared a quest for truth.
Writing of this decline, he concludes: "Suddenly, the prospect of being at once socially respectable and scandalous, conjoined with the freedom of speaking one's mind with impunity, endowed the liberal school of theology with a sort of sensational grandeur that was to attract not only honest doubters, but a growing number of irreverent deniers" (p.
The Broad Church seems to have taken a little from the philosophies of Spinoza and Kant, more from the Romantic movement in poetry and religion, and most from the historical-critical methods of reading the Bible coming out of Germany.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3818/is_200404/ai_n9345599   (612 words)

 Free Church of Scotland | Ichcabod - The Decline of the Church in Scotland
Rather than challenging that society the Church tried to keep up with it (in order to demonstrate relevance) and as a result, for most of the 20th century, was playing catch-up.
I am not convinced that the broad church mentality is as tolerant or as broad as it sometimes claims.
Thus the church going public in Scotland were presented with tow equally ugly choices – a broad church liberalism which lacked intellectual coherence and spiritual vigour and a narrow church legalism which seemed to lack the beauty, vision and humility of the gospel.
www.freechurch.org /issues/2001/nov01b.htm   (1503 words)

 Reversing Ten Years of Decline: Church Growth Analysis
Little did I know in 1975 that I would put the Lord on in baptism in 1982 at the Sunset church in Lubbock and return to Witchita Falls in 1987 to serve a Tenth & Broad that was now declining numerically and struggling for its survival in a changing community.
When Tenth & Broad completed the Church Growth Diagnostic Study in April 1992, John Ellas listed both growth restricting barriers and specific strategies to facilitate growth in his written report to the congregation.
The church has now adopted the philosophy that the building should be prepared for guest every week just like our homes are when we anticipate the arrival of company.
4churchgrowth.com /chur4170.htm   (1832 words)

 A Response to Fr. Timothy Fountain, Parts 1&2 [on "The Broad Church, The Orthodox, and GLBTs]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Broad church efforts to accommodate, balance or temper these demands are seen as “fudge” – a denial of justice from the LGBT perspective and lack of fidelity to Christ from the orthodox point of view…I am convinced of two factors relevant to our denominational agony: 1.
Churches that are serious about LGBT members need to look into special programming that addresses their unique spiritual issues.
Church discipline is a biblical mandate and it must be applied across the board.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-religion/1645951/posts   (4291 words)

The broad church movement desired the Church of England to be comprehensive rather than exclusive.
Those identified with the broad church movement in its early years considered it to be above parties-hence "broad." Within a generation, the impossibility of such a view was commonly discerned.
The broad church movement was ranked as a third party, the heir of the Elizabethan settlement and the latitudinarians.
www.episcopalchurch.org /19625_13876_ENG_HTM.htm   (106 words)

 The Broad Church Party in the Church of England   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Working under the direct or indirect influence of German liberal thought, Broad Churchmen emphasized that the Bible, though in some sense divinely inspired, was not, as Evangelicals and Tractarians believed, literally true in every detail, and that therefore the scriptures should be read metaphorically or even mythologically.
The Broad Church position locates the analogies not in not in the relation between the design of the world and the divine nature but in correspondences between human life and experience and aspects of the divine order, ultimately between the human heart and the divine spirit.
Some Broad Churchman, like the headmaster of Rugby Thomas Arnold (father of the critic and poet) and the Christian Socialist F. Maurice also emphasized a social gospel -— that is, that one could worship Christ only by working for social justice.
www.victorianweb.org /victorian/religion/brdchrch.html   (361 words)

 PC(USA) - News Service - Broad-minded faith
Broad Street is intentionally not part of the PC(USA)’s Philadelphia Presbytery, but instead a non-profit ministry of Old Pine Presbyterian Church, where Golderer is on the payroll.
Broad Street has a board of directors and the ministry’s finances are accounted for through Old Pine, but for the most part Golderer has been empowered to develop the ministry as he and a small band of workers he’s amassed see fit.
Broad Street attendee Amber Mizerak said she “hadn’t been to church in years.” Forced to go to confirmation classes as a child, she said she saw few examples of people actually living what she learned.
www.pcusa.org /pcnews/2006/06451.htm   (2173 words)

 Broad church - Definition, explanation
The Broad Church Movement of the Church of England
or doctrinal tendencies that prevail in the Established Church of England and its daughter Churches, the correlatives being High Church and Broad Church.
or doctrinal tendencies that prevail in the Established Church of England and its daughter Churches, the...
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/b/br/broad_church.php   (389 words)

 Broad Street United Methodist Church > Home ( DNN 3.0.13 )
Broad Street United Methodist Church reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the Broad Street United Methodist Church Web Site is offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the Broad Street United Methodist Church Web Site.
Broad Street United Methodist Church is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Broad Street United Methodist Church of the site or any association with its operators.
Broad Street United Methodist Church reserves the right at all times to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, in Broad Street United Methodist Church's sole discretion.
www.broadstreetumc.net /Home/tabid/36/ctl/Terms/Default.aspx   (1549 words)

The name given to one of the three parties or doctrinal tendencies that prevail in the Established Church of England and its daughter Churches, the correlatives being High Church and Broad Church.
But side by side with the Wesleys and Whitefield, the Anglican Church of that time had other leaders in whom the same species of spiritual impulse was active, but in whom it was kept freer from emotional excesses and manifested no tendency to stray off into separatism.
They were mainly instrumental in founding the Church Missionary Society in 1799, had much to do with the founding of the Bible Society in 1804, and collaborated actively, to their eternal credit, with Wilberforce and Henry Thornton in their successful crusade against the slave trade.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09399a.htm   (1518 words)

 A broad church, or one that's too narrow? - Editorial - Opinion - theage.com.au
Mr Abbott, stressing the difference between religion and religion in politics, draws a fine line that is perhaps too slender for his more trenchant critics to notice; but at least he is willing to make a distinction.
Yet it is not always easy for politicians with strong religious beliefs to exchange prayer books for statute books, particularly on issues of conscience, but also when party lines can become crossed with personal beliefs and politicians begin to take on the role of the clergy.
One of the greatest instances of the power the church once held over state occurs in Schiller's play Don Carlos, when the Grand Inquisitor ominously says to King Philip II of Spain: "The church's heavy chains pressed hard upon you;/You would be free, and claim your independence./We are avenged.
www.theage.com.au /news/editorial/a-broad-church-or-one-thats-too-narrow/2006/09/24/1159036411755.html   (470 words)

In 1860 he became the rector of the Church of the Ascension, New York City, where he served until his death.
He was committed to the church's mission of social service and was active in ecumenical activities.
He taught that the Episcopal Church "offered the best available basis for the unifying of American religion." Smith was a promoter of the Church Congress, one of the major expressions of the broad church movement.
www.er-d.org /19625_12967_ENG_Print.html   (208 words)

 A broad Church has room for women bishops | Dt Leaders | Opinion | Telegraph
The once unthinkable prospect of women bishops in the Church of England inched a little closer yesterday, when the General Synod voted to explore the different ways in which they might be ordained.
Opponents of women bishops are demanding a "third province" of the Church of England, with an all-male hierarchy.
It is, of course, important that Anglicans who nurture deep and coherent theological objections to women priests are not compelled to accept their ministry: this will be a test of the Church of England's claim to be a "broad Church".
www.telegraph.co.uk /opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2005/02/17/dl1701.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2005/02/17/ixopinion.html   (651 words)

 Church — FactMonster.com
Dr. South says, “The High Church are those who think highly of the Church and lowly of themselves; the Low Church, those who think lowly of the Church and highly of themselves”
church and state - church and state church and state, the relationship between the religion or religions of a nation...
Benjamin Church - Church, Benjamin Church, Benjamin, 1639–1718, New England colonial soldier in King...
www.factmonster.com /dictionary/brewers/church.html   (453 words)

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