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Topic: Buffer State

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In the News (Sat 26 May 18)

  The Buffer Zone | Linux Magazine
Each buffer holds a single kind of Java primitive (in a sense, each buffer has a "type"), and maintains its own state, including its maximum capacity and the position of the next read or write.
If you create a new buffer from an entire array, the buffer's capacity and limit will be the same as the number of elements in the array, and position will be set to 0.
It sets the limit to the capacity of the buffer, moves the position to 0, and clears the mark.
www.linux-mag.com /id/1186   (1650 words)

  Buffer state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A buffer state is a country lying between two rival or potentially hostile greater powers, which by its sheer existence is thought to prevent conflict between them.
The conception of buffer states is part of the theory of balance of power that entered European strategic and diplomatic thinking in the 17th century.
In the 19th century, the manipulation of buffer states like Afghanistan and the Central Asian emirates was an element in the diplomatic "Great Game" played out between Britain and Tsarist Russia for control of the approaches to strategic mountain passes that led to British India.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Buffer_state   (370 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
During a first mode of operation of the tri-state circuit, the logic state of the output produced by a buffer circuit included in the tri-state circuit is determined in response to the logic state of the input signal to the buffer circuit.
During a second mode of operation of the buffer circuit, the output of the buffer circuit is in a high- impedance condition, or high Z, state independent of the logic state of the input signal to the buffer circuit.
Stated differently, the control circuit 50 generates a control signal, or enable, causing the buffer circuit to selectively operate in one of the first and second modes of operation.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=01/06655.010125&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (2535 words)

 Adobe - Developer Center : Implementing a dual-threshold buffering strategy in Flash Media Server
At time T1 the buffer is full; therefore movie starts to play and the buffer is kept full by a bandwidth greater than that required by the stream (available bandwidth greater than 100%).
As you can see from this standard, static buffering method, if bandwidth decreases under the required value, the buffer may be insufficient to compensate for the bandwidth drop and one or more rebuffering sessions may be necessary to deliver the streaming.
Dual-threshold buffering assures a better allocation of excess bandwidth because it uses it to expand the buffer to a final, higher value while playing the movie at the same time.
www.adobe.com /devnet/flashmediaserver/articles/fms_dual_buffering.html   (1811 words)

 Buffer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Buffer state, a country lying between two potentially hostile greater powers, thought to prevent conflict between them
Buffer (telecommunication), a routine or storage medium used to compensate for a difference in rate of flow of data between devices
Buffer (optical fiber), a component used to encapsulate one or more optical fibers in a fiber optic communication cable
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Buffer   (257 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Moreover, the buffer 2 comprises an address generator 22 which is adapted to generate a first address signal 24 and a second address signal 26, both of which are applied to the memory 20.
In the second state, the second address register skips a number of locations in the memory 20 at each clock pulse of the second clock signal 10, such that each time N locations of M consecutive locations in the memory 20 are addressed.
The buffer 2 is adapted to repeat the supply of the first television image at the output 6 each time from a group of 3 television images received at the input 4.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=99/22513.990506&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (5656 words)

 [No title]
The buffer object ID zero is reserved, and when buffer object zero is bound to a given target, the commands affected by that buffer binding behave normally.
While a buffer object is bound, GL operations on the target to which it is bound affect the bound buffer object, and queries of the target to which a buffer object is bound return state from the bound object.
Bindings to that buffer in other contexts and other threads are not affected, but attempting to use a deleted buffer in another thread produces undefined results, including but not limited to possible GL errors and rendering corruption.
oss.sgi.com /projects/ogl-sample/registry/ARB/vertex_buffer_object.txt   (6957 words)

 Buffer Strips: Common Sense Conservation | NRCS
Buffers include: riparian buffers, filter strips, grassed waterways, shelterbelts, windbreaks, living snow fences, contour grass strips, cross-wind trap strips, shallow water areas for wildlife, field borders, alley cropping, herbaceous wind barriers, and vegetative barriers.
Buffers also trap fertilizers, pesticides, pathogens, and heavy metals, and they help trap snow and cut down on blowing soil in areas with strong winds.
Conservation buffers are a visual demonstration of your commitment to land stewardship.
www.nrcs.usda.gov /feature/buffers   (1023 words)

 What's a Tri-state Buffer?
A tri-state buffer is a useful device that allows us to control when current passes through the device, and when it doesn't.
Recall (from earlier) that a common way for many devices to communicate with one another is on a bus, and that a bus should only have one device writing to it, although it can have many devices reading from it.
A tri-state buffer is a device that allows you to control when an output signal makes it to the bus.
www.cs.umd.edu /class/spring2003/cmsc311/Notes/CompOrg/tristate.html   (1016 words)

 St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve Information Page
The St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve (SJBSBP) is managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas (CAMA) as part of the Apalachicola Reserve.
State listings are taken from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or as with plants Florida Department of Agriculture.
St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve land is owned by the Florida Board of Trustees and managed by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Coastal and Aquatic Managed Areas, and the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve.
www.dep.state.fl.us /coastal/sites/apalachicola/stjoseph_buffer.htm   (495 words)

 Interrupted Poisson Process Source Model
State 5, for instance, signifies that there are five packets in the buffer.
In figure 2, state transitions occur each time a packet is removed from the buffer for playout.
If the buffer is in state i and no packets arrive during the packet playout period, the buffer will transition to state i-1.
www.stanford.edu /class/ee368c/Projects/project10/node3.html   (442 words)

A special case of Buffer state is the actual sound sample data stored in asociation with the Buffer.
Buffer state is maintained inside the AL implementation and can be queried in full.
The Source is exempt from processing, its current state is preserved, with the exception of the sampling offset which is reset to the beginning.
www.lwjgl.org /javadoc/org/lwjgl/openal/AL10.html   (5072 words)

 What's a Tri-state Buffer?
There are buffers which do not have a control input.
Tri-state buffers allow us to control which device outputs its value to the bus, by allowing us to selectively control the control bit of the tri-state buffer.
Usually, we use 32-bit tri-state buffers, which have 32 data inputs, 32 outputs, but a single control bit.
www.cs.umd.edu /class/spring2003/cmsc311/Notes/Overall/tristate.html   (1002 words)

 Scenario 3
In order to handle this scenario, we assume as Steinbach does that the good periods in the channel last long enough so that the buffer is able to regain its target level by the time a bad period begins [1].
Our departure from the previous work, however, is that while Steinbach's analysis assumes that the buffer is at the target level when burst begin, we assume that since the channel has been in the good state for a long time, the buffer is in the steady state distribution for the good state.
In Steinbach's analysis, the buffer is deterministically in the target state at the beginning of the burst and empties (also deterministically) at the rate of playout.
www.stanford.edu /class/ee368c/Projects/project10/node8.html   (393 words)

In many cases an implementation has to decompress the buffer, converting the uncompressed data to a canonical internal format, and resample it into the format native to the current context.
The states described in this section are not exposed through the API (can not be queried, or be set directly), and the state description used in the implementation might differ from this.
The Buffer state is dependent on the state of all Sources that is has been queued for.
www.openal.org /oalspecs-annote/buffers.html   (573 words)

 Isamode - 3. Proof state
If a proof state buffer is active, these sequences will be stripped from the output and used to update the buffers contents.
In the proof state buffer, the cursor usually appears opposite one of the subgoals in the list (if there are any).
You may discover that very large proof states sometimes fail to parse and end up in the Isabelle buffer, instead of the proof state buffer.
homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk /da/Isamode/doc/Isamode_3.html   (522 words)

 [Openal] Problem with getting the correct STATE of a source in NVIDIA implementation.
If you are expecting this state change for > queued sources, this may be another condition that should be looked into > for the 1.1 specification as I don't think it's a 1.0 requirement.
Particularly with the non-Nvidia distributions where the state becomes AL_STOPPED, in some of the bad cases, I end up playing the final buffer twice (because I have to call alPlaySource again to handle the underflow) because I thought I still needed to play one more buffer, but it turns out I had already played it.
buffers processed) is a painful way of getting to something (especially in light of spec-issues and bugs).
opensource.creative.com /pipermail/openal/2005-April/002862.html   (679 words)

This IOCTL permits the caller to query the state attached buffers and optionally wait for at least one to complete.
This buffer should have a STREAM_QueryBufferState_Response structure at its head, but also must have space after the structure for all of the desired extra entries of the sqbs_BufferIds array.
If this flag bit is not set, the command will return immediately with a summary of the buffers completed at that point in time.
msdn.microsoft.com /library/en-us/wceddk40/html/cxrefIOCTL_STREAM_QUERY_BUFFER_STATE.asp?frame=true   (369 words)

 buffer 2. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
may have served as a buffer against the.
Something that separates potentially antagonistic entities, as an area between two rival powers that serves to lessen the danger of conflict.
To act as a buffer for or between.
www.bartleby.com /61/31/B0533100.html   (194 words)

 Nepal - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Nepal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
In 1816, after the year-long Anglo-Nepali ‘Gurkha War’, a British resident (government representative) was stationed in Kathmandu and the kingdom became a British-dependent buffer state.
The country was recognized as fully independent by Britain in 1923 although it remained bound by treaty obligations until 1947, the year of India's independence.
The government sought an extension of a state of emergency following the attacks, and the army responded by killing over 100 Maoist guerrillas in an offensive against the rebels on 25 February.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Nepal   (2056 words)

 [No title]
Gives better throttling and avoids the situation where tasks (inside the context of the page allocator) pointlessly traverse large numbers of pages before finding one which is eligible for throttling.
+ * that the buffer is locked before calling this, so that unnecessary disk + * unplugging does not occur.
+ * + * There is also the case of buffers which were locked by someone else + * - write(2) callers, bdflush, etc. There can be a huge number of these + * and we don't want to just skip them all and fail the page allocation.
www.kernel.org /pub/linux/kernel/people/andrea/patches/v2.4/2.4.19pre4/vm-33/aa-020-sync_buffers.patch   (694 words)

 TIBET- The Buffer State Needs to be Restored - www.phayul.com
The ground reality is that historically Tibet had been a buffer state and the bridge between the two ancient civilizations in India and china.
According to the international law when the stronger nation attacks the buffer zone, the action is considered an aggression towards the neighboring nations also.
Until and unless Tibet gets freedom and assign her natural role of buffer state between two Asian giants there will not be eternal solution for the sino-Indian border dispute.
www.phayul.com /news/article.aspx?id=9495&t=1&c=1   (707 words)

 Permit Information Summary
Wetlands Conditional Use Determination: Vermont wetland rules state that all uses which are not allowed uses in significant wetlands (class 1 and 2) are conditional uses.
Activities include review of land use permit applications for conformance with the Act's ten environmental criteria, issuance of opinions concerning the applicability of Act 250 to developments and subdivisions, monitoring for compliance with the Act and with land use permit conditions, and public education.
The Forest, Parks and Recreation Department's Permit for Chip Harvesting and Utilization is described in the Permit Handbook.
www.anr.state.vt.us /dec/permits.htm   (3246 words)

 Flex - a scanner generator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
is only called when the scanner reaches the end of its buffer, which may be a long time after scanning a statement such as an "include" which requires switching the input source.
is used to reclaim the storage associated with a buffer.
Three routines are available for setting up input buffers for scanning in-memory strings instead of files.
www.delorie.com /gnu/docs/flex/flex_12.html   (533 words)

 ComingAnarchy.com » Blog Archive » Buffer States, Part 5: Mongolia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
This series could continue, but these five examples best show what I was talking about in the first post: buffer states play a key role in the geopolitical strategy, and can do much to prevent wider conflict, although smaller states often end up as pawns in the games of greater states.
The reason many of these states exist in their present form is because they were colonial administrative units, and because the various European empires allowed free migration within these units.
That said, I think there is some value to be had from buffer states: if the buffer is armed and in good health (relevant to Switzerland and Thailand, I believe), then the buffered states essentially receive protection from each other for free.
cominganarchy.com /archives/2005/09/30/buffer-states-part-5-mongolia   (3732 words)

 Handler Buffer state
It means usually that the buffer points directly into the right memory (video memory, DMA memory).
This happens at the initialization or when the buffer is completed.
The buffer is (normally) done and has been passed because its timestamp was too small.
xlv.sourceforge.net /doc/group__hbuffer__state.html   (100 words)

A number of X consecutive television images stored in the buffer means lies between a television image read at a given instant from the buffer means and a television image stored at substantially the same instant.
The device further comprises control means (12) for generating a first control signal (14) for b ringing the device from the first to the second state, and a second control signal (16) for bringing the device from the second to the first state.
Said device provides the possibility of starting to watch television images simultaneously at the instant of their reception, while television images received at a later instant and not yet displayed, for example a block of commercials, can be watched in an accelerated manner.
wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=99/22513.990506&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (305 words)

 [No title]
The IO buffers on the iobuf list and the shadow buffers on this + * list match each other one for one at all times.
The IO buffers on the iobuf list and the - shadow buffers on this list match each other one for one at - all times.
* @j_sb_buffer: First part of superblock buffer * @j_superblock: Second part of superblock buffer * @j_format_version: Version of the superblock format @@ -514,8 +572,10 @@ struct transaction_s * @j_barrier: The barrier lock itself * @j_running_transaction: The current running transaction..
www.kernel.org /pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.5/2.5.70/2.5.70-mm1/broken-out/jbd-020-locking-schema.patch   (2431 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
*/ - transaction_t * h_transaction; + transaction_t *h_transaction; /* Number of remaining buffers we are allowed to dirty: */ int h_buffer_credits; @@ -379,13 +381,14 @@ struct handle_s /* operations */ int h_err; - /* List of application registered callbacks for this handle.
Only applies to buffers on a + * transaction's data or metadata journaling list.
Only applies to buffers on a - transaction's data or metadata journaling list.
www.ibiblio.org /pub/linux/kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/akpm/patches/2.5/2.5.70/2.5.70-mm5/broken-out/jbd-020-locking-schema.patch   (2453 words)

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