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Topic: Broadcast television system

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Broadcast television system - Gurupedia
An analogue television system includes several components: a set of technical parameters for the broadcast signal, a system for encoding color, and possibly a system for encoding multi-channel audio.
Most video systems were defined to use negative modulation to reduce the appearance of noise, on the theory that dark spots in the image would be less noticeable than bright white spots in the image, given a particularly common sort of noise.
The principal systems are NICAM, which uses a digital audio encoding; double-FM, in which case each audio channel is separately modulated in FM and added to the broadcast signal; and BTSC, which multiplexes additional audio channels on the existing FM audio carrier.
www.gurupedia.com /b/br/broadcast_television_system.htm   (1592 words)

 Broadcast television system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
All current analogue television systems are interlaced; that is to say, alternate rows of the frame are transmitted in sequence, followed by the remaining rows in their sequence.
All analogue television systems use vestigial sideband modulation, a form of amplitude modulation in which the lower sideband is incompletely suppressed.
System A was tested with all three colour systems, and production equipment was designed and ready to be built; system A might have survived, as NTSC-A, had the British government not decided to harmonize with the rest of Europe on a 625-line video standard, implemented in Britain as PAL-I on UHF only.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Broadcast_television_system   (2499 words)

Brightness is most clearly explained to television engineers by stating that it is the only characteristic of colors that is transmitted by an ordinary fl-and-white television system; brightness is that characteristic by means of which colors may be located in a scale ranging from fl (darkness) to maximum white.
In analyzing and discussing television systems, it is customary to express signal voltages in relative or percentage units, such that 100% voltage in all three channels corresponds to the brightest white the system can reproduce.
All systems of color television are based on the same calorimetric principles, regardless of the physical construction of the cameras and receivers or the methods used to combine the primary color images.
nrcdxas.org /articles/rcacolor   (9694 words)

 Dane County Warning System Choices
The Emergency Alert System is composed of AM, FM, and television broadcast stations as well as cable television, operating in cooperation with local authorities to provide uniform and consistent information in an emergency.
Television, in particular, is an excellent source of emergency information since graphics such as radar displays and maps can be used to describe the event in detail.
Broadcast television and radio, while being an excellent source of information, have one major disadvantage as a means of receiving warning.
www.co.dane.wi.us /ems/popwarn.htm   (4176 words)

 Television broadcast receiving system - Patent 6580462
The television receiver apparatus according to claim 1, wherein the non-volatile memory is a flash memory and the volatile memory is an SDRAM.
An embodiment of the television receiving system in accordance with the present invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings, on an assumption that the television receiving system is used for receiving digital television broadcast signals.
It is therefore assumed here that the digital television broadcast receiving system which will now be described is adapted to receive and demodulate signals of a plurality of broadcast programs that have been multiplexed to a single carrier wave, thus extracting and using signals of a desired broadcast program.
www.freepatentsonline.com /6580462.html   (11380 words)

 Direct broadcast satellite system for multiple dwelling units - Patent 5787335
A system as specified in claim 2 wherein a double-pole, double-throw switch is provided at said selected user locations, and wherein said double pole switch comprises said means for providing said broadcast signals to said television receiver and said switch for connecting said first or second satellite signals to a satellite receiver.
The system includes a dual transmission line distribution system for providing signals corresponding to both polarizations to a plurality of user locations, and a switch at each selected user location for selectively connecting either the first or second signal to a satellite receiver.
The system includes a signal acquisition arrangement, which is preferably located on the building roof adjacent the satellite antenna 12 and broadcast receiving antenna 18.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5787335.html   (2368 words)

 Encrypted broadcast television system - Patent 4736422
A conditional access system for transmitting and receiving scrambled television signals over-air includes means for addressing each of the receiving apparatus with an over-air signal whereby to permit reception and descrambling of the signal.
This is acceptable as long as the number of viewers is not considerable but where one is broadcasting to a considerable number of viewers, for example with satellite broadcasting, it can take a considerable time to access all the viewers with their own encrypted key signal to enable them to descramble the broadcast television signal.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a system for sending encrypted programme entitlements together with a period key to one of a large number of viewers in such a way that he can relatively quickly access the encrypted entitlements and period key which enable him to decypher the scrambled teleivision signal.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4736422.html   (4340 words)

 Method for Usability Enhanced and Intelligent channel broadcast / television system for searching ...
Disclosed is a sophisticated and usability enhanced system which allows users to search particular content being broadcasted on television (of type comical/action/family/sports) at a given point of time.
With the revolution of cable television across the world, customers/viewers are presented with hundreds of channels most of which are being broadcasted around the clock.
On an average when the viewer switches on the television set at any given point of time he/she is unaware of the fact that which channel is broadcasting the type of content/serial/movie/show that he/she wants to view at that particular time.
www.priorartdatabase.com /IPCOM/000140498   (498 words)

 NJN - New Jersey Public Television and Radio
In a digital system, images and sound are captured and transmitted using the digital code found in computers as zeroes and ones.
Whether we are broadcasting in HDTV or multicasting SDTV programs, digital technology will give us the capability to use leftover bandwidth to transmit over-the-air video, audio, text or data directly to computers, fax machines or the television set itself.
Yes, until 2006, or until 85 percent of the U.S. TV households have access to digital signals, broadcasters will be required to broadcast on both their analog and digital bands.
www.njn.net /digital/faq.html   (859 words)

 Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Television is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance.
While North American over-the-air broadcasting was originally free of direct marginal cost to the consumer (i.e., cost in excess of acquisition and upkeep of the hardware) and broadcasters were compensated primarily by receipt of advertising revenue, increasingly United States television consumers obtain their programming by subscription to cable television systems or direct-to-home satellite transmissions.
Paralleling television's growing primacy in family life and society, an increasingly vocal chorus of legislators, scientists and parents are raising objections to the uncritical acceptance of the medium.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Television   (3212 words)

 Apparatus for transmitting a distributed computing application on a broadcast television system (US5915090)
    A distributed computer system is disclosed which comprises a source of a continuous data stream repetitively including data representing a distributed computing application and a client computer, receiving the data stream, for extracting the distributed computing application representative data from the data stream, and executing the extracted distributed computing application.
Method and system increasing the operational availability of a system of computer programs operating in a distributed system of computers
System and method for generating an information display schedule for an electronic program guide
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US05915090   (424 words)

 Introduction to Television
A television system uses one or more television cameras to convert the light energy of a natural moving visible scene, either in a television studio or outdoors, into an electronic signal.
This signal is usually conveyed by line to a television transmitting station where it modulates a carrier source, and the resultant vision -modulated carrier wave is passed to the transmitting aerial to be radiated in all directions as a broadcast vision signal.
The sound energy information associated with the visible scene is picked up by a microphone and converted into an electronic signal which is also passed by line to the transmitting station to modulate a separate carrier source.
cbdd.wsu.edu /edev/Nigeria_ToT/tr502/page67.htm   (305 words)

 Montgomery County Warning System Choices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Montgomery County warning system is much more than a system of outdoor sirens.
The TENS system is an excellent enhancement to our system, but it does not replace any of the other components.
The system could be useful for many purposes however, Montgomery County is reserving it exclusively for emergency or disaster notifications.
gisweb.apsu.edu /hls_r911/warning.htm   (3242 words)

 Harris Broadcast Communications - Television
Broadcast Infrastructure Harris' Videotek® product line offers an outstanding selection of award-winning and patented precision test and measurement instruments and other products for the Broadcast industry...
Mobile Television A leader in the global development of mobile television technology, Harris' product and delivery platform advances have led to participation in mobile video trials on three continents...
Leitch is a global leader in providing high performance video systems for the television broadcast industry.
www.broadcast.harris.com /television   (434 words)

 Television broadcast system for selective transmission of viewer-chosen programs at viewer-requested times (US4995078)
A television broadcast system using land lines is provided for real-time transmission of a viewer-chosen program at a viewer requested time to the requesting viewer's television receiver.
Telephone interfaced subscription cable television system especially useful in hotels and motels
System for transmitting information provided with means for controlling access to the information transmitted
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US04995078   (434 words)

As of 1999, there are 1,616 broadcast television stations in the United States, according the US Federal Communications Commission.
There are about 33,000 television stations in the world (including some but not all cable stations), according to the CIA World Factbook 2000.
As of 1999, there are 1,616 broadcast television stations in the United States as well as about 260 cable networks operating on nearly 10,500 cable systems.
www2.sims.berkeley.edu /research/projects/how-much-info/broadcast.html   (1520 words)

 Technology--Broadcast and Computer-Based
Television programs are clearly far more costly to produce and to transmit than radio programs, especially if they are broadcast over public networks and expected to meet production standards similar to those of news, documentary, and entertainment programs.
Television comes into its own in a multiple-media distance education course—used to demonstrate scientific or laboratory experiments, to broadcast field trips, case studies, or performances, and to help visualize dynamic processes and sequences of events.
And unless students have access to recording equipment, at home or at local study centers, the ephemeral nature of the broadcast must be taken into account in determining its educational objectives and its place in a distance course.
www1.worldbank.org /disted/Technology/broadcast/broad_television.html   (221 words)

 Euphonix - System 5
System 5-B is the most advanced digital broadcast mixing system available.
Euphonix is a world leader in providing reliable, fault-tolerant consoles to broadcast facilities around the world.
The System 5-BP can be fitted with over 300 channels and also includes dynamic mix automation so is able to handle applications where both on-air and audio post production is required from a single system.
www.euphonix.com /broadcast/products/system_5/system_5.htm   (260 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | TV project aims to kick-start 3G
An ambitious project is under way to find a way to send TV broadcast signals to mobiles by 2010.
The technology will be much cheaper for end users because it is being delivered via a one-to-many broadcast signal rather than a one-to-one phone call.
And with many people wanting to use such a service while on a train or car journey, there are also issues to be ironed out about how to deliver signals at high-speed without using up valuable battery power.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/technology/3574418.stm   (505 words)

 Senior Broadcast Design Engineer
Provide professional broadcast system design and execution of broadcast systems projects integration.
Design Engineer must be able to communicate effectively in order to fully understand customer needs and design systems within the budget to fulfill those needs.
Bachelors degree in Electronics or Electrical Engineering or equivalent; or minimum 10 years related experience in television broadcast systems.
classifiedadvertising.videosystems.com /ar/video_sr_broadcast_design   (334 words)

 The History of Digital Television   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Television Broadcast (our sister publication) went to 10 key people at the forefront of the transition to get their opinion.
There are many opinions as to how far along the industry has progressed in its efforts to develop a digital television system that closely replicates NTSC coverage.
We went to 13 key people directly involved with the DTV buildout and asked them to comment on their impression of the first year of digital broadcasting.
www.digitaltelevision.com /history/index.shtml   (372 words)

Affirmed the 8-VSB modulation system of the DTV transmission standard, concluding that there is no reason to revisit its decision denying a request to allow use of an alternative DTV modulation standard.
In raising this issue, the Commission recognized broadcasters’ concerns that DTV receivers are not yet available in sufficient volume to support a rapid transition to an all-digital broadcast television service.
The Commission indicated that while it expects that consumers will continue to expect all digital television receivers to be able to receive over-the-air broadcast signals, it suggested that where receivers not able to receive such signals are marketed, consumers should be so notified prior to purchase.
www.fcc.gov.cob-web.org:8888 /Bureaus/Mass_Media/News_Releases/2001/nrmm0102.html   (748 words)

 Letter to Moonves, Leslie:  CBS Television   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
I also understand that if content transmitted over the air via broadcast television stations is not protected, content producers will be unwilling to supply broadcasters with their most valuable and highest quality programming.
In short, broadcasters will become second-class citizens in the content chain and the American public, which now enjoys the finest free broadcast television system in the world, will suffer.
The comments filed by Viacom in the FCC's broadcast flag proceeding (MB Docket No. 02-230) made that abundantly clear: Your company stated that if the FCC had not implemented a broadcast flag by this summer, it would not provide any programming in high definition for the 2003-2004 television season.
energycommerce.house.gov /108/Letters/05222003_941.htm   (448 words)

 About JA Taylor and Associates
Taylor is President of a firm manufacturing scientific video equipment as well as Senior Appraiser and President of J A Taylor and Associates.
He then moved into the television broadcast industry in 1960 at CBS Laboratories where his design accomplishments included the Lunar Orbitor Program, the DRIPS Program, the Linotron System, the Vidifont and various engineering broadcast projects.
Caplan's television broadcast marketing, sales, and management career includes CBS, Thomson Broadcast, Ikegami and Chyron.
www.broadcastassociates.com /misc/aboutus.htm   (270 words)

 Broadcast television - Broadcast television system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
In its use of off-air recordings of copyrighted broadcast television programs, Broadcast television programs will be recorded off the air by University
The impact of modular approach can also be felt in the television business.
In analogue television, the sound portion of a broadcast is invariably
lineseek.com /?q=broadcast-television   (191 words)

 CH (television system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CH is a Canadian television system owned by CanWest Global Communications.
The system consists of six local television stations across Canada, five owned by CanWest.
CH is a secondary service parallel to CanWest's larger Global Television Network, and frequently airs "leftover" foreign programs that cannot fit on Global's primetime schedule.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/CH_(television_system)   (644 words)

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