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 Bush v. Gore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Bush argued that the recounts in Florida violated the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment because there was no statewide standard that each county board could use to determine whether a given ballot was a legal vote.
Bush appealed the decision to the U.S. Supreme Court on December 9, and the Court issued a 5-4 injunction stopping the 64 of 67 county recount pending a final decision.
Gore, 531 U.S.), was a U.S. Supreme Court case heard on December 11, 2000, which directly influenced the outcome of the 2000 presidential election.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bush_v._Gore   (2993 words)

 United States presidential election, 2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush, was governor of Florida, leading some Gore advocates to make various allegations of impropriety, especially due to their joint campaigning for the Republican vote in Florida and Jeb Bush's assurances to George W. Bush that the Republicans could win Florida.
Bush, the governor of the second-largest state in the Union, the son of a former president, and the favored candidate of the Christian right, was portrayed in the media as the establishment candidate, while McCain, a maverick senator with the support of many moderate Republicans and Independents, was portrayed as an insurgent.
Gore, and the two cases were then combined, with SCOTUS approving by 6–3 the Florida court's actions in the original case based on the clarifications provided.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/U.S._presidential_election,_2000   (6173 words)

 Strauss, Bush v Gore: What Were They Thinking?
The decision in Bush v Gore was not dictated by the law in any sense—either the law found through research, or the law as reflected in the kind of intuitive sense that comes from immersion in the legal culture.
Had Vice President Gore prevailed on the merits in the Supreme Court, the stay might easily have deprived him of his victory, by preventing the counting of the ballots before the electors were to cast their votes on December 18.
Gore, a majority of the Court, prompted by a general and unjustified sense that something needed to be done, plunged in, splintered along ideological lines, and played a prominent role in deciding the election.
press-pubs.uchicago.edu /sunstein/chapter9.html   (7328 words)

 JURIST - Kairys: Bush v. Gore Blues
Gore from a scientific point of view is a very important and very useful one because - as I observe it from abroad - the whole discussion is always blocked by the fact that the different contributions are Gore or Bush- biased or could be denounced as such.
The Bush campaign, like the Gore campaign and the major media, knew, based on early returns and exit polls, that the uncounted ballots came from predominantly Democratic neighborhoods and were cast mainly by voters who meant to vote, and thought they were voting, for Gore.
Gore suggested that these noble principles, which they had to resurrect from the Warren Court era because their own rulings undercut voting rights, would be applied only in this case and would therefore be used only to hand this election to George W. Bush.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /forum/forumnew23.HTM   (15247 words)

 FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State Resources, Forms, and Code
The Supreme Court noted that petitioner, Governor George W. Bush asserted that the net gain for Vice President Gore in Palm Beach County was 176 votes, and directed the Circuit Court to resolve that dispute on remand.
Bush does not, of course, claim that any judicial act interpreting a statute of uncertain meaning is enough to displace the legislative provision and violate Article II; statutes require interpretation, which does not without more affect the legislative character of a statute within the meaning of the Constitution.
That court engaged in permissible construction in determining that Gore had instituted a contest authorized by the state statute, and it proceeded to direct the trial judge to deal with that contest in the exercise of the discretionary powers generously conferred by Fla. Stat.
caselaw.findlaw.com /scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=000&invol=00-949   (16170 words)

 MSN Encarta - William Rehnquist
Gore in 2000, the 5-4 Court decision that made George W. Bush the president of the United States.
In his first year on the Court he voted with the minority on a case that limited the scope of the death penalty.
In 1973 Rehnquist cast one of two dissenting votes in the Roe v.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761574060/Rehnquist_William_Hubbs.html   (658 words)

 In Bush v. Gore, Supreme Court Conservatives Brought Disgrace on Their Institution
In either case Republicans for Bush may feel vindicated, if for no other reason than the recount did not unambiguously prove that Al Gore was the real victor and was wrongfully denied the presidency.
Four months after the disputed election, Republican adherents could claim that had the Supreme Court not intervened in the post-election recount in Florida, Bush would have won anyway, based on a review of balloting conducted by the accounting firm BDO Seidman and commissioned by a consortium of newspapers.
Gore, Supreme Court Conservatives Brought Disgrace on Their Institution
www.commondreams.org /views01/1209-03.htm   (1062 words)

Gore is not to appoint lawless liberal judges who will use the courts as recklessly as the conservatives did to impose their sectarian preferences on an unwilling nation.
Gore will spawn an explosion of federal lawsuits after every close election, lawsuits arguing that different counties used different ballot designs and voting systems and counted the ballots in different ways.
Although the justices who handed the election to Bush--O'Connor and Kennedy--were afraid to sign their names, the opinion unmasks them more nakedly than any TV camera ever could.
www.law.umkc.edu /faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/sctsuicide.html   (2025 words)

 Cover Story: Bush v. Gore Revisited
Gore, the parties’ top lawyers revisited the decisions that eventually led George W. Bush to the White House, allowing us to consider if Republican strategy was better than the Democrats’ or if Bush’s victory was simply inexorable.
To the Republican lawyers who represented Bush, though, these sentiments were “incomprehensible.” To Olson, in particular, they made no sense: “The road map was right there” for the Democrats to see all along in the form of a strong precedent in the Eleventh Circuit involving the Alabama Supreme Court.
Besides, even though Gore’s lawyers thought these wrongs could win the “crispest” legal remedies, these remedies tended to be future-oriented, such as enjoining wrongs in elections to come.
www.dcbar.org /for_lawyers/washington_lawyer/april_2003/bush.cfm   (5409 words)

 Will: Bush v. Gore , Ticking Bomb - Newsweek Columnists - MSNBC.com
Gore, Round 2" (The New Republic, Oct. 4, 2004) is mandatory reading for both campaigns and citizens who want to brace themselves for the storm that could engulf the nation as soon as the polls close Nov. 2.
Gore until enough conclusions are reached to allocate someone 270 electoral votes in, say, May.
When Al Gore dragged Florida's courts into the election process, the U.S. Supreme Court did not make the prudent decision to refuse to be dragged into what Justice Felix Frankfurter called the "political thicket." If the court had allowed Florida's intrastate power struggle to proceed, here is what probably would have happened:
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/6262242/site/newsweek   (1088 words)

 Bush v. Gore: A Resolution of Censure
Bush the winner by 537 votes over Democrat Al Gore in Florida's 2000 presidential election, at least 175,000 ballots remained uncounted.
Gore in 2004 or beyond, in the event a close election provides the opportunity.
No, the truth is that the Five willfully fixed the outcome of a presidential race in which more than 6 million Floridians and 100 million Americans had participated in good faith and prevented a national election from being concluded in the legally prescribed manner.
www.censurethefive.org   (1311 words)

 Law.com - The Case That Could Have Altered 'Bush v. Gore'
Gore, when he was flipping through old issues of his own review.
Gore had known about it, history might, just might, have taken a different course.
Green Bag, named after the sacks that lawyers once used to carry their papers, published from 1889 to 1914, and was revived by Davies and others in 1997.
www.law.com /jsp/article.jsp?id=1099217129289   (850 words)

 FindLaw Legal News - Lawyer News, Attorney News, Law News, Trial News, Bar News and More
This is the U.S. Supreme Court case in which Bush is challenging the decision of the Florida Supreme Court ordering a recount of the undervote in Florida.
The Gore legal team then appealed to the Florida Supreme Court which overturned the lower court ruling and ordered a recount of the undervote in Florida.
This is a state court case where Vice President Gore contests the certification of the election results in Florida.
news.findlaw.com /legalnews/us/election/election2000.html   (1204 words)

 Florida Election Cases - U.S. Supreme Court
Gore; Rehnquist, C. J., concurring; Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg, and Breyer, JJ., dissenting
Brief for Robert A. Butterworth as amicus curiae in support of respondents Gore et al.
Brief in opposition for respondents Gore et al.
www.supremecourtus.gov /florida.html   (392 words)

 BUSH v GORE - Legal Case Documents
Gore, is supportive of his position is a gross misreading of that decision.
Matt Butler has alleged before this Court that the manual recount provisions of §102.166(4), Florida Statutes, are unconstitutional in that they deny Florida voters equal protection under the law, and that they deny Florida voters of their right to due process.
In that case, the United States Supreme Court determined that a recount process that allowed for different standards to be applied between (and within) counties violates the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution.
www.legalcasedocs.com /120/243/610.html   (6305 words)

 Modern Humorist presents My First Presidentiary
George W. Bush unveils his new campaign slogans
Bush cracks down hard on the NBA's all-time leading scorer
Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner respond to an eager pupil.
www.modernhumorist.com /bush   (297 words)

 Archive September 4, 2000 George W. making promises let's hope he won't keep
Although the GOP Congress caved on this issue as well, Bush has said that he will soon be coming out with his own plan on prescription drugs to counter Al Gore's which would allow beneficiaries to have 50 per cent of their prescription drugs paid for by the federal government.
Looking at the current political scene, it seems obvious that Vice President Al Gore and Governor George W. Bush are running neck and neck right now in their bid for the presidency.
There are, of course, a million different polls out there that are sending conflicting messages to the public: Some show that Gore is leading Bush by 3 to 6 points; others have Bush edging ahead by a similar lead.
www.enterstageright.com /archive/articles/0900bushpromise.htm   (915 words)

 Billionaires for Bush (or Gore): Billionaires in the News
The latter organization, based in Boston, is behind one of the wittier planned protests: "Billionaires for Bush (or Gore)," spoof sponsor of a Million Billionaire March planned for each convention.
When Republicans and Democrats convene this summer in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to formally anoint George W. Bush and Al Gore as their nominees, the emphasis will be on the policy differences that set these men, and parties, apart.
You buy both upfront, and start celebrating now." Or so says Phil T. Rich, alleged co-chair of Billionaires for Bush (or Gore), who goes on to salute the 66 "savvy corporations," among them Anheuser-Busch Cos.
www.wanderbody.com /billionairesforbushorgore/events/sawyer.html   (915 words)

 Carolina Morning News on the Web Local News - If Gore had been president 11/02/01
Gore actually served in Vietnam, unlike Bush who got himself a political appointment to the Air National Guard and then didn't bother to show up.
Back to the first question: Would Gore have handled the attack differently from Bush?
But if it were Gore, not Bush, suffering from all of the above would there now be complaints from conservatives that he was taking advantage of the attacks to bolster his image?
www.lowcountrynow.com /stories/110201/LOCrose.shtml   (915 words)

Compared to only 46 that have endorsed Al Gore; Papers endorsing Governor Bush include 18 that endorsed Clinton/Gore in 1996
Heading into the home stretch of the campaign, George W. Bush leads Al Gore 47 to 41 percent according to the Portrait of America Presidential Tracking Poll released Oct. 30.
Journal believes George W. Bush is the better choice to be the nation's
www.illinoisgop.org /archives/storys/issue_43.html   (533 words)

 Zogby International
Respondents were also asked their views of the major candidates' leadership abilities - when asked whom they feel more comfortable with handling a nuclear attack on the U.S. by a rogue nation, A majority (51%) said Gore would handle a nuclear attack by a rogue nation better than Bush (39%).
ILLINOIS - Gore leads Bush in Illinois, 2002 Governor's race candidates rated, Majority disbelieve Governor Ryan
Democrat Al Gore leads Republican, George W. Bush, 50% to 35% among likely Illinois voters, the latest St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Zogby International poll reveals.
www.zogby.com /news/ReadNews.dbm?ID=261   (381 words)

 Gore makes strong pitch for Michigan
But the general election campaign already is under way in the state between Gore and Texas Gov. George Bush, who likely will have a lock on the nomination before returning here next month.
After Al Gore’s Super Tuesday sweep gave him a virtual lock on the Democratic presidential nomination, the ebullient vice-president immediately focused on a state that will be pivotal in the fall: Michigan.
Bush, of course, lost the Michigan primary despite having support of Gov. John Engler and the GOP establishment.
www.detnews.com /EDITPAGE/0003/09/weeks/weeks.htm   (487 words)

 Kerry losing ground as talk turns to Iraq
Still, Unsworth, who voted for Democrat Al Gore in 2000, said he's "not crazy about" either Bush or Kerry.
The poll is the latest bad news for Kerry from a state he all but needs to win, a state where polls have shown him leading since June and where voters gave Democrat Al Gore a 5-point win over George W. Bush in 2000.
On the other side of the state, Donna Burmania, 56, of Dorr, voted for George W. Bush in 2000 but said she thinks that after four years, it's time for a change and to balance the country's rightward tilt with a Democrat.
www.freep.com /news/politics/fppoll30e_20040930.htm   (1157 words)

 Generational Cycles in Mass Psychology
"Bush Versus Gore Means an All-Baby-Boom Race, New York Times March 14, 2000.
Bush, and the Republicans in general, appeal more to the culture of the heartland while Gore drew his support from the coasts.
Bush is more suitable successor to Bill Clinton than is Al Gore.
crab.rutgers.edu /~goertzel/cycles.htm   (1157 words)

 The 2000 U
The warfare between Al Gore and George W. Bush is certainly historic -- but this partisan version of a demolition derby may not be as profound as we think.
Concerned about Gore's faltering numbers in the polls, they argued that votes for Nader might well lead to the victory of George W. Bush.
In states with close Gore/Bush ratings, Gore could lose enough votes to Nader for Bush to win the state, and ultimately the election.
www.zmag.org /election2000.htm   (2097 words)

• Nov 21 2002 -- Gore Hits Bush Economic Policies
Frank blames September 11th for Gore's political misfortunes, citing President Bush's high popularity in the aftermath.
"Gore was the leading opponent of Bush - and then 9/11 happened.
www.evote.com /news_section/2002-12/12062002gore.asp   (308 words)

 Court TV Online - U. S.
Unofficial tally by The Associated Press puts Bush 288 votes ahead of Gore after the statewide mechanical recount.
Palm Beach County turns up 36 votes for Gore in mechanical recount; Bush loses three.
Bush lawyers file a federal lawsuit to block hand count of votes in Democratic-leaning Miami-Dade, Broward, Volusia and Palm Beach counties.
www.courttv.com /archive/national/decision_2000/111500-timeline_ap.html   (743 words)

 washingtonpost.com: Gore, Bush Hit Illinois and Other Key States
Bush arrived in Illinois after a big rally in Missouri, one of the country's true bellwether states, where he briefly crossed paths with the motorcade of Gore's running mate, Joseph I. Lieberman.
Bush's chief strategist, Karl Rove, said the GOP ground operation is "two or three times" larger than it has ever been in many states, with 243,000 volunteers ready to hit the streets between now and Election Day.
It was in Missouri that Bush stepped into another verbal thicket as he attempted to describe his plan to allow younger workers to invest some of their Social Security money in private accounts, seeming to suggest that perhaps the most popular program ever undertaken by the federal government isn't a government program at all.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A4018-2000Nov2?language=printer   (1237 words)

 RonaldReagan.Com Message Board: Barney Fa...Errrr, Frank Tells Gore To Stay Home For 2004!
Gore, who lost to Bush in the controversial 2000 presidential contest, has thrust himself into the public spotlight recently with a series of high-profile media appearances as he mulls a rematch.
As Kerry officially created his presidential exploratory committee, Frank, D-Newton, said Gore lacks the political popularity to topple President Bush - who is riding a wave of favorability as he pursues the war on terrorism.
"Gore was the leading opponent of Bush - and then 9/11 happened," Frank said, recalling the terror attacks on New York and the Pentagon.
ronaldreagan.com /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=8;t=000158;p=0   (447 words)

 The Cook Political Report Weekly Column Archives
In fact, it was Gore's campaign that kept him in the hunt until George W. Bush blew his popular-vote lead the week before the election, when news broke that Bush had been arrested 24 years earlier for driving under the influence of alcohol.
The Gore campaign, at least by most campaign professionals' accounts, was a very well managed effort that allocated resources exceedingly well -- certainly as well as the Bush campaign did, perhaps better.
But if Gore is going to squander that advantage, this is the way to do it: Blame others, accept no responsibility and appear to lack both grace and gratitude.
www.cookpolitical.com /column/2002/070202.php   (447 words)

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