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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Brown County Home Page
The purpose of Brown County government is to provide the citizens with effective and cost efficient public services which will promote the health and general welfare of the residents, while remaining consistent with state statutes.
Brown County will operate, contract and/or coordinate programs to meet the needs of general government, public safety, transportation, health and human services, cultural and recreational activities and the conservation of natural resources while adhering to the mission of delivering services in the most cost effective manner.
We, serving in the Brown County government, believe that public service requires recognizing the unique needs of our citizens and providing resources to be responsive to those needs.
www.co.brown.wi.us   (152 words)

  Brown University | Admission Facts and Statistics
Brown University combines an adventurous spirit of innovation with a steadfast commitment to rigorously high standards in education and research.
Brown expects its students to be active participants in their own education, and to actively seek knowledge across disciplinary boundaries as well as to acquire the fundamental knowledge and analytical skills needed for success in their chosen fields.
Brown supports its students – faculty and staff are available to give students advice, guidance, and feedback on their educational choices – but its program inherently demands a great degree of initiative and self-direction.
www.admissionsconsultants.com /college/brown.asp   (430 words)

 The Da Vinci Code » Book Reviews » Official Website of Dan Brown
Brown solidifies his reputation as one of the most skilled thriller writers on the planet with his best book yet, a compelling blend of history and page-turning suspense.
Dan Brown's conspiracy-theory thriller is the pulp must-read of the season...an ingenious mixture of paranoid thriller, art history lesson, chase story, religious symbology lecture and anti-clerical screed, and it's the most fun you can have between the sort of covers that aren't 300-count Egyptian cotton.
Brown's hero and heroine embark on a lofty and intriguing exploration of some of culture's greatest mysteries--from the nature of the Mona Lisa's smile to the secret of the Holy Grail...
www.danbrown.com /novels/davinci_code/reviews.html   (1374 words)

 Robert Brown, originator of Brownian movement and the cell nucleus, in research by Brian J Ford.
Brown was offered a government salary whilst he worked on the material, and devoted the next five years to describing 2,200 of the species, over 1,700 of which were previously unknown.
But matters moved more quickly, for Robert Brown was able to negotiate the transfer of the specimens in 1827, on condition that they become a permanent part of the British Museum and that he remained their curator for life.
Robert Brown had read the accounts of many of the earlier workers who had seen this phenomenon, and noted that they tended to associate it with organic matter (on the assumption that is was linked with the mechanisms of life).
www.brianjford.com /wbbrowna.htm   (2994 words)

 Derren Brown
Derren Brown is a unique force in the world of illusion - he can seemingly predict and control human behaviour.
He doesn't claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mixture of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.
This is a powerful and provocative form of entertainment, unlikely to be imitated for a long while.
www.derrenbrown.co.uk   (76 words)

 Ford Madox Brown
"Madox Brown's work was highly original at a time when British art was mundane and predictable; his subjects were to do with English literature and language but produced in a dark, highly mannered, and dramatic style synthesized from his early European training and his tours of Italy and Switzerland.
Ford Madox Brown became closely involved with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood through his friendship with Rossetti, but never a member because he was regarded with xenophobic suspicion by Hunt and Millais.
The muscle workers are the navvies and itinerant farm workers, while the brain workers are two of Brown's heroes - the Reverend F.D. Maurice, a pioneer of working class education and Christian socialist, and Thomas Carlyle, the author of Past and Present.
www.artchive.com /artchive/B/brown.html   (717 words)

Brown comes to the Knicks with an honor-laden resume reflecting 33 years of head coaching experience on both the pro and college levels, capped with his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.
Brown is also the only head coach in basketball history to win both an NCAA Championship (Kansas 1988) and an NBA title (Detroit 2004).
Brown’s older brother Herb is also a longtime NBA and college coach, and served on Larry’s staff in Detroit.
www.nba.com /coachfile/larry_brown/index.html?nav=page   (1067 words)

 Marcia Brown
Brown said she found teaching rewarding, but nevertheless yearned to be an artist.
Brown moved to the West Coast in the fall of 1993, leaving her longtime home and studio in the small town of West Redding, Conn. ("The winters in West Redding were getting pretty horrendous," she says.) Before departing, she turned over the bulk of her life's work to the University at Albany.
Brown says there are some wonderful children's books being published now, but publishing has changed radically since she began her career in the mid-40s.
www.albany.edu /feature/marcia_brown/index.html   (1440 words)

 CNN.com - 'Can I quit now?' FEMA chief wrote as Katrina raged - Nov 3, 2005
Brown is still on the federal payroll at his $148,000 annual salary.
On that day, Brown received a message with the subject "medical help." At the time, thousands of patients were being transported to the New Orleans airport, which had been converted to a makeshift hospital.
Brown was forwarded the series of e-mails about the problem, but no response from him is shown in the e-mails provided to the committee, Melancon said.
www.cnn.com /2005/US/11/03/brown.fema.emails/index.html   (1180 words)

 Pieta Brown
The daughter of two preacher's kids, Brown spent her childhood in Iowa and Alabama amidst a bohemian and musical family.
Rambling, in her early 20s, Pieta Brown picked up a Maybell archtop guitar and honed her influences for what quickly became the songs on her eponymous first album.
Brown has recently started collaborations with indie band Calexico and is also currently working on her next album, due in 2007.
www.rosebudus.com /brown   (344 words)

 brown pigment in domestic pigeons
Brown is one of the three basic pigments known in pigeons.
Brown is not as common in pigeons as is ash-red and for many years it was confused with the
A mating of a brown hen to any other homozygous pigmented cock is not sex-linked and will produce all youngsters the color of the sire with young cocks heterozygous for brown.
www.angelfire.com /ga3/pigeongenetics/brown.html   (905 words)

 Astronaut Bio: David Brown 5/04
Brown was then sent for training and carrier qualification in the A-6E Intruder.
Brown logged over 2,700 flight hours with 1,700 in high performance military aircraft.
He was initially assigned to support payload development for the International Space Station, followed by the astronaut support team responsible for orbiter cockpit setup, crew strap-in, and landing recovery.
www.jsc.nasa.gov /Bios/htmlbios/brown.html   (508 words)

 Who is Sherrod Brown? -- In These Times
Brown, a huge baseball fan and an avid athlete, will to need to marshal every last bit of his considerable energy in the next year as he seeks to be become the first Democratic senator from the state of Ohio since John Glenn retired in 1998.
Many support Brown, but it’s a strange feature of the blogosphere that a newcomer to politics like Hackett is widely considered a known quantity, while Brown, who’s spent his entire adult life in public office, is a mystery.
If Brown had announced a decision to enter the U.S. Senate race over the summer when he was being recruited by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, he likely wouldn’t be facing a primary challenger and the “netroots,” as progressive bloggers have taken to calling themselves, would be four-square behind him.
www.inthesetimes.com /article/2406   (1818 words)

 Brown County, KS
Hiawatha was incorporated in 1857 and became the Brown county seat in 1858.
Hiawatha is home to the Davis Memorial, a set of statues showing John and Sarah Davis at various stages of their life.
The Brown County Lake is a stopping point for hundreds of thousands of migrating geese.
skyways.lib.ks.us /counties/BR   (378 words)

 Brown University Mathematics Department
The Mathematics Department at Brown balances a lively interest in students and teaching with a distinguished research reputation.
The undergraduate program in mathematics at Brown is designed to prepare students for careers in the mathematical sciences and other careers requiring strong analytical skills, while engaging more ambitious students in creative projects that can culminate in a senior thesis.
Two active undergraduate groups, known by their acronyms D.U.G. and W.I.S.E., sponsor a variety of events of interest to the undergraduate and graduate community and maintain healthy interaction across levels within the department.
www.math.brown.edu   (254 words)

  Encyclopedia Brown
Probably the most famous child detective of them all, ranking right up there inpopularity with teenage sleuths The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN first appeared in Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective in 1963 by Donald J. Sobol, and the series hasn't been out of print since.
Encyclopedia Brown Lends A Hand (1974, AKA The Case of the Exploding Plumbing)
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Disgusting Sneakers (1990)
www.thrillingdetective.com /eyes/encyclopedia.html   (441 words)

 NPR : Buster Brown, Present at the Creation
Buster Brown's creator was Richard Outcault, a pioneer of the comic strip as a form of art and social commentary.
By this time, Outcault's Buster Brown comic strip was in newspapers throughout America and the cartoonist used the strip to take on current social issues of the day.
In "Buster Brown Visits the Zoo and Talks to the Stork," Outcault addressed public anxiety that whites risked committing "race suicide" by using birth control and not keeping up with the surge in the immigrant population.
www.npr.org /programs/morning/features/patc/busterbrown/index.html   (969 words)

Why is Leroy Brown commonly known as Encyclopedia?
How much does Encyclopedia Brown charge a day for solving a case?
As the saying goes, Encyclopedia Brown is the "greatest super sleuth in..." what?
www.kidsreads.com /funstuff/trivia/brown-triv.asp   (120 words)

 The Russell Brown Show
Brown's Services 1.9.2 has been translated into German.
Brown's Image Processor is now built into Adobe Photoshop CS2, and it's simply called the Image Processor.
Brown's Image Processor 2.3 is a JavaScript utility that can only be used with Adobe Photoshop CS.
www.russellbrown.com /tips_tech.html   (3306 words)

 ESPN.com - MLB - Kevin Brown - New York Yankees - Player Card
Kevin Brown has not been involved in any transactions this season.
Kevin Brown was moved to the 60-day disabled list Thursday by the New York Yankees, a move that in effect ends his season and perhaps his major league career.
Yankees pitcher Kevin Brown is making progress in his rehabilitation program for a back injury and might be able to rejoin the team in September.
sports.espn.go.com /mlb/players/profile?statsId=3979   (98 words)

 ESPN.com - MLB - Emil Brown - Kansas City Royals - Player Card
Brown was not exactly thrilled with the idea of sharing left field duties.
Royals outfielder Emil Brown hit his 30th double of the season Wednesday, but also struck out a season-high four times; Brown is hitting.326 in August with four doubles and 10 RBI
Emil Brown defeated the Kansas City Royals in salary arbitration Thursday and will get his request for $1,775,000 rather than the team's offer of $1.4 million.
sports.espn.go.com /mlb/players/profile?statsId=5756   (178 words)

 Brown Paper Tickets - The first and only fair-trade ticketing service!
We took the complaints that we all have about this industry and used them to create the Ticketing Bill of Rights.
Brown Paper Tickets is based on the Not-Just-For-Profit business model.
At least 5% of profits are donated back to the communities we serve.
www.brownpapertickets.com   (429 words)

The Brown University Women Writers Project is a long-term research project devoted to early modern women's writing and electronic text encoding.
Our goal is to bring texts by pre-Victorian women writers out of the archive and make them accessible to a wide audience of teachers, students, scholars, and the general reader.
We support research on women's writing, text encoding, and the role of electronic texts in teaching and scholarship.
www.wwp.brown.edu   (69 words)

 Web Calendar software and hosting - Brown Bear Software
We are using it to provide a master calendar of events occurring on the campus as well as to provide scheduling for several multi-use conference rooms."
Brown Bear Software - web applications that keep people connected.
Our flagship products are web calendar servers - for scheduling events, meetings, appointments, equipment, or just about anything else.
www.brownbearsw.com   (378 words)

 Fairy Art: Amy Brown Fantasy and Faery Art: The Official Online Gallery
Fall Print Special: for a limited time all 8.5x11 open edition prints (includes Open Ed, Last Chance and Early Works) are 15% off.
All images at this site are copyrighted and specific property of Amy Brown.
Removal or reproduction in any form is infringement of the copyright law.
www.amybrownart.com   (272 words)

 James Brown Homepage
Sad news : James Brown die today 12-25-2006 after being hospitalized with pneumonia
His dress, his moves, his style just so neat
James Brown - Maceo Parker - Fred Wesley - Bootsy Collins - Funky Drummers
www.funky-stuff.com /jamesbrown   (266 words)

 Congresswoman Corrine Brown - Representing the Third Congressional District of Florida - Home Page
To sign up to receive Corrine's Corner simply enter your first and last name and your e-mail address and hit submit.
Congresswoman Brown Agrees with Congressman John Murtha: Calls for Immediate Withdrawal
I never believed for a minute that there was a connection between Iraq, Saddam Hussein’s regime, and Al Queda.
www.house.gov /corrinebrown   (282 words)

 Welcome to F U N K Y - S T U F F - James Brown Homepage
This site is dedicated to one of the most famous fl artist : James Brown.
It's also a tribute to all the people and musicians who made the most recognized milestone in modern music :
James Brown - Maceo Parker - Fred Wesley -
www.funky-stuff.com   (126 words)

 Sherrod Brown / Homepage
Click here to read a special message from Sherrod Brown.
> Brown Statement In Response To Blockbuster Military Editorials Calling For Rumsfeld’s Resignation
John Kleshinski, 55; found joy in sharing his riches
www.sherrodbrown.com   (57 words)

 Millward Brown
Advertiser, Forget the PC, Pick Up the Phone Click here to read the latest POV from Chief Global Analyst, Nigel Hollis
Millward Brown's expertise covers a wide range of industry sectors.
Millward Brown Voted “Crème De La Crème” For New Multimedia Research Solution
www.millwardbrown.com   (52 words)

 Karen Brown's World of Travel
Select an accommodation, attraction or city from the map or green tabs.
Welcome to the Karen Brown World of Travel!
JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use the Karen Brown web site.
www.karenbrown.com   (136 words)

 The Brown Daily Herald
Those who keep Brown running aren't faceless robotrons
Click here to see our print edition front page
Copyright 2007 by The Brown Daily Herald, Inc. All rights reserved.
www.browndailyherald.com   (213 words)

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