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Topic: Bulleh Shah

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Britain.tv Wikipedia - Bulleh Shah
Bulleh Shah (1680 – 1757)(Punjabi: Shahmukhi: بلہے شاہ, Gurmukhi: ਬੁੱਲ੍ਹੇ ਸ਼ਾਹ), whose real name was Abdullah Shah, is believed to have been born in the small village of Uch, in Bahawalpur, in 1680.
Bulleh Shah received his early schooling in Pandoke, and later moved to Kasur for higher education, to become a student of the prominent professor, Ghulam Murtaza.
Bulleh Shah’s writings represent him as a humanist, someone providing solutions to the sociological problems of the world around him as he lives through it, describing the turbulence his motherland of Punjab is passing through, while concurrently searching for God.
www.britain.tv /wikipedia.php?title=Bulleh_Shah   (1081 words)

 Shah Bhitai and Bulleh Shah
Bulleh composed a lot of poetry in seraiki, the local spoken language, which is a dialect of that great Sindhi language spoken in Sindh and the neighbouring territories.
Shah Lateef (1690-1752) and Bulleh Shah (1680-1758) had witnessed the death of Aurangzeb, the last of the great Mughals who was responsible for the murder of Dara Shikoh and Sarmad, the Sufi poet.
The Shah was refused the hand of a Mughal girl while Bulleh Shah refused to marry a girl belonging to the Pathan rulers because he did not like her.
home.pacific.net.sg /~makhdoom/bulleh.html   (1408 words)

 BullehShah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bulleh Shah was born Abdullah Shah, in the small village of Uch Gilaniyan in Bahawalpur, in 1680.
Bulleh Shah received his early education in Pandoke, and later moved to Kasur, for higher education, to become a pupil of the eminent teacher, Ghulam Murtaza.
This first aspect of Bulleh Shah’s poetry and philosophy that strikes the reader is his bold and almost arrogant critique of the religious orthodoxy of his day; specifically the Islamic religious orthodoxy.
www.thegoldenmorning.org /litrature/BullehShah.htm   (1134 words)

 AUTHOR: Bulleh Shah (1680-1758): Leading light of Punjab
Bulleh Shah (1680-1758) and Mir Taqi Mir (1723-1810) shared the same time and space - eighteenth century Northern India - and were amongst the major poets of their respective languages.
Bulleh Shah had to face the resentment and taunts of his family and other Syed friends for accepting the spiritual guidance of a non-Syed.
Bulleh Shah never cared to mince words in his bold and courageous challenge to the forces of darkness of his time.
www.apnaorg.com /articles/BullehShah   (1235 words)

 Early Punjabi poetry rich in content   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Talking about Bulleh Shah (1680-1753), Prof Kamran said that he was like the mystics who believed in retreat from life because of the risks involved and believed in only guarding divine truth.
Bulleh Shah raised it to a level that no poet, even of the Bhakti tradition, could rival him.
His elaboration of the discursive and pictographical dimensions of Bulleh Shah's poetry was illuminating.
www.mahapunjab.org /articles/2002/02naqvi.html   (905 words)

 Articles on Bulleh Shah's Poetry
The tomb of Bulleh Shah in Qasur and the area around it is today the only place free of collective refuse, and the privileged of the city pay handsomely to be buried in the proximity of the man they had once rejected.
Thus Bulleh Shah's family, being of Sayyiad caste, was related to prophet Mohammed on the one hand and on the other hand with Sufi thought and mystic traditions, for centuries.
Bulleh Shah's father, Shah Mohammed Dervish, was well-versed in Arabic, Persian and the holy Qura'n.
www.apnaorg.com /poetry/bullahn   (6301 words)

 Screen The Business Of Entertainment-Music-Cover Story
She was soon performing the songs of mystics like Shah Latif Bhattai, Ghulam Farid and Shaikh Ayaz at the Urs (annual congregations commemorating anniversaries) of the Sufi saints in the region.
The singer, who is the ‘spiritual daughter’ of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, the renowned Sufi saint of Sindh, Abida is considered one of the prominent contemporary exponents of the great ghazal and kafi musical styles from the Indian sub-continent.
In the album Bulleh Shah, poetry is brought to life by Abida, and the album shows her versatility as a singer.
www.screenindia.com /20011123/mcov.html   (1307 words)

 ..:: History Of Hazrat Baba Bulleh Shah ::..   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bulleh Shah was a Punjabi Sufi poet, be
Bulleh Shah was settled in Kasur, now in Pakistan.
Bulleh's real name was Abdullah Shah, but Bulleh was his nickname at home, and that is the name he chose to use as a poet.
kasur.20fr.com /Bulleh_Shah.html   (269 words)

 Bulleh Shah : Poems and Biography   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Mir Bulleh Shah Qadiri Shatari, often referred to simply as Bulleh Shah (a shortened form of Abdullah Shah) lived in what is today Pakistan.
Bulleh Shah's father was especially known for his learning and devotion to God, raising both Bulleh Shah and his sister in a life of prayer and meditation.
Bulleh Shah is considered to be one of the greatest mystic poets of the Punjab region.
www.poetry-chaikhana.com /B/BullehShah   (419 words)

 SikhSpectrum.com Monthly. Littérateurs of the Punjabi Language
Bulleh Shah liked the hairdo and the next time he happened to pass that way, he asked the lady to do a similar hairdo for him.
Bulleh Shah's acrostic is devoted mainly to man's yearning for union with the Divine.
Bulleh Shah employs classical terms and phrases whether from the Persian or the Sanskrit according to the philosophic content of his verse.
www.sikhspectrum.com /082004/punjabi.htm   (5771 words)

 Bulleh Shah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Articles on Bulleh Shah's life and poetry (apna.org)
Article on Bulleh Shah's life and poetry (kasur.20fr.com)
Bulleh Shah: Poems (English translations) and Biography (poetry-chaikhana.com)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bulleh_Shah   (1091 words)

 MORNING TALKS: How to Develop Attributes of the Master
Bulleh Shah belonged to the high caste among the Mohammedans and he was afraid of what the people would say when they learned that a man of the higher caste had gone to someone belonging to a lower caste.
Bulleh Shah knew that his Master was very fond of hearing poetry, verse and loving songs.
Bulleh Shah said to them, "Well look here, you have got these womenish clothes, give me some and I will go today and sing before the Master." So he put on the clothes and went to sing to his Master.
www.ruhanisatsangusa.org /mt/attributes.htm   (1868 words)

 The Life Of Bulleh Shah
Bulleh Shah himself has also given a hint that his "Master of Masters" was born in Bagdad but his own Master belonged to Lahore:
It is said that as a result of disgust from people's attitude, Bulleh Shah purchased a few donkeys so that people should ridicule him.
Bulleh Shah was an evolved soul, a perfect faqir and a true lover.
chakwalnews.8k.com /feature1.htm   (6326 words)

 [sacw] SACW Dispatch | 11 Aug. 00   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bulleh Shah through his poetry advocated and spread peace and love.
Bulleh Shah, feeling the agony faced by the womenfolk, the weakest of all sections in his days, adopted various characters of women in his poetry.
Today we need Bulleh Shah to kindle in us the light of love, to teach us the essence of peace and love, and to provide the weak majority of the world with the strength to strive and make it a better place to live in.
bridget.jatol.com /pipermail/sacw_insaf.net/2000/000680.html   (7246 words)

 DaVinci: Society> People> Personal Homepages> S> Shah
Naseeruddin Shah?s son injured in train mishapGlamsham.com, India - Nov 24, 2006As per reports in a daily, Naseeruddin Shah?s son Imaad Shah, a student of St Xavier?s College, Dhobi Talao fell off a Churchgate- bound train between...
September 1978 was the beginning of the end of the Shah?s reign.
Bahadur Shah?s clarion call to save the religion from the kafirs was in fact the medium through which the growing resentment against the Company Raj was...
www.bluegrassdavinci.com /ODP/Society/People/Personal_Homepages/S/Shah   (407 words)

 Sufi Art
For example some of the thoughts born of Baba Bulleh Shah has such an intense and immense depth and beauty that it strikes a chord.
Hazrat Mohani, Baba Bulleh shah, Hazrat Shah Niaz, Hazrat Zaheen shah Taaji, Baba Farid and Rumi as the inspiring force.
For example some of the thoughts born of Baba Bulleh Shah (1680-1757) The 17th century legend born in Kasur (now a part of Pakistan) has such an intense and immense depth and beauty that it strikes a chord.
geetavadhera.tripod.com /jogia_dhoop.html   (1639 words)

 Comparative Index to Islam : BULLEH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Abdullah (Bulleh) Shah (1680-1758), was one of the most popular Punjabi folk poets.
Strongly influenced by the great Persian poet Jallaluddin Rumi (1207-1273), Bulleh Shah moved in the mystic circles and, intoxicated by divine love, sang to all and sundry.
Bulleh Shah Hymns/Music via Real Audio: [1], [2], [3], [4].
www.answering-islam.org /Index/B/bulleh.html   (425 words)

 God is Within, the Sufi Poet Wrote : IntentBlog
Just over 300 years ago, the Muslim Sufi poet Bulleh Shah, while a student at a madrassa (Islamic school) in what is now Pakistan, asked his religious teacher this question: "What is the point of washing one's hands and feet before prayers if the heart wasn't clean?"
The teacher considered Bulleh Shah's query most contentious and refused to answer the question which in his mind bordered on the blasphemous.
Despite his teacher's attempts to dissuade him from rocking the religious boat, Bulleh Shah just couldn't contain his restless heart: He grew his hair long, dressed outrageously, danced wearing ankle bracelets, picked up the iktara (the one-stringed South Asian folk instrument) and began singing poetry.
www.intentblog.com /archives/2006/12/god_is_within_t.html   (756 words)

 Homage paid to Bulleh Shah -DAWN - National; 28 August, 2004
She was speaking at a seminar organized by the International Bulleh Shah Forum on 'peace for all' at a local hall on the second day of the urs on Friday.
Dr Kuljit Shellie, who has been awarded a PhD degree for her work on Baba Bulleh Shah, said people of India and Pakistan must strive for a harmonious living.
Meanwhile, the 14th Baba Bulleh Shah conference was also held under the auspices of the Majlis-i-Baba Bulleh Shah at the Kasur library hall.
www.dawn.com /2004/08/28/nat17.htm   (341 words)

 IndiaStar -- A Literary-Art Magazine: "Varis Shah's Hir-Ranjha" by Suzanne McMahon
Later versions, influenced by Punjabi poets like Bulleh Shah, include allusions and terminology of sufism, which itself was shaped by Vedantic philosophy.
Shah, a devotee of Baba Farid Shakarganj, was grounded in the sufi,
Shah's characterizations, contrasting the ideal with the actual, is lost.
www.indiastar.com /mcmahon.htm   (2720 words)

 Bulleh Shah: Repeating the name of the Beloved   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Bulleh Shah: Repeating the name of the Beloved
Bulleh Shah: A Selection Rendered Into English Verse, by Bulleh Shah
Bulleh Shah: The Love-Intoxicated Iconoclast (Mystics of the East series), by Bulleh Shah
www.poetry-chaikhana.com /B/BullehShah/Repeatingnam.htm   (472 words)

 Rambling on: baba bullay shah
Notice, what Junoon did to Khudi, Saaqi Nama and even Meekal Hasan skipped many important verses from Amrita's "Waris Shah" and suddenly people would start nodding their heads ecstatically but little did they understand the context around the lyrics which Amrita Pareetam wrote on the scenes of 1947 partition.
I listen to Bulleh by Junoon and it was first time I was introduced by the voice of my own heart.
Not to disappoint many of the Bhullay Shah diehards here, but "Bulla Ki jana" is largely plagiarized from the original sufi poet, Rumi's Divan-e-Shams...
deevaan.blogspot.com /2004/12/baba-bullay-shah.html   (1561 words)

 Bulleh Shah: Ideas & Identities of India Pakistan
(Bulleh shah you stay awake at nights and people call you a saint.
But yes he is right when he talks about spiritual Sufism ideologies insipred by Sunni spiritual ideology....but let me tell u my friend it's not where a person gets his doctrine and education from (as you said Bulleh Shah was educated in madrassah), it's how you utilize the knowlegde after that is important.
Baba Bulle Shah is a prominent figure in Sufi culture and I was dying to know something about him.
www.chowk.com /show_article.cgi?aid=00004026&channel=leafyglade+inn   (2446 words)

 Welcome to Pakistan Link
One of the great iconoclastic figures was Bulleh Shah (1618-1758).
Warris Shah was another major personality who died in 1798.
An hour’s drive away from Lahore is Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Baba Guru Nanak (1469-1539), the founder of Sikhism.
www.pakistanlink.com /mowahid/10102003.html   (452 words)

 The Tribune - Windows - Audioscan
This heavenly feeling can be experienced listening to this album in which sufiana kalaam of Bulleh Shah, Baba Farid and Sultan Bahu has been sung soulfully by Wadali brothers.
This assortment of seven tracks is based on the Sufi thought of metaphysical love for the Almighty who is symbolised through the beloved.
To cash in on the love in the air, many of them have come out with soft romantic songs, although most of these are remix versions.
www.tribuneindia.com /2003/20030215/windows/audio.htm   (444 words)

 Punjabi.net discussions chat forums
part -7The reason why the Master put Bulleh Shah to such a hard test -the torture of burning in the fire of separation and longing ~ was to make him fit to receive the invaluable wealth of the Word of God.
PART 3 It is said that even before coming in contact with Inayat Shah, Bulleh Shah used to do some spiritual practice, and had acquired certain miraculous powers.
punjabi.net /talk/messages/433/67624.html?1109307695   (6958 words)

 Sain Bulleh Shah - The Mystic Muse   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Sain Bulleh Shah is the most important voice among them.
It is a pity that no authentic version of Saint Bulleh Shah's work is obtaining.
His romantic defiance of both Hindu and Muslim bigotry and ritualism is particularly telling Bulleh Shah fostered communal amity and understanding which is the primary need of our times ridden with blind fundamentalism and petty political considerations.
www.indiaclub.com /html/9094.htm   (258 words)

 Music - Mystic messenger - Abida Parveen
With a smile, she says: “As a musician, my duty is to convey the message of my elders, and help listeners understand those messages.
Explains Abida: “In the past, I have sung some of the spiritual works of Hazrat Amir Khusro, Baba Bulleh Shah and Hazrat Shah Hussain, as also the ghazal poetry of Faizsaab.
Similarly, while preparing the Hazrat Shah Hussain album, I studied the poetic style of the period which Hussain belonged,” she elaborates.
www.mid-day.com /entertainment/music/2002/september/32572.htm   (773 words)

 Asians In Media magazine | Events: Baba Bulleh Shah play, as part of Festival of Muslim Cultures
The great Punjabi Sufi mystic Bulleh Shah, affectionately called ‘Bulha’, lived in turbulent times.
The mid 18 th century saw the decline of the Mughal empire, with communal violence, civil wars and ideological chaos, times not very different from today.
Sufi devotional music is performed live onstage as Bulleh Shah’s poems, Kafi s, are rendered by a Qawwal party of vocal performers, lead by Javed Bashir & Arif Ali.
www.asiansinmedia.org /news/article.php/events/1383   (836 words)

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