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Topic: Brolli

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

While Brolli was born with a power level of 10,000 and Goku had a meager power level of 2.
Brolli became infuriated that he was in the presence of Goku, the person that drove him insane.
In the second movie Brolli was killed, and in the third Brolli was brought back to life by the Z fighters for some reason and there was of course more fighting until Bio Brolli was killed again.
www.angelfire.com /anime3/dbzone3/brolli.htm   (744 words)

Brolli begins his first words since his defeat by Son Goku and the other Z Senshi, and it is sort of a chant that will go on throughout the movie.
Brolli follows, grabs both of them by their heads, and slams them into the rock of the mountain.
Brolli is swept off of his mountaintop perch and is now sailing with the kamehameha.
zaph.freeservers.com /movies/movie10.html   (7548 words)

 Brolly power level. : Animeboards.com Forums
Brolli's Ki is atleast as strong as SSj3 Goku if not stronger, there are no official Ki readings for the DBZ Movies nor are there any after Trunk's fight with Frieza and King Cold in the beginning of the Cell Saga.
Brolly does not slow down because he's very tall wich is the reason why his muscles don't block his joints so much.
Brolli's title as the "LSSj" allowed him to be not only at his strongest but his quickest in this form of ASSj, it is even said his power rivals that of SSj3 Goku in the Buu Saga which is easy to believe, for me anyway.
animeboards.com /showthread.php?t=49770&page=2   (1040 words)

 Do you want brolli in budokai 2. - Atari Forums
Brolly is the legendary Super Saiyan, It even says it in the first brolly movie and in the title of the second one.
and brolly could be the legendary ssj because their planet has been around that long you didnt pay real attention to the story and they said when he transformed into the monkey he had a ferocious power level but we dont kno how he is in monkey form because they never mentioned it again
Goku and Brolly were born on the SAME DAY (And you say I didd'nt pay attention to the story) therefore Brolly could'nt have been the legendary ssj there's one bit a proof.
www.ataricommunity.com /forums/showthread.php?t=300219   (1460 words)

 Final Fantasy Database - vegeta the prince?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
maybe brolly does always have yellow hair cause hes powerful?cause he is in gt hes crazy strong when they meet him.
Brolli was another sayjin that was born with a power level of 10,000.
As for the story of Brolli/Brolly, its been rumored in many stories that Brolli is originally angry because out of the whole world of Vegeta, in the infirmary, it was the only place and Gokou was the only person to make him cry.
www.ffdatabase.com /board/showthread.php?p=24188   (1294 words)

 HANGING TREE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Brolli moves to cast soul rip upon hanging tree.
The stranglevine lashes at Brolli with its tendril!
Brolli moves to cast soul rip upon dark treant.
home.kc.rr.com /elvenhorde/tree1.html   (4883 words)

 OtakuBoards - Brolli   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Can anyone tell me about brolli and what do you guys and girls think about him cause in my opinion he is the best of them all.
Brolli he is crazy and wants to kill Kakarot(goku) for crying none stop when he was born.
brolly i think was the first ultimate ssj anyways if u noticed it takes more than 1 of the dbz charaters to beat him soo i would say he is the best enemy
www.otakuboards.com /showthread.php?t=24287   (586 words)

 DaBlackGoku's Dragonball Z and Anime Collection!!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Brolli, sure enough, is the source of the earthquakes, and he attacks her.
Brolli attacks them next and while he is beating them around, Goten sees the last dragonball.
This distracts Brolli, and is all they need in order to destroy him.
www.blackgoku.com /main.php?page=dbz/dbz_dbzmovie10   (467 words)

 Universe's Greatest Fighter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Gotenks charged Brolli with a super punch but then Brolli hit him with a combo and threw a building on him.
Brolli then slammed Vejito into a building, but then Vejito hit him with a punch kick combo.
Brolli hit Vejito to the ground but he then hit Brolli in the stomach.
www.buruma.net /FanFiction/UniverseGreatestFighter.html   (651 words)

 [No title]
At birth Brolli was classified to have an extremely high class rating.
In fear that one day Brolli would take over, King Vegita (Vegita's father) banished Brolli and his father from the Saiyan clan (by killing them).
Brolli and his father were able to survive the planet's destruction however.
www33.brinkster.com /iggynition/badguysdbz1.html   (223 words)

 Dragon Ball Z Movie 10: The Mischievous Partners! Super Warriors Never Rest!
Brolli punches again, and Videl tries to dodge.  She can't, and Brolli grabs Videl by the foot.  He tosses her towards the water, and she splashes in with great force.  Brolli starts to fly away, but Trunks and Goten have different ideas.
Brolli gets pissed off by this (no pun intended) and throws Trunks toward the water.  Goten, "Trunks?"  Goten flies after the falling Trunks.  He reaches out as he nears him and grabs the amber and red necklace that Trunks had been wearing.  Goten doesn't know it, but Trunks is now being choked. 
Brolli's bearhug continues.  Goten is shown getting to his feet.  He stumbles, but manages to get some balance.  Videl is shown walking again.  She sees Gohan getting hurt by Brolli.  Videl, "I...
www.geocities.com /alexsdbz/movie10.html   (1366 words)

Brolli is very enraged and kills almost the entire Southern Galaxy.
This is because when they were sleeping next to each other when they were born, Goku always cried and that pissed Brolly off this drove him insane (which is the stupedist thing I have ever heard.
Then later King Vegeta tries to kill Brolli because of his power when he is a baby is 10,000.
www.fortunecity.com /lavender/kane/1029/id150.htm   (152 words)

 Dragonball Z Movie 11: Super Warrior! I Am the Warrior!
18 then reconvenes with Brolli, but Brolli kicks her to the floor and he is about to kill her, but Krillen steps in and saves her from Brolli's fatal blast.
Trunks is the only unharmed fighter, but since he knows he is no match against Brolli, he moons Brolli, flips him off, and tells him "F*** you" (Because Trunks has a plan to blast the tank with the ooze and kill Brolli.).
All of a sudden it bursts open, water and ooze fall on Brolli and he apparently dies.
www.dbzgtlegacy.com /movie/dbz_movie11.shtml   (546 words)

 gohan.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Due to this fact, King Vegita decided to kill Brolli and his father and banish them from the saiyan clan in fear that Brolli, instead of Prince Vegita, would take over the throne.
But upon the destruction of Planet Vegita, it was this same tremendous power of Brolli that saved both him and his fater.
In attempts to avoid suspicion, Brolli teams up with the Z-team in hopes to find the chaos erupting in the universe (which was caused by Brolli).
www.nyu.edu /classes/op/step/web2_2000/abdul/brolli.html   (182 words)

 ANCIENT GYPSY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Brolli impales their nexus spear into ancient gypsy woman for 89 damage!
Brolli impales their nexus spear into ancient gypsy woman for 96 damage!
Brolli hurls their nexus spear at ancient gypsy woman for 68 damage!
home.kc.rr.com /elvenhorde/gypsy1.html   (514 words)

 OtakuBoards - When do Brolli. Coola etc appear, (DBZ?)
I think ive seen Brolli in a DBZ music video(prodigy) where he beats up Vegeta and then Goku jumps in front of Vegeta, (he was very tall and i think also a sayian)
Yes, Coola is strong, and he has 4 forms as opposed to Frieza's 3.It takes place right after the Frieza saga, I estimate between the Frieza and Garlic Jr.
As for Brolli, I am not sure which movie(s) he is in.They/it have/has not been released.
www.otakuboards.com /showthread.php?t=9880   (952 words)

 Ultimate Destiny Forums - View Profile: brolli the fallen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
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brolli the fallen is not a member of any public groups
www.ultimate-destiny.net /forum/member.php?u=73   (53 words)

 Brolli's Blood The only Place Youll Ever Find It   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Brolli's Blood The only Place Youll Ever Find It Home
Hello And Welcome Too Brolli's Blood The Page Has just Started so Wait For The Eps too come up...
Hey Ppl Welcome Too Brollis Blood,The Ste Will Be completley updated soon!!!...
www.homepagez.com /brollisblood   (42 words)

 [No title]
PowerAdvantageLZ: Brolli stands before the three fighters, laughing madly.
PowerAdvantageLZ: ((Current stat changes:-)) PowerAdvantageLZ: ((Squall, -40 HP, due to the kick, as shown in storyline)) Serj07: ((Do I go?)) PowerAdvantageLZ: ((Brolli has 527/527, and in SSJ, 657/527, with a 717 KI max)) PowerAdvantageLZ: ((For this match, clones count as 'fighters'.
Order is Brolli, Squall, Ifnor, Tien)) Serj07: ::Gets up Grits his teeth, TRIIII-FOORM!!!:: PowerAdvantageLZ: ((513/4...)) Serj07: ((2 clones at 128, main=256)) Remattch: Ifnor smiles happily and dual smashes Brolli.
www.poweradvantage.net /sagas/saga7log2.txt   (334 words)

 Concerning The Legendary Super Saiyan and Brolli - Chrono Shock Community Forums
As for the Legendary Super Saiya-jin, I'm pretty sure they never said exactly who it was.
But also the movie claims Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiya-jin.
But like I said the story was not very well put together...
www.chronoshock.com /community/showthread.php?t=854   (208 words)

 Final Fantasy Database - vegeta the prince?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
This topic about Dragon Ball Z try making that clear before asking your question.
10-28-2003 01:26 PM ya i guess hes got no planet and no one to rule but kakerrot who unfortunatly could kick his ass.But in theory gohan and trunks and brolly could be considered his "subjects" since there half saiyan, i think brolly may even be full blooded saiyan.?
10-29-2003 02:10 PM oh yeah goten, but brolly is from gt which is homo so dont worry about it.
www.ffdatabase.com /board/printthread.php?t=603&pp=40   (311 words)

 Index to Comic Art Collection: "Brolga's" to "Broodunians"
Call no.: PN6768.O7no.8 ----------------------------------------------------- Brolli, Daniele, 1959- "Doppia Identita" (Ronnie Fumoso) / testo, D. Brolli ; disegno, R. Baldazzini.
Call no.: PN6768.O7no.16 ----------------------------------------------------- Brolli, Daniele, 1959- "Incontri non Occasionali" (Mucho Mass) / di D. Brolli & A. Fara.
Call no.: PN6768.O7no.17 ----------------------------------------------------- Brolli, Daniele, 1959- Topolino Noir / storie scritte da Tito Faraci ; disegnate da Giorgio Cavazzano, Fabio Celoni, Massimo De Vita, Corrado Mastantuono, Paolo Mottura, Romano Scarpa, Silvia Ziche ; a cura di Daniele Brolli.
www.lib.msu.edu /comics/rri/brri/brol.htm   (5414 words)

 Index to Comic Art Collection: "Alan Grant" to "Alazar's"
2) / sceneggiatura di Daniele Brolli ; disegni di Roberto Baldazzini.
3) / sceneggiatura di Daniele Brolli ; disegni di Roberto Baldazzini.
2) / testo di Daniele Brolli ; disegni di Roberto Baldazzini.
www.lib.msu.edu /comics/rri/arri/alan_g.htm   (5144 words)

 Robert Brolli   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Robert Brolli
Find where Robert Brolli is credited alongside another name
You may report errors and omissions on this page to the IMDb database managers.
uk.imdb.com /Name?Robert+Brolli   (85 words)

 Happy brolli girls (*) photo - CTF Challenge photos at pbase.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Happy brolli girls (*) photo - CTF Challenge photos at pbase.com
Please do not delete, update, or otherwise edit others' entries
Very nice shot of the girls Richard.Well done mate.
www.pbase.com /ctfchallenge/image/37971673   (159 words)

 ESF Forum - View Profile: Brolli   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sig Made By Me Wait where's it gone WWHAHAAA
Brolli is not a member of any public groups
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forum.esforces.com /member.php?u=114   (26 words)

 LinkedIn: Olivier BROLLI
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www.linkedin.com /pub/0/478/576   (31 words)

 Robert Brolli
Download DigiGuide TV Guide, and never miss programs and movies with Robert Brolli in it again!
To see if Robert Brolli has ever worked with a particular actor, enter their name below.
Find out more on Robert Brolli at the Internet Movie Database
library.digiguide.com /person.asp?id=79961   (80 words)

 Belchfire Themes :: Themes Gallery :: Windows Wallpaper :: Brolli Rampage Universe WinXP
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Belchfire Themes - Themes Gallery - Windows Wallpaper - Brolli Rampage Universe WinXP
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themes.belchfire.net /index.php?download=1001   (405 words)

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