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Topic: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

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  Brotherhood of Mutants - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Brotherhood of Mutants, originally known as the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and briefly as the Brotherhood, is a Marvel Comics supervillain team devoted to mutant superiority over normal humans.
Note: the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants should not be confused with the Brotherhood of Evil, foes of DC Comics's Doom Patrol.
The Toad also organized a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants of his own at one point, including the Blob and Pyro, a woman named Phantazia who could disrupt machines and superhuman powers, and the vampiric humanoid pterodactyl called Sauron, who is not an actual mutant.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brotherhood_of_Evil_Mutants   (1857 words)

 Phantazia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
She was recruited into Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
She was one of the more powerful members of the group, with the ability to project bio-energy in the forms of blasts that could disrupt an individual's bioelectric field, toy with one's sense of sight, taste, touch, hearing, or smelling, and the power to levitate.
She was most recently seen as one of Magneto's elite guards in the House of M mini-series.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Phantazia   (303 words)

 MarvelDirectory.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Magneto formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, including Astra, Toad, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Mastermind, shortly after the public debut of the X-Men.
After Cerebro was defeated by Xavier, the Brotherhood was employed by Mystique to recover the remains of X-51, the Machine Man, after which she reorganized the team.
The Brotherhood planned their attack based on inside knowledge provided by an apparent turncoat X-Man, the Juggernaut; however, he was revealed to be a mole planted by the X-Men.
www.marveldirectory.com /teams/brotherhood.htm   (1530 words)

 Squadran X: The Brotherhood of Mutants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The Blob was latter recruited by Professor X for the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants to combat the crazed computer Cerebro.
She reformed the Brotherhood and rescued several members from prison to lead a strike to capture Meltdown, but she and her cohorts were captured by Squadron X. Powers: Mystique can duplicate another persons identity with uncanny accuracy, right down to finger prints and retinal patterns.
He later was recruited by Professor X to combat Cerebro in the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants.
jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu /~bdw12/SquadX/brotherhood.html   (1671 words)

 X-Men Character Bios: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
In each case, these mutants have tried violence and terrorism against humans to achieve power, but they have been stopped by the X-Men, and later by X-Force as well.
The second Brotherhood actually went on to become Freedom Force after their final arrests, but since the third Brotherhood was formed after Freedom Force disbanded, some members returned to their old ways and signed up.
Although there is currently no Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, their spectre will always remain to one day rise again and challenge the X-Men and their descendants.
www.mutanthigh.com /teams/boem.html   (160 words)

 The Pyro Chronology and Appearances List
Days of Future Past: the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is introduced and attacks Senator Robert Kelly, as Kate Pryde travels from the future to warn the X-Men of the consequences of this act.
Though mutants are the dominant species on the planet, this group appears to be pursuing their own agenda of killing humans to protect mutantkind, and has a distinctly Nazi-like theme.
Among such comments as "a dumber bunch of Evil Mutants you never saw", and stating that Blob is the only one "with a halfway decent power; the other [sic] are just silly", he critiques the abilities of the various BoEM.
tatooine.fortunecity.com /bear/353/chron.html   (15349 words)

 Mystique for Champions
To help her in her criminal activities, Mystique organized the third incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which originally consisted of herself, Avalanche, the Blob, Destiny, and Pyro.
The third Brotherhood first became notorious when it attempted to intimidate the public by assassinating Senator Robert Kelly, who was investigating what he perceived as the possible menace posed by the existence of superhuman mutants and other superhuman beings.
Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood for a time, but finally left to join the X-Men, in order to find help in learning how to deal with her superhuman powers.
www.angelfire.com /scifi2/mathew/csmystique.html   (894 words)

 Pyro - MarvelDatabase
The Brotherhood made a name for itself by attempting to assassinate anti-mutant politician Senator Robert Kelly, only to be thwarted by the X-Men and time-travelling Kate Pryde.
Months later, Mystique's Brotherhood, renamed Freedom Force, entered the employ of the United States government, which pardoned its members for their past crimes in exchange for service.
Pyro then led a group of mutants to obtain a Legacy cure by acquiring the High Evolutionary's Isotope E, under the instructions of Exodus and the Acolytes.
www.marveldatabase.com /wiki/index.php/Pyro   (1125 words)

 Blob - MarvelDatabase
Months later, the Blob met another superhumanly powerful mutant, Unus the Untouchable, and the two of them attempted to frame their mutual enemies, the X-Men, as bank robbers.
Months afterwards, Blob was among the mutants comprising the second incarnation of the Brotherhood of Mutants, who were on a mission to find Professor X so that he could protect them from the rampages of the sentient Cerebro.
Due to the Scarlet Witch's magicks the Blob was one of the thousands of mutants to lose their powers, though his skin has not shrunk to compensate the loss of his bloated mass, giving him huge folds of loose skin all over his body and causing him to become suicidal.
www.marveldatabase.com /wiki/index.php/Blob   (1586 words)

Later, Magneto attempted to recruit the Blob for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
Eventually, the Blob was recruited by Mystique for her new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
The Blob soon joined yet another version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, headed up by his old teammate from the original Brotherhood, the Toad.
www.marveldirectory.com /individuals/b/blob.htm   (1224 words)

 Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Page
Alright the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are the coolest team out there so I decided to make a page that basically writes down the history as a team.
It is a tie with who has lead the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants the most at this point between Magneto (I, II, VIII) and Mystique (III, VI, VII).
Magneto and Xavier have led both the X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
brotherhoodofevil.tripod.com   (335 words)

 X-Men Character Bios: The Brotherhood (of Mutants)
This now-defunct group, not to be confused with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, was formed by Havok in the aftermath of his brainwashing during the Onslaught crisis.
In reality, however, the Brotherhood was a sham, a front for Havok and Ever's plan to expose McCoy and stop his evil genetic experiments.
A completely separate group under the leadership of the charismatic Hoffman also used the name "Brotherhood" and committed various terrorist acts until they were shut down by the federal government and betrayed by their second-in-command, Orwell.
www.mutanthigh.com /teams/brotherhood.html   (329 words)

 X-Men Vol. 1
These four are joined together as the first incarnation of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and their peaceful meal doesn't last long, as they argue and bicker their way into a violent squabble.
Assuming that evil mutants must be at the bottom of this, he rallies the X-Men to investigate.
In Santo Marco, the evil mutants have easily taken control of the state of affairs of this tiny nations.
www.marvelmasterworks.com /xmen/xm004.html   (805 words)

 [No title]
The Brotherhood escaped, and the Blob, feeling betrayed, swore never to trust anyone again and returned to his job with the carnival.
Months later, the Blob met another superhumanly powerful mutant, Unus the Untouchable, and the two of them attempted to frame their mutual enemies, the X-Men, as thieves.
He was then recruited by Mystique in her new Brotherhood of Mutants alongside Toad, Sabretooth, Avalanch and others.
www.sysabend.org /champions/gnborh/text/Blob-mi.txt   (918 words)

 Mutant Force (Brotherhood/Resistants)
The mutants were doing well in their battle until several SHIELD agents showed up.
The Mutant Force was the first team of mutants to become government operatives in special assignments, a theme later used by Freedom Force and X-Factor.
Mutant Force/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants should not be confused with other incarnations of the Brotherhood/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and has no known connection to
www.marvunapp.com /Appendix3/mutantforceboem.html   (1040 words)

 The Avenger Files   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
The two mutants eventually enlisted in two organizations of mutants bent on world conquest, the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Factor Three.
Unus and other Brotherhood members were then kidnapped by the Secret Empire who used their mutant powers to power a machine.
And during the House of M crisis Unus was deployed as a magistrate in Australia when he was severly injured by the Hulk (House of M).
www.hostultra.com /~jarvis/unas.html   (848 words)

 The Ultimate Exodus (comics) - American History Information Guide and Reference
Originally a crusader during the Middle Ages, the latent mutant power in Bennet du Paris was awakened by Apocalypse.
Exodus became Magneto's lieutenant in the Acolytes and when Magneto's mind was wiped by Professor X Exodus took command, also caring for the comatose Magneto until they were separated after Holocaust destroyed the Acolytes's space station Avalon.
Exodus was last seen being sucked into Xorn's fl hole after leading the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and attacing the X-Mansion.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Exodus_(comics)   (201 words)

 .: Welcome to UncannyXmen.Net - For The Fans, By The Fans :.
Astra IV reveals her past with the Brotherhood, actually she was the first to join Magneto's Brotherhood.
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Blob, Unus and Mastermind) observe a fight between Iron Man and the recently mutated Beast.
Their plan was to create the ultimate mutant, and Professor X arrived with the Defenders too late to prevent it.
www.uncannyxmen.net /db/pov/showquestion.asp?faq=5&fldAuto=26   (3276 words)

 Heroclix.TCGplayer.com - Your #1 Resource for Heroclix Game Info
She is a valuable asset to the BOEM and continues to contribute her clicks of Perplex to aid her team.
She is often the first member to recruit for an ideal Brother of Evil Mutants theme team.
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants’ respected leader and heart of the team is Magneto.
heroclix.tcgplayer.com /db/article.asp?id=687   (1122 words)

 X-Men #4
STORY: "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants" (23 pages) Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants conquer the tiny republic of Santo Marco.
It's the debut of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto's henchmen and the X-Men's opposite numbers.
The other two members of the Brotherhood are Mastermind and the Toad, both of whom have appeared regularly over the years as somewhat second-tier villains.
www.thexaxis.com /indexes/silverage/4.htm   (745 words)

 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: The Prison Plot - TV.com
I remember being very angry that the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were only seen and not heard.
Among those imprisoned mutants are (his TV turns on showing the Mutants cells) the massive immovable Blob (shows the Blob), the obidient and super-agile Toad (shows Toad), Mastermind the maestro of illusion (shows Mastermind), you have one hour to release my Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
When we see all of the evil mutants later, they were apparently all in the same prison.
www.tv.com /episode/223001/summary.html   (349 words)

 The X-Men # 1-10
Professor X detects the presence of another mutant and dispatches the X-Men to investigate.
The Brotherhood is forced to abandon their plans of conquest and flee.
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lure the X-Men into a trap and capture the Angel.
members.tripod.com /~jshayer/comics/uxmn_010.htm   (865 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-19)
Nevertheless, Mystique is the founder of the third Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
Most recently, she and her evil brotherhood found it too difficult to continue their dangerous and evil activities, so they made a deal with the government.
The Brotherhood captured the evil Magneto and in return Mystique received a presidential pardon for all criminal charges against her.
www.umich.edu /~sheroine/SuperheroineProject/Mystique.html   (311 words)

 Freedom Force Issue Chronology
New Mutants 78: Freedom Force shows up in the team helicopter as the New Mutants are trying to deal with a crisis---Mirage has to be kept frozen or she'll burst into flame and cause vast destruction---FF is trying to arrest Rusty again because of his Navy desertion/still won't register/blamed for Dani's fires.
New Mutants 80: FF is still menacing Rusty and Skids, who are protected by her forcefield and threatening to tell everyone about the missing children.
They then joined Toad's new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and went back to their old life until it was revealed that Pyro had the Legacy Virus (which he may well have caught in the Middle East, as it is known that one member of Desert Sword died of it soon after).
members.fortunecity.com /rook1/freedom1.html   (6187 words)

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