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Topic: Bud Adams

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  Bud Adams at AllExperts
Bud Adams was one of the charter team owners in the former American Football League, which was announced in 1959 and played its first games in 1960.
Adams and the other AFL owners received a tremendous boost in credibility and net worth when the merger of the AFL with and into the NFL was announced in 1966, effective with the 1970 season.
Adams is said to have arranged his affairs in such a way as to ensure the team will remain in his family's possession after his death, which appears in no way to be imminent as he has the appearance of a man in remarkably good health for his advanced age.
en.allexperts.com /e/b/bu/bud_adams.htm   (2510 words)

 Tennessee Titans administration
Adams served as an aide in the U.S. Navy's Congressional Liaison Office in Washington D.C. prior to his discharge in 1946.
Adams parlayed a 1946 chance stop in Houston, resulting from fog that grounded his plane, into a highly successful and diversified business empire which ranks him among the prominent businessmen in the country.
Adams chairs the Titans Executive Committee and is currently a working member on several prominent NFL committees, including the NFL's Finance and Hall of Fame Committees; and he is a Trustee for the NFL Trust.
www.titansonline.com /team/administration/staff.php?PRKey=16   (1283 words)

 In the Navy - www.louandbud.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Bud doesn't have as much to do here as he did in "Buck privates" or "Hold that Ghost" and he doesn't get a chance to show off his straightman skills, but that is compensated by Lou's scenes.
Bud is in there with another baker, Joe (Bud's real life stand-in) and we learn Bud is a maintenance man. Lou tells Dizzy (another baker, played by Shemp Howard who also played an identical role in Buck privates).
Bud and Lou talk Tommy into not running after them on the grounds he'll get into a fight with Dynamite, be taken off to the brig, which will give her more opportunities to take his photo.
www.louandbud.com /InNavy.htm   (4919 words)

 Bud Adams - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Adams was so embarassed that he scrapped plans to play the 1998 season at the Liberty Bowl, and instead opted to play at Vanderbilt after all.
In fact, Adams' desire to ensure that no NFL team in Houston would revive the Oilers name was thought to be one of the major causes of the delay in announcing a new name for the team; he did not desire the experience which had occurred with the "Cleveland Browns" name to be repeated.
Adams was again criticised for his decision not to renew the contract of the team's president, returning to that role himself despite continuing to live in Houston and appearing in Nashville generally only on home game days and occasional Titans-related events.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bud_Adams   (2406 words)

 Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame
Adams also made professional football history in 1959 when he took a huge risk and co-founded the American Football League with Lamar Hunt.
Adams is also a historic figure in Tennessee sports history for one decision: his move of the Houston Oilers to Nashville.
It is only fitting that Adams is now the first person with the Tennessee Titans organization to be inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.
tshf.net /inductees/2006Adams.htm   (485 words)

 Texas Sports News
Bud Adams' first hire was John Breen, an able roster architect who outhustled the rest of the AFL for the best available talent.
Adams retorted with an ethnic slur, Gallagher challenged him and, in a flash, the two were rumbling on the floor.
Bud Adams had to jump through hoops in late 1971 to separate Peterson from his Rice University contract and keep Peterson out of the clutches of other NFL teams.
texnews.com /texsports97/oilers063097.html   (3890 words)

 Adams, Nashville make deal official
Adams, almost 73, said at the signing that as long as he owns the team there would be no contract breech.
Adams said he is anxious to move to Tennessee, and he hopes to buy out the last two years of his Astrodome lease so the team can start playing in this state next season.
Adams, too, was all smiles as he shouted into the microphone, "Are y'all ready for some football?" The resounding "Yes!" echoed through the courthouse halls.
www.chron.com /content/chronicle/page1/95/11/17/oilers.html   (1173 words)

 Floridian: A home for the range
Bud Adams says he thinks most cattle ranchers are concerned with the environment.
The beef cattle raised on the Adams Ranch is a breed called Braford that was developed to withstand the heat and insects of Florida and to grow quickly on grass.
The Adams Ranch is among the first participants in Florida's Rural Lands Stewardship Program, which is designed to balance the loss of land to development with the preservation of land for agricultural and environmental purposes.
www.sptimes.com /2005/07/17/Floridian/A_home_for_the_range.shtml   (545 words)

 Adams, McLane to attempt settlement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams wants to buy out the final year of his lease at the Astrodome so that his team can begin playing in Tennessee this fall.
Adams has offered to drop the lawsuit, but McLane is demanding cash.
Adams was in Nashville on Saturday for ground-breaking on the 67,000-seat stadium Tennessee is building for the team.
www.lubbockonline.com /news/050797/adams.htm   (302 words)

 PubliusTX - Bud Being Bud
Bud Adams decided to let go of the executive who's overseen his team's success in recent years, in order to hire himself for the job:
Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams did not renew Jeff Diamond's contract as team president today to take the job back for himself.
But Adams, who turned 81 on Jan. 3, said in a statement that he needs to be more directly involved in managing the team and the company that oversees The Coliseum, Tennessee's home stadium.
www.publiustx.net /item/826   (343 words)

 Pro Log: "Exodus" by Bob Hulsey
Adams was in the middle of negotiations with the City of Nashville to move the Oilers to Tennessee.
Bud found a mayor desperate for a "major league" team who was willing to meet his price and before anyone in Houston took it seriously, Adams had a deal with Nashville.
Adams cited the seven-year playoff run and claimed that the team had the fourth-best overall record in the NFL from 1986 to 1995.
www.houstonprofootball.com /log/log15.html   (2141 words)

 Bud plans for family's future - Saturday, 12/28/02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams gave up the title of president and chief operating officer of the franchise in July 1999, going outside his family to hire respected NFL executive Jeff Diamond to oversee daily operations in Nashville.
Adams said he is unsure if he will be able to sway Smith to make the move, however.
Adams, who has the rights to an Arena Football League team for Nashville, said Mayor Bill Purcell suggested the Titans to use the Nashville Sports Authority as an intermediary in negotiations with GEC executives.
tennessean.com /sports/titans/archives/02/12/27010652.shtml?...   (1198 words)

 Family Lands Remembered: Adams Ranch
From a tract of grassland purchased in 1937 by Alto Adams Sr., to the incorporation of the Ranch twenty-six years later, Adams Ranch has grown from a single 15,000-acre ranch in St. Lucie County to more than 65,000 acres in St. Lucie, Osceola, Okeechobee and (another?) counties.
Adams Ranch introduced a superior pasture grass (clover and legumes) and manages its water supplies to enhance the delicate wildlife and cattle balance.
Rivers, pinewoods, wetlands, grassy marshes, prairies and hammocks are all a part of the Adams Ranch and contribute to the protection and survival of the wildlife that resides there.
familylandsremembered.com /adams-ranch.html   (602 words)

 Bud Adams - A Pioneer in the Arabian World
Jo Pollart and Bud Adams married on November 5 at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Phoenix.
Bud Adams, born in 1927, was raised on a ranch in New Mexico.
In 1979, Bud and his wife Louise moved lock, stock, and barrel to the Adams Ranch on Cactus Road in Scottsdale.
www.bridleandbit.com /artman/publish/printer_7856.shtml   (405 words)

 Johnson M. Adams Family, Barber County, Kansas
Adams has made his home with the children and sorely will they and the grand-children miss the patient, loving advice and counsel that has come from him for so many years.
Adams expressed the wish that when the end came, to be laid beside his mother.
Adams was an ordained minister of the Baptist church and delivered the first sermon ever preached in this part of the country, to the congregation in Sun City, when most of the population consisted of cowboys.
www.rootsweb.com /~ksbarber/adams_jm.html   (1302 words)

 Bud Adams   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams' team was the best of the beginning period of the AFL, winning the first two championship games behind the quarterbacking and kicking of former Bears reject George Blanda, and losing the third in sudden death overtime in what was until that point the longest game of American football ever played.
Whether Adams will revert to his past tendencies to micromanage the team remains to be seen, but it will be seemingly somewhat more difficult for him to do than it was when the team was based near him in Houston.
Adams was also, like several other NFL owners, awarded the rights to operate an Arena football franchise in Nashville, to replace the former Nashville Kats, which left for Atlanta at the end of the 2001 season, and to revive the former team name.
www.info-pedia.net /about/bud_adams   (2086 words)

 Handbook of Texas Online:
"Bud" Adams was the team's original owner and still controls the team today.
Adams selected the name Oilers for his Houston franchise for "sentimental and social reasons." In the first AFL draft before that 1960 season, the Oilers made Billy Cannon their first pick and were able to sign him to a contract.
On January 25, 1975, Adams hired O. "Bum" Phillips as the team's tenth head coach in its fifteen seasons.
www.tsha.utexas.edu /handbook/online/articles/HH/xoh2.html   (970 words)

The notion suggesting Bud orchestrated his team's selection of Vince in order to to a shot at Houston is baselss and ridiculous.
Bud may be a tool, but he isn't stupid or emotional when it comes to business.
This is typical thinking for Bud Adams, & most Houston sports fans have been speculating this would be Bud's next salvo to the place he believes forced him to move.
www.statesman.com /blogs/content/shared-gen/blogs/austin/longhorns/entries/2006/04/28/the_bud_adams_theory.html   (515 words)

 Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams also made professional football history in 1959 when he took a huge risk and co-founded the American Football League with Lamar Hunt.
Adams is also a historic figure in Tennessee sports history for one decision: his move of the Houston Oilers to Nashville.
It is only fitting that Adams is now the first person with the Tennessee Titans organization to be inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame.
www.tshf.net /inductees/2006Adams.htm   (485 words)

 Adams tries to downplay Texans game - Wednesday, 11/06/02   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Every time Titans owner Bud Adams looks out the window of his 28th floor office in Houston, he gets a reminder of his past, his present and the future.
Adams, for the most part, believes folks in Houston are pretty much over the whole leaving-town bit.
Adams is certainly a lot more optimistic now than he was after his team lost its fourth game in a row on Oct. 6 against the Redskins.
tennessean.com /sports/titans/archives/02/11/24881209.shtml?...   (836 words)

 Bud Adams' fund-raiser could put $250,000 in Bredesen war chest - Tuesday, 10/30/01   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Bud Adams, owner of the Tennessee Titans, is hosting a fund-raiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Bredesen, who as Nashville mayor negotiated the deal to bring the NFL to Nashville.
Adams have had numerous opportunities to work together, and share mutual respect, both as businessmen, as well as personally,'' Cooley said.
Adams, who is registered to vote in Houston, Texas, has described himself as a Republican but doesn't hesitate to cross party lines.
www.tennessean.com /local/archives/01/08/10067006.shtml?Element_ID=10067006   (676 words)

 Arts & Leisure: Presidential Timbre (Nashville Scene . 08-02-99)
He's reputed to be a shrewd negotiator of player contracts, an excellent evaluator of talent, and sufficiently brilliant to play five simultaneous chess games while calculating his taxes and watching that how-to-paint show on PBS.
So far, the closest anyone has come to a negative comment about Diamond is that he learned racquetball from Bud Grant (the expressionless old Vikings coach who was less animated than Portland cement).
Bud's in Houston, and all's right with the world.
weeklywire.com /ww/08-02-99/nash_cl-sports.html   (1238 words)

 Bud Adams gives Metro something to chew on - Thursday, 03/11/04   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams said he would pay $10 million cash but offered no details on any further plans for the 11.5-acre property.
Adams' offer has the potential to kill the Sounds deal, Briley said, if the team doesn't make progress before June 10, the day that Adams' offer expires.
Adams said in a telephone interview from Houston that he wasn't trying to hamper the Sounds' effort, saying he, in fact, would like to see a baseball stadium downtown.
tennessean.com /government/archives/04/03/48172670.shtml?Element_ID=48172670   (1117 words)

 K.S. "Bud" Adams, Jr.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams donated Super Bowl tickets to the Nashville Red Cross during a time when their available blood supply was at a critically low stage.
Adams donated a pair of Super Bowl tickets to be raffled off to help pay medical expenses for Kaia Jergenson, a member of the David Lipscomb University women’s basketball team, who lost her legs due to bacterial meningitis.
Adams rewarded area sixth, seventh and eighth grade students for their hard work by donating 3,500 pairs of tickets to the inaugural game in the Coliseum versus the Falcons.
www.cherokeeheritage.org /Default.aspx?tabid=546   (3316 words)

 Illustrated Properties Real Estate: Palm Beach County, Florida   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Adams Business Consultants, Inc., the leading business brokerage firm in South Florida, is an affiliate of Illustrated Properties, which deals in residential and commercial properties throughout the area.
Adams has been intimately involved with all aspects of real estate, development, building, architecture and management.
Since its start the company has grown, is thriving, and under Bud Adams' leadership, is prepared to meet the challenge of serving the needs of the expanding business community of South Florida.
www.ipre.com /business.htm   (184 words)

 The Memphis Flyer: Feature - October 30, 1997
"By himself, Bud Adams started the Houston Oilers," states the second paragraph of chapter one, and it is just about the nicest thing Fowler has to say about the Oilers owner.
Bud spent so much time clowning around he forgot to win.
He writes that Adams' relations with the media were always poor, and describes the time he got into a "scuffle" with a Houston Post reporter at an AFL executive committee meeting.
www.memphisflyer.com /backissues/issue454/n_fea454.htm   (1706 words)

It’s not that Bud Adams doesn’t already take a keen interest in how the Titans perform every week, but for obvious reasons, the upcoming game against the Houston Texans is one game you can be sure he takes a special interest in.
With all that is at stake, Bud Adams has, under the penumbra of playing down this weekend’s contest against Houston, refrained from speaking to the media here in Nashville.
Bud simply knows that words are not always needed to deliver a message.
www.firecoachfisher.com /blog.html?p=810   (536 words)

 Primedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Wayne’s Bud Adams had little trouble out dueling Damon Breedlove for the lead and went on to score his first dash win of the season in the Gearhart Timbers car.
After just one lap Bud had taken over the top spot and cruised to his first USA win of ’05.
Bud was followed by Brent Hook, Damon Breedlove, Tony Dager and rounding out the top five, Chad Poorman.
www.whowon.com /primedia/pm_tracknews.asp?StoryID=166081   (567 words)

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