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Topic: Business performance management

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Business Performance Management
Managing performance within an organization requires that effective processes and supporting systems be employed.
Business performance management solutions have had a great deal of success in recent years. Companies like Hyperion Solutions, Cognos and others have expanded their product lines to include increasing number of BPM system needs.  However, the processes that underlie your overall strategy determine your system needs.
Christopher Iervolino is a Senior Managing Director of ITEC Inc. ITEC has been specializing in the design, implementation and integration of business performance management (BPM) and business intelligence applications for the finance area since 1995.
www.b-eye-network.com /view/762   (502 words)

 Business Performance Management: Proactively Manage Your Success
Business planning must be a continuous, event-driven management process based on a detailed understanding of factors that drive future performance.
The end goal of Business Performance Management is to build a performance-accountable organization, one in which all individuals at all levels work collaboratively towards the same goals, striving for breakthrough performance and accountability in all of their actions.
Business systems ideally support employees' activities throughout the cycle and enable information sharing, collaboration, and immediate visibility into the impact of decisions and actions that are essential for continuous mid-course corrections and fine-tuning.
www.cfoproject.com /documents.asp?d_ID=2279   (1669 words)

 GERS Retail Systems - Business Performance Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
BPM is the next-generation of retail technology that will keep the entire organization focused on corporate goals, while giving decision makers throughout the enterprise the tools they need to make those goals a reality.
With the advent of these real-time performance management tools, retailers will now be able to make decisions based upon real-time information and forward looking trends rather than solely upon events that happened in the past.
Utilizing BPM's advanced analytics and modeling capabilities, decision makers will be able to monitor performance in real-time and to model decisions collaboratively with other stake-holders in the organization.
www.gers.com /solutions/bpm.html   (633 words)

 IBM Redbooks | Business Performance Management . . . Meets Business Intelligence
BPM is all about taking a holistic approach for managing business performance and achieving the business goals.
Businesses align strategic and operational objectives, and business activities, to fully manage performance through more informed and proactive decision making.
Businesses are evolving to an environment capable of supporting continuous data flow, which enables the support of business intelligence environments with more current data.
www.redbooks.ibm.com /abstracts/sg246340.html   (766 words)

 Business Performance Management Standards
Media websites are referring to performance management and process management interchangeably, which confuses getting your internal process work flow documented and selecting the optimal key performance indicators to keep your organization aligned and on track.
With a clear definition of BPM and its associated components, vendors would be able to direct their expertise at either a subset of necessary BPM technologies or services, or a full suite of applications that can help an enterprise succeed with their performance management initiative.
BPM Partners is a vendor-independent professional services firm focused exclusively on BPM, providing expertise that helps companies successfully evaluate and deploy BPM systems.
www.b-eye-network.com /view/761   (1426 words)

 Performance Management Forum
Mark Smith of Ventana Research defines performance management as a methodology and process of managing performance of an organization and its business processes to achieve a commonly understood set of goals and objectives.
The underlying theme of performance management is improving business results, and, while it seems obvious, management has not adopted the performance management process as part of their daily operations.
The business school training is reaching out to traditional students as well as current business leaders, with some 50 percent of graduate business students at China's top three schools believed to be chairmen or CEOs.
www.managementlogs.com /performance_management.html   (2830 words)

 Performance Management
Performance management is an on-going process of creating and sustaining a workplace environment where both an organization and its staff succeed in fulfilling business objectives.
As such, performance management is and must be a shared responsibility of employees and managers.
The state’s performance planning and assessment tool – the Performance and Development Plan (PDP) - is a critical part of the individual performance management process.
www.dop.wa.gov /Managers/PerformanceManagement   (259 words)

 Teradata Magazine | Enterprise business performance management
This is the value proposition that makes overall business performance management and business intelligence (BI) an essential requirement in today's fast-paced, hyper-competitive business environment.
A finance manager, for example, may need to apply complex cost allocation algorithms to thousands of products to understand their relative profitability.
A marketing manager, on the other hand, may need to analyze millions of customer histories to discover if specific demographic attributes are linked to specific buying behaviors.
www.teradata.com /t/page/139245/index.html   (1188 words)

 Software Magazine - Business Performance Management: See the Ops
BPM is about delivering BI out to frontline workers so they can better perform their jobs.
Business Objects is a good example, having just scooped up SRC Software, a vendor of financial planning and performance management software.
Business Objects, for example, recently released BusinessObjects XI Built for Operational BI, a service-oriented architecture that allows BI to be called as a service from any application or BPM tool as needed by the user.
www.softwaremag.com /L.cfm?Doc=2005-10/2005-10-bpm   (2209 words)

 Business performance management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
BPM is seen as the next generation of business intelligence (BI).
BPM is useful in risk analysis and predicting outcomes of merger and acquisition scenarios and coming up with a plan to overcome potential problems.
Most of the time, BPM simply means use of several financial/nonfinancial metrics/key performance indicators to assess the present state of the business and to prescribe a course of action.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Business_performance_management   (1466 words)

 Business Performance Management Software: balanced scorecard software, corporate performance software
Business Performance Management solution that enables you to streamline your planning, budgeting, forecasting, consolidations and analytical reporting across your entire enterprise.
Clarity Performance Management is a suite of tightly integrated, highly scalable, web-based applications that support all aspects of Corporate Performance Management.
CPM enables organizations to measure actions against their unique business strategies in order to ensure that the objectives, strategies and actions of an organization are aligned at all levels, across the enterprise.
www.capterra.com /business-performance-management-solutions   (1257 words)

 Cognos - Business Performance Management
They called it "corporate performance management," and defined it as the processes, methodologies, metrics and systems needed to measure and manage business performance.
While Cognos has provided business intelligence solutions since 1969 and has built a customer base of more 23,000 organizations, it is in software for performance management that the company has staked its claim.
Not satisfied with its success to date, Cognos is developing an improved whole-product approach for the next phase of businessperformance management software.
www.cognos.com /business-performance-management.html   (366 words)

 Business Performance Management Software & Vendor Directory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
OutlookSoft EAP is a unified, web-based business performance management (BPM) solution for real-time strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting, analysis, and scorecarding.
Clarity Performance Management enables organizations to measure actions against their unique business strategies in order to ensure that the objectives, strategies and actions of an organization are aligned at all levels, across the enterprise.
It is a powerful performance management system designed to allow not only the assessments to be managed online, but also the resulting goals and objectives, learning and development plans.
www.thesoftwarenetwork.com /Business-Performance-Management-Software   (812 words)

 Your guide to corporate performance management | E-Business
Because CPM is broader than current scorecards and executive dashboards it enables managers to get a handle on their business, understanding and responding to the changes and trends that are taking place.
CPM enables managers to perform dynamic business calculations to investigate what-if scenarios, allowing forecasts to be updated and budget adjustments made.
Businesses are learning that integrated, widespread business analysis applications can significantly improve the way they operate.
www.ameinfo.com /48604.html   (1489 words)

 Performance management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Performance measurement is the process of assessing progress toward achieving predetermined goals, while performance management is building on that process adding the relevant communication and action on the progress achieved against these predetermined goals (Bourne, M.,Franco, M. and Wilkes, J. Corporate performance management.
Business performance management (BPM) is a set of processes that help businesses discover efficient use of their business units, financial, human and material resources.
Operational performance management (OPM) focus is on creating methodical and predictable ways to improve business results, or performance, across organizations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Performance_management   (418 words)

 Business Performance Management: Strategy vs. the Dashboard | IT Business Edge
Typically, the higher up in the business organization — I don't want to exactly say the less timely the information needs to be — but the closer people are to the actual daily operations, the more they're going to want low latency or near real-time information.
Collins: All of the "standard" integration issues apply to BPM also, and this isn't really a technologically oriented answer, but I would say the big issue in BPM is having a very strong causal link between the indicators or the metrics you're collecting and the strategic objective you're trying to achieve.
The popularity of performance dashboards is obviously growing, with half of companies in a recent survey reporting they already had them and another 30 percent planning to introduce them in the next 12 months.
www.itbusinessedge.com /item/?ci=21718   (1227 words)

 Business Performance Management: It's Not Just Software | IT Business Edge
Performance management is really about a management process for improving performance, and in that management process we can apply systems and software to drive better performance.
Align, optimize and understand performance are the three categories we use, and every year we benchmark how well the software vendors' products actually enable these capabilities for companies.
At the expanded portfolio's core is a common set of management and provisioning tools to be leveraged across the broad spectrum of platform and operating system options.
www.itbusinessedge.com /item/?ci=4931   (1148 words)

 Microsoft Business Performance Management Solutions: Partners
ADERANT's Business Intelligence suite gives firms a complete view of all their business operations and information, and provides the tools to use that information to make the right decisions, set strategy, measure the results, and increase accountability.
Avanade is looking forward to the release of Business Scorecard Manager, and anticipates high demand from customers who are eager to extend their investment in the Microsoft Office System by leveraging the more advanced and powerful scorecarding capabilities of Business Scorecard Manager.
Information Management Group (IMGroup) is a leading Microsoft business Intelligence partner who specializes in the delivery of advanced BI solutions that provide more effective analysis and reporting and enhance the processes which drive business performance.
www.microsoft.com /office/bi/bpm/partners.mspx   (1311 words)

 Business Performance Management
Business Performance Management solutions are rapidly becoming critical to business executives.
Over 100 partners have already joined the Business Performance Management community and have shown their support for the IBM Business Performance Management platform.
Business Rules - Outlines the technical interfaces partners can exploit to integrate business rules for dynamic process control and adaptive performance management.
www-306.ibm.com /software/info/topic/perform/partnerpage.html   (320 words)

 Business Intelligence and Performance Management Software Solutions from Cognos
More than 23,000 leading organizations worldwide choose Cognos for business intelligence and performance management software.
Business intelligence is the technology and practice of applying information to make decisions.
Cognos is a world leader in business intelligence, corporate performance management, data integration,
www.cognos.com   (325 words)

 Business Performance Management: White Papers and Webcasts from leading IT vendors. Start your technology research here.
Business Performance Management: White Papers and Webcasts from leading IT vendors.
Business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) can help organizations manage growth and complex reporting and compliance requirements.
Companies that are disciplined in managing the quality of their engineering, manufacturing, purchasing and human resource operations perform better.
itresearch.forbes.com /rlist/term/Business-Performance-Management.html   (748 words)

 CorVu - The Corporate and Business Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard Software Leader   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Caffarelli has extensive management experience in growth environments including key management roles with both domestic and international midsize and start-up companies.
Carlson is responsible for all areas of financial management for CorVu and plays a critical role in the future success of the organization.
With extensive business experience in many fields, MacIntosh has always been focused on utilizing data access and analysis to improve business performance.
www.corvu.com /company/leadership.htm   (840 words)

 Ventana Research - Business Performance Management   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The practice of managing the effectiveness and value of business by aligning people, processes and systems to a common set of goals and objectives.
In terms of the technology to improve performance, more is needed than the current accounting suites from Oracle and SAP or the financial planning and consolidation applications of Hyperion.
Visibility into how financials align to business strategy and initiatives is now available in applications that go far beyond stand-alone spreadsheets or presentation documents.
www.ventanaresearch.com /research/category_new.aspx?id=1031   (319 words)

 Business Performance Management (BPM) Software Suite
Offered as an “on demand”, hosted solution, or an implemented on-site solution, the Host Analytics BPM suite consists of Web-based applications including Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Scorcarding, Dashboarding and Financial Consolidation software which is tightly integrated with its Business Intelligence Analytics and Reporting software.
Reporting and analysis of present and historic performance provide the insight you need to make smart business decisions such as whether or not to adjust your strategies or revise your goals and objectives..
Host analytics has given us the power to manage our business in a more efficient manner with accurate information and more visibility into the different areas of the business.
www.hostanalytics.com /products.html   (501 words)

 Business Performance Management
The Netsmart Technologies Performance Management solution provides executives with complete insight into the organization, enabling them to make fact based decisions that draw upon organizational knowledge rather than assumptions.
The Business Analysis is a discovery process designed to identify and articulate key performance indicators to be measured within an organization.
As executives gain an understanding of the key performance indicators, they can then develop the elements of a strategic information roadmap for their executive dashboard.
www.ntst.com /services/performance.asp   (494 words)

 Business Performance Management (BPM)
Many organizations have a difficult time managing, describing, and executing their corporate strategies.
Meanwhile, enterprises find themselves forced to improve business and IT operations and invest in new solutions with flat to declining operational budgets.
This enables managers to see what is happening in the business and easily track how they are performing now against the past, linking strategy to performance.
www.robbinsgioia.com /solutions/business_performance_management.aspx   (263 words)

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