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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Tourist and travel information about Bruges (Brugge) in Belgium.
The best way to visit Bruges is to spend at least one night in one of the many beautiful and cozy hotels.
Bruges is always beautiful, in the summertime as well as in the wintertime.
Bruges is unique, in the sense that here the town authorities have done the utmost to preserve the medieval-looking image of the city.
www.trabel.com /brugge.htm   (334 words)

Bruges, in 1300 it became a member of the Hanseatic League, and by 1356 it was the chief emporium of the cities of the League.
Bruges by the Dutch in 1704, the surrender to the Allies in 1706, its surprise-capture by the
Bruges, the Communal Council (which consists of the burgomaster, 5 aldermen, and 24 councillors) with the exception of 6 councillors (five of whom are Liberals and one a Christian Democrat) being in the hands of the Catholic party.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03005a.htm   (2172 words)

  Bruges - LoveToKnow 1911
Bruges is said to have been a city in the 7th century, and the name Flanders was originally applied to it and not to the district.
Before the year i 180 Bruges was the recognized capital of Flanders, and the formality of proclaiming the new counts was always performed on the marche du vendredi, where the railway station is to-day.
Bruges was at the height of its prosperity in the 14th century, when it was the northern counterpart of Venice and its Bourse regulated the rate of exchange in Europe.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Bruges   (719 words)

 AllRefer.com - Bruges (Benelux Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Bruges was founded on an inlet of the North Sea in the 9th cent.
The French garrison was massacred (1302), and shortly afterward the citizen-army of Bruges was led to victory in the Battle of the Spurs.
Bruges was the cradle of Flemish art during the rule (14th–15th cent.) of the Burgundian dukes in Flanders.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/B/Bruges.html   (499 words)

  Bruges - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bruges (Dutch: Brugge (a name probably signifying landing stage)) is the historic capital of the province of West Flanders, Flanders being one of the three regions of Belgium.
The municipality comprises the city of Bruges proper and the towns of Assebroek 1971, Dudzele 1971, Koolkerke 1971, Lissewege 1971, Sint-Andries 1971, Sint-Jozef 1971, Sint-Kruis 1971, Sint-Michiels 1971, Sint-Pieters 1899, Zeebrugge 1901, and Zwankendamme 1899.
Bruges is also a football town represented by two teams at the top level (Jupiler League): Club Brugge and Cercle Brugge K.S.V. Bruges is home to the College of Europe, a prestigious institution of postgraduate studies in European Economics, Law and Politics.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bruges   (1348 words)

Bruges was the capital of medieval Flanders and, at its zenith during the 14th century, was mainland Europe's major wool-producing town as well as its chief market town.
Bruges was founded in the 9th century, and by the 11th century it became a centre of trade with England.
Bruges was captured by the French in 1794, and became part of the united Netherlands in 1815.
www.tiscali.co.uk /reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0003251.html   (526 words)

 Belgium Guide - Province of Western Flanders : Bruges
Bruges was founded in the 9th century by a group of Vikings.
Bruges grew as one of the main textile manufacturing and trading centre in Europe, along with Ghent and Ypres.
The king visited Bruges the next year, and his wife, Joanna of Navarre, was so impressed by the prosperity and opulent attires of the locals that she said "I thought I alone was queen, but I see that here I have 600 rivals".
www.eupedia.com /belgium/bruges.shtml   (1089 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Bruges
He spent most of his life in Bruges, with the exception of several years in Rome, where he was a pupil of Annibale Carracci.
He settled in Bruges in 1465 and established a large workshop that became very successful and made him one of the city's wealthiest citizens.
He served apprenticeship as a mercer and from 1463 to 1469 was at Bruges as governor of the Merchants Adventurers in the Low Countries, serving as a diplomat for the English king.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Bruges   (753 words)

 Hotels in Bruges ~ Hotel Prinsenhof, Bruges, Belgium
Bruges is renowned as one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, with outstanding gothic architecture vying with the serene canals for first place in the
Indeed Bruges is still one of the most important cities of Belgium, and is the capital of the Belgian province of West Flanders.
Bruges was fortunate to be spared the fate of many towns and cities during the Second World War, and the enlightened local Bruges government has also contributed to maintaining much of its history intact.
www.ila-chateau.com /prinsenhof/Bruges.aspx   (346 words)

 Bruges Overview | Bruges City Guide | iExplore.com
Bruges (Brugge) is without doubt one of the gems of northwest Europe, offering the visitor a rich combination of history and Flemish architectural splendors in a compact city center, which was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2000.
Bruges’ fortunes reached their zenith in the 13th and early 14th centuries, when the city was the most important trading center in northwestern Europe, enjoying great status as part of the Hanseatic network.
Modern Bruges, with its nearby port of Zeebrugge, is a dynamic, yet friendly, place, with a strong arts culture and all the ingredients of a successful tourist center.
www.iexplore.com /cityguides/Belgium/Bruges/Overview   (217 words)

 Bruges, page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bruges (Brugge) was founded in the 9th century by Vikings who settled here at the end of the river 'Reie'.
In the 14th century Bruges became the point of origin of a commercial transport road to the Rhineland (via Brussels and Leuven, cities in Brabant which earlier had started to flourish).
Bruges is a well preserved medieval city, interlaced with canals (it is rightfully called the Venice of the North)
home.earthlink.net /~fgilmand/bruges.htm   (520 words)

 Bruges at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bruges (Dutch: Brugge) is a municipality located in Flanders, the main autonomous state of Belgium and in the Flemish province of West Flanders, of which it is the capital.
The municipality comprises the city of Bruges proper and the towns of Assebroek, Dudzele, Koolkerke, Lissewege, Sint-Andries, Sint-Kruis, Sint-Michiels and Zeebrugge.
The Dutch mathematician Simon Stevin was born in Bruges.
www.wiki.tatet.com /Bruges.html   (211 words)

 Consider a Visit to Historical Bruges, Belgium - Associated Content
Bruges was a major center of the cloth manufacturing trade in the Middle Ages.
Bruges is well off the beaten track for tourists in Belgium, but is well worth a visit for its old world charm and historical sights..
Today, a freshened Bruges, as the capital of the Belgium province of West-Vlaanderen, has a manufacturing center outside the city that produces glass, electrical goods and chemicals, although it now lives largely off tourism.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/15494/consider_a_visit_to_historical_bruges.html   (558 words)

 Bruges Guide - Railbookers.com
Bruges is known as "Venice of North", it is a beautiful medieval city, interlaced with canals, and easy to explore on a day trip from Brussels, or perfect for a weekend break.
Burg Square was the original centre of Bruges, walled and gated until the 18th century.
One half is a museum dedicated to the history of the hospice based in one of the former wards.
www.railbookers.com /breaks/guides/bruges   (651 words)

 BRUGES - Belgium’s Medieval Masterpiece
The word might have been coined to describe Bruges, the former capital of Flanders that appears to be trapped in time, an almost perfectly preserved medieval city.
Bruges, which lies in the northwest corner of Belgium just 15 kilometers from the Netherlands border, is full of picturesque bridges, so visitors might assume that its name is derived from “brug,” the Dutch word for bridge.
Bruges itself is not on the coast but was linked to the North Sea by an inlet called the Zwin.
www.theculturedtraveler.com /Heritage/Archives/Bruges.htm   (952 words)

 Bruges, Belgium Bruges Travel Bed Breakfasts Maps Weather Photos Weekends Discounts accommodations
500 photos of Bruges, weather and maps, Bruges hotels and bed and breakfasts for accommodations, and for all your unanswered questions, the Bruges chat/discussion list and the Bruges FAQ.
Bruges incredibly well-preserved medieval architecture makes it one of the most exciting tourist attractions in Europe.
Of course a visit to Bruges wouldn’t be complete without a canal or carriage ride, sampling the chocolates and waffles, shopping for craft work including Bruges famous lace, visiting art galleries, climbing the belfry or trying several of the more than 350 available Belgian beers.
www.brugesinfo.com   (275 words)

 Day Trips To Europe Bruges
Bruges station is a mile south of the centre, which is a 15-minute walk or you could take a taxi or bus.
Surprising Bruges is a 2.4 mile stroll through some of the more surprising and unexpected sights.
Begnijhof (Berguinage) is a pretty and tranquil little corner of Bruges that was originally a sanctuary for the Beguines lay-Catholic sisterhood.
www.daytripstoeurope.co.uk /Bruges.htm   (2227 words)

 [No title]
Bruges, on the other hand, is billed as a charming and peaceful little Medieval town that sounded to me like the perfect contrast to bustling Paris.
Bruges is an absolutely gorgeous place, a colorful assortment of jagged roof lines lining cobbled streets and a network of canals.
Robin, the resident Bruges native in our midst, assured us he was a regular and a harmless one who would end up leaving quietly soon enough, but before he left, he entertained us mightily.
dancingbrave.diaryland.com /bruges.html   (2883 words)

 ninemsn Encarta - Search Results - Bruges
Bruges, city in north-west Belgium, capital of West Flanders Province, near the port of Ostend.
Early in her third and final term of office, Margaret Thatcher delivered a speech at the College of Europe in Bruges.
Social and economic changes in the 19th century lessened the general enthusiasm for lace, and it disappeared from men's clothing.
au.encarta.msn.com /Bruges.html   (90 words)

 Bruges, Belgium  -  Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Brugge never regained its former preeminence as a trading and manufacturing center, and before the end of the 16th century it was known as Bruges-la-Morte (French for "dead Bruges").
From 1795 to 1814, during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, the city was ruled by France.
The mediaeval lodge of the citizens of Bruges.
www.galenfrysinger.com /bruges.htm   (503 words)

 Hotels in Bruges
Situated in central Bruges, this modern hotel is within 500 meters of the city?s famous canals and Groeninge Museum.
This family-owned hotel is housed in a period townhouse with a Gothic fa?e typical of Bruges and is located 500 metres from the main railway station.
This three-floor hotel is situated by a canal in the centre of the historic city of Bruges, one kilometer from the lace centre.
www.expedia.co.uk /daily/hotels/Belgium/Bruges.asp   (794 words)

 Book Cheap Holidays To Bruges And Flight Deals From MyTravel
In northern Belgium, Bruges is impossibly picturesque; the misty and romantic city swallows you into a maze of canals, cobbled lanes and narrow streets.
Bruges upholds the tradition admirably with locally brewed Brugse Tarwebier and Straffe Hendrik and not forgetting the Choco Story Museum the tempting chocolate-making museum.
This hotel is converted from an 18th century patrician family residence and is just a couple of minutes from the romantic canals of Bruges and a five minutes' walk from the main...
www.mytravel.com /belgium/bruges   (382 words)

 Tourist and travel information about Bruges (Brugge)in Belgium by the Belgian Tourist Office - official website
With the city center closed off to cars, all the stunning beauty and culture of this unforgettable city can be easily explored on foot, by boat ride along quiet canals, or by horse-drawn carriage among cobblestone streets.
Although Bruges is a small city it will take more than one day to explore all the architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, chocolate shops, lace boutiques, and ambient restaurants on offer.
In Bruges, this is an area of quiet tree-lined canals faced by white, gabled houses, and a pleasant green area at its center.
www.visitbelgium.com /bruges.htm   (363 words)

Bruges is called 'the Venice of the North'.
Doug-behind the Minniewater Lake is the city of Bruges.
The Swans are a symbol of Bruges along the Minnewater.
homepage.mac.com /dwwms/PhotoAlbum9.html   (384 words)

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
Bruges came to prominence in the 14th century.
However as the harbor silted up, the city lost its important position as a trading centre of the Netherlands, which included half of the current Belgium, soon to Antwerp and later to Amsterdam.
home.comcast.net /~Old_Professor/RhineMosel/Bruges/index.html   (102 words)

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