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Topic: Bronchiole

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  Anatomy Atlases: Atlas of Microscopic Anatomy: Section 1 - Cells
Refer to Figure 11A which can be used in conjunction with this plate in order to follow the structural changes that occur from the respiratory bronchiole to alveolar ducts to alveolar sacs where gaseous exchange takes place.
Respiratory bronchiole: A branch of the terminal bronchiole.
Accompanying arterioles and venules are seen in the wall of the bronchiole.
www.anatomyatlases.org /MicroscopicAnatomy/Section11/Plate11228.shtml   (376 words)

  Bronchiole definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
Bronchiole: A tiny tube in the air conduit system within the lungs that is a continuation of the bronchi and connects to the alveoli (the air sacs) where oxygen exchange occurs.
Bronchiole is the diminutive of bronchus, from the word bronchos by which the Greeks referred to the conduits to the lungs.
Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles and is most commonly due to viral infections.
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=2535   (0 words)

The terminal bronchioles are those which end in short structures that have enhanced respiratory exchange, the respiratory bronchioles.
Terminal bronchioles have an uninterrupted surface; respiratory bronchioles have one or more places where their surface has alveoli or alveolar ducts opening into the respiratory bronchiole.
Although each terminal bronchiole opens into two respiratory bronchioles, which in turn open into several alveolar ducts, your slides are cut at an angle that provides mostly cross sections of the bronchioles and little continuity.
medocs.ucdavis.edu /CHA/402/labsyl/01/15.htm   (1476 words)

 Bronchiole - Talk Medical   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Bronchiole: A tiny tube in the air conduit system within the lungs that is a continuation of the bronchi and connects to the alveoli (the air sacs) where oxygen exchange occurs.
Bronchiole is the diminutive of bronchus, from the word bronchos by which the Greeks referred to the conduits to the lungs.
Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the bronchioles and is most commonly due to viral infections.
www.talkmedical.com /medical-dictionary/print-2149   (66 words)

 Bronchiole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bronchospasm, a life-threatening situation, occurs when the smooth muscular tissue of the bronchioles constricts, severely narrowing their diameter.
The medical condition of inflammation of the bronchioles is termed bronchiolitis.
Diseases of the bronchioles include asthma, bronchiolitis obliterans, respiratory syncytial virus infection, and influenza.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bronchiole   (215 words)

 Asthma Illustrated Guide - What Causes Asthma?
In asthma, when the bronchioles are exposed to an irritating substance, they respond by closing down or narrowing.
The irritated bronchioles also fill up with mucus, which is filled with immune cells that the body has released in an effort to get rid of the irritating substance.
The bronchiole narrowing and mucus buildup cause the breathing difficulties of asthma, which can become a medical emergency requiring treatment in a hospital.
www.hipusa.com /eTools/webmd/IllustratedGuides/Asthma_animated_cons/causes2.html   (95 words)

 The Lungs
Pulmonary veins, however, are found at a greater distance from bronchi and bronchioles in the interalveolar septa..
Bronchioles are less than 1 mm in diameter.
Respiratory bronchioles - lined with ciliated simple cuboidal epithelium (in distal regions, non-ciliated) and supported with smooth muscle and elastic connective tissue; their walls are interrupted by delicate air pockets and outpocketings.
www3.umdnj.edu /histsweb/lab10/lab10lung.html   (863 words)

 Changes in Inhaler Devices for Asthma And COPD
Bronchiole smooth muscle is innervated by both sympathetic (beta- 2 adrenergic) and parasympathetic (cholinergic) autonomie nerves, which exert opposite effects on the airways.
Inhaled bronchodilator and corticosteroid medications directly ease the patient's bronchiole resistance to air flow by widening the diameter of the airways and diminishing inflammation, thus increasing FEVl, PIF, and PEFR (Skrepnek and Skrepnek, 2004).
Beta-2 adrenergic receptors are located in the smooth muscle of the bronchioles, blood vessels, genitourinary tract, uterus, gastrointestinal tract, liver, skeletal muscle, and pancreas.
www.pph-attorney.net /news/pph-news-0090.htm   (6429 words)

 Neonatal Clara cell toxicity by 4-ipomeanol alters bronchiolar organization in adult rabbits -- Smiley-Jewell et al. ...
Each side of the bronchiole, the side adjacent to the pulmonary arteriole and the side opposite it, was evaluated.
Side of bronchiole adjacent to PA (blood vessel side; A and B) is compared with side opposite PA (non-blood vessel side; C and D).
Ultrastructural morphogenesis of 4-ipomeanol-induced bronchiolitis and interstitial pneumonia in calves.
ajplung.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/274/4/L485   (5419 words)

 bronchiole - Search Results - MSN Encarta
anatomy of bronchioles, diagram of human lungs, diseases and disorders, role in breathing
Air passes from the larynx into the trachea, a tube about 12 to 15 cm (about 5 to 6 in) long located just below the larynx.
throat, trachea, air sac, airway, alveolus, bronchial tube, bronchiole, bronchus, larynx, lung, pharynx, vocal cords, voice box, windpipe, nose,...
encarta.msn.com /bronchiole.html   (120 words)

 The Respiratory System
In the terminal bronchioles, an occasional ciliated cell (or brush cell or granule cell) may be seen with the electron microscope (eg., see Fig 18.10 in Ross et al., third edition).
The terminal bronchiole shown here is very long, in many of the sections you will see, terminal bronchioles will only be the length of a few Clara cells.
The dip in the respiratory bronchiole is an alveolus, one of the air sacs in which gas exchange occurs.
courseweb.edteched.uottawa.ca /medicine-histology/English/Respiratory/Default.htm   (4511 words)

 Regenerative growth of respiratory bronchioles in dogs -- Hsia et al. 279 (1): 136 -- AJP - Lung Cellular and Molecular ...
Respiratory bronchioles were identified as airways that have openings to alveoli along their walls.
bronchioles in lung was determined by point counting.
of the respiratory bronchiole parallels that of the alveoli (20),
ajplung.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/279/1/L136   (3920 words)

 PetPlace.com - Article: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Bronchiolitis is inflammation of the tiny airway passages deep in the lung.
In time, inflammation in the bronchiole causes structural changes that are relatively permanent and act to interfere with the ability of drugs to cause the airway to expand.
The clinical signs of bronchiolitis associated with SAD are similar to those attributed to inhalation of aeroantigens.
www.petplace.com /articles/artPrinterFriendly.asp?conID=14272   (936 words)

 Three-dimensional mapping of smooth muscle in the distal conducting airways of mouse, rabbit, and monkey -- ...
PG2, bronchiole 2 generations proximal to terminal bronchiole; PG1, bronchiole 1 generation proximal to terminal bronchiole; TB, terminal bronchiole; BF, bifurcation between PG1 and PG2; RB1, respiratory bronchiole 1 generation distal to terminal bronchiole; RB2, respiratory bronchiole 2 generations distal to terminal bronchiole.
) in the distal bronchioles of the rabbit.
In the respiratory bronchioles of the monkey, the
jap.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/93/4/1506   (4790 words)

 a.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
In this survey image of lung parenchyma, a cross-section of a bronchiole and associated blood vessel are shown at lower left.
A terminal bronchiole and blood vessel in longitudinal section is evident near its branch point from the larger bronchiole.
The terminal bronchiole becomes a respiratory bronchiole with characteristic alveolar out-pockets.
medicine.ucsd.edu /pathology/~som213/HistologyImageBank/chapter_5/slide_75_lung2/pages/a.   (51 words)

 Histolab 3c.htm
The smooth muscle in the wall of bronchioles constricts during fixation causing the wall to have a "ruffled" appearance in cross-section.
Terminal bronchiole: Some authors classify the very end of a bronchiole before it has openings into alveoli in its wall, as a terminal bronchiole.
Respiratory bronchiole: Similar to conducting, non-respiratory bronchiole, except walls (made up of low cuboidal epithelium) are interrupted by "budding" alveoli..
faculty.une.edu /com/abell/histo/histolab3c.htm   (1593 words)

 Medical Dictionary: Bronchiole - WrongDiagnosis.com
Bronchiole: A tiny branch of air tubes in the lungs.
Bronchiole : smaller airways in the lungs; minute subdivisions of the bronchi that terminate in the alveoli (oxygen exchange apparatus).
The following list attempts to classify Bronchiole into categories where each line is subset of the next.
www.wrongdiagnosis.com /medical/bronchiole.htm   (212 words)

 ANATOMY OF THE BRONCHIOLE WALL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
In the large bronchioles, the epithelial lining consists of ciliated simple columnar cells.
The epithelium changes to simple cuboid cells in the small bronchioles.
This connection keeps the bronchioles from collapsing during breathing movements.
www.getbodysmart.com /ap/respiratorysystem/lungs/bronchiole_wall/tutorial.html   (99 words)

 Primary bronchiole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The primary bronchioles arise from the tertiary bronchi.
They are histologically distinct from the tertiary bronchi in that their walls do not have hyaline cartilage and they have Clara cells in their epithelial lining.
The inner lining (lamina propria) of these bronchioles is thin with no glands present, and is surrounded by a layer of smooth muscle.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Primary_bronchiole   (177 words)

 CT-Pathology Correlations
An adjacent alveolus shows alveolitis, which consists of a thickened, edematous wall with chronic inflammatory cells, type II cell hyperplasia, and a collection of alveolar macrophages.
This bronchiole has adjacent honeycombed spaces, some of which are filled with edema fluid.
At the periphery of the lung, dilated bronchioles constitute traction bronchiolectasis.
pathhsw5m54.ucsf.edu /ctpath/ctpath31a.html   (353 words)

 HON Allergy Glossary Respiratory System
The bronchi branch many times until becoming much smaller airways called "bronchioles".
At the end of each bronchiole are tiny air-filled cavities called alveoli.
Each alveolus is surrounded by many blood capillaries which allow oxygen to move into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide out.
www.hon.ch /Library/Theme/Allergy/Glossary/respiratory_system.html   (144 words)

 Normal versus asthmatic bronchiole - Evanston Northwestern Healthcare   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-28)
Normal versus asthmatic bronchiole - Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
During an asthma attack smooth muscles located in the bronchioles of the lung constrict and decrease the flow of air in the airways.
The amount of air flow can further be decreased by inflammation or excess mucus secretion.
www.enh.org /healthandwellness/encyclopedia/wellconnected/000556.aspx   (55 words)

 Bronchiole 1
Within the lung, tertiary bronchi become progressively smaller and eventually form small airways called terminal bronchioles.
Note that this bronchiole is lined with a thick layer of ciliated columnar epithelium whose cilia help to remove foreign debris from the lungs.
A thin (but complete) layer of smooth muscle that can regulate the diameter of the bronchiole can also be seen.
bioweb.uwlax.edu /aplab/Table_of_Contents/Lab_14/Bronchiole_1/bronchiole_1.html   (0 words)

 CT-Pathology Correlations
A bronchiole and adjacent alveolar spaces are partly filled with loose connective tissue all of the same age (temporally uniform).
Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia, chronic eosinophilic pneumonia, Churg-Strauss syndrome, desquamative interstitial pneumonia, nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, chronic hypersensitivity pneumonia, mycoplasma pneumonia, lymphoma, lipoid pneumonia.
Causes of this pattern include bacterial and viral infections, multiple different drugs, aspiration, radiation, transplantation (bone marrow and lung), collagen vascular diseases, and inflammatory diseases (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, and others).
pathhsw5m54.ucsf.edu /ctpath/ctpath25.html   (383 words)

 Smooth muscle development during postnatal growth of distal bronchioles in infant rhesus monkeys -- Tran et al. 97 (6): ...
The following distal airways were evaluated in this study: PB2, bronchiole 2 generations proximal to the terminal bronchiole; PB1, bronchiole 1 generation proximal to the terminal bronchiole; TB, terminal bronchiole; RB1, first generation of respiratory bronchiole distal to the terminal bronchiole; RB2, second generation of respiratory bronchiole distal to the terminal bronchiole.
the abundance in respiratory bronchioles at 6 mo of age was
bronchioles at 1 and 2 mo of age.
jap.physiology.org /cgi/content/full/97/6/2364   (4689 words)

Cross Section of a Bronchiole in the Lung
The bronchioles are small passages in the lungs that are toward the end of the respiratory tree.
At this point smooth muscle regulates the air passage opening.
science.nhmccd.edu /biol/respiratory/bronchiole.htm   (45 words)

 EpiAirway Normal Human Airway Tissue Model - Respiratory Research - MatTek Corp.
Histological cross-sections of both the in vitro tissue and a normal human bronchiole reveal a pseudo-stratified mucociliary phenotype (Figure 1).
Transmission electron microscopy shows numerous microvilli and cilia on the apical surface of the cultures and confirmed the presence of tight junctions (Figure 2).
A growing body of data demonstrates that EpiAirway provides a cost-effective means of assessing various respiratory tract issues while avoiding species extrapolation and the use of laboratory animals.
www.mattek.com /pages/products/epiairway   (0 words)

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