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 Philly NRHS - PRR History
The main passenger stations in the Philadelphia area were Pennsylvania Station (30th Street Station), Broad Street Station (later replaced by Suburban Station) and North Philadelphia Station.
For many years, Broad Street Station, built in the 1880's and razed in the 1950's, was the main Center City terminal and housed the offices of the railroad.
Since its creation in the 1930's, Penn Station (30th Street Station), located in West Philadelphia just across the Schuykill River from Center City, was a station for both commuter and north-south inter-city travel. /phillynrhs/prr.html

 30th Street Station
It was built in 1934 by the former Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), which was headquartered in Philadelphia, to replace Broad Street Station when the latter became too small to handle Philadelphia's growing passenger-rail traffic.
The PRR sought a location away from Center City Philadelphia, where Broad Station was located, which would allow room for a larger yard as well as multiple tracks and platforms.
In addition, SEPTA's Market-Frankford subway line (also known as the "Blue Line" or the "El") stops at 30th Street Station -- although there is no longer direct access from the subway station to the rail station due to crime and vagrancy concerns. /3/30/30th_street_station.html

[Philadelphia School of Design for Women, northwest corner of Broad and Filbert Streets, Philadelphia, later the site of the Pennsylvania Railroad's Broad Street Station]
[Pennsylvania Railroad's North Philadelphia Station, 21st steam chamber, 2900 North Broad Street, Philadelphia]
[23rd Street looking southwest from the Pilling Building, Philadelphia] /iconog/jennings/parailroadcompany.htm   (1015 words)

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... 30th Street Station
Parts of the wall were removed in conjunction with the subway, though the remainder of the wall and Broad Street Station were not demolished until 1953 — mostly a result of the Depression and World War II.
Broad Street Station had its tracks ending in stub fashion under an umbrella shed.
The Pennsylvania Railroad built its station at 30th and Market Streets in Philadelphia in response to an ever increasing demand for service and efficiency. /%7Eapu/prr/prr_30.html   (695 words)

 I-676 Vine Street Expressway
I-676 runs 7 miles between I-76 near 30th Street Station, through downtown Philadelphia as the Vine Street Expressway, and it crosses the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River into Camden, ending at I-76 near the Walt Whitman Bridge in New Jersey.
Vine Street Expressway, by University of Pennsylvania Archives.
The 6-lane Camden section was completed around 1980, and the Vine Street section (with four and six lanes) was completed in 1991. /I676_PA.html   (267 words)

 Football Fans Place Their Best Bet on the SEPTA Broad Street Line for the Eagles/Chargers Game This Sunday
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Philadelphia Eagles fans are continuing to find that the SEPTA Broad Street Line "Sports Express" service is their best bet as they charge to Lincoln Financial Field to root for the NFC Champions as they battle the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, October 23.
Local Broad Street Line trains will also be in service about every 12 minutes throughout the day with local trains taking about 11 minutes to travel to Pattison Station from City Hall Station.
SEPTA tokens may be purchased at the parking lots, which are only a short walk from the Broad Street Line City Hall Station. /cgi-bin/   (888 words)

 Broad Street Line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority's Broad Street Line (BSL) (also known as the Broad Street Subway (BSS) or Orange Line) runs from Fern Rock Transportation Center in the extreme northern reaches of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Pattison Avenue in South Philadelphia, adjacent to several stadiums.
A spur of the Broad Street Line, known as the Broad-Ridge Spur, takes trains from the northern terminus of the BSS to 8th and Market Streets via a split from the main line at Fairmount.
In the 'Lines' column, L represents local service, E is express service, S is service using the Broad-Ridge Spur, and X is Sports Express Service. /wiki/Broad-Ridge_Spur   (529 words)

The Broad Street Line is the absolute best route to all the events at the Sports Complex in South Philadelphia.
SEPTA also operates special Sports Express service on the Broad Street Line to a number of events in South Philadelphia, making stops at Fern Rock, Olney, Erie, Girard, Race-Vine, City Hall and Walnut-Locust en route to Pattison Station.
All Regional Rail Lines, the Market-Frankford Line and many trolley and bus routes provide convenient connections with the Broad Street Line. /news/bsl_express.html   (216 words)

 wiki/30th Street Station Definition / wiki/30th Street Station Research
The PRR sought a location away from Center City Philadelphia, where Broad Street Station was located, which would allow room for a larger yard as well as multiple tracks and platforms.
It found such a place on Market Street between 29th and 30th Streets, directly on the Schuylkill RiverThe Schuylkill River, pronounced "skookle" (IPA:), is an approximately 130 mile (209 km) long river whose watershed of around 2000 square miles (5,000 kmĀ²) lies entirely within the state of Pennsylvania.
The tower, owned by Philadelphia-based Brandywine Realty Trust, was designed by architect Cesar Pelli, best-known for the Petronas TowersThe PETRONAS Twin Towers, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, were at one time the tallest buildings when measured from the level of the main entrance to the structural or architectural top.... /wiki/30th_Street_Station   (216 words)

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... 30th Street Station
It, along with its commuter service companion Suburban Station, was designed to replace two existing facilities: an adjacent structure, the West Philadelphia Station, located two blocks west; and the Broad Street Station, located at 15th and Market Streets in center city.
The wall was known throughout Philadelphia as the “Chinese Wall” because of its resemblance to the Great Wall of China when viewed from the street below.
Parts of the wall were removed in conjunction with the subway, though the remainder of the wall and Broad Street Station were not demolished until 1953 — mostly a result of the Depression and World War II. /~apu/prr/prr_30.html   (695 words)

 Broad Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Broad Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is longer and has its own subway line, the Broad Street Line.
Broad Street is a short street in Lower Manhattan, New York City, along which the New York Stock Exchange building is located.
Like "Main Street" and "State Street," "Broad Street" is a common name for the Main Street of a city plat. /wiki/Broad_Street   (164 words)

 The Mummers Museum - Philadelphia New Year's Parade
The parade is held on broad street and then on famous 2 street in south Philly.
The mummers are split in 4 divisions, comics, fancies, string bands and fancy brigades. /museum.html   (107 words)

 Interstate 676 Pennsylvania and New Jersey @
While the Vine Street Expressway was an arduous construction project due to opposition and mounting costs, the South Street Expressway faced stiffer opposition from neighborhood leaders in the communities along the planned route.
It separates the Vine Street Expressway portion of Interstate 676 from the Benjamin Franklin Bridge/Camden portion of Interstate 676.
The Vine Street Expressway, as Interstate 676 is known in the City of Brotherly Love, existed in two stages. /i-676_panj.html   (1424 words)

The term "Broad Street Bullies" is made up of "Broad Street", the central street in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and "Bullies" making reference to the
pitbulls insure that us as dog trainers at a pitbull dog kennel are satisfied with pitbulls who live up to the Broad Street Bullies name.   (184 words)

 Broad Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Broad Street Line, a subway line in Philadelphia
Broad Street (Manhattan), a short street in Lower Manhattan that runs beside the New York Stock Exchange building
Broad Street station, a closed station in London /wiki/Broad_Street   (125 words)

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... Suburban Station
The core improvements were replacing the railroad’s stations located at 32nd and Market Streets in West Philadelphia, and the Broad Street Station, located at 15th and Market Streets, adjacent to City Hall in the heart of the city.
Through passenger traffic would be accommodated by a new Pennsylvania Station at 30th and Market Streets; commuter traffic would be handled jointly by the 30th Street Station and a new combination office building and station structure to be built one block northwest of Broad Street Station.
The recovered space along Market Street was developed into Penn Center Plaza in the mid-1950’s with one of the first buildings, Six Penn Center, built by the railroad itself at 17th Street. /~apu/prr/suburban.html   (125 words)

 Philadelphia: SEPTA Broad Street Subway
All stations from Walnut-Locust to Snyder have been additionally rehabilitated, with new signage and floor tile, and are aligned under the east side of Broad Street.
Outside of the paid area, there is a long underground walkway running from Chestnut Street to Spruce Street, known as the South Broad (Street) concourse; this has many exits and entrances to/from both sides of Broad Street, some of which are in the side walls of buildings.
However, the station's design conceals that fact, as there are four large "glass house" surface entrances (the cashier's window and turnstiles are at street level, with the stairs leading directly to the platform), and the platform is much wider than any other island platform, as well as roughly twice as long. /us/phila/broadstreet.html   (125 words)

 Drexel University College of Medicine Faculty Group Practice: Offices at 219 Broad Street
The 219 Broad Building is across the street from the hospital.
Both lines use Broad Street, which borders Drexel University College of Medicine Complex on the east.
Using NJT, you will travel to Amtrak’s 30th Street Station and/or to the Greyhound Station at 10th and Filbert Streets. /np/VisInfo/pub_trans-BROAD.html   (398 words)

 Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - TESTVERSION
PATCO connects to SEPTA's Market-Frankford Line and Broad-Ridge Spur at 8th and Market Streets; an additional fare is required.
The region's suburban bus and trolley lines were operated by the Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Company (also called the Red Arrow Lines), the Schuylkill Valley Lines, and a handful of other smaller companies into the 1970s.
SEPTA Route 15 of the City Transit Division is a bus line as of early 2005, but was supposed to be restored to trolley service by now. /wiki/SEPTA   (272 words)

 Philadelphia: Broad Street Subway
The Broad Street Line is one of only two rapid-transit lines in the U.S., outside of New York City, with express and local trains on a four-track line.
the Broad-Ridge Spur, about 1.9 miles long, which branches from the Broad Street Line at Fairmount and runs to 8th/Market.
It is one of Philadelphia's three "heavy rail" rapid-transit lines, the other two being the Market-Frankford Subway-Elevated and the PATCO line to New Jersey. /~jtbell/transit/Philadelphia/Broad   (536 words)

 Philadelphia Phillies : Tickets : Directions
South Philadelphia alternative: Route C bus southbound to Broad Street.
As you near Philadelphia, signs change from Route 611 to Broad Street.
SEPTA Broad Street Line subway trains are scheduled to depart from Pattison Avenue shortly after our games end. /NASApp/mlb/phi/ticketing/phi_directions.jsp?club_context=phi   (1136 words)

 30th Street Station
The old Broad Street Station, built in 1881 in the city center about one mile from the main line tracks, was by 1920 the center of the heaviest passenger traffic of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
Planned as a replacement to the landmark train shed terminal in center city, the 30th Street Station marked the commitment of the railroad to electricity as a preferable energy source for trains.
Accordingly, the reconstruction of the Filbert Street corridor wa s not realized until the 1960's. /HistoricDistricts/30thstreet.html   (1034 words)

 Student Services, International Affairs
The complete timetables for the Broad Street Subway and the Market/Frankford Line are available on the Schedules page of our Website.
Take the Broad Street Subway (Orange) Line, southbound from the Cecil B. Moore Boulevard/Temple University Subway Station, to the City Hall Subway Station.
At the City Hall Station, use Stairway #3 for the "FREE INTERCHANGE" to the eastbound platform of the 15th Street Station of the Market/Frankford Subway-Elevated (Blue) Line. /internationalaffairs/Current/studentservices.htm   (1034 words)

 OTOL Philadelphia Area RailFest 2005: Parts A9, A10, & A11
(Think of the Canal Street station in New York City along the Broadway Line, where the stations for the tracks to the Manhattan Bridge and those to the Montague Tunnel are in different locations.) The station on the Spur line is a simple one with two side platforms.
As mentioned before, there is a separate Fairmount station on the Broad-Ridge Spur, connected only to the northbound platform of the Broad Street Subway.
Olney is the last station under Broad Street, and the second busiest on the line, after City Hall. /kevinkorell/philafest/parta9a10a11.htm   (1034 words)

 SEPTA Broad Street Line `Sports Express' Service Set For Philadelphia Eagles/Washington Redskins Game
Broad Street Line Sports Express trains stop only at the Olney Transportation Center, Erie, Girard, Race-Vine, City Hall and Walnut-Locust Stations en route to Pattison Station.
It is only a short walk to the Broad Street line City Hall Station from the parking lots.
Local Broad Street Line trains operate about every 12 minutes or less on the Sunday schedule. /D20041117/phw046.P2.11172004180656.09751.html   (326 words)

 Wanderers Running Club Broad Street Run
Newly-signed Wanderer Lynne Andersson jumped to the head of the class with her performance at the Broad Street Run.
Wanderers were brimming with confidence as they display club colors before the Broad Street run.
Fifteen Wanderers were among the almost 10,000 runners who toed the line at the start of the 10-mile run through Philadelphia on May 6. /events_recent/2002-05-broad.html   (372 words)

 Broad Street Line, Michele Grant, 2003
Broad Street Line is a short film set in Philadelphia.
Broad Street Line is a quirky three-minute super-8 short involving direct animation, subway trains and snowplows.
Your browser doesn't like embedded players, so just click here to download the film. /video/broadstreetlinehigh.html   (40 words)

 An ill wind in Philly
Transit officials, fearful of a gas leak, evacuated the city's Broad Street subway line in South Philly for about 45 minutes, just to be sure.
According to reporter David B. Caruso of The Associated Press, the strong odor was first detected around the southern tip of South Philadelphia shortly after 2 p.m., when emergency dispatchers began receiving the first of hundreds of 911 calls.
While commuters scrambled to get to the sweet fresh air of their suburban homes, authorities suspecting an industrial mishap collected air samples, phoned nearby refineries and checked the pressure on natural gas lines. /pg/04324/414287.stm   (559 words)

 "Broad Street Line," 2004
This experimental short film, created in super-8 mm and edited in-camera, takes the viewer on a 3-minute journey up and down Philadelphia's Broad Street subway after a heavy snowstorm.
Direct animation on the film itself, with scratches, pale artists' ink, and flashes of richer color, is accompanied by a haunting musical performance by Paul Robeson. /bsl-film.html   (85 words)

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