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Topic: Buddhism in Bangladesh

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Buddhism in Bangladesh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tantric Buddhism is a later development in Bengal and therefore it remains to be seen what specific factors are responsible for turning the pure form of Buddhism into tantricism and whether the mystic and esoteric practices in the Buddhism of Bangladesh are of distinctively Bengali origin.
Buddhism, once a thriving religion, declined in the absence of the royal patronage, as also because of the unfavourable attitude of the Sunga kings towards Buddhism and the Sangha.
During the same period, Buddhism was almost wiped out in other parts of the Indian subcontinent, and at the same time, it also became a dominant force in neighbouring regions, extending its influence to Tibet in the north and the Malaya peninsula in the south.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Buddhism_in_Bangladesh   (3417 words)

 Bangladesh Buddhism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Buddhism in various forms appears to have been prevalent at the time of the Turkish conquest in 1202.
The practice of Buddhism is concerned with salvation rather than with metaphysical speculation.
Although doctrinal Buddhism rejects the worship of gods and preserves the memory of the Buddha as an enlightened man, popular Buddhism contains a pantheon of gods and lesser deities headed by the Buddha.
www.country-studies.com /bangladesh/buddhism.html   (410 words)

Bangladesh - EARLY HISTORY, 1000 B.C.-A.D. For most of its history, the area known as Bangladesh was a political backwater--an observer rather than a participant in the great political and military events of the Indian subcontinent.
Bangladesh is bordered on the west, north, and east by a 2,400-kilometer land frontier with India and, in the southeast, by a short land and water frontier (193 kilometers) with Burma.
Bangladesh is noted for the ethnic homogeneity of its population.
www.mongabay.com /reference/country_studies/bangladesh/all.html   (18119 words)

 Buddhism in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Theravada is the single remaining representative of the eighteen (or twenty) Nikaya schools of Indian Buddhism, which are sometimes referred to by the controversial term Hinayana.
A form of Indian Buddhism that emerged in roughly the 7th century AD and later became widespread in Tibet, and also found in Japan.
For a full account of the spread of Buddhism in India and beyond, see the History of Buddhism and the Decline of Buddhism in India.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Buddhism_in_India   (426 words)

 Buddhism : a general outline
Buddhism is therefore not just a faith, but a religion based on supreme enlightenment; it is a system of teachings and practice with enlightenment as its ultimate goal.
Buddhism arose within the cultural milieus of Brahmanism, which came to be known in its present form as Hinduism.
As Buddhism is a religion based on knowledge and enlightenment, the validity and value of the Dhamma naturally assume prime significance in the whole system as opposed to belief and faith, as in theistic religions.
www.purifymind.com /BuddhismOutline.htm   (4487 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on Bangladesh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Bangladesh is one of the founding members of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, BIMSTEC, and a member of the OIC and the D-8.
Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world at about 1000 persons per kmandsup2;, except a few small countries with fewer than one million inhabitants.
Bangladesh is ethnically homogeneous, with Bengalis comprising 98% of the population.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/bangladesh   (4307 words)

 History of Bangladesh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The ensuing war was one of the shortest and bloodiest of modern times, with the Pakistan army occupying all major towns, using napalm against villages, and slaughtering and raping villagers.
Indian troops crossed the border and the Pakistani army found itself being attacked from the east by the Indian army, the north and east by guerrillas and from all quarters by the civilian population.
In 1979, Bangladesh began a short-lived experiment with democracy led by the overwhelmingly popular President Zia, who established good relationships with the West and the oil-rich Islamic countries.
www.bangla2000.com /Bangladesh/history.shtm   (994 words)

 arsenic poisoning in Bangladesh/India
Bangladesh is also working towards this goal despite of its being relatively nascent in the world of tourism.
Bangladesh is a combination of verdant forests, riverine countryside, and long stretches of sun-bathed beaches, fearsome wilds, meandering rivers and venerable Buddhist monasteries.
Buddhism in Bangladesh received royal patronage during the Pala and Gupta Dynasty, and its influence can still be perceived in the culture and heritage of this country especially in the life and society of the people of the Hill-tracts districts in Bangladesh.
www.sos-arsenic.net /english/intro/buddhist_tourism.html   (455 words)

Bangladesh consists mostly of a low-lying river delta located on the Indian subcontinent with a largely marshy jungle coastline on the Bay of Bengal known as the Sundarbans, home to the (Royal) Bengal Tiger and one of the largest mangrove forests in the world.
Though Bangladesh is not a major sporting power in any sense, Bangladeshi athletes and sportspersons have brought her many laurels.
Education in Bangladesh is highly subsidized by the Government, which operates many schools and colleges in the primary, secondary and higher secondary level as well as many public universities.
creekin.net /n15-bangladesh.html   (2919 words)

 English Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
When Buddhism of the Barua community in Bangladesh was in a moribund condition, Arakan (or Rakhaing, the major portion of it is presently a state in the Union of Myanmar), situated in the eastern sector, had been maintaining its pristine position since the earliest time.
When the age-old priestly corruption and religious heresy were weakening the very fabric of Buddhism, Arakan which kept to her Buddhist tenets with many phongis21, pagodas22 and innumerable monasteries for the promotion of Buddhist scholarship; it remained for one Arakanese monk to inaugurate reformation movement in the Buddhist community of Bengal.
Buddhism which was once a great religion in North-Eastern India could not have survived with its distinctive features, partly because, there appeared also a number of sects viz., (1) Vajrayana, (2) Kalachakrayana, (3) Sahajayana, (4) Kaula, (5) Nathism, (6) Baul, (7) Avadhutas.
www.arakan.net /ARTICLES/bangladesh_buddhism.html   (3215 words)

 Buddhism Today - Dda.o Pha^.t Nga`y Nay, default page-english
In countries under foreign occupation where Buddhism was suppressed and persecuted, people turned against Western civilization and a strong urge was aroused in them to protect and maintain their national heritages.
In Japan, the suppression and persecution during the Meiji era acted as a stimulus, while in Ceylon the revival was aroused partly by the colonial suppression and partly by the awareness of Buddhist traditions in its homeland.
In India Buddhism was completely forgotten by the Indian people and it was not until the middle of the eighteenth century that there was an awareness of her existence and prosperity in the past.
www.buddhismtoday.com /english/world/country/004-india3.htm   (2030 words)

 Bangladesh - Global Voices
Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world.
Bangladesh is not an Islamist culture or society and is not in danger of being andamp;amp;amp;quot;Talibanisedandamp;amp;amp;quot;, as alleged by many Western Media.
Bangladesh face the challenge to negate the prejudices against it by the media by portraying the right image of Bangladesh and stride forward towards self sufficiency in cooperation with other countries of the world.
www.globalvoicesonline.org /wiki/index.php/Bangladesh   (460 words)

Buddhism emerged as a World religion essentially of peace and humanism influencing the religious, social and cultural lives of the hundreds of millions of people in the vast Asian continent and the world at large.
Buddhism and its impact on the ancient civilization of Bangladesh.
Bangladesh has produced a large number of Buddhist scholars who were not only known for disseminating religious doctrines and ideology as teachers of different Bihars but also contributed to the development of creative art.
muktadhara.net /page48.html   (3923 words)

 ::PeaceJournalism.com - The Peace Media Research Center's e-magazine::
In fact Buddhism is the original religion of Bangladesh for more than 2000 years and made deep impact on Bengali life, culture and civilisation through centuries in the midst of rise and fall of dynasties and kingdoms.
Buddhism emerged as the dominant religion of the masses and exercised profound influence on the social, cultural and intellectual lives of the people.
Bangladesh is rooted to an age-old Buddhist culture and civilisation which is an integral part of national heritage of Bangladesh.
peacejournalism.com /ReadArticle.asp?ArticleID=6005   (1776 words)

 Top20Bangladesh.com - Your Top20 Guide to Bangladesh!
Lying north of the Bay of Bengal, on land it borders India and Myanmar, and it is a close neighbor to China, Nepal and Bhutan.
Bangladesh is situated in the geographic region named The Ganges Delta (also known as the Ganges-Brahmaputra River Delta).
Bangladesh is ethnically homogenous, with Bengalis comprising 98% of the population, the rest belonging to the tribal people.
top20bangladesh.com   (2698 words)

 Archaeological Sites in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is a country considerably rich in archaeological wealth, especially of the medieval period both during the Muslim and pre-Muslim rules, though most of it is still unexplored and unknown.
In archaeological fieldwork and research this area was very much neglected for a long time for various reasons, not the least of which are its difficult geography and climate and remoteness from the main centres of the subcontinent.
With the independence of Bangladesh in 1971 the Government has undertaken a number of field projects including a comprehensive survey and exploration of the hitherto unexplored areas and a fairly ambitious scheme of excavations on selected sites.
www.betelco.com /bd/bdsarch/bdsarch.html   (1570 words)

At first it was frowned upon because it was thought that the concept of reincarnation was a fantasy and that the celibacy of monks was a disgraceful practice since it prevented a man from having descendants.
Buddhism in China was never to recover from the persecution, though it remained popular among the lower classes, well into the 20th century.
Major persecutions resulting in many deaths took place in AD 446 and again in 845, when a Taoist emperor moved to counter Buddhism's growing popularity by closing thousands of Buddhist monasteries and defrocking their monks and nuns, leading to the eventual decline, but not disappearance, of Buddhism in China.
www.adherents.com /Na/Na_87.html   (2498 words)

 BanglaGallery - Welcome to Our World!
Dateline Bangladesh - During the years 1970, 1971, Gita Mehta was a television war correspondent for the US television network NBC.
Her film compilation of the Bangladesh revolution, Dateline Bangladesh, was shown in cinema theatres both in India and abroad.
Tears of Fire - A Documentary by Sentu Roy related to the 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh committed by Pakistan Army and the agents.
www.banglagallery.net /vdo/index.php   (439 words)

Buddhist soon after the advent of Buddhism (Note the Malla were Hindu through out their reign in Southwestern Bangla as were Sens later).
The ancient people of Bangla worshipped Shiva, Devi and Visnu and believed in the concepts of karma and transmigration of the soul, and practiced Yoga before the influence of Vedic Hinduism.
It is not known when Bangla became Buddhist but it is known that Buddha himself had come to Bangla (Pundra-Bardhan or Nagar in northern Bangladesh, Samatat which is presently Chittagong in South East Bangladesh, Noakhali in Bangladesh and Kamasbama which is now Murshidabad in West Bengal) to preach his teachings.
www.geocities.com /raqta24/bangla3c.htm   (705 words)

 FREE In-depth report - Buddhism - Bangladesh
Bangladesh Hotels - Bangladesh Hostels - Bangladesh Sights
If you did not find the information you were looking for on the subject of Buddhism you may wish to do another search of Exploitz.com: related Buddhism search
A good starting point for researching Bangladesh for travel or reference.
www.exploitz.com /Bangladesh-Buddhism-cg.php   (515 words)

 Find Spiritual Friends in Bangladesh. Sufi, Reiki, Buddhism, SRF, Hindu.
Anyone world-wide who is a practicing a Zen lifestyle, who meditates, and can offer me support and suggestions as I begin my new life.
Hafiz of the Holy Qur'an, Masters in Islamic Studies, single, 27 years old, struggling for establishing a social, intellectual, spiritual movement named "Bangladesh Humanize Movement", a voluntary organization with the motive of helping people in finding his own true self.
Any person irrespective of his religious, gender or other background and specially who may help me in the case of establishing the above mentioned organization.
www.spiritualfriend.com /bangladesh.htm   (132 words)

 South Asia Bibliographies: Bangladesh
Historical dictionary of Bangladesh / by Craig Baxter and Syedur Rahman.
NRLF B 3 582 559 Arts of Bengal : the heritage of Bangladesh and eastern India : an exhibition / organized by the Whitechapel Art Gallery, in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum ; [edited by Robert Skelton and...
A documentary on the struggle of the new nation of Bangladesh to define itself.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /SSEAL/SouthAsia/bangla.html   (1275 words)

 lotusinthemud: Pureland Buddhism
I'm glad to be able to see pictures of the exterior and the interior (and here) and thus to feel more connected to friends so far away.
Honen is recognized as a leader of the so-called Kamakura Buddhism during which there was a revolutionary spread of Buddhism among the general public throughout Japan, according to a release.
Under the shelter of her unstinting attentiveness a special sensitivity arose and grew in me. She did not put it there, but she protected it and nourished it just as she did the many seedlings and plants in each of her beloved gardens, of which she made so many over the years.
lotusinthemud.typepad.com /sujatin/pureland_buddhism/index.html   (5230 words)

His ideas traveled to China, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia.
Buddhism lost its influence in India by the 8th century, partly because its ideas were absorbed into Hinduism, and partly due to the rise of Islam.
Buddhism is a major religious and moral force in the world, but it has been all but unknown in India for over one thousand years.
www.mrdowling.com /612-buddhism.html   (357 words)

 Adherents.com: By Location
The greatest number of Bengalis are found in Bangladesh (106 million), with the remainder living in the Indian state of West Bengal (68 million).
"Bangladesh is the most densely populated agricultural nation on earth-and one of the poorest.
91: "Although many non-Muslims fled Bangladesh in 1947, Hindus still account for 10.5% of the population.
www.adherents.com /adhloc/Wh_31.html   (2457 words)

 Visuddhananda Mahathero
Buddhists of Bangladesh is unparalleled in the modern history of Buddhism of the Sub-Continent.
The land of Bangladesh can be justifiably proud of such an exalted personage who has illuminated this territory as far as
It is really a great wonder that Bangladesh where the majority of population is the Muslims produced such a non-Muslims
hometown.aol.com /ashimb/myhomepage/index.html   (761 words)

 Buddhism - headings
A good source for articles and images relating to various aspects of Buddhism.
It publishes articles and papers that explore the principles of Buddhism, in particular as practised within the tradition known as the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order."
This organization is devoted to maintaining the spiritual traditions of Mahayana Buddhism, which are most notably embodied by the Dalai Lama of Tibet.
www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu /Internet/buddhism.htm   (1541 words)

In a few minutes the road will be overcrowded.
Dancing is another great part of Bangla culture.
Ancient ruins of learning centres from an era when Bangla was the centre of Buddhism
www.geocities.com /raqta24/bangladesh2.htm   (305 words)

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