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Topic: Broadcast media

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  Broadcasting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and/or video signals (programs) to a number of recipients ("listeners" or "viewers") that belong to a large group.
"Broadcasting", in farming, is one method of spreading seed using a wide toss of the hand, in a broad cast.
American radio network broadcasters habitually forbade prerecorded broadcasts in the 1930s and 1940s, requiring radio programs played for the Eastern and Central time zones to be repeated three hours later for the Pacific time zone.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Broadcast_media   (1439 words)

 Media Access Project
Media, particularly broadcast media, presents a significant opportunity to educate this country's citizens about important issues of the day.
The Court found that it had been reasonable for Congress to conclude that the prospect of cable operators dropping local TV stations was a threat to the health of small broadcasters and the diversity of broadcast media.
Public broadcasting was designed to provide an opportunity for experimentation and innovation — an outlet for alternative viewpoints and perspectives that are underrepresented in the commercial television marketplace.
www.mediaaccess.org /programs/civicdisc   (2046 words)

 Broadcast Media - Television Production in New Zealand & the South Pacific
Broadcast Media Limited is a full service video production company that provides filming and post production aimed at the broadcast market.
Broadcast media can provide an SNG (Satellite News Gathering) uplink service as well as broadband internet streaming solutions up to 8MBps.
Broadcast Media's head office is also based in the "gateway" to the Antarctic Christchurch New Zealand, where the "Deep Freeze" base in situated.
www.broadcastmedia.co.nz   (356 words)

 Media center > Broadcast Council
The Council of the Broadcast Agency is the core institution envisaged by the Broadcast Act, and the way in which its members are elected determines, to a large extent, the degree to which it is independent of centres of political power.
In the early drafts of the Broadcast Act, this independence was achieved by an election system in which the majority of the authorised proposers were representatives of the society and the minority represented state agencies, with the only body authorised to actually nominate council members being the Parliament.
When the Broadcast Bill was amended prior to its adoption in the Parliament at the beginning of July, 2002, the predominance in the nomination of members to the Council was given to the state authorities, at the expense of the civil sector.
www.mediacenter.org.yu /code/navigate.asp?Id=570   (1347 words)

 Broadcast Media Relations
Broadcast media include radio, television and, to a growing degree, the Internet.
Broadcast media can get news out faster, so it is becoming the media of choice for a majority of American families.
Your event or interview may be broadcast live, or a reporter and camera crew may tape your event to be shown on a news program later in the day.
www.oac.state.oh.us /resources/mediaresourceguide/broadcast.asp   (162 words)

 Broadcast Interactive Media | Revenue Programs
Broadcasters have a unique advantage and ability to leverage airtime and interactive media buys for their advertisers, an advantage that Broadcast Interactive Media capitalizes on for our television and radio broadcast partners.
Additionally, Broadcast Interactive works closely with each station GSM or General Manager to help them develop promotional ideas that can be run and launched based on the needs of your own sales team.
Broadcast Interactive makes a clear commitment to all of our broadcast partners that the goal of any website operation will be to generate positive ROI by facilitating on-air and Internet ad sales.
www.broadcast-interactive.com /revenue   (188 words)

 Media Matters - Broadcast media largely ignored speech by ex-Powell chief of staff blasting Cheney, Rumsfeld
Broadcast media largely ignored speech by ex-Powell chief of staff blasting Cheney, Rumsfeld
The selective coverup of important stories continues unabated, the coconspirators otherwise know as the broadcast media are in full fledged protection mode for duhbya and co..
Hurricane's are high drama--dead bodies floating, riots, canabalism--the media loves to report anything that sounds like the end of the world because people like it when the news looks as much like a Jerry Bruckheimer movie as possible.
mediamatters.org /items/200510260003   (1643 words)

 Welcome to Broadcast Communication Media
Broadcast Communications Media, Inc. is an innovative marketing company offering dramatic results with groundbreaking Direct Response solutions.
Broadcast Communications Media, Inc. is an innovative marketing company that offers clients dramatic results and groundbreaking DIRECT RESPONSE solutions.
With Broadcast Communications' expertise in television, radio, outdoor media, and direct response marketing, we will develop a customized plan to increase revenues and help build your business.
www.bcmedia.tv   (229 words)

 Media Broadcast Group
Media Broadcast Group broadcast's information in a familiar medium - television – to your computer, mobile device, or wireless device.
The Media Broadcast Company leverages it's 'Interactive Telecast Viewer' to not only broadcast rich media to any device including computers, broadcast services, wireless and mobile devices, but it can also creates interactive ability for content, pay-per-view, subscriptions, microcharging, advertising, sponsorship and ecommerce.
Broadcasts can be brief, online “television programs/infomercial's” or they can be longer informative ON-DEMAND or even LIVE broadcasts that can provide the message and/or subject matter desired to your current needs.
www.mediabroadcastgroup.com /index.html   (255 words)

The National Association of Broadcasters, headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the broadcasting industry's largest trade association, representing the majority of America's radio and television stations, including all major networks.
The U.S. Government has been an international broadcaster for half a century, and USIA is mandated to give foreign audiences an accurate picture of the United States and its foreign policy through these broadcasts.
Broadcasts from USIA's Washington studios are coupled with two-way audio for electronic dialogues that allow foreign journalists and experts to conduct live interviews with newsmakers in the United States.
usinfo.state.gov /usa/infousa/media/files/media2cd.htm   (4755 words)

 Media Broadcast Auditors
We believe that when buying any media, whether it be spot television, cable television, spot radio, print, or outdoor, that the buy is only half finished after the planning, analyzing, negotiating, and fighting for the value-added merchandising is completed.
Also available to advertisers are critiques of the overall media plan, and executive summaries of all audits.
The media buyer's job is never finished until the post analysis is complete when buying television.
www.mediabuyingacademy.com /mbauditor.htm   (287 words)

 Broadcast Media Interview Communications Training
There are many times when corporations, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups and other organizations are asked by local or national broadcast media outlets to provide an individual for an interview segment.
While taking part in a broadcast media interview may initially look “easy”, the reality is that an interview is harder than it looks.
In fact, the ability to appear natural, poised and well-informed during a broadcast media interview can be quite difficult.
www.crisistraining.net /broadcast_media.htm   (394 words)

 iMedia Connection: The New Broadcast Media Mix
When Klipmart launched six years ago our mission was to take the best of broadcast television ads and marry it with the interactivity and reporting capabilities of the internet.
The result is that the broadcast media mix is finally diversifying.
Package this with an exceedingly high concentration of elusive 18 to 34 year olds, and online, as a broadcast media, becomes a "must-buy" channel to reach audience with the ad format, reach and frequency that advertisers have used for more than half a century.
www.imediaconnection.com /content/6789.asp   (1047 words)

 Broadcast Interactive Media™
Broadcast Interactive Media offers a comprehensive suite of website revenue-generating programs, content and technology solutions to television and radio broadcasters.
Broadcast Interactive Media is a world-class guide, helping broadcasters integrate their core business creatively and profitably onto the Web.
Broadcast Interactive also develops website solutions for businesses in other industries.
www.bimedia.net   (161 words)

 .:Broadcast Media Ideas:.
Headquartered in The Galleria at Erieview in Downtown Cleveland, BMI is working with communities, companies and school districts to enhance their image, brand their identity, educate the community and engage citizens in the good news about where we work, live and play.
Broadcast Media Ideas, Ltd. (BMI) was founded in 1999 by eight-time Emmy award-winning television journalist Michael Settonni.
Broadcast Media Ideas, Ltd., is a full-service creative agency working with companies and organizations both - large and small - to maximize jointly developed concepts using broadcast, CD-ROM, DVD, Internet Web-Streaming and other nontraditional communication channels.
www.broadcastmediaideas.tv   (199 words)

See how Nine Systems, a Windows Media Premiere Certified Hosting Provider, uses content delivery networks to provide reliable and scalable hosting of streaming and download content to medium-to-large audiences and a comprehensive set of content-management tools and services for their streaming customers.
Discusses the challenges that media and entertainment-industry content providers face when delivering content to the Web, and highlights the features of the Windows Media 9 Series platform that provide.
Describes broadcast delay, and discusses how to minimize the size of buffers in Windows Media technologies to reduce this delay.
www.microsoft.com /windows/windowsmedia/forpros/broadcast.aspx   (303 words)

 Broadcasting & Cable : The Business of Television Homepage
Adam Candeub, a former lawyer with the FCC's Media Bureau, is alleging that senior FCC officials ordered all copies of a localism report drafted by the FCC in 2004 to be destroyed.
However, what really set cable programmers apart from their slow-grow broadcast rivals was strong, reliable financial results.
In his previous life as a practicing attorney, Barry Schindel approached his profession as if he were a performer in “the theater of the courtroom.” But after a dozen years as a Bronx public defender and in private practice, an emotionally drained Schindel needed a change of venue.
www.broadcastingcable.com   (613 words)

 Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable, Print, and Interactive
Before joining Time, Inc., he was a media supervisor at Ogilvy and Mather and a Senior Vice President and Group Media Director at Ammirati Puris Lintas.
Grimes is currently consulting on a variety of media ventures as well as serving as Executive Director of the Media Management Program at The New School in New York City.
Before joining Infinity Broadcasting, he was a Director of National Sales at AOL Interactive Marketing, and before that general manager and general sales manager of several major-market radio stations.
www.mediaselling.us /overview.html   (717 words)

 freedomforum.org: Yugoslav broadcast news media transformed
B92 and RTS have been on opposite sides of the long battle for broadcast media professionalism, with B92 leading the struggle of independent electronic media against pro-regime radio and television stations.
That is why "independent media must keep their editorial policy as it is," Matic said.
Leading independent electronic media, such is also Radio Index and Radio-Television Pancevo, that had for years bravely fought for freedom of the press through unbiased and well-balanced reports, are keeping their editorial policy, continuing to be critical of both the former regime and the new authorities.
www.freedomforum.org /templates/document.asp?documentID=3408   (944 words)

 Broadcast Media Has Trouble Analyzing Presidential Debate For Voters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
As far as the broadcast media was concerned, the presidential debates may have had low entertainment value, according to an article in the latest in of the magazine News Informant.
The article clarifies, in particular, the problems with the two candidates’ proposals for maintaining the current level of social security benefits, and takes much of the media to task for failing to evaluate the President’s same proposal when he was a candidate in 2000.
News Informant, founded in 2003, was the brainchild of Bernard Perlstein, who believed that broadcast and electronic journalism too often focused on the excitement of immediate events, to the detriment of analysis of causes and possible solutions.
www.emediawire.com /releases/2004/10/prweb169451.htm   (770 words)

 Media Mouse: Local Broadcast Media Touts their Websites to Promote Supplemental Coverage... but How Useful are they?: ...
Unfortunately, neither site provides the quality resources to offset the dismal state of their broadcasts, and even if they did, such a “solution” would not be sufficient to make up for the quality of their programming since many people still lack access to the internet.
As with their broadcasts, commercial content masquerading as news is commonplace on WZZM 13’s web site.
Similarly, during broadcasts news readers routinely tell viewers to “go to our [WZZM 13’s] web site” and “click on ‘news links’ for more information.” Unfortunately, the “News Links section of the site is little more than a list of insufficiently annotated links.
www.mediamouse.org /features/091905local.php   (1034 words)

 Broadcast Media News
Media up in arms against Broadcast BillFiji Times, Fiji - Sep 11, 2006...
the media as the fourth estate is to make sure to hold politicians accountable but now it seem the politicians want to make the broadcast media accountable and...
Profile, Research) rose as much as 5.3 percent on Wednesday, the day after the media company disclosed plans to sell its broadcast media group, including nine...
www.iaswww.com /ODP/News/Media/Broadcast   (690 words)

 Amazon.com: Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable, Print, and Interactive: Books: Charles Warner,Joseph Buchman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The media are integral elements of America's economy and of the marketing process that is vital to that economy's vigor.
For those who want to teach media literacy and an understanding of media and media systems in the United States this book offers valuable insight into our media's inner workings.
Charlie is a consummate pro who balances decades worth of actual media sales experience (not as a consultant, but as a front line seller) with finely honed skills as a teacher.
www.amazon.com /Media-Selling-Broadcast-Print-Interactive/dp/0813804175   (1179 words)

 Harris Corporation and Question D'Image Announce Partnership To Provide A Complete Broadcast Media Asset Management ...
The result will be the industry's most responsive media asset management system-a complete solution that will enable broadcasters to manage enormous quantities of rich media in a fast and simple manner.
QDI archiving allows broadcasters to make maximum use of their media assets-including re-purposing them for new transmission opportunities.
The combined QDI -Harris Automation system provides a complete end-to-end solution with the ability to seamlessly ingest, retrieve and re-purpose rich media; control devices; manage playout of multiple channels; and move media within a facility or across a network.
www.broadcast.harris.com /news/view_pressrelease.asp?act=lookup&pr_id=215   (364 words)

 More information about Broadcast Media Group
Broadcast Media Group, Inc. is a full service production company that provides videography, editing, DVD creation and duplication
After its founding in 1996, Broadcast Media quickly broadened its vision to include a wide range of services to companies across the country.
From digital acquisition to DVD authoring and duplication, 10 bit uncompressed editing to HD, we are meeting the needs of clients from San Francisco to the shores of Sweden.
www.broadcastmediagroup.com /aboutus.html   (202 words)

 Lawrence Tech - A&S Media Communication - Broadcast Journalism
Students in the broadcast journalism program are cross-trained: learning to write effective news copy, to gather and report information, to format, to edit, to anchor, and to produce for radio and television news.
Students are challenged to think critically about the way news content is produced and presented as well as their own ethical responsibility in reporting the news.
Additionally, students will have the opportunity to produce student-based broadcast programming on campus and programming through Channel 15 Southfield cable as part of their regular course work.
www.ltu.edu /arts_sciences/media_communication/broadcast_journalism.asp   (220 words)

 Broadcast Traffic - Media Management
The management of all media items is controlled within a single module of the BTS application.
Routines are provided to track media movements both within a station and to external organisations, aided by bar-coding facilities this provides an ideal media management facility.
The close integration with the BTS Workflow module allows all stages of media preparation to be defined and monitored.
www.broadcasttraffic.co.uk /media.htm   (71 words)

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