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Topic: Bushmen

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Bushmen - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The area in which the Bushmen are now found sporadically may be defined as extending from the inner ranges of the mountains of Cape Colony, through the central Kalahari desert to near Lake Ngami, and thence north-westward to the districts about the Ovambo river north of Damaraland.
In retaliation the Bushmen were long the scourge of the farms on the outer borders of the colony, making raids on the cattle and driving them off in large numbers.
The terror inspired by the Bushmen has indeed had an effect in the deforestation of parts of Cape Colony, for the colonists, to guard against stealthy attacks, cut down all the bush far round their holdings.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Bushmen   (2748 words)

 Bushmen, or San, of the South Western Cape and their rock paintings in the Cedarberg mountains
The Bushmen of the South Western Cape have been extinct for more than two centuries but due to the rock paintings in the Cedarberg mountains, we know that they, (also known as the San), were part of this landscape during earlier times.
Though the Bushmen were famous for their hunting with bows and poisoned arrows, the bulk of their diet consisted of plant foods.
As Bushmen arrows are light and flimsy, a hunter must be close to the animal before he shoots, thereafter relying on the poison to kill the animal.
www.ceramicsafrica.co.za /about_bushmen.htm   (718 words)

 Botswana's Bushmen dispute evictions - The Boston Globe
Now Bushmen removed from their land in 2002 are challenging the evictions in the Botswana high court, but a presidential spokesman, Sidney Pilane, brushed off their chances.
The Bushmen are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa.
Bennett said the Bushmen's case rests on the constitutional right of the people of Botswana to live where they choose and on British common law, which held that native rights existed until specifically quashed by statutes.
www.boston.com /news/world/africa/articles/2005/01/16/botswanas_bushmen_dispute_evictions   (965 words)

 Bushmen @ National Geographic Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The grass shelters in which the Bushmen live are little changed from those their forefathers inhabited, designed to give only rudimentary shelter for what was, after all, a nomadic lifestyle, with the family groups constantly moving to different hunting and gathering grounds.
Bushmen are deeply suspicious of Western medicine, and the doctor admits he cannot cross the cultural barrier.
As the remaining Bushmen struggle to adapt to the changes around them, perhaps the most that can be saved is the legacy of their cultural memory, in particular their extraordinary intimacy with nature.
www.nationalgeographic.com /ngm/0102/feature6/fulltext.html   (5243 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > World -- Botswana's bushmen fight removal from game reserve
GABORONE – Removed from their ancestral lands by the government, Botswana's Bushmen are going to court in a case that could set a precedent for traditional hunters and gatherers across southern Africa fighting forced modernisation.
The Bushmen hope to compel the state to allow them to pursue their ancient ways in one of the world's biggest nature reserves – the 42,000 sq km (16,220 sq mile) Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
Bushmen are famed for their rock art and paintings, many of which are thousands of years old.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/world/20040705-0739-botswana-bushmen.html   (378 words)

 Bushmen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bushmen (also known as Khwe Khoe, Basarwa, or San) are an indigenous population of the Kalahari Desert, which spans South Africa and neighbouring Botswana and Namibia.
Over the generations, the Bushmen of South Africa have continued to be absorbed into the Coloured population, particularly the Griqua sub-group, which is an Afrikaans-speaking people of predominantly Khoisan stock that has certain unique cultural markers that set them apart from the rest of the Coloureds.
The Bushmen of the Kalahari were first brought to the western world's attention in the 1950s by South African author Laurens van der Post with the famous book The Lost World of the Kalahari, which was also a BBC TV series.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Bushmen   (1435 words)

 Real Bushmen - Kalahari-desert.com»Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, Botswana, Africa
For the tourist, the bushmen of the Kalahari Desert are offering something different - the chance to participate directly in their hunter-gatherer life - stalking game with the men or helping the women dig up roots and tubers or climb into trees for wild fruit.
Confined to ever-decreasing 'islands' of wild land by more aggressive cattle-owning tribes, the Bushmen have, over the past 20 years, seen thousands of kilometres of wire fences erected across their old hunting grounds, the game killed or driven off, and the wild foods grazed and trampled out.
An introduction to the plants used by the Bushmen of the Ghanzi district for various ailments.
www.kalahari-desert.com /destination_bushmen.asp   (1335 words)

 BBC NEWS | Africa | Bitter dispute over bushmen lands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The fate of Molatwe, Gakeitumele and all the other bushmen who would like to return to their ancestral lands will ultimately be decided in court; the well-publicised case between the Botswana government and First People of the Kalahari is due to resume early next year.
The government argues that the bushmen have already abandoned many aspects of their traditional way of life: the bushmen today have livestock, and they use horses, spears, dogs and even guns to hunt wild animals.
Bushmen perform a traditional healing dance, shuffling round and round in circles, chanting and clapping their hands in rhythm.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/africa/4465830.stm   (890 words)

 The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Botswana's bushmen feel adrift after government relocations
Now a group of Bushmen moved from their land in 2002 are challenging the evictions in the Botswana high court, but presidential spokesman Sidney Pilane has brushed off their chances.
Several other Bushmen recounted similar recurring dreams of being killed while in New Xade, and they believe this is a sign from ancestors angry that a spiritual connection with the land has been broken.
Now he is learning to read because he believes the Bushmen were cheated by the government "because we don't know how to read and write." When he gets home to Kakao, he plans to keep a record of everything that happens so that, next time, they don't get cheated.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002156506_bushmen21.html   (1614 words)

 The San (Bushmen) in Namibia. The former Bushmanland around Tsumkwe.
The Bushmen are the oldest ethnic group in Namibia having inhabited Southern Africa for an estimated 20.000 years.
For this reason, the bushmen have to approach and shoot their quarry at very close range; a skill that requires the greatest patience and nimble feet.
If an animal is hit by an arrow, it has no chance to escape, because the tips of the reed-shafted arrows are coated with a highly toxic poison, obtained from the larvae of a certain beetle.
www.namibia-travel.net /northnamibia/bushmen.htm   (431 words)

 Search Results for "Bushmen"
Bushmen The nomadic hunting and gathering peoples of the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa, in Botswana, Namibia, and Angola.
The San have been called Bushmen by whites in South Africa, but the term is now considered derogatory....
...(e.g., the Mohammedan north of Africa; the primitive hunting, non-agricultural culture of the Bushmen in the south; the culture of the Australian natives, poor in...
bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=Bushmen   (306 words)

Gordon emphasizes the link between bushmen and nature for both the white South African soldiers of the 1990's and the white men of the 1920's.
Furthermore, the new image of bushmen served to pacify the local settler population.
According to Gordon, the new "tamer" image of the wild bushman "haltered the imaginations of the rather unsettled settlers--those who believed that bushmen were cannibals and other nightmarish ghouls; it contributed to the self-pacification of the settlers by visually claiming a potentially troublesome environment" (p.
web.africa.ufl.edu /asq/v2/v2i1a10.htm   (783 words)

 Bushmen @ nationalgeographic.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Bushmen can measure the age of tracks by the time it takes termites to rebuild a nest that’s been trampled on, or a blade of grass to spring back to its usual position, or a spider to repair its cobweb.
When Bushmen hit an animal with an arrow, they don’t immediately sprint after it; they go to where it was standing and memorize its particular spoor.
The last license to hunt Bushmen was reportedly issued in Namibia by the South African government in 1936.
www.nationalgeographic.com /ngm/0102/feature6   (1018 words)

 Law erases Bushmen's rights to Kalahari - World - theage.com.au
The Bushmen were the original inhabitants of the region thousands of years before fl tribes arrived from the north and white men from Europe.
Lawyers argued on behalf of the Bushmen that they were being persecuted by the Tswana majority in the same way as Australia's Aborigines had been treated by white settlers.
At the end of last year the Bushmen resumed their challenge after a three-month postponement because they had run out of money and had to send envoys around the world to raise funds.
www.theage.com.au /news/World/Law-erases-Bushmens-rights-to-Kalahari/2005/05/08/1115491043309.html?from=moreStories   (667 words)

 Bushmen to be Denied Homeland
The CKGR, the size of Switzerland, was the last part of southern Africa where the Bushmen, the original inhabitants of the region thousands of years before fl tribes arrived from the north and white men from Europe, had land rights where they could live according to their own time-honoured culture.
Lawyers argued on behalf of the Bushmen that they were being persecuted by the Tswana majority in precisely the same way as Australia's aborigines had been treated by white settlers.
At the end of last year the Bushmen resumed their challenge after a three-month postponement because they had run out of money and had to send envoys around the world to raise funds to be able to continue their action.
www.minesandcommunities.org /Action/press616.htm   (1545 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State -- Bushmen hoping to regain Botswana land begin U.S. trip
Bushmen, wherever they are, they're not poor people, they're rich people," said Sesana, who now spends most of his time in the Botswana town of Ghanzi.
He said Bushmen culture dictates that sick people must go to the graves of their ancestors to dig up healing roots, and must get hunting guidance from their ancestors.
Hearings on the Bushmen claim to the reserve, which is about the size of Switzerland, began in July before Botswana's high court but were postponed after the Bushmen ran out of money for attorneys.
signonsandiego.com /news/state/20040827-0135-ca-bushmen-botswana.html   (906 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Africa | Bushmen fight for homeland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
There are Bushmen in many of the surrounding countries, but the CKGR group is the most viable and independent group of all.
Whether they be Bushmen in Africa or the various aboriginal tribes of Canada, if there are resources under or on the land, the TRUE owners/residents of that land are forced off.
So the president calls the Bushmen "Stone Age Creatures" maybe they are but they are probably happier with the little they have as long as they maintain a semblance of cultural identity.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/africa/4480883.stm   (2236 words)

 New Bushmen
They were very innovative for the Sixties, using echo on vocals, strobe lights with their lighting systems, and film projectors showing clips, cartoons and the group projected on screens at the back of the stage.
In 1964 - 65 The Bushmen had to design and build their own oversized PA system to properly cover the larger crowds they were now performing for (including rack systems).
Not all of the artists that The Bushmen did concerts with were consistently strong live performers.
thebushmen.net   (725 words)

 The Kalahari Bushmen
The Bushmen are a group of nomadic hunter-gatherers who are believed to be descendents of the first inhabitants of South Africa, with records dating back 30,000 years.
As trackers, the Bushmen are able to follow the tracks of an animal across virtually any terrain, and they are able to distinguish the tracks of a wounded animal.
And with that money, the Bushmen hope to be able to keep their land, preserve their culture and continue their historical survival.
www.about-vacations.com /africa/botswana/bushmen.php   (729 words)

 The Enemyboard :: View topic - DeBeers versus the Bushmen
Away from the prying eyes of the world, the last remaining Kalahari Bushmen, or San people of Botswana, are being starved of food and water in a bid to force them off the land their forefathers have roamed for the past 30,000 years.
As for environmental concerns, the Bushmen using traditional methods of hunting and gathering are an important part of the ecology of the desert.
Living as part of nature-The hunter gatherer lifestyle of the Kalahari Bushmen epitomises what many consider to be the closest relationship with nature that humans can have.
www.publicenemy.com /pb/viewtopic.php?t=19697   (1204 words)

 African Tribes - Bushmen/- San People
Many Bushmen who have been forced off their lands now live in settlements in areas that are unsuitable for hunting and gathering - they support themselves by growing some food, or by working on ranches.
The Bushmen had their homelands invaded by cattle herding Bantu tribes from around 1,500 years ago, and by white colonists over the last few hundred years.
In particular, Survival is campaigning with the Gana and Gwi Bushmen in Botswana, calling for them to be allowed home, for recognition of their land rights in accordance with international law, and for their right to live as they choose.
www.africaguide.com /culture/tribes/bushmen.htm   (583 words)

 Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana Say They Were Forcibly Evicted From Village CRAIG TIMBERG / Washington Post 16oct2005
And though the government has long sought to relocate the Bushmen from the game reserve and banned hunting there, officials denied that the villagers were harassed, prevented from gathering roots or forcibly removed.
The major exceptions were Molapo and Metsiamanong, where dozens of Bushmen had attempted to maintain their traditional lifestyles while staying close to ancestral graves that they visited regularly in search of guidance.
These changes, which the Bushmen say have resulted from increasing restrictions on such traditional activities as hunting, are now part of the argument for removing them.
www.mindfully.org /Reform/2005/Kalahari-Bushmen16oct05.htm   (1340 words)

 Diamonds.net News - Bushmen Living: 'I chose to call it stone age' Said Tonge
Survival International meanwhile (the NGO rallying for Bushmen's rights,) said 15 Bushmen died this week in the new settlement New Xade as a result of a mysterious disease.
The Bushmen case against Botswana, now considered the longest and most costly trial in the nation's history, is in recess pending the plaintiff's ability to raise more legal defense funds.
In the Bushmen's case, this requires huge tracts of land which may be needed to sustain the economy of the rest of the population of Botswana, who live in the towns.
www.diamonds.net /news/newsitem.asp?num=14612   (1622 words)

 Language Log: Leave the Bushmen out of it
So why is he a "Bushman", with a capital B? He certainly doesn't look like an aboriginal inhabitant of southwestern Africa, nor does he seem to be a dweller or traveler in the Australian bush.
Bushmen kids are graduating from school, reading the academic literature, and are outraged that we call them 'San.'"
Some more discussion of the same sort is here, also suggesting that for many members of the ethnic group in question, "Bushman" is indeed the favored term.
itre.cis.upenn.edu /~myl/languagelog/archives/002466.html   (736 words)

 Namibia's Kalahari Desert Bushmen: Africa Travel Association
As the area was colonized, the Bushmen were driven out and forced to live outside their traditional hunting areas.
Although the Bushmen have built a typical !Kung village where visitors come to learn about their traditions, they actually live in the privacy of their own village.
Both hikes are led by Bushmen who introduce the hikers to the secrets of the desert !Kung camp facilities feature fully equipped tents, "open air" flush toilets, hot showers and basic cooking facilities.
www.africa-ata.org /namibia.htm   (1308 words)

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