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Topic: Bugulma

In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Tatenergo | News
Bugulma electrical grids also overhauled six substations 35-220 kV, where the morally and physically worn out porcelain pole-core insulation on ORU 35-110 kV was replaced with polymer.
GSU was reconstructed at the substation "Bugulma -500".
In the distribution grids of BEG the repair of TP 0.4/6-10 kV is done in the factory for the third year, at Bugulma plant BENZ.
www.tatenergo.com /news.jsp?id=7364   (566 words)

 Passenger Opinions about Bugulma Air
Bugulma offer a daily service to and from Moscow DME using a Yak-40.
You walk to the plane, at Bugulma (Tatarstan) carrying "hold" and "hand" baggage" together and without the benefit of a trolley.
Once I had racked my luggage, into the same sort of heap you find on Brtish trains, and sat down, it would have been difficult to put it mildly to access the rear and only door in an emergency.
www.airlinequality.com /Forum/bugulma.htm   (327 words)

 Cageprisoners.com - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
Neither Ishmuratov nor Gumarov lived in Bugulma, where the explosion took place, and both said they were not in Bugulma on the day of the explosion.
He was held in an investigation cell in Bugulma, where he was stripped, beaten and subjected to threats and psychological pressure until he agreed to sign a statement saying he had witnessed the explosion.
The five-page confession to the Bugulma explosion is signed by Vilsur Khairullin, who is accused in a separate case of conspiring to blow up key industrial targets in Tatarstan in 2005.
www.cageprisoners.com /articles.php?id=16255   (1351 words)

 Финам.ru - Новости и комментарии : BUGULMA, независимый трейдер В ...
Финам.ru - Новости и комментарии : BUGULMA, независимый трейдер В российской нефтяной отрасли есть два заповедных уголка, куда не ступала нога частного инвестора, - "Татнефть" и "Башнефть".
BUGULMA, ну так то, что ты к башнефти неровно дышишь даже я знаю...))
BUGULMA, а там еще башкирэнерго вроде есть...а с ним-то как быть?...))
www.finam.ru /analysis/marketnews09C38/default.asp   (267 words)

 Bugulma City Information Western Russia
Bugulma is a town in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.
Bugulma is the birthplace of noted Russian singer Alsou.It is based in 1736 as a large village at a confluence ?.
With opening in 1950 large oil fields Bugulma - the center of oil-extracting area Tatarii.
www.vostok.cc /city.php?id=25   (89 words)

 BUGULMA: Bugulma existe mesmo
Bugulma não é uma pura ficção de Jaroslav Hasek, embora entre na fantasia (ou não) deste escritor grande do século XX.
Mas a Bugulma deste blog é tão-só, aquela de que somos comandante, mas que desconhecemos se já caiu em poder das nossas tropas.
Vamos tomar chá com o novo Comandante da Cidade que acaba de conquistar Bugulma...
bugulma.blogspot.com /2006/04/bugulma-existe-mesmo.html   (270 words)

 Финам.ru - Новости и комментарии : Анатолий Каплин, эксперт ...
BUGULMA пришло время тебе вешаться.Счастливого болтания на рее.Пока.
BUGULMA тебя отымеют в этих вторых эшелнах посильнее чем в первом раз в 10, плохо то что ты туда людей затащил.Тебе гореть в аду.
BUGULMA если судиить по твоему капсу, ты сейчас в панике, твои руки дрожат, ты пьёшь валерьянку.
www.finam.ru /analysis/marketnews0D867/default.asp   (354 words)

 Cageprisoners.com - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
Now the two former Taliban partisans are suspected of involvement in a gas pipeline explosion in Bugulma.
He was charged with disobeying police officers and using profanity in a mosque and placed under administrative arrest for five days.
He also informed Kommersant that several other people were also arrested and jailed on suspicion of involvement in the explosion, including Gumarov, who had still not hired a lawyer.
www.cageprisoners.com /articles.php?id=6820   (667 words)

 KAZAN 1000 (MILLENNIUM)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
A branch of Institute of economy, management and law is holding a conference “Innovative entrepreneurship in Russia: problems, quests, solutions” in Bugulma tomorrow.
The conference is held with assistance of Bugulma region administration and Tatar scientific-research and project institute of “Tatneft” JSC.
The participants will be discussing the following questions: how to work effectively taking into consideration innovations and modern tendencies of business; what makes the interaction of entrepreneurs and techno-parks productive; and what leads to establishing profitable enterprises; and what the innovative approach in the work with partners consist in.
www.kazan1000.ru /eng/news_item.htm?nid=459&DNSID=90f0dc16cd0688c07ffcce0c339a5c80   (167 words)

 Bugulma in Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Bugulma is hosting two of the largest companies in Russia.
The ranking of Europe's largest cities shows Bugulma on position 8999.
According to the NACE-activities of the biggest companies, Bugulma is the city of
www.top500.de /cities/bugulma_russia.php   (51 words)

 BBSNews - New Evidence of Unfair Procedure, Ill-Treatment in Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Defense lawyers also said that the Islamic religious leaflets confiscated from Gumarov's apartment — and described in the court's verdict as "literature of terrorist intentions" — were in fact openly available in Russia and were not banned.
In a handwritten document that Gumarov's mother said was smuggled out of the Bugulma detention facility before her son's first trial, he writes: "Mama, don't listen to the authorities, no matter what they say about me. … My nerves gave in, I couldn't take it.
Another witness for the prosecution, Ildar Valeev, told Human Rights Watch that on April 1, 2005, he was called in for questioning to the organized crime unit in Almetievsk, Tatarstan, and subsequently sentenced to five days' administrative arrest for swearing in a mosque.
bbsnews.net /article.php/20060904110331269   (1580 words)

 Bugulma Universities - hypnotic transport and thrifty cab.
Bugulma Universities - hypnotic transport and thrifty cab.
Resume air strategies and briefings to grab abrupt methods of burning tickets.To burn for sure that it is ridiculous to raid lulling flights pilots is like clashing aviation.Gambling biographies on camps is a functional and plump deed.Revolving plane is favorably stronger than giggling flights!
Please stabilize our dividends of airline.The most ambitious inputs about air and can be tracked at Bugulma Universities.As lady luck would have it wreathing information online is a whole lot more related than reconsidering proposals about travel offline.
www.local-universities.info /tatarstan-bugulma-universities.html   (105 words)

 Karin Beck, Columbia University   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Jaroslav Hasek’s novel The Brave Soldier Svejk is often seen mainly as a satirical description of life in the Austrian army during World War I and as a parody of military life in general.
Already in his earlier work As the Commander of the City of Bugulma, Hasek showed his understanding of language as a tool of power.
Here the hero uses orders to create what the narrator calls “Potemkin villages.” It is not the actions on the front that influence the orders from the center, but rather the reports.
aatseel.org /program/aatseel/2004/abstracts/beck.htm   (408 words)

 Bugulma women - Single Russian women from Bugulma, dating and marriage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Bugulma women - Single Russian women from Bugulma, dating and marriage
Bugulma women - Russian women from Bugulma, dating and marriage
We have found 2 profile(s) of Russian women from Bugulma.
www.the-russianwomen.com /dating/city_bugulma/1.htm   (45 words)

 Bugulma Theaters - abortive flights and raucous camps.
Bugulma Theaters - abortive flights and raucous camps.
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Dig lover strategies and opinions to win mild methods of broadcasting matchmaking.The most dominant propositions about traveling and cabin can be found at Bugulma Theaters.As a matter of fact, captaining on the internet is insufficiently the largest action to recover.Sculling freight is seasonably more sensitive than supervising aviation!
www.local-theaters.info /tatarstan-bugulma-theaters.html   (111 words)

 Guantanamo Prisoners Accused of Having Blown Up Gas Pipeline - Kommersant Moscow   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The three detainees are charged with having blown up a gas pipeline in Bugulma.
In the home country, the former detainees were accused of illegal crossing of border, hireling activities and participation in the criminal communities but released for the lack of evidence.
At present, however, Ishmuradov, Gumarov and Faikhutdinov face charges related to the gas pipeline explosion happened in Bugulma January 8, 2005.
www.kommersant.com /page.asp?id=608549   (399 words)

 Julia2005 - a Russian girl from Bugulma, Russia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Julia2005 - a Russian girl from Bugulma, Russia
Bugulma girls: Julia2005 is a Russian girl seeking a man aged 22-35 for serious relationship
I am a romantic (sometimes too much), tender and careful girl, I like life and simple things in it: nature, summer days, rain rattling on the roof, flowers.
www.loversplanet.com /view-07412.php   (109 words)

 Former Guantanamo Bay Detainee Arrested In Moscow - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
An aide to Tatarstan's chief prosecutor, Ildar Mukhametzyanov, said the two men -- Ravil Gumarov and Fanis Shaikhutdinov -- were detained on March 7 and would soon be transferred to Kazan.
Shaikhutdinov and Gumarov were first arrested in 2005 and charged with blowing up a gas pipeline in the town of Bugulma.
Gumarov and a third man arrested for the Bugulma attack -- Timur Ishmuratov -- are among seven Russian citizens captured by U.S. troops in Afghanistan and released in 2004 after spending several months in Guantanamo Bay.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2006/03/fbc50158-46a9-4921-80db-195b1fe720b8.html?napage=2   (194 words)

 Tatarstan Aviation - Tatarstan Airlines - Kazan Airport
Several domestic Flights to Bugulma Chistopol Bolgar Kuznechiha and Bazarnie Mataki
Bugulma BG Address : 423200 Bugulma - Tel.
Also, there are Bugulma and Second Kazan airlines that operate in Tatarstan.
www.geocities.com /ai320/tatarstan.htm   (1649 words)

 Alsou - Biography
Alsou was born on June 27,1983 in a small town Bugulma in Tatarstan (Russia) to a large Moslem family.
As her parents were referred to work in the Far North when she was a baby they took Alsou with them.
The video for The first single, "Always On My Mind", written by Alsou and Morten Schjolin was shooted May 2004 by well-known director Joseph Kahn.
www.alsou.org.ru   (896 words)

On September 28 2004, the jury concluded that there was not sufficient evidence to convict the accused of involvement in a terrorist act.
In Bugulma on January 8 2005 a low-pressure gas pipe was damaged near a Federal Security Service building.
No explosion took place, and there were no victims.
en.rian.ru /russia/20060107/42886064-print.html   (208 words)

 bugulma Home Page - VirtualTourist.com
The city is nice although all great architecture was built in last few years like Cathedral finished this summer.
Bugulma (or a bit more correct Bugul'ma) is a town with 100.000 of inhabitants in Ural Mountains region of Russia, in 1000 kilometers from Moscow.
I was born and had been living there over 18 years.
members.virtualtourist.com /m/3d194   (427 words)

 Send Flowers to Bugulma, Russia - gift delivery by a florist in Bugulma.
Send flowers and gifts to Bugulma, Russia with our highly professional and experienced local flower shop.
The florist in Bugulma features fast and reliable flower delivery service within the city and the region.
You can find all specific details related to gift delivery to Bugulma and the region in the green table on the right side of the page.
www.flowers-to-russia.com /russia/bugulma.html   (226 words)

 .: eurosong.net.ru : Russia 2000 - Alsou "Solo"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The future singer was born June 27th, 1983 in a small town Bugulma in Tatarstan, Russia.
Her parents got married on the 3rd course of oil institute.
Born in Bugulma, Alsou has spent her happy childhood in Kogalym (Siberia), the town of oil industry.
www.bestcatalog.net /~eurosong/r00e.html   (2535 words)

 Flower delivery to Bugulma.
Highly professional florist in Bugulma features flower delivery to Bugulma and the region.
The information in the green table on the right side of the page will provide you with details on flower delivery in Bugulma, Russia.
Flower delivery in Bugulma can be done the same day if your order received before afternoon local time.
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 Jaroslav Hasek - An equestrian memorial in the Prokopovo Square in Prague   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Jaroslav Hašek is said to never have ridden a horse.
As a Deputy Commissar of the Red Army in Bugulma
, such as having joined the Red Army and having been it's [Deputy] Commissar of the town of Bugulma.
my.core.com /~zenny/Jezdecky_Hasek.html   (304 words)

 Amazon.com: Bugulma   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
in the cities of Kazan, Bugulma, Elabuga, Zelenodolsk and Chistopol as...
activists in the city of Bugulma let it be known that...
such as the city of Bugulma to secede from Tatarstan.
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Bugulma&tag=acronymfinder-20&index=blended&link_code=qs&page=1   (942 words)

 Accommodation in Bugulma and Cheap Travel to Bugulma, Respublika Tatarstan, Russian Federation :-) Hospitality Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Hospitality Club is the world's largest hospitality exchange organization.
There are no City Volunteers in Bugulma at the moment.
If you are already a member, please go to the member section - you are on the external pages now.
www.hospitalityclub.org /hc/hcworld.php?city=35647   (450 words)

 Bugulma Airport (UUA) Details - Russian Federation
The place to find airport codes, abbreviations, runway lengths and other airport information.
Be the first person to add your Bugulma Airport comment, photo and airport rating by completing the form below.
Inform future travellers of your experience by publishing your photographs, comments or even tips regarding Bugulma Airport by completing the comments form below.
www.world-airport-codes.com /russian-federation/bugulma-1093.html   (219 words)

 The Alsou Message Board: Bugulma concert
I've seen the video clip of the Bugulma concert on RBCmp3.com...
I've been looking for it but haven't found it yet.
I've seen the : video clip of the Bugulma concert on : RBCmp3.com...
members3.boardhost.com /Alsoufans/msg/145.html   (70 words)

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