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Topic: Buffalo River

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  Buffalo National River — Buffalo River Arkansas — Buffalo River Cabins
Dramatic river views, peaceful forests, interesting plant and wildlife, caves, historic homesteads and even an underground waterfall are some of the dramatic sites you'll discover on a hike through the beautiful Ozark Mountains.
Campgrounds on the Buffalo may be used by campers with horses, and several local ranches offer guided horseback rides on their mounts along the Buffalo and through the wilderness areas.
We are within a short drive of the Buffalo River and numerous hiking trails.
www.ozarkmountainregion.com /lakes-rivers/buffalo.asp   (1467 words)

  Buffalo River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Buffalo River, a tributary of the Red River in Minnesota in the United States.
The Buffalo River, a tributary of the Duck River in Tennessee in the United States.
The Buffalo River, a tributary of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin in the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Buffalo_River   (152 words)

 Great Lakes Areas of Concerns (AoCs): Buffalo River | Great Lakes | US EPA
The Buffalo River Area of Concern “impact area” extends from the mouth of the Buffalo River to the farthest point upstream at which the backwater condition exists during Lake Erie’s highest monthly average lake level.
Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper was recently awarded a five-year grant from U.S. EPA-Region II for the continued coordination and management of the Buffalo River RAP.
Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper developed and published the June 2005 Buffalo River AoC Report Card (PDF 3900Kb, 2 pages), an outreach piece designed to give local stakeholders and the community a snapshot of the health and status of the Buffalo River watershed.
www.epa.gov /glnpo/aoc/buffalo.html   (4963 words)

 Buffalo National River in the Arkansas Ozarks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
To preserve the Buffalo as a free-flowing stream, it was designated as a National River by Congress in 1972.
The Buffalo is nestled in the Arkansas Ozarks, which are bounded on the north, east, and south by the Missouri, Mississippi, and Arkansas Rivers.
The gradient is steep and the water is faster along the upper river, leveling and slowing as the river runs its course.
www.ozarkmtns.com /buffalo   (195 words)

 ALRA: Buffalo River Inholders (1)
In fact, such proposals had been voiced occasionally in the Buffalo River valley since the 1930's by those who looked to the benefits brought by the Tennessee Valley Authority as an example of what a series of prudently placed dams might mean to a depressed area.
In 1963 the NPS declared the Buffalo to be nationally significant and the following year the battle over the River intensified as did the efforts to dam the River near the town of Gilbert, approximately halfway along its course.
The BNR, as established, began at the USFS border and wound along to the White River through the four Northern Arkansas counties of Baxter, Marion, Newton, and Searcy with the latter three counties constituting the bulk of the National River's 132-mile length.
www.landrights.org /OCS/SocioCultural/BuffaloRiverInholders_1.htm   (2630 words)

 Buffalo National River, A comprehensive vacation-planning guide to the Buffalo National River Country and the Arkansans ...
Buffalo National River, A comprehensive vacation-planning guide to the Buffalo National River Country and the Arkansans Ozarks, near the Ozark Mountains.
The Buffalo River, America's first national river, begins its 132-mile tumble down toward the White River in the upper Ponca wilderness, some of the most remote and rugged country in the Ozarks.
But the river reaches the historic Boxley Valley and begins a peaceful meandering that stretches the length of the long, narrow break in the hills before it begins its magnificent sweeps around the high limestone bluffs for which it is famous.
www.buffalonationalriver.com   (715 words)

 Yellville, Arkansas (Buffalo National River) Bed and Breakfast Inn - Buffalo River Lodge Bed & Breakfast - Yellville ...
The Buffalo River Lodge offers luxury accommodations with a romantic atmosphere, in the country near the "Buffalo National River" in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
The Buffalo River Lodge is located 2.4 miles from North Maumee Landing, one of the major canoe input locations on the river.
The Buffalo River Lodge is located 14 miles southwest of Yellville, Arkansas off of Scenic Highway 14 on Caney Road, only 2.4 miles from the Buffalo National River.
www.buffaloriverlodge.com   (607 words)

 Canoe Tennessee -
The Buffalo River in Wayne and Perry Counties is a class I,II stream with regular waves and occasional rapids.
Buffalo River Canoe Rental, Flatwoods, TN 931-589-2755, Canoes, kayaks and rafts are rented.
Buffalo River Canoeing of Hohenwald, 931-796-3622 or 1-800-339-5596.
www.geocities.com /buffalorivercanoe/tnoutdoors/canoetn.htm   (780 words)

 Buffalo River
The Buffalo River as Class I and II river with regular waves and occasional rapids, meaning it is suitable for beginners.
When the river bends (and this river is composed mostly of these bends), the current picks up and many times flushes you through the undercut, toppled trees lying across the outside of the bend.
Springs feed the river and there's even one place where a noisy minature whirlpool in a still pool announces a sink removing a share of the river's flow.
www.boatlodge.com /buffalo.htm   (445 words)

 Wildernet - Buffalo National River
The Buffalos corridor is also a great locale for hiking and backpacking, but expeditions should be scheduled outside the tick/chigger season.
The Buffalo is a gem among Arkansas float fishing streams.
The Buffalo originates in the rugged Boston Mountains division of the Ozarks near Fallsville in southwestern Newton County.
www.wildernet.com /pages/area.cfm?areaID=AKSPBR   (744 words)

 Buffalo River
The Buffalo River watershed encompasses approximately 445 square miles and and drains portions of Buffalo and Wyoming counties in western New York state, including three major subwatersheds: Cayuga, Buffalo, and Cazenovia Creeks.
The Buffalo River is a tributary to Lake Erie and discharges to a Federal navigation channel at Buffalo Harbor in Buffalo, New York.
Streambank erosion is a considerable source of contamination in the Buffalo River, where ice scour during winter months flushes polluted sediment into the river and streams.
www.glc.org /tributary/models/buffalo.html   (386 words)

 Buffalo River Cabins located in the Arkansas Ozarks
Cabins in the Buffalo National River Country near the Ozark Mountains.
We’re located high atop Silver Hill overlooking the Tyler Bend area of the river and, even in hot summertime, this is a cool and refreshing place to gather.
Noted for its scenery as well as outstanding smallmouth bass fishing, the Buffalo River is an inviting haven for all kinds of outdoors activities.
www.buffalorivercabins.com   (630 words)

 Buffalo National River in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains
The Buffalo and its tributaries comprise one of the nation s richest areas in total number of fish species.
River hiking often requires fording the river, a difficult task which should not be attempted during high water.
Buffalo River country is steep, rugged and remote.
www.ozarkmtns.com /buffalo/buffalo2.html   (1445 words)

 Ozarks Lookout Mountain Log Cabins
We are just minutes away from the Buffalo National River to the north and Big Piney Creek to the south, both nationally famous for smallmouth bass fishing.
The White River is also nearby and its trout fishing is known all over the country.
Buffalo River maps and brochures may also be picked up at the Pruitt Ranger Station on Highway 7.
www.ozarkcabins.com /lmlogcabins   (810 words)

 Buffalo National River (U.S. National Park Service)
One of the few remaining rivers in the lower 48 states without dams, the Buffalo cuts its way through massive limestone bluffs traveling eastward through the Arkansas Ozarks and into the White River.
Explore the river by canoe or take the back roads into the pioneer history of the Buffalo River region or enjoy a hike in one of the three designated wilderness areas.
The climate for Buffalo National River is typical of the Ozark region and the Mid-South.
www.nps.gov /buff   (412 words)

 Buffalo River Canoe Rental Buffalo Camping and Canoeing
Buffalo Camping and Canoeing is a full service canoe rental and shuttle service.
The Buffalo River is the last major Ozark stream in Arkansas which is not dammed.
Unless the river is officially closed by high water levels.
gilbertstore.com /canoe.htm   (302 words)

 Chuck's Buffalo River Trail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Buffalo National River is the first designated National River in the country (1972), thanks to the efforts of the Ozark Society which was founded in the 1960s by Dr. Neil Compton.
For years the Buffalo River has been known as a premier canoeing venue, but recently has added a trail system boasting scenery as magnificent as the river itself.
The river begins in the Boston Mountains and flows 150 miles basically west to east (135 miles of it protected) through the Ozarks to the White River at Buffalo City.
members.aol.com /CMorHiker5/backpack/BuffRiver.html   (481 words)

 Buffalo River Lodge bed and breakfast - Yellville, Arkansas. Yellville Bed and Breakfast Inns.
Buffalo River Lodge bed and breakfast - Yellville, Arkansas.
The 'Buffalo River Lodge' offers luxury accommodations in the country near the 'Buffalo National River' in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
Turn left on Hwy 14, cross the Buffalo River, turn left on MC5032, go 4.5 miles to Lodge.
www.bedandbreakfast.com /arkansas-yellville-buffalo-river-lodge.html   (428 words)

 Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Buffalo River Speedway is a 1/3 mile dirt track that runs a Sunday night program throughout the summer.
Buffalo River's goal is to generate a racing environment which encourages participation.
The management at Buffalo River puts Driver satisfaction and communication high on their list of priorities.
www.buffaloriverspeedway.homestead.com /files   (180 words)

 Buffalo River Rampage - Buffalo River TN - 22nd Annual Memorial Day Camping and Canoe Trip - May 2004
Besides canoeing the scenic Buffalo river, several other recreation opportunities are available in the Wayne County area.
The Buffalo River is a beautiful place for anyone who likes nature.
The river is always quiet and peaceful then and it is a beautiful place to get away.
www.geocities.com /buffalorivercanoe   (677 words)

 Buffalo River Bunkhouse
Avery and Thelma Pruitt are 5th generation natives of Newton County whose ancestors settled in the area known as Pruitt Access on the Buffalo River.
The Buffalo River Bunkhouse and Bungalow are part of that heritage, and the Pruitts invite you to share in the tradition if you long for rural lodging that is conveniently located one mile from Jasper.
experience the canoeing, fishing, we’re accessible to the early spring floating on the upper river and the summer floating on the middle river.
www.ozarkcabins.com /bunkhouse   (991 words)

 Welcome to the Buffalo National River!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The lower Buffalo River offers a variety of choices for having fun and you can access the river at numerous points including Buffalo Point, Rush, and Buffalo City.
Traveling south on Scenic Highway 14, the countryside is a rich patchwork of bucolic pastures, lush forested hills abundant with wildlife, mysterious caves and the wonderful old ghost town of Rush.
All outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Buffalo Point area of the Buffalo National River which is truly a year-round paradise.
www.buffaloriverfun.com /main.html   (370 words)

 GORP - Buffalo River - Arkansas
North Arkansas's Buffalo River was the country's first national river, is roughly 150 miles long, and includes nearly 95,000 acres of public land along its corridor.
Perhaps the most famous of all Buffalo River floats are those that take place between Ponca and the Arkansas Highway 7 crossing (known until recent years as the community of Pruitt).
The Buffalo's final stretch-from Buffalo Point to Buffalo City (on the White River) is 30 miles in length, with only a single takeout point (Rush) in between.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_river/ar/buffalo.htm   (1497 words)

 Buffalo River Trail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The leaves were changing colors as well and that helped as a reward for the fact that all the potential waterfalls were dry.
We had driven from Sullivan to Table Rock State Park and spent the night before driving on to Ponca the next morning and going directly to the Buffalo Outdoor Center which is just a 1/2 mile from the trailhead.
There are many other trails in the area that are just as spectacular but some of them require river crossings so the time of year could play a big factor in which trail you take.
www.fidnet.com /~mcmurfy1/buffalo.html   (676 words)

 Mountain Home Area Chamber of Commerce
A river rafting challenge, or a relaxing float—the Buffalo River offers the best of both.
America's first and only National River— the 150 mile Buffalo is protected from commercial development, keeping it pristine and pure.
Fishing on the Buffalo is also superb, with more than 50 species of fish including trophy smallmouth—the Buffalo's fast, clear, oxygen filled waters provide the ideal habitat for this coveted fish.
www.mtnhomechamber.com /experience_mh_buffalo.asp   (124 words)

 Article about Original Property Owners - 'CARA: Inholders along the Buffalo River' by Kent Anderson   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Buffalo River, said Villines, is only suitable for the "floating" tourists two or three months out of a year and the pictures of the River sent out by the NPS are "deceiving" to people because they fail to mention this fact.
Patterson has known the Buffalo River all of his life and recalled in the early and mid-1960's, as a college student, the cry "Save the Buffalo" was, indeed, widespread.
She fought both the building of a dam on the Buffalo and the establishment of a national park in the area since 1962, having helped found the Buffalo River Conservation and Recreation Council and the Buffalo Landowners Association.
www.ozarkoasis.com /buffaloriver_inholders.html   (13744 words)

 Buffalo River Outfitters: we offer canoeing, horse back riding, guides available. and guided hunting trips.
At Silver Hill, a river runs through our adventure and it is the crowning glory of the Ozarks.
The Buffalo National River, our nation’s first national river, is a jewel of crystal-clear waters, magnificent scenery and premier fishing and hunting.
If leisurely paddling down the river or soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches is your dream, we provide that, too.
www.buffaloriveroutfitters.com   (239 words)

 Waterfront development planned along Buffalo River - 2005-07-13   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The Buffalo River Project was unveiled Wednesday as a public and private partnership with the state kicking in start-up funding.
The plan will be designed to develop the Buffalo River, starting near the city's Inner Harbor, into a destination for both residents and tourists.
Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello compared the inner harbor to the inter-coastal waterway in Florida, saying that those types of waterways attract as many people and businesses as the coast.
www.bizjournals.com /buffalo/stories/2005/07/11/daily35.html   (659 words)

 Buffalo National River Arkansas Ozark Mountain log cabin resort canoeing
Buffalo National River Arkansas Ozark Mountain log cabin resort canoeing
Arkansas' #1 log cabin resort, located high in the Ozark mountains on the Buffalo National River at Ponca.
And heaven on earth it is. Because of the beautiful, lush Ozark Mountain wilderness surrounding us, and the pristine Buffalo National River flowing through it.
www.buffaloriver.com   (99 words)

 Buffalo Camping and Canoeing on the Buffalo National River
With its towering limestone bluffs, abundant wildlife, and pure water the Buffalo River, in Northern Arkansas, is a world class float and canoe stream.
This section of the river is noted for its beautiful limestone bluffs, Smallmouth Bass, and year round floating.
Buffalo Camping and Canoeing offers several choices in lodging for your visit to the Buffalo River
www.gilbertstore.com   (237 words)

 [No title]
BRSF Fact Sheet: A brief rundown of statistics on the Buffalo River and the BRSF
Introduction to the Buffalo River: Upper, Middle, Lower.
Hiking guides: Buffalo River, Ozark National Forest, Arkansas Hiking, Travelocity report.
www.webmerchants.com /brsf   (361 words)

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