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Topic: Bus Stop (film)

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In the News (Tue 19 Mar 19)

  Bus stop (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bus Stop (play), a play the William Inge
Bus Stop (song), a 1966 single by The Hollies
This is a disambiguation page: a list of articles associated with the same title.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bus_Stop   (103 words)

With BUS STOP, Marilyn played the least glamorous part of her career, yet her natural luminescence managed to shine through, even when her character was supposed to look bad.
BUS STOP is based upon the play by William Inge, and although the story has been opened up for the screen, it still feels a bit stage bound.
BUS STOP is a Marilyn Monroe classic that will appeal to her fans, as well as film buffs.
www.thecinemalaser.com /dvd2/reviews/bus-stop-dvd.htm   (885 words)

 The Boca Beacon: Boca Grande's Weekly Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This interpretation of Bus Stop involves a rather elaborate and often complicated arrangement of tables and chairs to resemble the diner in which it takes place.
The ensemble of Bus Stop, which includes some veteran actors and some new to our stage will provide you with a look into the world of mid-western characters holed up in a Kansas diner when their bus can't move in a howling snowstorm.
Most of us remember Bus Stop as a movie in 1956 with Marilyn Monroe, which is unfortunate because the film has only a passing resemblance to the script of the play.
www.bocabeacon.com /story.htbml?number=1136   (594 words)

 Bus Stop at the Stagecrafters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In this case, it is William Inge's Bus Stop, that became a famed movie starring Marilyn Monroe.
The circumstance is a Kansas snowstorm that strands at a roadside diner four bus passengers, the driver, a local sheriff, the diner's owner and a waitress.
Bus Stop opened to high critical acclaim in March of 1955 at the Music Box Theatre in New York and enjoyed a long and successful run.
www.thestagecrafters.org /0506/busstop.php   (295 words)

 DVD Times - Bus Stop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bus Stop was one of the first vehicles in which Marilyn Monroe was given top billing, and was adapted from a play by William Inge by George Axelrod, who wrote the play of The Seven Year Itch and the screenplay to The Manchurian Candidate and Breakfast At Tiffany's.
Bus Stop is a pleasant enough chapter in the Marilyn Monroe career, but hardly warrants any sort of classic status banded to it.
Bus Stop is mildly diverting for ninety minutes, and can be enjoyable in the right mood, but is hardly the greatest feature of Monroe's career, and has since been pushed to the back of the queue by her other, stronger films.
www.dvdtimes.co.uk /content.php?contentid=5148   (1063 words)

 EUFS: Bus Stop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
During the bus journey they are stranded at a cafe in the middle of nowhere where they have to start communicating...
But it has also been said of this film that the demand from the principle players was "a purely physical display of their bodies as sexual machinery".
Apart from the interest this film holds as being the finest performance of a 20th century icon, there is little else that sets it apart from other firms of the era.
www.eufs.org.uk /films/bus_stop.html   (143 words)

 The Jujube Spotlight - Bus Stop
At the halfway point of "Bus Stop," it was touch-and-go whether I was going to make it through the movie.
"Bus Stop" is often regarded as the movie that defined Monroe as an actress instead of a sexpot, and with good reason.
Boarding the bus for her sake, it's possible to view Cherie's longing for purity and acceptance as no less idiosyncratic than her Ozark twang.
archive.thejujube.com /B/busstop.html   (557 words)

 73bus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bus operators are considering innovative solutions, including a modern double decker which carries as many passengers as an articulated or "bendy" bus but costs less to buy and takes up half the road space.
Not many sought information on the bus stop itself which was indicative of their status as regular travellers rather people simply stopped walking in the general vicinity of the bus stop.
There is also a great list of suggestions for RM owners who intend on taking their own bus into the city today to commemorate the last official RM route such as not stopping at bus stops, not carrying official livery and not picking up passengers.
73bus.typepad.com /73bus   (2005 words)

 DVD Authority - Printable DVD Review of Bus Stop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
This means the band of bus riders have to spend the night in the area and of course, it seems like everyone knows that Cherie has been brought along against her wishes.
Bus Stop was the next installment in the series and as usual, Marilyn proves to be the center of attention.
Bus Stop is presented in a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer.
www.dvdauthority.com /print_friendly.asp?reviewid=496   (939 words)

Four people are waiting at a bus stop for a bus: a man, a woman, an old man and a boy.
It is symbolic that the people at the bus stop are repeatedly asking about time and only the old man has a watch.
The time of the bus stop is old fashioned – accompanied by pleasant music, and it is contrasted with the real time of the noisy highway.
www.kinokultura.com /CA/reviews/beket.html   (904 words)

 DVD Bits - Region 4 and Region 1 DVD news, reviews, resources, PC-DVD, hardware
On the bus ride back to the ranch they are forced to stop at Grace's Diner (the bus stop of the title) due to a blizzard.
Bus Stop is presented in 2.35:1 aspect ratio and is 16:9 enhanced.
Bus Stop looks and sounds impressive and will be of interest for Monroe fans, but for others there is little entertainment value.
www.dvdbits.com /reviews.asp?id=1134   (1052 words)

 Robert Bray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Robert Bray (October 23, 1917–March 7, 1983) was film and television actor probably best remembered today for playing forest ranger Corey Stewart in the long-running television series Lassie.
Bray entered film in 1946 under contract by RKO and was marketed as the "next Gary Cooper".
In the 1950s, the now freelancing actor appeared in a varied number of roles including one as Carl the bus driver in Bus Stop (1956) and as detective Mike Hammer in My Gun Is Quick (1957).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Robert_Bray   (113 words)

 BBC - One-Minute Movies - Watch... The Bus Stop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Bus stop could use a touch of paint though.
Elsewhere the bus would have been on time, and consequently the movie simply wouldn't have worked.
And if you call that a bus stop, I must be king kong.
www.bbc.co.uk /films/oneminutemovies/watch/bus.shtml   (1368 words)

 Bus Stop by William Inge
Overnight, the cafe owner and the bus driver explore a long-overdue friendship, a middle-aged scholar faces his past, and a small-town girl gets her first taste of romance.
Bus Stop originally opened on Broadway at The Music Box theatre on March 2, 1955 to immediate commercial and critical success.
Bus Stop was made into a popular Hollywood film in 1956 with Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray and Eileen Heckert in starring roles.
www.purplerosetheatre.org /plays/bus_stop.html   (922 words)

 The DVD Journal | Quick Reviews: Bus Stop
It was in the 1953 thriller Niagara where Marilyn Monroe's critically noted performance gave her credibility as a dramatic actress.
Bus Stop drips heavily with the corn syrup and risible sociology, but it works, almost entirely because of Monroe.
Marilyn Monroe has finally proved herself an actress in 'Bus Stop.' She and the picture are swell!" Meanwhile, her rendition of "That Old Black Magic" while lit by red flames maintained her reputation as a sexy songstress with one of the spotlight moments in her career.
www.dvdjournal.com /quickreviews/b/busstop.q.shtml   (753 words)

 Bus Stop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Film adaptation of William Inge's 1955 Broadway play tells the slight but often poignant story of a simple-minded, naive rodeo cowboy (Don Murray) who goes to the big city in pursuit of an angelic wife to haul back to his ranch.
Bus Stop was a pivotal film in the career of Marilyn Monroe.
For many years this film was not available on home video because of a dispute with the Inge Estate.
www.marilynmonroe.ca /films/busstop.htm   (319 words)

 DVD Verdict Review - Bus Stop
Adapted from a play by William Inge, the film Bus Stop provides Marilyn Monroe with her first starring dramatic role and she makes the most of it.
The story reaches its climax in a bus stop where the principals all become stranded during a snow storm.
The film is one that mixes moments of comedy with ones of pathos, yet Marilyn seems quite believable when required to project either.
www.dvdverdict.com /reviews/busstop.php   (548 words)

 UNC-TV ONLINE: North Carolina Visions -
The film is basically my worries about growing old and never achieving what I want in life.
Also, you would not believe how many people, including the bus driver, thought it would be fun to wave directly at the camera when we were shooting at the bus stop.
Hopefully the film will be done by the end of August, but right now we're still building the set and puppets.
www.unctv.org /ncvisions/2004/intv/Josh_Mahan.html   (652 words)

 TintCenter.com - Extreme makeover: Bus stop edition
The bus authority surveyed 1,800 riders in November and found that people were satisfied overall with the system.
The decision on which stops will get the shelters will be based on passenger volume, the potential for attracting new riders and the visibility of the stops, Kester said.
Riders already have seen new technology in some shelters, including solar bus stops and flashing beacons that let drivers know there are people waiting at the bus stop and help riders feel safer.
www.tintcenter.com /news/183.html   (532 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
She's been seen on Berkshires screens in recent weeks in "Heights," a just-now being released 2003 independent film in which she has a major role as the photojournalist daughter of a famous stage actress, played by Glenn Close.
With all the film work she's been getting — she's also been in the two "Spider-Man" movies and Steven Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can" — Banks says she really can't afford to take six months out of her film career to work on a play.
So did "Bus Stop" in a 1956 version that starred Marilyn Monroe as Cherie, a nightclub singer who catches the fancy of an ingenuous cowboy, Bo (played in the film by Don Murray and here by "The O.C.'s" Logan Marshall-Green), who is determined to take her back to his ranch in Montana and marry her.
www.berkshireeagle.com /portlet/article/html/fragments/print_article.jsp?article=2949790   (932 words)

 Bus Stop (1956)
    Bus Stop is one of the slightly later films in the filmography of Marilyn Monroe, before she became too difficult to deal with and before her untimely death six years later.
Well, by this stage of her career Marilyn Monroe was supposedly exercising "artistic control" over scripts, directors and the like, which draws an interesting observation as to why, in her desire to be taken as a serious actress, she undertook a role that involved heavy use of a rather (for the time) skimpy costume.
Whereas she was not expected to do much else than look sensational in earlier films in her career, by this stage she was seeking recognition as a genuine actress and was doing plenty to suggest it was deserved recognition.
www.michaeldvd.com.au /Reviews/Reviews.asp?ReviewID=1696   (2064 words)

 Bus Stop : DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
She contends with the little boy who is set to watch by placing her hand on the top of his head and turning it to the side.
On the way to Montana they stop at a diner and it turns out that the road ahead is blocked due to a snowstorm.
A singer who has attracted the attention of a young rodeo rider (Don Murray) whom she meets on a bus, she finds herself trapped at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere during a blizzard.
www.pagenation.com /an/B000059GEJ.html   (1404 words)

 Amazon.com: Bus Stop (1956) : Video   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
BUS STOP proved beyond a doubt that Marilyn Monroe could indeed act.
BUS STOP was adapted from William Inge's successful long-running Broadway play, and was bought by Fox with Marilyn in mind.
The film has been fully restored, using the original YCM masters to replace the parts of the film that were too far-gone to be rescued.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/6300246973?v=glance   (2234 words)

 deseretnews.com | Actors play against type in 'Bus Stop'
PROVO — Some may remember the classic 1956 film version of "Bus Stop" that starred blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe.
Monroe as "Cherie, the lounge singer" and a diverse collection of eclectic characters, including a couple of cowboys and a delusional professor, become marooned in a blizzard in a small-town Kansas diner.
Director Tim Threlfall said "Bus Stop" was chosen by a committee looking for an American classic to put on stage.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,595104154,00.html   (395 words)

 BBC - One-Minute Movies - Watch... The Bus Stop 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Anyway Iloved bus stop 3 but tobe honest this was a bit dull.
There was no bus stop and it didn't last a minute.
as a budding film maker myself i feel that the setting is not appropriate, the camerawork is shoddy and the cast...well...t he less said the better
www.bbc.co.uk /films/oneminutemovies/watch/bus_2.shtml   (609 words)

 Bus Stop Film Review - Time Out Film
Although it's not explicitly a musical, Bus Stop is certainly a product of that imagination which says the best things in life are free, and if you don't have a dream how you gonna have a dream come true.
Once that's understood, it's easier to go beyond the bizarre misogyny and stilted theatricality of the plot in which a naive, loud-mouthed cowboy (Murray) tries to kidnap a saloon singer from the Ozarks played by Monroe.
Apart from her engaging performance, the film's real interest lies in the unpleasant nature of its subtext: equations of poverty with personal unworthiness, and the uneasiness of an implicitly homosexual focus on Murray.
www.timeout.com /film/68647.html   (151 words)

 Amazon.ca: Bus Stop (Widescreen): DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Kidnapping a woman (with a lasso of all things) and dragging her on the bus is a stretch, but when Bo finally gets his butt kicked by Carl, and learns a lesson in humility, and then Marilyn falls for him, well...
As the bus driver asks him later, "Were you born in a barn?" Well, close, as he has been isolated on a ranch all his life.
The woman to woman talk between her and MM in the bus is a standout.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000059GEJ   (1710 words)

As with their remaining 'Marilyn's, the film transfer on this disc represents a combination of negative and digital restoration; though its examples are side-by-side when above-and-below would be easier to watch, an included before-and-after comparison proves revelatory.
The film's original 3.0 mix is at once clear and irritating, depending on the distance between one's speakers: dialogue tends to drift about the front soundstage according to screen placement.
When their bus stops for a snowstorm, stranding its passengers at a roadside diner, Cherie angles to escape his clutches and gets a spanking out of it.
filmfreakcentral.net /dvdreviews/marilyndvdreviews.htm   (1785 words)

 Marilyn Monroe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the 1960s, Murray tried unsuccessfully to film Life Plus 99 Years, the prison memoir of Nathan Leopold whom Murray met through their association with the Church of the Brethren.
If she had a long paragraph, for instance, and was supposed to say, "Oh," at the end--she would come to the end and there would be no, "Oh." On some scenes there would be thirty takes.
Ezra Goodman, who was covering the filming of Bus Stop, thought that Marilyn was bitten by the star bug.
www.americanlegends.com /actors/marilyn   (821 words)

 Bus Stop (1956)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Goofs: Continuity: Virgil has his guitar with him in the jeep on the way to catch the bus but boards without it and later on he plays it on the bus.
Alternately puzzled, lost, desperate, lonely, confused and unexpectedly radiant with happiness, Marilyn Monroe, with a mixture of humor and pain scores her greatest triumph in Joshua Logan's "Bus Stop" creating a complete and deeply touching character...
With a modern Western background and rodeo atmosphere, and with panoramic long shot and overwhelming close-ups in color and CinemaScope, "Bus Stop" is a comedy-drama very well done, and a modest entertainment in familiar American vein...
us.imdb.com /Title?0049038   (334 words)

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