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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Stud welding: Stud welders for welding studs & capacitor discharge stud welding, PowerBox engine driven stud ...
Burco has stud welders capable of applying virtually any type and size of weld stud to any gauge of metal from any welding position.
Burco's portable welders are especially useful for in-the-field welding operations where conventional power isn't available.
Burco is an independent manufacturer and supplier of stud welders and stud welding accessories and supplies.
www.burco.net   (537 words)

 Togdheer Online -
Magaalada Burco ee caasimada gobolka Togdheer ahna magaalo madaxda labaad ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland waxaa beryahan dambe ka socday mashaariic lagu hore marinayo magaaladaas.
Biriishka cusub ee Burco wuxuu ka mid yahay mashaariicda horumarinta ee ka socda gobolka Togdheer gaar ahaan magaalada Burco.
Hadaba warbixintan oo loogu tala galay qurba jooga reer S/lanad guud ahaan gaar ahaana reer T/dheer waxay si gaar ah uga hadlaysaa Biriijka labaad ee Burco iyada oo ka koobnaan doonta qodobadan hoos ku taxan.
www.togdheer.com /development/bridge.shtml   (0 words)

 Dawlada Hoose ee Burco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Dawlada Hoose ee Burco oo hawlgal ka fulineysa wadooyinka iyo faras-magaalaha leyska dagay
Dawlada Hoose ee Burco oo hawlgal ku duminaysa dhismayaasha jiingadaha ee wadooyinka iyo faras-magaalaha
Burco(Saaxil.net):- Dawladda Hoose ee magaalada Burco, ayaa labadii maalmood ee ina dhaafay ku guda jirtay hawlgal kedis ah oo ay ku duminayso dhismayaasha jiingadaha ah ee laga dhisay wadooyinka iyo suuqyada faras magaalaha.
www.saaxil.net /warar/nov22.htm   (110 words)

 A Spiritual Journey in Burco
She told me that she heard about my arrival in Burco and she was trying to reach me the last couple of days.
Burco met the challenge through the actions of two of its ordinary citizens, Faadumo and Geesi.
And there were many in Burco who survived in this manner and in Burco mental illness was fatal because it robbed its victims this survival capacity.
www.hiiraan.org /2004/dec/op/a_jowhar.htm   (1671 words)

 AS Catering Supplies : Burco spares and parts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Burco Appliances Ltd manufacture electric and gas water boilers.
The are at the forefront of the industry with their Burco and Cygnet brands.Burco produce every type of water boiler from the small 2.5 litre urn to the massive 36 litre unit.
Burco spare parts are readily available from stock.
www.ascateringsupplies.com /man_burco.asp   (112 words)

 Safetran Systems - Burco Division   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Burco, a wholly owned subsidiary of Safetran, adds to Safetran's many customer services including warehousing, purchasing, packaging, pre-assembly and total "logistics management" for construction projects.
Burco, originating in 1978, handles over 20,000 line items in stock from more than 400 different companies.
Their facilities include thousands of warehouse square footage, as well as extensive outside storage areas at a number of locations.
www.safetran.com /division/burco.htm   (62 words)

 Water Heating from Burco
Burco Appliances Ltd, the established market leader, has been manufacturing high quality electric and gas water boilers for over a century.
Burco's new multicooker cooks rice, pasta, steams vegetables, meat or fish and heats soups & sauces in large helpings!
Burco's new electric catering airpot gives you hot water when and where you need it
www.dealec.co.uk /acatalog/Burco.html   (165 words)

 Deal Electrical Supplies All about Burco
Burco has built a famous range of electric and gas Catering Boilers on foundations spanning many years.
the design and simplicity of use of the "Baby Burco" continued to leave its hallmark through the progressing years when a new range of "Babies" were born in the early 70's, known today as the Catering Boiler range.
Burco can now provide appliances capable of dispensing hot water from 2.5 litre to 36 litre, to meet most catering requirements.
www.dealec.co.uk /acatalog/about_burco.html   (125 words)

 Burco, Commercial Catering Equipment
The New Burco grills gained a fantastic reception at Hospitality 2007.
Burco continues to manufacture urns in the UK as it has done for over a century, under the Burco and Cygnet brand.
Today the Burco brand has moved into new areas of commercial catering equipment from manual and autofill filter coffee makers, catering slot toasters, conveyor belt toasters, a coffee maker and a mobile handwash unit..................
www.burcodean.com   (0 words)

 Rag budhcad ah oo naagaha afduuba habeenkii Burco.
Qawdhan oo ka mid ah raga ku caanbaxay afduubka dumarka ee burco waxa uu sheegay inuu qaadku ugu wacan yahay dhibta
burco waa meel xadaradi taalo adeer ee haku awra kacsanina ee kahadla xariirada budhcadu buuxdoo iyo saylacda burburtay.......
Wilwile magaalada Burco waxaa jira hadal caanbaxday"wax afduub ama halagu afduubo" taa macnaheedu waxaa weeyi hadii aad gabadh afduubi waydo,adiga ayaa lagu afduubi.
www.saylac.com /forum/index.php?topic=35.0   (253 words)

 redsea-online.com - A Spiritual Journey in Burco: With Saraar, Geesi and Faadumo.
She told me that she heard about my arrival in Burco and she was trying to reach me the last couple of days.
Burco met the challenge through the actions of two of its ordinary citizens, Faadumo and Geesi.
And there were many in Burco who survived in this manner and in Burco mental illness was fatal because it robbed its victims this survival capacity.
www.redsea-online.com /modules.php?name=News&file=print&sid=25   (0 words)

 burco fiets - veilingkijker - nieuwe en tweedehands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
burco fiets - veilingkijker - nieuwe en tweedehands
soortgelijke zoekopdrachten: fiets damesfiets herenfiets oldtimer burco fiets
laatste zoekopdrachten: burco fiets tuintegels dm odense tentacle m mt 52 tmk gympen ronde boxen audio giga byte volkswagen transporter 1.9tdi 63kw gbdc eetkamertafel puppen rose tas millot kh500 roco me 10 vitesse pak sarabande icf sw lp2000r
www.veilingkijker.nl /burco_fiets.html   (213 words)

Waxaa iyana walaac mudan, dowlada Somaliland,oo gala bixinaysa habeen iyo malinba magalada burco.
Koox koox wazira ah, golayaashii, Sarakiisha cidanka kuwii ugu sareeya, iyo guurtidii oo hamahoodii jidanaayaa.ayaa iyaguna hoganaya magalada Burco.
Haddii ann isku dayo, Burco maxaa galay?, waxa jiray, sir-yar oo dabada ubaxday, waqtigii, doorashooyinka barlamanka JSL ee 2005.
www.somalilandfuture.com /ee/index.php/weblog/more/burco_maxa_galay   (0 words)

 DUGSIGII U HOREEYAY EE BOARDING AH OO MAANTA LAGA FURAY BURCO(daawo sawirada) :: Somaliland Education Network ::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Burco (TNN)Xafalada Lagu furayay Dugsiga Mustaqbal Boarding School oo ah Dugsi Hooy ah ayaa maanta lagu qabtay Magaalada Burco Xaflada Furitaanka Dugsiga oo ay ka soo qayb galeen Duqa Magaalada Burco, Saladiinta Gobolka Togdheer, Xildhibaano ka tirsan Golaha Degaanka, Waalidiinta ardayda iyo Marti sharafkale ayaa waxa lagu qabtay xarunta dugsiga Cusub ee Mustaqbal.
Duqa Magaaladda Burco Maxamud Xasan oo ka hadlaaya Xaflada
Qaybtan Hooyga ah waxa aanu hada ku bilownay 80 Arday, Maamuluhu waxa uu sheegay in aan Ardayda Dugsiga dhigataa aanay ahayeen oo kaliya Reer Burco balse Dugsiga looga yimi Magaaloyinka Laascanood, Ceerigabo, Hargeysa,iyo meelo kalaba.
www.somalilandedu.com /index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=261   (360 words)

Qua productie is het een voor Nederlandse begrippen kleine tot middelgroote fietsenfabriek.
In de jaren zeventig (misschien ook wel eerder of later) levert Burco ook dienstfieten voor de politie.
Het merk Burco zal ook verder worden gebruikt, maar feitelijk is dit het einde van Burco als bedrijf.
www.rijwiel.net /burcon.htm   (340 words)

 Why Burco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Since March 2001, Burco Services has provided customers with the ease of ordering material online through a safe and secure web site.
Partnered with Verisign, the leader in secure e-commerce web applications, Burco ensures that the customer is protected.
With 6 locations across the US and Canada, our goal is to constantly bring new and innovative ideas to the railroad, enhance services and generate additional savings for you, the customer.
www.burcoservices.com /WhyBurco.htm   (106 words)

 Burco nv/sa - Accountancy, auditing, fiscal matters and advice - Burco international - Burco, your partner worldwide
Burco nv is a member of the INAA Group (International Network of Accountants and Auditors).
Through this membership, Burco nv can offer the same guarantees as all the other members of this network.
The emphasis is on being ready for action and on the open exchange of expertise, information and knowledge for the benefit of clients.
www.burco.be /burco_en/internat/b.htm   (116 words)

 all Burco products in store
Description: Burco's versatile New 4 Slot Commercial Toaster, toasts thick, and thin, one side or both and browns exceptionally...More Info...
Description: Burco's versatile New 6 Slot Commercial Toaster, toasts thick, and thin, one side or both and browns exceptionally...More Info...
Burco Kettle, 4 Lt Description: Robust stainless steel construction, Keep warm element, Concealed element, Secondary handle makes...More Info...
www.cookware-uk.co.uk /Search.php?string=Burco&cid=1   (0 words)

 site map for Burco Welding and Cutting Products providing stud welders, conventional welders, welder generators, weld ...
Spare and replacement parts for Burco's MSG 200 and MSG 210S portable gasoline
Burco can also supply spare parts for comparable units
Send Burco an e-mail message using this convenient e-mail form
www.burco.net /sitemap.htm   (0 words)

 Burco - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
Also like the other cities in the northern part of the country, Burco has been rebuilt largely without aid.
The city has boomed economically with the money coming in and people from rural area moving in making squatters all over the city.
Burco's population has more than tripled since 1991, to around 100,000.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=1251701   (155 words)

 Somaliland Forum
The road between Burco and Ceerigavo, soon to be constructed, is indeed long overdue, and that would introduce the richness of the Sanaag region into the rest of the country in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables and cereal, not to mention the scenery and other natural resources.
Fourthly, Burco is roughly the center of the country, which makes it the focal point for roughly half of the population.
Obviously, the argument "Dawlaado Burco ma gaaday?" has a merit but unfortunately, those who raise that question raise it for the wrong reasons and those it irritates become defensive and overlook its validity.
www.somalilandforum.com /opinions/in_god_we_trust.htm   (0 words)

 DirtTrackDigest.com - Docekal dominates, Burco returns to victory lane at Independence Motor Speedway.
Darin Burco, the 2000 track champion, has spent little time behind the wheel of a race car the last three seasons, however he made a strong return to the speedway as he scored the division’s opening night points win.
Burco settled into the lead on the third lap, while Goedert continued to apply heavy pressure to the race leader.
Burco took the win with Goedert and Bair chasing him to the checkers.
www.dirttrackdigest.com /news/179901029.shtml   (0 words)

 Manufacturers, Burco Commercial Catering Equipment, Akro Catering Equipment, Janitorial & Hygiene Supplies
Easy clean really is the signature of the Burco light duty grill, its easy clean features add up to a significant time saving for all caterers.
Burco Mobile Handwash System - Ideal for outside catering facilities, functions, parties etc. Perfect where handwashing is required when water supplies are not available.
The Burco rise and fall grill is robustly designed to meet the requirements of any caterer.
www.akroservices.co.uk /products.php?cat=1567   (0 words)

 Burco Boilers & Dipping Cans
This means that 3 colours can be melted at the same time, making dipping easier and very much safer as the temperature is thermostatically controlled.
This means a large quantity of wax, (16kg), can be kept at a constant temperature, whilst small quantities can be ladled into a saucepan or dipping can where colour and stearin can be added.
Do not leave in water when not in use due due electrolytic action over time, with boiler element.
www.candlemakers.co.uk /cmproduct/burcoboilercans.html   (141 words)

 Related Products
Burco® supports retailers and glass installers with an array of products related to replacement glass.
Burco Gaskets provide a finished edge on exposed mirror surfaces.
Burco also offers Redi Cuts Sales Tools for retailers and installers.
www.burcoinc.com /Related_Products   (0 words)

 Burco Sales
Burco Farm’s is family owned by Jerald and Darin Burco, and they have been farming together for over 20 years.
In 1999 Darin started Burco Tractor Sales as a way to occupy the winter months and as a way to give farmers good quality, affordable used tractors.
Burco Bin Construction has been in business for over 10 years.
www.tractorhouse.com /dealers/detail.asp?CID=2939090   (0 words)

 Glen Dimplex Businesses
Burco's history of manufacturing high quality catering equipment spans more than a century.
Historically famous for their Baby Burco's of the 1950's, their reputation has continued to grow.
With their innovative new product portfolio including the new Safety Boiler series, Burco look set to maintain their market dominance.
www.glendimplex.com /businessdetail.php?id=4   (101 words)

 Deal Electrical Supplies Burco manual fill catering urns
Available in 10, 20, 30 and 36 litres this new stylishly designed safety boiler has a multitude of outstanding features.
A safety plastic lid totally protects your hand when lifting the lid. A domed reverse helps return condensation drips to the body of the water.; For superior safety and ease of use Burco safety boilers can be purchased with a semi-automatic filler valve connecting you to the mains water.;
All Burco boilers are full safety and EMC tested, CE marked and supported by a full commercial guarantee (UK Only)
www.dealec.co.uk /acatalog/burco_catering_urns.html   (157 words)

 Haatuf News
Sidoo kale saddex maal-mood ka dib oo ahayd 31-kii may 1988, waxay cutubyo kale oo ciimadii SNM ahi weeraro milateri oo kaa la mid ah ku soo qaadeen gudaha magaalada Hargaysa iyo jiido kale.
Maxamed Kaahin Axmed oo ka mid ahaa hogaamiyayaashii sar-sare ururka SNM, gaar ahaan garabkii milateri, gaar ahaanna waqtigaa ka mid ahaa guddigii dagaalka ee loo xil saaray hawl-galkaa, madaxna ka ahaa saldhigii Itoobiya ee ay ka soo dhaqaaqeen ciimadii Burco galay.
Qaybo kale oo ku saabsan munaasibadan guda-galkii SNM ee Burco, iyo dhacdooyinkii la xidhiidhay waxaanu idiinku soo gudbin doonaa cadadyada soo socda.
www.haatuf.net /Archive2003/00034100.htm   (2085 words)

 YouTube - Burco The Place to Be.
burco the place to RUN away from, 99% of those people are trying to get out of that place!
I gurantee you if you go to to this place (Burco) You will be terrifired of everyone.
Burco (somaliland) Burco Market during Eid Feb 2006.
www.youtube.com /?v=E629TSjB-hA   (402 words)

 Burco Boiler - Get all types of boiler with us
Burco Boiler - Get all types of boiler with us
Established in 1990 Burco Boiler specialise in commercial catering equipment and refridgerators.
All of our products come with a full guarantee and warranty for complete peace of mind.
www.burco-boiler.co.uk /index.html   (0 words)

 Camel Milk Threads: Qoyska Dhibanaha Xawaaladda Dahabshiil(Dhiigshiil)Ku Xidhatay Burco Oo Qoraal Soosaar
Burco(Radiossc.com):-Ehelada dhibane Ismaaciil Cabdi Jaamac oo muddo 14 bilood ah ku xidhnaa jeelka magaalada Burco una xidhan Xawaalada Dahabshiil ee Uu leeyahay Ninka lagu Naanayso magaca shirka oo ka soo jeeda beesha Habar jeclo ee ***** ayaa waxa ay soo saareen qoraal ay arrinkaasi kaga hadlayaan.
Maxkamadaha Burco oo ninkaas dhibanaha ah todobaadkiiba mar la geeyo ayaan wax natiijo ah ka gaadhin, markastana carqaladeeya iyada oo ay had iyo jeer dhinaca Dahabshiil u xagliya oo ay laaluush ka helaan.
Waxa kale oo ay ehelada dhibanahan ka codsanayaan maamulka dahabshiil ee magaalada Burco Gaar ahaan Maxmed Siciid Ducaale in xoriyada Ismaaciil Ccabdi Jaamac sida ugu dhakhsaha badan loogu soo celiyo isaga oo aan wax danbiya ka galin xawaalada Dahabshiil.
www.somaliaonline.com /ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=003947   (0 words)

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