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Topic: Bruhathkayosaurus

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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

  Bruhathkayosaurus Information
As a sauropod, the Bruhathkayosaurus is estimated to have reached 40 m (130 ft) or 44.1 m (145 ft) in length, 14 m (46 ft) in height, and to have weighed from 175 to 220 t (190 to 240 tons).
When the Bruhathkayosaurus was still considered to be a theropod, it was estimated to have been 18 to 20 m (60 to 65 ft) long, and to have weighed from 11 to 14 t (12 to 15 tons).
The Bruhathkayosaurus was reduced to 28 to 34 m (90 to 110 ft) in length, the Argentinosaurus was reduced to 22 to 26 m (70 to 85 ft) and the Paralititan was reduced to 20 to 24 m (65 to 80 ft).
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Bruhathkayosaurus   (1002 words)

 Paleontology and Geology Glossary: Br
Bruhathkayosaurus was named by Yadagiri and Ayyasami in 1989.
Bruhathkayosaurus was originally classified as a theropod, but is now believed to be a titanosaurid sauropod (mostly becasue of the enormous size of the femur -2.34 meters long).
Bryozoans (meaning "moss life") are a phylum of small invertebrate animals that live in salt water (or occasionally in fresh or brackish water) and are also called moss animals or sea mats.
www.allaboutnature.com /subjects/dinosaurs/glossary/indexbr.shtml   (1678 words)

 Re: Bruhathkayosaurus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
George Olshevsky wrote- > With a tibia about 2m long and a femur 75 cm across the condyles (assuming > the measurements are to be trusted), this is a >whale< of a titanosaur.
Using the humerotibial ratio of Aegyptosaurus, we can estimate Bruhathkayosaurus' humerus was 2.34 meters long.
Based on the estimated mass of Argentinosaurus (80-100 tons), Bruhathkayosaurus may have weighed 175-220 tons.
dml.cmnh.org /2001Jun/msg00665.html   (140 words)

Bruhathkayosaurus is actually a mix of sauropod(ultrasauros I think) and some carnivorous dinosaur bones.
Its difficult to make heads or tails out of what Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi is since the remains are highly fragmentary and so far have only been depicted as poor-quality line drawings - the Yadigiri & Ayyasami 1989 paper that describes B. leaves MUCH to be desired (crappy pictures and next to no diagnostic info).
Even if it does turn out to be a sauropod material (as suggested by Chatterjee) rather than petrified wood, the name will almost certainly be a nomen dubium.
www.cryptozoology.com /forum/topic_view_thread.php?tid=14&pid=285455   (298 words)

 Dinosaur of the Day - Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums
For several years it was thought to be a gigantic meat-eater, but it was recently classified as a sauropod, the long-necked family of dinosaurs that includes Argentinosaurus.
Bruhathkayosaurus was among the largest dinosaurs that ever lived and would have been an awesome sight to see.
Some scientists don't think that the Bruhathkayosaurus fossils clearly illustrate the dinosaur's size.
www.unexplained-mysteries.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=66736&st=60   (1940 words)

 Giant Dinosaur Bones Unearthed in Spain - Tilted Mill Community
At present the now famous Spinosaurus is still widely recognised as taking the prize money but Bruhathkayosaurus is considered to be substantially larger although the claims are not fully accepted.
People play with the bones much like a lego set and try to fit things in where they logically should be, but this has so often led to fundamental errors.
I really think that the spinosaur looks wrong for a giant carnivore but it is widely accepted whereas the Bruhathkayosaurus' depiction seems more anatomically acceptable but has been rejected.
www.tiltedmill.com /forums/showthread.php?p=146655#post146655   (1668 words)

 The Largest Dinosaurs Ever - Bruhathkayosaurus - Seismosaurus - Argentinasaurus - Supersaurus - Paralititan
Based on the estimated mass Bruhathkayosaurus may have weighed 175-220 tons.
There is difficulty in establishing the identity of the animal from what remains and Dinosauricon goes as far as to suggest that there is no certainty that it is even animalian.
Accordingly mass is estimated in the region of 50-60 tons.
www.gavinrymill.com /dinosaurs/largest-dinosaur-ever.html   (564 words)

 Largest organism
Less well described finds may even exceed this.
Bruhathkayosaurus, may have weighed as much as a blue whale and have been considerably longer, and the almost mythical Amphicoelias fragillimus would have been bigger still, but Bruhathkayosaurus is based on very poor material, and Amphicoelias's only fossil was destroyed soon after discovery.
The largest flightless bird found through fossil evidence is the Dromornis stirtoni, measuring three metres tall and weighing half a tonne.
www.ibpassociation.org /encyclopedia/Biology/Largest_organism.php   (1808 words)

 RE: Bruhathkayosaurus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
-----Original Message----- From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of Ken Kinman Sent: Monday, June 18, 2001 8:42 PM To: dinosaur@usc.edu Subject: Bruhathkayosaurus Dear All, The name Bruhathkayosaurus didn't ring a bell, so had to look it up.
If it was a dinosaur, it was apparently a sauropod, not a huge theropod as originally thought.
He said that it IS a dinosaur, a titanosaur.
dml.cmnh.org /2001Jun/msg00626.html   (166 words)

 What was the most massive dinosaur on land?
Among the sauropods, the heaviest ones belong to the titanosaurid group.
Some contenders for the top spot are: Bruhathkayosaurus, Amphicoelias, Puertasaurus and Argentinosaurus.
All of these titanosaurs have been estimated to possibly have reached 100 tons in weight.
www.funtrivia.com /askft/Question1540.html   (203 words)

If the estimated mass of Bruhathkayosaurus, based on very poor evidence, is correct, it would have been considerably heavier than the Blue Whale and would thus be the largest animal to ever exist.
Some scientists are suggesting that the size estimates of the giant sauropods be scaled down considerably, which would put the upper limits at around 170 tons--an outsized individual might still outweigh the heaviest Blue Whale.
However, the remains of Bruhathkayosaurus are very unreliable--they were thought to belong to a theropod for six years after their discovery, and doubt still exists over whether they are even animalian.
www.cryptozoology.com /forum/topic_view_thread.php?pid=435789&tid=14   (2033 words)

The sparse remains of this animal, a sacrum and partial forelimb, are not enough to tell us if it really belongs in Brachiosaurus.
Bruhathkayosaurus is named from an ilium over 1.2 meters long, with some limb bones and et cetera referred.
It was first described as a giant theropod, but the preservation is so poor other workers are unsure if the limb bones may not be petrified wood.
www.users.qwest.net /~jstweet1/sauropoda.htm   (3077 words)

 Questions and Answers: Early Dec. 2001-Zoom Dinosaurs
For a page on Jurassic plants, click here.
I read in a book that the Bruhathkayosaurus was a theropod.
It is only known from a few bones.
www.zoomdinosaurs.com /subjects/dinosaurs/questions/old/Qns01Deca.shtml   (3466 words)

 Damn Interesting » The Call of the Bloop
Am I not correct in assuming that you mean the biggest LIVING animal that we know of?
I looked it up on wikipedia and found the "Bruhathkayosaurus".
But this is highly debated and I hope I don't later regret mentioning it.
www.damninteresting.com /?p=517   (4076 words)

 Disney dinosaur picture
Ready to join and get these cleaned to post.
December a brachiosaurus was a bruhathkayosaurus was the smallest.
I have added the search engine that he had a farm of trexs.
dinosour-pictures.multiapex.org /disney-dinosaur-picture.html   (622 words)

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