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Topic: Building code

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Building code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A building code is a set of rules that specify the minimum acceptable level of safety for constructed objects such as buildings and nonbuilding structures.
Building codes are generally intended to be applied by architects and engineers, but are also used for various purposes by safety inspectors, real estate developers, contractors and subcontractors, manufacturers of building products and materials, insurance companies, facility managers, tenants, and other categories of users.
In some countries building codes are developed by the government agencies or quasi-governmental standards organizations and then enforced across the country by the central government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Building_code   (1175 words)

 Building Code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
No building or structure shall be moved into nor relocated within Lincoln County unless such building or structure and the foundation at the proposed location are in compliance, or will be brought into compliance, with current building codes, zoning requirements, or any pertinent ordinances for new structures.
The building Official may, at his discretion, place such conditions as he deems necessary to protect the public health, safety or welfare on the building or structure to be located and may require compliance with such conditions prior to relocation or removal of the building or structure from its original site.
All permits issued for temporary buildings or structures shall stipulate the time frame during which the building or structure will be on the property, subject to approval by the building official, who may attach such conditions to the permit as he deems necessary to protect the public health, safety and welfare.
www.co.lincoln.wa.us /Building/BuildingCode.htm   (2846 words)

 Building Code
Building Codes establish predictable and consistent minimum standards which are applied to the quality and durability of construction materials.
Building codes are adopted by a state or local government's legislative body, then enacted to regulate building construction within a particular jurisdiction.
The primary purpose of a building code is to regulate new or proposed construction.
growth-management.alachua.fl.us /codeenforce/buildcode.php   (1646 words)

 China Building Code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This building code is to guarantee the quality of residential building’s design and basically make it suitable, safety, clear and economical.
This building code is suitable for new-built, rebuilt and expanded residential buildings with thirty stories or less.
For the low rise (1-3 stories) and multi-rise (4-6 stories) buildings, the height of the balcony railing should not be less than 1.05 m; for the mid-high rise (7-9), high rise (10-30) buildings, and the buildings in the cold area, the balcony might use the board.
chinahousing.mit.edu /english/resources/BuildingCode.html   (2582 words)

 Model building code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A model building code is a building code that is developed and maintained by a standards organization independent of the jurisdiction responsible for enacting the building code.
Model building codes are developed by standards organizations through a network of development committees comprised of representatives from the various affected entities, both government and private.
When a new edition of the model code is released by the model code developer, the adopting authority may choose to ignore it and continue using the older version of the model code it adopted.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Model_building_code   (715 words)

 Building Code Approvals
The Florida Building Code be altered to come into compliance with the International Residential Code to explicitly allow for the construction of unvented roof assemblies.
The Department of Community Affairs will draft the code changes and make them available to the public in early August, but it would be a good idea for builders and housing professionals to begin studying them as soon as they are available and assessing their potential impact.
Code officials be instructed regarding the correct interpretation of ASTM C1063 and the Florida Building Code be explicitly altered to require drainage where drained assemblies intersect mass assemblies.
www.sealection500.com /dem/s500/index.php?key=BuildingCode   (349 words)

 Building Codes & Regulatory Resources
Building codes and standards are developed specifically for the purpose of regulating the life-safety, health and welfare of the public with respect to building construction and maintenance.
The California Building Code was approved and incorporated into the UBC in 1988.
Building a code library : uniform building code reference publications / prepared by the Building Codes Committee of the East Bay Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.
www.lib.berkeley.edu /ENVI/Codes.html   (2301 words)

 California's State Historical Building Safety Board | Division of the State Architect
It is the purpose of the State Historical Building Code to provide regulations and standards for the rehabilitation, preservation, restoration (including related reconstruction) or relocation as applicable to all historical buildings, structures and properties deemed of importance to the history, architecture, or culture of an area by an appropriate local or state governmental jurisdiction.
The State Historical Building Code was created by legislation in 1975 giving authority to the State Historical Building Safety Board to write regulations, and have consultation, review and appellate functions for code and regulation issues relating to qualified historic buildings, structures and properties.
A major feature of the State Historical Building Code is that it is a state law, a statute within the Health and Safety Code and the creation of regulations is separated by Health and Safety Code, S. from the California Building Standards code adoption process.
www.dsa.dgs.ca.gov /StateHistoricalBuildingSafetyBoard   (989 words)

 Building Code of the city of New York
Building Codes Updates - October 1, 2004 thru October 1, 2005.
The print version of the Building Code, together with any Local Laws (amendments) adopted by the City Council subsequent to the most recent update to the print version, remains the official version.
The current Building Code was enacted by the City Council on October 22, 1968, and approved by the Mayor on November 6, 1968.
www.nyc.gov /html/dob/html/reference/code_internet.shtml   (999 words)

 Miami-Dade County - Building Code Compliance
BCCO has submitted a code modification to the Florida Building Commission for possible inclusion in the 2007 edition of the Florida Building Code to require carbon monoxide detectors in all sleeping areas of residential occupancies.
Security bars which are not properly installed in accordance with the building code may prevent occupants from escaping or rescue personnel from responding in the case of fire.
Building Official's meetings are conducted on a monthly basis by the Building Code Compliance Office staff.
www.buildingcodeonline.com   (933 words)

BC section 1107.7 provides exceptions when there is no elevator service in the building, providing that those type B units on floors which are accessible from grade, shall be on an accessible route.
The special inspector shall be a qualified person who shall demonstrate competence, to the satisfaction of the code enforcement official, for inspection of the particular type of construction or operation requiring special inspection.
Except for roof construction in one and two story type I and II buildings, all structural materials, interior and exterior bearing walls and floor construction must be non-combustible.
www.dos.state.ny.us /code/bcFAQ.htm   (804 words)

 Building & Code Enforcement
The Building and Code Enforcement Department is responsible for the enforcement of building codes and ordinances which pertain to all aspects of building design, construction and maintenance.
All building construction and demolition permits are issued by this department.
The Building Department also coordinates inspections of the storage of flammable materials and the enforcement of the Fire Prevention Code.
www.wheaton.il.us /Service/Building-C/index.htm   (103 words)

 Mansfield Code Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The code applies to almost all buildings, excluding manufactured and industrial housing units, (which are covered by other laws), agricultural buildings, and certain utility and miscellaneous buildings.
An amendment to the state-wide building code, Known as Act 92-2004 has been passed by the House and Senate and was signed into law by the Governor on July 15, 2004, and becoming law immediately.
The Mansfield Code Administration administers the permitting, inspection and enforcement compliance of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code.
www.mansfieldcode.org   (272 words)

 Chapter 455 — Building Code
The state building code shall establish uniform performance standards providing reasonable safeguards for health, safety, welfare, comfort and security of the residents of this state who are occupants and users of buildings, and will provide for the use of modern methods, devices, materials, techniques and practicable maximum energy conservation.
All standards and specialty codes referred to in the specialty code shall be kept on file and available for inspection in the offices of the department.
Amendments proposed to the state building code under this subsection shall be in conformity with the policy and purpose prescribed by ORS 455.020.
www.leg.state.or.us /ors/455.html   (7469 words)

 Building Code
The code is essentially a set of minimum provisions respecting the safety of buildings with reference to public health, fire protection and structural sufficiency.
"Heritage buildings are buildings that are legally recognized by the Province or local government as having historic, architectural or cultural value for the Province or their communities.
To apply present Building Code requirements to existing buildings is, in many cases, impractical and with Heritage Building may compromise historic appearances or authenticity.
www.islandnet.com /~hsbc/building_code.htm   (427 words)

 Welcome - State Building Code Review Board, NH DOS
The New Hampshire building code, effective September 14, 2002, means the International Building Code 2000, the International Plumbing Code 2000, the International Mechanical Code 2000, the International Energy Conservation Code 2000, and the International Residential Code 2000, as published by the International Code Council, and the National Electric Code 2005.
Another function of the Board is to hear appeals of variances or exceptions to the state fire code that have been granted or denied by the State Fire Marshal, and appeals of a decision of the State Fire Marshal in enforcing provisions of the State Building Code.
Neither the State Building Code Review Board nor any of the sources of the information shall be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use or result obtained from the use of this information.
www.nh.gov /safety/boardsandcommissions/bldgcode/index.html   (283 words)

 NYBC | News & Issues | NYBC Testimony
Adoption of the IBC would not only modernize the building code and bring it into conformity with the codes of 44 states; it will set up mechanisms for future review and revision every three years.
Conversely, the IBC is based on three national codes that have been in effect for decades, and therefore, has a wealth of experience and history behind it.
By voting in favor of the IBC, the City Council Committee on Housing and Buildings is ensuring that New York City will adopt a building code that is proactive and shaped in collaboration with the organizations that are governed by it.
www.buildingcongress.com /code/testimony/2005-06-24.htm   (519 words)

 Building Code Information
Effective July 1, 2005, the Building Bureau fees for plan review and permits will be equivalent to the fees schedule published in the 1997 Uniform Building Code.
Building inspectors working for the State of Idaho or any of it's cities or counties are required to be cerfified as building inspectors or plans examiners by the International Conference of Building Officials or by the International Code Council.
The Building Bureau of the DBS may at the request of a city or county provide building code inspection programs under contract.
dbs.idaho.gov /building/code.html   (136 words)

 Residential Building Codes, Construction Standards, Building Permits, Code Books - B4UBUILD.COM
Generally speaking, building codes are developed by well intentioned people who are actively involved in the construction industry.
Building codes are constantly changing and they can vary by state, county, city, town, and/or borough.
It is about the establishment of the International Code Council (ICC) and their efforts to develop a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national building codes by the end of the year 2000.
www.b4ubuild.com /links/codes.shtml   (1682 words)

 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code
The Purpose of the USBC is to ensure Safety to life and property from all hazards incident to building design, construction, use, repair, removal or demolition.
Buildings shall be permitted to be constructed at the least possible cost consistent with nationally recognized standards for health, safety, energy conservation, water conservation, adequate egress facilities, sanitary equipment, light and ventilation, fire safety, structural strength, and physically handicapped and aged accessibility.
The USBC does not supersede Zoning ordinances or other land use control that do not effect the manner of construction or materials to be used in the construction, alteration, or repair.
www.spotsylvania.va.us /departments/codecomp/building/index.cfm?doc_id=132   (109 words)

 Building Code Links & Resources
Official building code websites, organizations, resources and other useful contact points and information regarding all code provisions and documents.
Please visit our Building Code Software Center for complete listings and details, or use the Links on the left to navigate to your selection.
The Building Code Discussion Group is a resource for architects, engineers, builders, developers and anyone needing no-nonsense and in-depth Building Code Q and A. The site is moderated by engineers and architects specializing in Building Code consulting working for governmental agencies.
www.nwbuildnet.com /stores/ss/pa/code_links.html   (373 words)

 Pinellas County Building Code Changes
The new 2004 Florida Building Code became effective on October 1, 2005.
The first major change is not to a specific code section, but the fact that there are now three different code that we must deal with.
There is still the Florida Building Code, but we now also have the Florida Building Code/Residential and the Florida Building Code/Existing Buildings.
www.pinellascounty.org /build/bldgcode.htm   (140 words)

 Building Code
International Building Code, International Mechanical Code, International Energy Conservation Code, International Fire Code, International Fuel Gas Code, International Electrical Code, the 2002 National Electrical Code (NFPA 70), and the Arizona State Plumbing Code (the 1994 UPC as amended).
There exists a Building Code Division under the Cochise County Planning Department and the official in charge thereof shall be known as the Building Official.
If, in the opinion of the building official, the valuation is underestimated on the application, the permit shall be denied, unless the applicant can show detailed estimates to meet the approval of the building official.
www.co.cochise.az.us /P&Z/BuildingCode.htm   (3888 words)

 Broward County - Building Code Services Division
The Building Code Services Division is responsible for the conformance to the Florida Building Code for all new construction in the unincorporated areas of Broward County and in those municipalities under contractual arrangement.
Administering and enforcing the Florida Building Code and Minimum Housing/Unsafe Structure regulations and such other County ordinances relating to permitting that affect land, property structures and the environment in the unincorporated areas of Broward County and those cities in Broward County under contract for building code services.
Performing inspections of buildings for proposed businesses to assure compatibility with the intended use as required by the Florida Building Code and as a prerequisite to obtaining an occupational license.
www.broward.org /building/welcome.htm   (322 words)

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