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 Brussels-Capital Region - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Brussels-Capital Region (French: Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Dutch: Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, German: Region Brüssel-Hauptstadt) or short Brussels Region (French: Région Bruxelloise, Dutch: Brussels Gewest) is one of the three regions of Belgium.
The region, with a regional parliament of 89 members (72 French-speaking, 17 Dutch-speaking, parties are organised on a linguistic basis), plus a regional government, consisting of an officially linguistically neutral, but in practice French-speaking minister-president, two French-speaking and two Dutch-speaking ministers, one Dutch-speaking secretary of state and two French-speaking secretaries of state.
Brussels citizens belonging to the French-speaking French Community of Belgium or to the Flemish Community, or often to one of the many communities of migrant and EU-nationals. /wiki/Brussels-Capital_Region   (1302 words)

 Flemish far right sets its sights on Brussels , by Serge Govaert
The government of the Brussels-Capital region has five ministers, two of whom are Flemish.
In elections to the Brussels regional parliament, bilingual slates are forbidden by law and candidates must irrevocably declare their membership of one of the language communities.
Brussels’ foreign residents, who account for over 30 % of the population and live mainly in the central districts, are obviously an unknown quantity. /1998/01/06brussels   (2242 words)

 Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list is sometimes referred to as the list of the 19 municipalities of the agglomeration of Brussels, although the actual urban agglomeration around Brussels, as far as demographics is concerned, extends further than these 19 municipalities.
Note that the City of Brussels has three connected parts; central Brussels corresponds to the middle part.
The City of Brussels (1000, 1020, 1120, 1130, 1040, 1050) /wiki/Municipalities_of_the_Brussels-Capital_Region   (189 words)

 Frequently asked questions
Brussels City, the capital of the kingdom, is one of the 19 communes in Brussels-Capital Region.
Because many of the official organs of the European Union have headquarters in the city; Brussels currently welcomes on its territory the commissions and sessions of the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union, the European Commission, the Economic and Social Committee and the Council of the Regions.
The main competences of the regions are economic policy, regional development, urban renewal, housing, environment, energy, supervision of the communes and the Public Centres for Social Welfare, employment, transport, public works, communications, international relations, scientific research, foreign trade, etc... /EN/faq_en/faq_en.htm   (596 words)

 SUTRA, a City of Tomorrow project: City Profile: Brussels
The Brussels Capital Region is characterised by increasing social disparities.
The Brussels Capital Region is also divided into 19 communes, each with their own elected members, and with competencies including parks, street cleaning and waste disposal.
Brussels is also the seat of the European Commission, of the secretariat of the Council of Ministers, of the Economic and Social Committee, of the Committee of the Regions, and hosts meetings of the European Parliament. /SUTRA/CITIES/brussels.html   (379 words)

 Belgium Guide - Brussels Capital Region
The fate of Brussels changed dramatically in 1830, when its citizens revolted against the Dutch "occupation" and proclaimed the Southern provinces the new independent Kingdom of Belgium, of which Brussels was to become the centralized capital.
Brussels' central location, and the small size of Belgium mean that all places in Belgium could be visited on a day trip from the capital.
It is in Brussels that the Belgian comic strip was born. /belgium/brussels.shtml   (6000 words)

 Language problems in access to public health care in the Brussels-Capital region in Belgium
In addition, the Governor and the Vice-Governor of the Brussels-Capital region, in their capacity as federal government representatives, and the Standing Commission for Language Supervision perform a number of supervisory functions regarding compliance with the legislation on language use.
It has a legislative body, the United Assembly, comprising the 89 members of the Brussels Council, respectively the Assemblies of the Flemish and French-speaking Community Commissions, and an executive body, the United College, made up of the five ministers of the Brussels-Capital region.
This is an association bringing together representatives of local authorities in the Brussels region, the public social assistance centres, doctors' associations and the hospitals. /Documents/WorkingDocs/Doc05/EDOC10648.htm   (5674 words)

Another frustration for the Brussels Capital Region is the fact that, aside from the regional development plan and the communal mobility plan, the Federal Authority funds all major works.
Brussels Capital Region is the second level, comprising the nineteen local authorities.
The Brussels-Capital Region, one of the three regions of the Belgian federal state and the country's largest urban agglomeration, consists of 19 administratively autonomous local authorities forming a regional metropolis. /transplus/doc/city.asp?nux=7   (1536 words)

 National minorities : the linguistic dimension
It is not unusual to see billboards along the roads in the Flemish region outside Brussels that strongly encourage the Flemish to speak Dutch when they are in Brussels: “Do not be ashamed to speak your language in Brussels”.
According to them, Brussels is a city of linguistic minorities--a phenomenon due to the immigration from Africa, Asia and America and to the presence of officials from European institutions-- and if the immigrants have chosen to speak French, the dominant language, it is in fact not their mother tongue.
In the Brussels Parliament, however, decisions are taken with a simple majority and the Dutch-speaking parties would like decisions to be taken with a double majority, one in each linguistic group. /html/b_n_minorities_EBelgiumMinorities.html   (1916 words)

 Supporting trade between Brussels, Wallonia & Ireland
For the Brussels-Capital Region, a body was established to manage environmental concerns in a overall integrated manner which was considered particularly important given the complexity of the urban environment: the Brussels Institute for Management of the Environment (BIM).
As far as architecture is concerned, Wallonia and the Brussels-Capital region have many architectural masterpieces of which the Grand-Place, the Cathedral of Saint Michael and the Courts of justice are good examples.
Tertiary activities are highly diverse and heterogeneous, and are divided among the regions according to the industry and the population in question. /industry.htm   (4939 words)

 Region of Brussels-Capital (Belgium)
The choice of this marsh iris as the symbol of Brussels did not occur for the creation of the region of Brussels-Capital (18 June 1989), as often believed.
On 5 March 1991, the Regional Council of Brussels-Capital decided to chose an iris as emblem for the region.
Note also that Brussels, shortly after its foundation, became the unfortunate rival of Paris in the struggle of the pretenders to the throne of France, the Carolingians and the Capetians. /fotw/flags/be-bxl.html   (734 words)

Its role is to defend the interests of the Region and its citizens and to act as an interface between the European institutions and the Brussels-Capital Region.
Its is under the direct authority of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region and in particular the minister responsible for this aspect of government.
The Brussels Parliament, officially known as the Regional Council, is the regional legislative authority in Brussels. /en/outils/lexique.shtml   (2086 words)

 Brussels-Capital Region
The Paliament of Brussels-Capital Region consists of 75 directly elected members (to be raised to 89 in the next election).
An or­dinance is submitted to a cooperation commission consisting of an equal number of federal ministers and members of government of the Brussels-Capital Region.
The Brussels government is appointed by the Parliament. /html/b_n_minorities_BrusselsCapitalRegion.html   (905 words)

 Koekelberg (Municipality, Region of Brussels-Capital, Belgium)
However, the lords of Koekelberg defended their independence and never joined the "Cuve of Brussels", a kind of precursor of the region of Brussels-Capital.
The population of Brussels dramatically increased in the Middle Ages and food supply was even more difficult; the neighbouring rural areas were demanded more and more wheat, vegetables, milk, butter, cheese, and the Magistrate (administration) of Brussels tried to increase its jurisdiction.
The upper part of Koekelberg, a plateau dominating Brussels, was urbanized later and attracted the upper classs; mansions, family houses and apartment buildings were built in a much less crowded environment than in the lower city. /fotw/flags/be-bxlkk.html   (1114 words)

 Brussels-Capital Region
Didier Gosuin, Minister of the economy of the Region of Brussels-Capital.
Capital city of Belgium, Brussels is also the political centre of Europe and an international metropolis: it hosts several E.U institutions, NATO headquarters, 1,100 international organisations and 165 diplomatic missions.
Last but not least, Brussels in terms of gastronomy is also a international reference. /shanghai/English/html/brussels-capital_region.html   (199 words)

 Brussels-Capital region releases its employment plan
The Brussels-Capital region, the third federal authority in Belgium (alongside Flanders and Wallonia), has submitted its employment plan to the Federal Government in preparation for the Cardiff European Council meeting in June 1998.
The region will give subsidies to firms that reduce working time to create jobs because, according to Mr Picqué, this method is more productive in terms of job creation than the proportional reduction of social security contributions.
As regards combating unemployment, the region has adopted an original position: it wants to incorporate a "social clause" into public contracts - that is, an obligation on firms to recruit young people from less-favoured districts. /1998/03/INBRIEF/BE9803136N.html   (464 words)

 Brussels (Municipality, Region of Brussels-Capital, Belgium)
The Universal Exhibition planned in 1958 in Brussels caused drastic modification in the city; in order to improve communication, several narrow cities had to be widened and several historical buildings had to be demolished or diminished.
Lucien Cooremans, Mayor of Brussels, accepted to be the Honour President of the association.
Toone V (Daniel Vanlandewijck, 1888-1938) was expelled from his theater by the Hygiene Commission and sold all his puppets; the mayor of Brussels Adoplhe Max and the jeweller Marcel Wolfers purchased the puppets and offered Toone V a new theater. /FLAGS/be-bxlbr.html   (1664 words)

 Pascal Goergen
Monitoring information,providing opinions and assistance on European dossiers to the Government,the Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region,para-regional organisations,the 19 municipal districts and the inhabitants of the Brussels-Capital Region
Region to the European Union in November of 2000.
Over time, he has become highly specialised in matters related to regional policy and the lobby of the regions within the EU’s decision-making process. /en-pres.htm   (256 words)

 The Researcher's Mobility Portal Brussels-Capital Region
BRAINS - Brussels Relocation and Interfacing Network for Scientists - is the R and D Mobility Centre of the Brussels-Capital Region.
Brussels Liaison Office for Europe: operational partner for relocation topics.
It is an association with a scientific purpose that has been created in a multi-disciplinary approach, and which aims at facilitating the mobility of researchers from a geographical and transsectoral point of view.   (299 words)

 Parlement de la Région Bruxelles-Capitale
When they submit their candidature, they state the linguistic group to which they belong; the Brussels regional deputies elected on the French-speaking lists then constitute the French linguistic group and the Brussels regional deputies elected on the Dutch-speaking lists constitute the Dutch linguistic group.
The candidates taking part in the Brussels regional elections are presented on separate lists depending on their linguistic affiliation.
Like every democratic institution, the Parliament consists of members elected on the basis of universal suffrage : the Brussels Region deputies. /en/parleme/election.htm   (230 words)

 Territorial Employment Pact in the Brussels Capital Region - History
The zone of the Brussels Territorial Employment Pact exactly coincides with the administrative limits of the Brussels Capital Region, something which is rarely the case in other pacts.
Courthéoux, in his capacity of President of the European Social Fund Monitoring Committee for O.P. Objectives 3 and 4 in the Brussels Capital Region, was appointed as Pact Co-ordinator by Minister-President Charles Picqué.
In 1996, on the occasion of the European Council of Florence, President Jacques Santer launched the idea of a " confidence pact " to combat the problem of unemployment in Europe, and the territorial employment pacts were born. /EN/histo_en.htm   (651 words)

 Who is responsible for Taxis in Brussels ?
In order to enable them successfully to fulfill this complementary role, the regional authorities, in the form of the Taxis Directorate at the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region, is responsible for the administrative management of the taxi fleet and for monitoring on the ground.
The order of 30th august stipulates that only operators who hold a permit issued by the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region may provide ‘limousine’ services whose point of departure is located within the 19 communes of the capital.
This department also deals with requests for information relating to legislation on taxis and draws up draft decrees and memos for the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region. /en/who.html   (548 words)

 Mobility plan for the Brussels-Capital Region
The regional government commissioned STRATEC to prepare the surveys and execute the studies required for drawing up the Mobility Plan for the Brussels-Capital Region.
The regional government set up a group of civil servants and political officials to lead the project, called the IRIS Group, to which STRATEC reported throughout the duration of its mission.
On behalf of the Government of the Region /FichesEtudes/PlanGB57.html   (156 words)

 Invest in Brussels
This website is sponsored by the Ministry of the Brussels-Capital Region
The Brussels Enterprise Agency (BEA) is ready to provide you with the assistance you need to start your business in the capital of Europe.
The BEA is responsible to the Brussels regional government.   (243 words) Brussels-Capital Region
Approaches to dealing with the challenges confronting large cities, such as security, drug abuse, and environmental protection are the primary focus of the relationship between Berlin and the Brussels-Capital Region.
In addition, there are a number of school partnerships between Berlin and Brussels-Capital Region.
An exchange on the subject of dealing with the financial problems of capital cities, as well as on topics like urban renewal and neighborhood management, is also planned. /rbmskzl/staedteverbindungen/brussels_en.html   (168 words)

 Flemish Brabant --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Flemish Brabant surrounds the Brussels-Capital Region (containing the city of Brussels) but is administratively separate from it.
Walloon Brabant is French-speaking and was created in 1995 when Brabant province was divided into Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant provinces and the Brussels-Capital Region.
It was created in 1995 when the province of Brabant was divided into Flemish Brabant and Walloon Brabant provinces and the Brussels-Capital region. /eb/article-9003008   (766 words)

 Brussels Belgium Your Information Authority and Brussels Belgium Reference Guide
Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and of Europe is where diplomats, lobbyists, and Euro-politicians...
BRUSSELS - Two suspected terrorists charged over the Madrid train bombings were in Belgium around the time of the attack.
Brussels Hotels - Belgium brussels- hotels check reservations :: help :: faq's :: brussels hotels - belgium:: Brussels is more than a 1000 years old. /brusselsbelgium_2   (1760 words)

 Support Measures Database - View Support Measure Details
Enterprises who are located in the Brussels Capital Region or who want to set up in the Brussels Capital Region.
ECOBRU is a centralised information bureau, which provides advice and consultation services to businesses who are located in the Brussels Capital Region or who want to set up in the Brussels Capital Region.
ECOBRU was created in 1997 by the Minister of Economics for the Brussels Capital Region. /comm/enterprise/smie/viewmeasure.cfm?m_id=12148   (276 words)

Market surveys and market evaluation are done upon request of companies of the Brussels-Capital Region.
The Brussels-Capital Region in the United States of America at the service of the American Companies
For investment related matters, U.S. companies are informed and assisted to open offices in the Brussels-Capital Region. /services.htm   (267 words)

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