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Topic: Butifarra

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  Butifarra amb mongetes-- Recetas de Cocina
Pincha las butifarras y fríelas brevemente por los 2 lados, en una sartén con un poco de aceite.
Corta las butifarras en trozos de bocado y colócalos sobre las alubias.
Consejo: Es aconsejable pinchar las butifarras con un palillo o con un tenedor.
www.labuenacocina.com /butifarra-amb-mongetes   (218 words)

As is customary in this area, the dish includes an ample selection of spare ribs, sausages, butifarra, ham and bacon as well as sofrito which, as usual, consists of onion, pepper and tomato.
Together with the escudella and butifarra with beans, which we mentioned in the introduction, the third most typical Catalan stew is the one with broad beans (habas a la catalana).
It is prepared with a lot of herbs and spices (thyme, rosemary, mint, cinnamon and bay leaf), broad beans which are the favourite vegetable in the area, and butifarra.
www.eat-online.net /english/habits/spain_habits_catalonia.htm   (1570 words)

 Spanish Recipes from LaTienda.com: Santa Pau beans with butifarra pork tripe sausage
Santa Pau beans with butifarra pork tripe sausage
Cal Sastre is a pleasant restaurant in Santa Pau in which Margarita Colldecarrera bases her cooking on a wise blend of tradition and innovation.
It was she who had the idea of replacing the traditional butifarra pork sausage with a special sausage made with pork tripe, which, after boiling in the pot with the other sausages, takes on a very special flavor.
www.tienda.com /recipes/beanssantapau.html   (317 words)

 FamilyFun: Catalan Stuffing Recipe
This recipe uses white butifarra, a Catalan sausage available in some Latin markets.
Heat the oil in a large pan and sauté the crumbled butifarra.
Wait until the last hour before the turkey is ready to place in the oven and bake for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
jas.familyfun.go.com /recipefinder/printrecipe?id=15055   (90 words)

 My family’s exotic, very secret BUTIFARRA (barranquilla sausage) recipe | Colombia Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
They were made of a very secret meat added to a small portion of grounded goat, medium hot spices, stuffed inside a 24 inch long piece of goat intestine and then twisted every 2 inches to make a dozen ball shape sausages.
I remember that for the couple years that we were in the butifarra business my family dog or cat, sometime both would disappear every single day.
I'll have some of your family's Butifarra:) I was stationed in South Korea for a year and had a Korean roomate.
poorbuthappy.com /colombia/node/4348   (1025 words)

Butifarra embutidos autóctonos de Cataluña y su zona de influencia (Balears, C. Velenciana, Murcia...) a base de carne picada de cerdo condimentada con pimienta y otras especias.
Las dos más clasicas son la butifarra negra y la blanca.
La butifarra negra se hace a base de carnes magras y grasas y de la sangre del cerdo mientras que la blanca está hecha únicamente de carne magra.
euroresidentes.com /Alimentos/diccionario_gastronomico/butifarra.htm   (154 words)

 El Semanal Digital
La Entesa catalana es una butifarra blanca que puede acabar negra
Una Generalitat con CiU y ERC sería una bomba antiespañola.
Por eso José Montilla, en medio de esta butifarra negra catalana, es un mal menor.
elsemanaldigital.com /articulos.asp?idarticulo=59086   (915 words)

 ~ iFaNTaBuLouS : BLoG CHaTs ~ » EBBP2 delight from Spain
And these accompanying pictures were taken in my badly-lit kitchen (really need to replace the burnt light bulbs!) so it may not do the dish justice at all.
Gathering the ingredients - I used the sofrito, sliced butifarra, cubed breasts of chicken, diced red bell peppers, diced green bell peppers, diced yellow bell peppers, diced onion, wild mushrooms and I also prepared a quick cup of chicken stock (from stock cube - I am soooo lazy!).
Whatever spices that were used to make butifarra, all I have to say is well used.
www.ifantabulous.com /index.php?p=238   (947 words)

 Ibiza-Arroz de Matanza
The intestines are handed over to a group of ladies whose mission is to clean them in sucessive salt water baths, so that the skin of the intestines can be used to fill with 'picadillo' or ground meat or coagulated blood...in the prepartaion of the sausages.
or 'Butifarra', or 'Chorizo', while the men mix by hand the ground meat and with much discussion and RED WINE...decide (mutually) upon the axact amount of salt, red pepper, and optional ingredients like cimamon, or garlic.
Someone is always taking samples of the raw picadillo in a small frying pan to cook it for samplong purposes, and this is passed around until a consensus is reached that the picadillo is just right.
www.ibiza-hotels.com /matanza.php   (533 words)

 Creative Loafing Atlanta
Although prices are slightly higher in the evening, a dinnertime guest can still, as an appreciative friend remarked, drink a bottle of wine and eat for 90 minutes straight for approximately $25.
Butifarra-licious: Atkins dieters can party from the get-go with the cold cuts grouped together as the assortment of fiambres ($9.95) that includes the Catalan sausage butifarra or with the outstanding crispy-yet-tender mollejas (sweetbreads, $5.95), which are doled out so generously that the portion could serve as a meal in itself.
The empanadas ($1.75) are dreamy mouthfuls of blistered crust alternating with pungently spiced beef as piping hot as the earth's core.
atlanta.creativeloafing.com /gyrobase/PrintFriendly?oid=oid:39336   (511 words)

 eG Forums -> Sacha
The culinary scene will move again, in my opinion, to this kind of places, “family restaurants” (in the same way of the “family doctors”) where the client and not the cook plays the leading role.
In my last visits I’ve enjoyed tremendous dishes as (I need some help here with the translation) as guiso de butifarra con colmenillas, caldeiro de morcillo del Valle del Esla, risotto de perrechicos o ensalada de pulpo.
Butifarra sausage with morels stew, Leg bone fleshy part of Valle del Esla's veal, Calocybe gambosa risotto or octopus salad.
forums.egullet.org /index.php?showtopic=45096   (1854 words)

 Francisco Pacho Galan @ peermusic - The Independent Major
After conquering the Colombian people with his music in the Northern Coast of the Amazon region, he decided that it was the moment to explore new markets and in 1969, he went to the United States.
Here are some of the songs he wrote in his lifetime: "Boquita Sala", "La butifarra de Pacho", "La casa de Fernando", "Te quiere mucho", "Rio y amor", "Cogeme la cola" y "Lago florido" among others.
Francisco Pacho Galan was 83 years old when he died and became master Pacho Galan in 1979.
www.peermusic.com /artistpage/Francisco_Pacho_Galan.html   (411 words)

 Butifarra casera con 'montgetes' (Manufactured Fotos)
Photograph: Butifarra casera con ‘montgetes.’ That was the name of a dish I got at a Washington DC Spanish tapas restaurant called Jaleo.
Tags: butifarra casera dc jaleo montgetes sausage tapas washington+dc
This weblog is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
manufacturedenvironments.com /fotos/washington_dc_2006/butifarra_casera_con_montgetes.html   (109 words)

 MacGourmet - Sausage With White Beans - {Butifarra Con Judias}   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
MacGourmet - Sausage With White Beans - {Butifarra Con Judias}
Sausage With White Beans - {Butifarra Con Judias}
To add this recipe to your collection, drag the image to one of your lists in MacGourmet, or right click on it, download the linked file to your computer, and import the file.
homepage.mac.com /dbuia1/Recipes/Latin/recipe_8676.html   (178 words)

 Sausage With White Beans - {Butifarra Con Judias}
Sausage With White Beans - {Butifarra Con Judias}
The site with the best deals for Easy Home Cooking and Everyday Food Magazine.
Formatted for MasterCook by Joe Comiskey, aka MR MAD -
www.spanish-good-recipes.com /recipes/Sausage_With_White_Beans_-_{Butifarra_Con_Judias}.html   (176 words)

 Having a Religion - Asia Finest Discussion Forum
Yes, so I've been told by a nun in Catalonia...especially if he comes in the form of a sausage with the label 'Butifarra'.....
But can you tell me, What is Butifarra other than sausage?
Hi extra, according to this nun, the butifarra is the reincarnation of the Holy Spirit.
www.asiafinest.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=80819   (1515 words)

 Rules of Card Games: Botifarra
We have also a LAN version for up to four human players.
Here is a link to La Butifarra Virtual, a page in Spanish from which you can download a computer program which uses more lenient rules of play, as found in the western part of Catalunya.
Here is a link to a Botifarra site with rules in Catalan by Enric Carrera.
www.pagat.com /manille/botifar.html   (1969 words)

 Sausage White Beans (butifarra Con Judias) Recipe @ Mass Recipes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Recipe: Sausage With White Beans (butifarra Con Judias)
Comments: This is a classic Catalan dish, often eaten as a light supper or a mid-morning snack.
Sauté Of Lamb With Garlic And Lemon (cordero Cochifrito)
www.massrecipes.com /recipes/01/01/sausagewithwhitebeansbuti111509.html   (241 words)

 Barcelona | Dining And Drinking| City Guide | WCities Destination Guide
Catalans love cold meats (embutidos) of all sorts, especially pork sausages (butifarra).
The staple dish is butifarra amb mongetes, a stew of pork sausage and white beans.
Escudella is a traditional stew made with sausage, chickpeas, pasta and a giant pork meatball.
www.wcities.com /en/guide/eat_drink/18/guide.html   (599 words)

 Steve Koppelman's Catalogue of Poorly Catalogued Things, Which Is Also Called "hatless.com": Eats: Yummy Food, Fort ...
I imagine it's a lot like hip little neighborhood takeouts in Latin America, colorfully painted inside with a tiny counter and four stools.
The butifarra (no relation to the sausage of the same name) is Peru's cousin to the Cuban sandwich and the Mexican torta.
The roast pork on mine is the best I've ever had, rich and flavorful like wild boar and beef tongue, with a great mix of butter-soft and chewy bits.
www.hatless.com /blog/archive/000157.html   (272 words)

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