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Topic: Bukusu

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Luhya
Bukusu is one of the seventeen sub-tribes of the Luhya Bantu language and cultural group of East Africa.
This comes from the Bukusu word for rain, "efula") and Simiyu among the Banyala was the name given to the child born during the dry season.
The Maragoli dialect is spoken by the Maragoli and the Tiriki.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Luhya/Culture   (0 words)

  Australian Information from Wikipedia
This comes from the Bukusu word for rain, "efula") and Simiyu among the Banyala was the name given to the child born during the dry season.
The Maragoli dialect is spoken by the Maragoli and the Tiriki.
The Bukusu and the Wanga are mainly cash crop farmers, raising sugar cane in Bungoma and Mumias areas respectively.
www.thinkingaustralia.com /thinking_australia/wikipedia/default.php?title=Luhya   (2931 words)

 Mountain Voices: oral testimonies from Mount Elgon, Kenya
The Sabaot were originally pastoralists and it is only in the last 50 years or so that agriculture has taken over from livestock as the main source of income in the area, with the introduction of cash crops such as maize, beans and coffee.
Yet, perhaps because their relationship with the Bukusu was characterised by oppression, many talk of ridding the area of non-Sabaot, and express distrust and disapproval of outside or modern influences.
Finding a balance between preserving the strengths of their old way of life without being excluded from the benefits of modernisation is proving difficult, as it does for many culturally distinct groups.
www.mountainvoices.org /kenya.asp   (0 words)

 Take a BrainSip
The Bukusu inhabit Bungoma district of Western province, which is bordered by Kakamega district to the east, Busia district to the south, Mount Elgon to the north and Uganda to the west.
Previously, the Bukusu were referred to as the Kitosh by the neighbouring Kalenjin community, a name they despised.
Bukusu oral tradition accounts reveal that whilst living in Silikwa the Bukusu used to enjoy periods of harmony with their neighbors.
bukusu.brainsip.com   (860 words)

 Mountain Voices: oral testimonies from Mount Elgon, Kenya: local themes: conflict
The fighting between Bukusu and Sabaot in the early 1990s, however, was of a slightly different nature.
One farmer believes land shortage to be the root of the problem and certainly many Sabaot feel that the Bukusu have over the years taken their land and forced them on to the more marginal areas they now occupy.
Interestingly, despite the strong desire to separate themselves from other groups, especially the Bukusu, several Sabaot narrators point out that it was from the Bukusu and Teso that they learned useful agricultural practices and about the value of education.
www.mountainvoices.org /k_th_conflict.asp   (0 words)

 BBC News | AFRICA | Kenya's unkindest cut
Hundreds of boys from the Bukusu clan of the Luhya Tribe in western Kenya are undergoing traditional circumcision during August.
On the dangers of the knife used by the traditional surgeons infecting the the initiates with diseases such as Aids, Kwoma Senior insists that it is not possible because the knife is heated in a hot flame and sharpened on a red hot brick thus sterilising it.
The Bukusus are so fanatical about circumcision that in very rare cases when it is discovered that a deceased adult is uncircumcised they will perfom full rituals.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/880328.stm   (612 words)

 Bukusu_language - The Wordbook Encyclopedia
Bukusu (native name: Lubukusu) is a Bantu language spoken by the Bukusu people of western Kenya.
The Bukusu people live in Bungoma district, which borders Uganda to the west and Kakamega district of Kenya to the east.
Their large dispersal among the Bukusu in that area has had a discernible influence on the Bukusu language in the Bungoma region.
www.thewordbook.com /Bukusu_language   (612 words)

 GIRR No.4
In this context, the Bukusu family system is very authoritative and women are mere pawns in the game of patriarchy and kinship relationships.
The Bukusu customary norms segments and discriminates against widowed and divorced women, and indeed all women, by disinheriting and depriving them of their economic rights (Dwyer and Bruce 1988).
The broader empirical goal of this study is, therefore, to gauge the impacts of the processes of socio-cultural change and modernization on the status of women in Bukusu society today.
www.ossrea.net /girr/no4/no4.htm   (1729 words)

 Sub-Saharan Informer - African News
The men’s only crime was to be unfortunate enough to belong to two Kenyan communities that do not perform the rite on their men and to live in the midst of the Bukusu tribe of western Kenya, that is now at the peak of initiating its youth into manhood.
Police say they are looking for the youths who are wrecking havoc among non Bukusu men who are now being forced to flee the area until mid-September when the circumcision season is over.
August is month of festivity in the Bukusu community, where all youths aged between 13 and 16 face the knife at the hands of traditional circumcisers.
www.ssinformer.com /news/Africa/eastern/kenya/society/2006/may/kes-19may06-1.html   (807 words)

 Kenya Times Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: )
And true to the Bukusu matrix, a group of leaders recently organised a delegation to the Ford-Kenya leader Gabriel Pius Musikari Nazi Kombo to intervene in the elections to be held at the Kitale ASK show grounds bringing together nearly 4,500 teachers.
An unusual spectre occurred at the teacher’s SACCO last year where the Bukusu jinx that had dogged the society for many years was broken, save for the delegate-system that was used in the polls.
For the trade unionism, the direct-voting pattern is likely to favour the Bukusu candidates vying for the various seats within the branch.
www.timesnews.co.ke /08jun06/nwsstory/opinion1.html   (699 words)

 GIRR No.4
However, the traditional Bukusu family system, the present legal legislation and agricultural development policies, planning and implementation collectively mask the need and roles that these women represent.
The Bukusu customary norms of land inheritance endows women with only use rights and not long-lasting tenancies.
Circumcision rites in Bukusu society are normally carried out in the month of August of each even year.
www.ossrea.net /girr/no4/no4-06.htm   (2991 words)

 Joshua Project - Bukusu of Kenya Ethnic People Profile
Their main means of income source is subsistence farming, but also cattle and other domestic animals play an important role.
For instance, initiation rites still take place among virtually all sections of the population, but the timing has been adapted to coincide with school vacations, so that they do not interfere with the child's education.
Traditionally there was resistance against modern influence among the Bukusu.
www.joshuaproject.net /peopctry.php?rop3=101720&rog3=KE   (0 words)

 abstract   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bukusu may on first impression appear to be a Japanese-type language on the strength of the fact that the canonical position of wh-phrases in questions is the post-verbal in-situ position.
This paper discusses wh-constructions in Bukusu and strives to account for the 'mixed' properties of these constructions within a minimalist framework.
We also show that although Bukusu belongs with French in the mixed group, the two languages differ in important respects.
www.ohiou.edu /alta/wasik.htm   (213 words)

 Bukusu - Qwika   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bukusu Bukusu can refer to more than one article: the Bukusu, an indigenous tribe of Kenya Bukusu, a Bantu language spoken by the Bukusu people This is a disambiguation page:...
Bukusu language Bukusu (native name: Lubukusu) is a Bantu language spoken by the Bukusu people of western Kenya.
Bukusu people The Bukusu are one of the seventeen Kenyan sub...
www.qwika.com /find/Bukusu   (543 words)

 Untitled Document
We caution that as a summary it may not include all information and explanations which are included in the full report.
The vermiculite deposit occurs 1 km northwest of Busumbu on the Busumbu-Namekara ridge, Mbale District of Southeastern Uganda.
The vermiculite deposit is the result of residual accumulation and weathering of primary biotite and phlogopite from mica-rich rocks in the southwest part of the circular, 13 km diameter Tertiary (24-26 million year old) Bukusu Carbonatite Complex.
www.sportclix.com /ibi/IndependentRptB.htm   (1339 words)

 Kenya Times Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But the Bukusu blood being naturally aggressive, resisted the oppression and, over the years up to now, they proved “unbwagable.” As of today, the Bukusu clan leads in producing the top Abaluhya brains.
As adventure and aggression appear to be deeply ingrained in the Bukusu culture, that may explain why that clan has been relatively more progressive than all the other groups.
One time the late Professor Osak Odak, a Bukusu, sounded a stereotype accusation saying, “A Bukusu can go to borrow money from the bank in order to pay bride price for an extra wife.” There is a claim that the Abaluhya are highly sexed lot.
www.timesnews.co.ke /05mar06/insight/ins1.html   (1757 words)

 Some Local Bungoma History; Kenya Friendship
A majority of residents of Bungoma belong to the Bukusu nationality group.
Again in the 1940s and 1950s the Bukusu resisted the British under the leadership of Elija Masinde, a religious leader and prophet who demanded return of their lands.
During the MauMau rebellion (centered in the Kikuyu areas of Kenya to the east and south of here through most of the 1950s) Masinde was imprisoned, but was released to his home area at independence in 1963.
www.cs.indiana.edu /~port/kenyafriends/bung.hist.html   (605 words)

 Letters to the Editor | Kenyans should not follow alien culture in the name of civilisation
The Bukusu culture should be respected and attempts to disregard the community’s cultural practices are unacceptable.
As much as Wamalwa was a national figure, he belonged to a community whose ideals should be respected and going against the Bukusu culture was a sign of disrespect to the fallen politician.
Being a Bukusu and a member of the Sang’alo clan, I support the efforts fronted by the late VP’s Baengele clan which was opposed to the memorial service.
www.eastandard.net /archives/september/tue14092004/commentaries/letters/letters04.htm   (364 words)

 Manna Ministries- Nairobi Kenya
I am attaching for you brief history of the bukusu people of Kenya where My Ministry is currently reaching through crusades, revival meetings, seminars while planting new churches in the areas which still remains unchurched.
2) WHO is Jesus Christ To the Bukusu- Statistically 75% believe Jesus is son of God and are nominally Christians 20% believe and have accepted him as their savior, 10% believe Jesus is a prophet, teacher, Goodman, but not God’s son, 15% believe in Local, traditional religion rather than in Jesus.
If You are interested to help do ministry western rural area among the bukusus we can arrange and plan for teaching conferences, crusades, seminars and revival meetings for you.
creationsoap.com /maminake.html   (1543 words)

 Traditional circumcision a health hazard
The change of culture might make Mango Mukhurarwa, the Bukusu ancestor who bravely brought circumcision to the community, turn in his grave at the caves of Mount Elgon, a volcanic mountain at the border of Kenya and Uganda.
From then, the Bukusu is said to have possessed the gift of circumcision and have carried on with it diligently for decades.
A Bukusu boy previously could not be considered a man if he did not pass through the customary ritual.
www.newsfromafrica.org /newsfromafrica/articles/art_849.html   (1197 words)

 Bukusu Details, Meaning Bukusu Article and Explanation Guide
Bukusu is the largest single ethnic unit of the Luhya nation, comprising of 16.35% people out of the whole Luhya population.
A Ugandan tribe, the Bamasaaba or Bagisu, is very closely related to the Bukusu, with a shared language and very similar traditions.
Economic Activities Bukusu accounts indicate that both agricultural and pastoral economies have been practiced by the tribe for as long can be remembered.
www.e-paranoids.com /b/bu/bukusu.html   (717 words)

 Development of Kachonge village and region in western Kenya
The majority of the residents belongs to the ethnic group of the Bukusu.
The Bukusu resisted fiercly the british invasion around 1890 but had to give way in front of the difference of means (spears and shields against machineguns...) and the british were free to complete the railway connecting Mombasa on the kenyan coast to Kampala in Uganda.
In the early 1920's, Bungoma was established as the last halt in Kenyan territory and as an administrative center for the region.
www.help-khachonge.org /en/about.htm   (1472 words)

 Issue #5: Wafula-02
Before the coming of the white missionaries into the East African region, African people had already been solidly grounded in the knowledge of God, and the concept of Trinity was evidently present in their day to day worship.
For example, the Bukusu, an ethnic group in western Kenya, among whom Jefferson and Helen Ford, M. Estock, and Fred and Alta Hoyt worked as missionaries, the Supreme Being was addressed in three dimensions: Wele Baba, Wele Mukhobe, and Wele Murumwa (God the Father, God the Herald, and God the Messenger respectively).
In the first place, the shrine was simply a dedicated place of worship, equivalent to the present day Church, Temple, or Mosque with symbolic facilities in the altar.
www.quaker.org /quest/issue5-4A.html   (0 words)

 Welcome to Mumias Online   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It was this army that was largely responsible for the smashing of Bukusu resistance at Chetambe's Fort fifteen years later.
Even at the beginning of Mumia's reign, Europeans were beginning to arrive in the wake of Arab and Swahili slavetraders, who in turn had been settling in since the 1850s with the full accord of the Wanga royal family.
Mumia had always welcomed strangers, and he allowed the slavers to continue their work on other groups of the Luyia (notably the Bukusu), but he was unprepared for the swift usurpation of his authority by the British, whom he'd assumed were also there to trade.
www.ekomsites.com /mumias/index.html   (276 words)

 Africanews - 77 - August 2002
The change of culture might make Mango Mukhurarwa, the Bukusu ancestor who bravely brought circumcision to the community, turn in his grave at the caves of Mount Elgon, a volcanic mountain at the border of Kenya and Uganda.
To slice a long story short, Mango, with his sharp machete, accomplished his assignment and was, at 1pm that very day under the fierce tropical sun, circumcised by a woman, as the overjoyed Sabaots ululated and sang praise songs.
From then, the Bukusu is said to have possessed the gift of circumcision and have carried on with it diligently for decades.
web.peacelink.it /afrinews/77_issue/p3.html   (1202 words)

 allAfrica.com: Kenya: Make Or Break for Kombo in the West (Page 1 of 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The political backyard he is defending extends to the rest of Bungoma district, onto the neighbouring Trans Nzoia district - in the Rift Valley Province - which is also inhabited by the Bukusu sub-ethnic group of the Luhya, and onto the rest of Luhyaland.
By extension, he became an heir to the legendary nationalist, Mr Masinde Muliro, as leader of the Bukusu and of the populous Luhya community.
The Bukusu continued to identify with Narc, through Ford Kenya, while the rest of the region identified mainly with the ex-Kanu LDP branch of the triumphant coalition.
allafrica.com /stories/200705141578.html   (823 words)

 allAfrica.com: Kenya: Ford-K Boss Weak And Unfit for Top Seat (Page 1 of 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
With the Luhya divided and even key politicians in his Bukusu strongholds deserting him one by one, Kombo does not have an adequate constituency to bolster his quest for the presidency.
Neither does he have a solid, loyal block to use as his bargaining chip in the horse trading that is inevitable among key contenders as the elections approach.
The Webuye MP built his political career by staying close to acclaimed Bukusu leader Masinde Muliro as the struggle for multi-partyism bore fruit at the end of 1991.
allafrica.com /stories/200703090976.html   (736 words)

 Title page for ETD etd-10182006-105355
The dilemma and problem in the Bukusu community is centred on how to strike a balance between the traditional and modern perspectives in the form, content, organization and performance of Bukusu circumcision music.
It is recommended that important virtues embodied in the Bukusu circumcision ritual be incorporated and perpetuated within the modern social trends.
Findings of this research are a record of Bukusu circumcision music, which is ever evolving to conform to the changing socio-cultural and economic situation of the society.
upetd.up.ac.za /thesis/available/etd-10182006-105355   (430 words)

 Cock And Bull » Blog Archive » Rights Of Passage
Bukusu is one of the seventeen sub-tribes of the Baluyia tribe from Western Kenya.
Patrick is from the Bukusu community and today, he narrated for us how the circumcision ceremony is carried out among his people.
In the seclusion of this hut, he will be fed, nursed and given instructions on issued to do with manhood and adulthood in the Bukusu community.
ngishili.com /?p=271   (959 words)

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