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Topic: Brothertown

  Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Genealogy of the Indians of Brothertown, New York
Brothertown Indians attending Carlisle Institute in Pennsylvania in 1900 included Herman Niles, born in 1879 in Brothertown, WI and Samuel Brushel, born in 1878 in Brothertown.
Hezekiah Fowler was born in the Brothertown settlement in New York on 15 Mar 1813.
Wealthy Johnson, born 27 Feb 1856 in Brothertown, Calumet Co., WI, was the daughter of Orrin Johnson and Mary crowell, granddaughter of William Johnson and Charlotte Skeesuck.
familytreemaker.genealogy.com /users/a/n/d/Caroline-K-Andler-Dousman   (1651 words)

 The Brothertown Tribe (1989)
To understand the history and formation of the Brothertown tribe, it is necessary to span the gap between the 1637 Pequot War and the period of Samson Occom.
In 1785 when the Brothertown tribe had located at Oneida country, the Oneidas, at the instigation of white settlers, set up a claim that the Brothertown Indians had not fulfilled the conditons of the grant and that it was void.
That was the status of Brothertown lands until 1838 and the conclusion of the Treaty of Buffalo Creek.
www.midyork.org /waterville/Archives/occum.htm   (9761 words)

  Brothertown, Calumet County, Wisconsin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Brothertown is a town located in Calumet County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.
Out of the total population, 1.3% of those under the age of 18 and 3.9% of those 65 and older are living below the poverty line.
The township was first created by the Brothertown Indians, who moved here from New York state in 1831 to 1836 to inhabit the township.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brothertown,_Wisconsin   (402 words)

 Brothertown Treaties - Indian Country Wisconsin
In the meantime, the Brothertown began to move to Wisconsin and established a small settlement on the Fox River, near present-day Kaukauna and Wrightstown.
The treaty required the Brothertown to move to a new reservation of 23,040 acres on the eastern shore of Lake Winnebago, in present-day Calumet County.
The Brothertown reasoned correctly that as citizen landowners, the United States was unable to force them into another treaty or selling their land.
www.mpm.edu /wirp/ICW-111.html   (444 words)

 Brothertown History - Indian Country Wisconsin
In 1821, a delegation composed of tribal representatives from the Brothertown, Stockbridge, and Oneida traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin and negotiated the purchase of 860,000 acres.
In 1834, the Brothertown demanded individual title to their lands, which at the time were owned communally by the tribe.
In 1950, the Brothertown again demonstrated their endurance when they participated in an action against the federal government via the Indian Claims Commission (ICC), an agency created to settle outstanding Indian claims against the United States.
www.mpm.edu /wirp/ICW-157.html   (1369 words)

 WER: Brothertown Indians
It will be borne in mind, however, that the whites were first indemnified for their improvements, out of said money, when the Brothertowns drew the interest on the remainder, annually, until the year 1841, when they petitioned and drew out the principal, about $30,000.
After their difficulties were adjusted by the Legislature, as aforesaid, the whites and Brothertowns lived as neighbors, and trafficked together in peace and harmony for several years; and the Legislature passed several acts which were intended as a safe-guard to their rights and property.
By this final adjustment, the Brothertowns obtained one township of land, eight miles long by four miles wide, on the east side of Winnebago Lake; and this in lieu of a tract thirty by twelve miles square, which they in justice and equity ought to have had.
www.library.wisc.edu /etext/WIReader/WER0439.html   (1684 words)

 Calumet County, Wisconsin Tourism - History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Later that decade, the Brothertown Indians accepted citizenship and 50 acres of land for each family rather than be forced to move again.
Today, Brothertown is an unincorporated community on HWY 55, and a few miles north is Stockbridge, a small but active village that bills itself as the Sturgeon Center of the World.
Indeed, it is celebrated at the Pioneer Museum in New Holstein, the Brillion Historical House, and the Calumet County Historical Museum in Chilton.
www.calumetcountytourism.com /history.html   (491 words)

 Calumet County Official Website, calumet county, wisconsin, wi
The Town of Brothertown lies in the far southwest corner of Calumet County, along the shores of the state’s largest inland lake, Lake Winnebago.
Brothertown is a scenic township encompassing rolling hills, the Niagara Escarpment, and the Lake.
Preferred Land Use Map: This map illustrates the Town of Brothertown's preferred land use for the next twenty years. It is an integral part of the Land Use Element and is to be incorporated into the Calumet County Smart Growth Plan.
www.co.calumet.wi.us /departments2.iml?dept_id=84   (382 words)

 Native American News
The Brothertown submitted its first petition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Interior, on April 15, 1980 and the complete documents on Feb. 13, 1996.
The Brothertown has still been waiting for the recognition for over 20 years and they still do not know when to be evaluated and to be federally recognized.
The Brothertown has a tribal council acting as a government, even though the council does not have the same function that a tribal government of a recognized tribe has.
www.uwec.edu /mdorsher/NativeNews/toyama3.htm   (331 words)

 Post-Crescent - Timeline uncertain for action on Brothertown tribe status   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The hopes of tribal leaders were recently raised when the BIA indicated in a court filing that the Brothertown case could be decided by September 2006.
Today, Brothertown are spread across the United States and Canada, with the highest concentration around Fond du Lac.
She wishes her grandmother, a Brothertown who once lived on the tribe’s ancestral lands, was still alive for the day.
www.wisinfo.com /postcrescent/news/archive/local_22715532.shtml   (820 words)

 The Project Gutenberg eBook of Thirty Years in the Itinerancy, by Rev. W.G. Miller, D.D.
Arriving at Brothertown the letter of introduction from the Elder was presented to A.D. Dick, Esq., one of the Stewards.
It was the pioneer camp-meeting in the region, and, though the attendance was not large, it included nearly all the population of the vicinity.
We have spoken at length of the Brothertown portion of the charge in previous chapters, and may now confine the record to that of Fond du Lac.
www.gutenberg.org /files/12376/12376-h/12376-h.htm   (22259 words)

 Brothertown Indians
Many, who can trace their origin back to these Indian pioneers, The Brothertown Indians, may not be aware of their heritage.
The Brothertown Indians are a tribe that was made up of several diverse Algonkian -speaking Indian tribes that originated in New England.
By the early 1800s, the Brothertown, Stockbridge and Oneida began to feel the demands from White settlers for more land.
home.earthlink.net /~herblst/indians.htm   (1083 words)

 Brothertown, Wisconsin Relocation - Houses & Apartments - Schools, Jobs, Weather - For Sale & Rentals
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Population for Brothertown, WI (2000): 1,404 comprising 734 (52.3%) males and 670 (47.7%) females.
www.relo-guide.com /wi/Brothertown_wi.html   (146 words)

 uticaOD.com :: The meeting place and marketplace of the Mohawk Valley   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Descendents of the Brothertown Indians who had settled in Marshall and Kirkland gathered this summer from Wisconsin, Washington, Texas and other states to pay homage to their earliest brethren.
By the 1830s, the scourge of alcoholism, the encroachment of “pale-faces” into their settlement, and border disputes forced the Brothertowns to emigrate again, this time to Wisconsin.
Today the Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin are the core of the tribe, though its members are scattered around the nation.
www.uticaod.com /outdoors/columnists/murphy/journal29.htm   (557 words)

 Brothertown Indian Forum II: A place for Brothertown Indians and their friends to share ideas and provide information.
Lilly L. Skeesuck was born March 1859 in Brothertown, wi died April 20, 1901, in Gales Twpl Redwood Co. Wi, She married Charles M. Degroat Jan 1, 1880 in Redwood Falls, Redwood Co, Mn, son of John Degroat and Harriet Degroat.
Any Brothertown students interested in a summer internship in Washington, D.C? The deadline to apply for this opportunity is March 15th, so it may be a little late for this year, but I'd encourage students to put it on your radar for the summer of 2003.
John Skeesuck was one of the first Brothertown Indians to leave Charleston, RI in 1775 with Joseph Johnson and a handfull of others from the other villages to plant corn and clear some of the land given by the Oneidas for the Brothertown people.
www.network54.com /Forum/118721/viewall-page-5   (6789 words)

 Projo.com | Providence | Extra | Smoke-shop Showdown
Piling out of a tour bus, members of both the Brothertown and nearby Oneida tribes sat on wooden pews inside the Narragansett Indian Church, a stone building deep in the Charlestown woods.
Nancy Padron, left, a Narragansett Indian elder, greets Nancy Lambert of the Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin and her husband Ronald to the Narragansett tribal land in Charlestown.
Of the 43 Brothertown and Oneida Indians on yesterday's tour, 30 said they had ties to the Narragansett tribe, through family names such as Niles, Potter and Simons.
www.projo.com /extra/2003/smokeshop/content/projo_20030813_ntribe13.2124c.html   (918 words)

 Fowler Family
Brothertown Indians historical marker at intersection of USH 151 and Wisconsin 55
She was born August 10, 1792 in Charlestown, Washington Co., R.I., and died February 10, 1862 in Brothertown, Calumet Co., WI Notes for JACOB FOWLER: Lived on lot 141, assigned to him in 1815, and was for years a tithingman and marshal in the town.
November 13, 1859 in Calumet Co., WI She was born February 07, 1847 in Waupaca, Waupaca County, WI Notes for HEZEKIAH FOWLER: He held lot 11, in Brothertown WI, which was sold in 1834.
home.earthlink.net /~herblst/fowler_family.htm   (1583 words)

 Stockbridge-Munsee Early Historical Background - Indian Country Wisconsin
In the 1770s, the first Brothertown settlement in western New York drew members from the Narragansett tribe in Rhode Island; the Pequot, Mohegan, and Niantic tribes in southeastern Connecticut; the Tunxis and Wangunk tribes in north-central Connecticut; and the Montauk tribe on Long Island.
Prior to European contact, they were farming, hunting, and fishing people and their ways of life were adapted to the area's environments: forests and park-like woods, rivers, streams and lakes, and coastal areas.
After removal of a significant portion of southeastern New England's Native population to Brothertown, New York in the 1780s and to Wisconsin in the 1840s, small communities remained in New England's marginal areas. /wirp/ICW-159.html   (2150 words)

 Turning Points of Wisconsin: Essays and speeches by Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians.
Essays and speeches by Brothertown and Stockbridge leaders.
Essays and speeches by Brothertown and Stockbridge Indians.
The first is a sketch of the history of the Brothertown by tribal member Thomas Commuck.
www.wisconsinhistory.org /turningpoints/search.asp?id=50   (165 words)

 Thirty Years in the Itinerancy, by Wesson Gage Miller   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hiram W. Frink was sent to Brothertown in 1842, and had nearly completed his third year when called away.  Brother Frink is also a veteran, having entered the Conference in 1837, the year of Brother Halstead’s transfer.
Returning to Brothertown, I now determined to hold a camp-meeting, under “our own vine and fig tree,” in July.  The arrangements were accordingly made, and at the appointed time, the Presiding Elder and several other ministers came to our assistance.  They were Rev. Messrs.
We have spoken at length of the Brothertown portion of the charge in previous chapters, and may now confine the record to that of Fond du Lac.  During this year a class was formed at Taycheedah with Francis M. McCarty as leader.
www.sakoman.net /pg/html/12376.htm   (3229 words)

 Amazon.com: A man called Sampson: The ancestry and progeny of Sampson, a Mashantucket Pequot Indian, born in what is ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This ground-breaking book is an excellent study of one branch of a Connecticut tribe who migrated to Brothertown, New York, in the late 1700's.
The genealogical section, arranged in Register format, begins with a sachem called Nimrod, born about 1580, and details the lives and times of five generations down to one Sampson of Mashantucket, born about 1730.
The authors have attempted, with admirable success, to trace all the descendants of his son James Sampson, the Brothertown settler, down to the 1980's.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0929539516?v=glance   (555 words)

 The Reporter - Brothertown tribe status uncertain   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Brothertown Indians, a tribe based in the Fox Valley with heaviest concentration in the Fond du Lac area, have fought three decades for federal recognition without results.
But a BIA public affairs specialist said last week that timeline no longer stands, and there is no set timeline for action on the Brothertown case.
Today, Brothertown members are spread across the United States and Canada, with the highest concentration around Fond du Lac.
www.wisinfo.com /thereporter/news/archive/local_22728820.shtml   (721 words)

 No. 97-0304
Halquist filed a petition for writ of certiorari alleging among other things that the committee acted arbitrarily and capriciously without regard to the evidence before it and that an insufficient amount of evidence was adduced in opposition to the application, such that the committee could not reasonably deny the permit.
Halquist submitted a plan of operation addressing the concerns outlined in Town of Brothertown, Wis., Zoning Ordinances §§ 11.03 and 12.04 (1986), including such issues as traffic, safety, hours of operation and reclamation.
On August 30 and September 5, 1995, public hearings were held before the Town of Brothertown Planning and Zoning Committee on Halquist's application.
www.wisbar.org /res/capp/z1997/97-0304.htm   (1979 words)

 Timeline on NYS Executions 1779 - 1889 (Page 8: 1816 - 1817)
Dorothy McConnell, among the first Brothertown Indians to settle -- before the Revolutionary War -- in that part of what became Oneida County were John Tuhi and Elijah Wampy.
The victim in an 1801 Oneida County murder case, Eunice Peters, was a daughter of Elijah Wampy.
According to Jane Stevens-Hodge's transcription of Our County and Its People, the Brothertowns' tribal post of peacemaker was roughly equivalent to that of Justice of the Peace.
www.correctionhistory.org /hangings/hangdates8.html   (1392 words)

 Indianz.Com > News > BIA timeline on recognition has already slipped   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Among them was the petition for the Brothertown Indians of Wisconsin, who have been waiting for an answer since 1980.
The Brothertown Indians are made up of the descendants of Narragansetts, Pequots and Mohegans who left New England in the 1800s.
Brothertown tribe status uncertain (Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers 9/26)
mail.indianz.com /News/2005/010470.asp   (553 words)

 News > Brothertown, Oneida members visit relatives   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Members of the Brothertown Tribe and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin have been touring ancestral New England sites.
The Brothertown Tribe membership is composed of Narragansett, Mohegan, Niantic and Mashantucket Pequot descendants.
Brothertown ancestors moved to New York and signed a treaty with the United States and the Oneida Nation but were eventually removed to Wisconsin along with some Oneidas.
www.indianz.com /News/archives/000797.asp?print=1   (79 words)

 Obit: Graves, Ella (1859 - 1934)
Born in Brothertown, Calumet county, on April 5, 1859, the daughter of Mr.
Abraham Shell, she was married at Brothertown on January 29, 1887 to Hubert G. Graves, who survives her.
They lived at Brothertown, with the exception of two years spent in New York state, until 1901, when they came to Clark county and settled on the farm in the town of York which has been their home since.
www.usgennet.org /usa/wi/county/clark/webbbs/records/index.cgi?read=9264   (209 words)

 InteriorDecorators.Local-Auctions.info - Brothertown Wisconsin furniture   (Site not responding. Last check: )
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interiordecorators.local-auctions.info /Wisconsin/Brothertown/index.php3   (387 words)

 Brothertown Indian Nation Special Guest Speaker
For the last four years he worked as part of a collaborative research project between the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation and an archaeologist from the University of Massachusetts Boston.
The project is collaborative in the sense that it blends archaeological and anthropological field methods with Eastern Pequot cultural sensitivities and tribal government prerogatives, and it has involved anthropology students working with tribal members on a daily basis.
I feel that the archaeology of Brothertown could be a life’s work in and of itself; I am hoping that I might have the opportunity to initiate this work with the dissertation research I am proposing.”
www.brothertownindians.org /BINSG.htm   (339 words)

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