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Topic: Butterfly

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  MBG: The Butterfly House - Home
The Neptis hylas or Common Sailor is our featured Butterfly of the Month.
The Butterfly House is suitable for everything from fl-tie events and weddings to after-hours corporate functions and daytime business meetings.
It's a great way for you to leave your mark on St. Louis and it's a wonderful way to honor someone special.
www.butterflyhouse.org   (76 words)

  Butterfly Species Data - Small Blue - Cupido minimus   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Our smallest resident butterfly is easily overlooked, partly because of its size and dusky colouring, but partly because it is often confined to small patches of sheltered grassland where its sole foodplant, Kidney Vetch, is found.
The butterfly tends to live in small colonies and is declining in most areas.
The butterfly breeds in a range of dry sheltered grasslands where Kidney Vetch grows, including: chalk and limestone grassland, coastal grassland and dunes, and man-made habitats such as quarries, gravel pits on eskers, road embankments, and disused railways.
www.butterfly-conservation.org /species/bdata/butterfly.php?code=smb   (331 words)

  Where Do Butterflies Come From?
Butterflies go through four life stages, and they look very different at each stage.
Glue the butterfly to one end of the tongue depressor or ice-cream pop stick.
Butterflies go four stages of life, but they only look like butterflies in the final stage.
www.hhmi.org /coolscience/butterfly/index.html   (283 words)

  Butterfly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In several cases, however, the function of butterfly eyespots is not clear, and may be an evolutionary anomaly related to the relative elasticity of the genes that encode the spots.
The aspect ratio of a butterfly's wing is ideal to be described using thin airfoil theory.
The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula by A.S. Corbet and H. Pendlebury.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Butterfly   (1983 words)

 Butterfly effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The butterfly effect is a phrase that encapsulates the more technical notion of sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory.
The concept of the butterfly effect is sometimes used in popular media dealing with the idea of time travel, usually inaccurately.
Inarguably, the earliest illustration of the butterfly effect in a story on film, an angel in It's a Wonderful Life (1946) shows George Bailey how rewriting history so that George was never born would detrimentally affect the lives of everyone in his hometown.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Butterfly_effect   (899 words)

 Butterfly (2004)
Butterfly is a film with intriguing characters and real-feeling situations, but even with a two hour-plus running time, a lot feels left out.
Like the titular butterfly, Flavia's years of "normal life" are a gestation period, and only with Yip's arrival can Flavia finally break free from her cocoon and spread her wings.
Butterfly is predominantly an internal drama, in that everything is meant to speak to the changes and turmoil happening within Flavia.
www.lovehkfilm.com /reviews_2/butterfly.htm   (1154 words)

 All About Butterflies - What is a Butterfly?
The wings are attached to the butterfly's thorax (mid-section).
Some butterflies sip the liquid from rotting fruits and a rare few prefer rotting animal flesh or animal fluids (the Harvester butterfly pierces the bodies of woolly aphids with its sharp proboscis and drinks the body fluids).
Butterflies are found all over the world and in all types of environments: hot and cold, dry and moist, at sea level and high in the mountains.
www.zoomdinosaurs.com /subjects/butterfly/allabout   (667 words)

 Mariah Carey : Butterfly - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Upon its release, Butterfly was interpreted as Mariah Carey's declaration of independence from her ex-husband (and label president) Tommy Mottola, and to a certain extent, that's true.
Butterfly is peppered with allusions to her troubled marriage and her newfound freedom, and the music is supposed to be in tune with contemporary urban sounds instead of adult contemporary radio.
Even though Butterfly doesn't have as many strong singles as Daydream, it's one of her best records, illustrating that Carey is continuing to improve and refine her music, which makes her a rarity among her '90s peers.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,307734,00.html   (321 words)

 Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Butterflies
Butterflies (and moths) are the only group of insects that have scales covering their wings, although some butterflies have reduced scales.
Butterflies are commonly associated with plants, and the relationship is sometimes complex.
Butterfly migration is best exemplified by the Monarch, which is widely known to migrate in the fall to overwintering sites in California and Mexico.
www.si.edu /resource/faq/nmnh/buginfo/butterfly.htm   (560 words)

 Dublin Butterfly House the Anatomy of a Butterfly
Dublin Butterfly House the Anatomy of a Butterfly
To use it the butterfly straightens it and puts it in the blossom where the nectar is.
The division indicates that butterflies belong to the articulated animals (arthropods).
www.butterfly-ireland.com /anatomy.htm   (492 words)

 MBG: The Butterfly House - Butterflies
Throughout the country, the general requirements for butterfly gardening are the same: full sun, nectar source plants, larval host plants, a pesticide-free environment, and knowledge of the local butterfly fauna.
Butterfly gardens are best planted in the spring with younger plants or in the fall with mature plants that will become dormant quickly and re-emerge in the spring.
Butterflies are attracted to flowers with strong scents and bright colors, where they drink sweet, energy-rich nectar.
www.butterflyhouse.org /butterflies/butterflygardening.aspx   (512 words)

 The Butterfly Conservatory, American Museum of Natural History
By far the most important sense for butterflies is smell -- the sensors on their antennae are highly attuned to odors.
Butterflies are extremely sensitive to environmental changes, and many species have become endangered or extinct because of habitat destruction.
One of the smallest butterflies is the eastern pygmy blue, Brephidium isophthalma, from the coastal southeastern United States, with a wingspan of about 5/8 of an inch.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/butterflies/faq.html   (489 words)

 Monarch Butterfly - EnchantedLearning.com
The Monarch is a common poisonous butterfly that eats poisonous milkweed in its larval stage and lays its eggs on the milkweed plant.
The four wings and the six legs of the butterfly are attached to the thorax.
Label the stages in a butterfly life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/butterfly/species/Monarch.shtml   (1167 words)

 Butterfly Gardening   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Butterflies will lay on the stones with their wings open to warm their bodies.
Butterflies are insects Pesticides will kill your butterflies, caterpillars and other useful insects.
All your hard work will be worth the effort as the butterflies fly from flower to flower enjoying the nectar plants and begin a new life cycle on the host plants in your own back yard.
www.butterfly-house.com /gardening.htm   (327 words)

 Butterfly Glossary
The abdomen of butterflies and moths have eleven segments (the terminal 2 or 3 segments are fused together).
Butterflies have two segmented antennae with a small club at the end of each.
If the butterfly term you are looking for is not in the dictionary, please e-mail us.
www.enchantedlearning.com /subjects/butterfly/glossary   (635 words)

 Butterfly Valves Information | Business.com
Manufactures patented butterfly valves and actuators used with industrial piping applications.
Manufacturer of butterfly valves, cryogenic valves, high pressure valves and exotic alloys.
Vapo Techniek B.V. Manufacturer of pneumatic-operated ball and butterfly valves and related accessories.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Butterfly&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.business.com/directory/industrial_goods_and_services/industrial_supplies/pipes_and_valves/valves/butterfly/index.asp?partner=2662601&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-29520802-DBCF-F4FA-CF2A-D780D6241570-ym   (729 words)

 How to Make Butterfly Gardens | University of Kentucky Entomology
Butterflies have large, rounded compound eyes which allows them to see in all directions without turning their head.
Butterflies begin their life as an egg, laid either singly or in clusters depending on the species.
On a final note, it's important to conserve butterflies when possible since their habitat is constantly diminishing due to the increasing needs and consequent development of roads and housing.
www.uky.edu /Agriculture/Entomology/entfacts/misc/ef006.htm   (866 words)

 This Resource is No Longer Available
The Butterflies of North America and Moths of North America Web sites are now operated by the Big Sky Institute at Montana State University and the NBII Mountain Prairie Information Node.
The Butterflies and Moths of North America Web sites were conceived and developed by a team of scientists at Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center in 1995 and were inspired by paper atlases created by Paul Opler, Harry Pavulaan, Ray Stanford, and their many cooperators.
Development of the Butterflies and Moths of North America Web sites was a logical avenue for furthering the goal of making information on the biotic resources of the Great Plains more widely available to decision-makers, resource managers, scientists, and the public.
www.npwrc.usgs.gov /resource/distr/lepid/bflyusa/bflyusa.htm   (319 words)

 San Diego Zoo's Animal Bytes: Butterfly
Butterflies generally have long, smooth antennae that are rounded on the ends, while most moths have thick, feathery antennae.
When people talk about this family of insects in general, they may use "butterflies" or "moths" to describe them, and both are considered correct.
The fastest butterflies are the skippers Euschemon ssp, which can fly at 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour), but most butterflies fly at 5 to 12 miles per hour (8 to 20 kilometers per hour).
www.sandiegozoo.org /animalbytes/t-butterfly.html   (1170 words)

 Table Tennis and Ping Pong Accessories - Butterfly   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Butterfly will not be present at the North American Teams Table Tennis Championships to be held this year in Baltimore, Maryland, November 29 - December 1, due to contractual restrictions between the tournament committee and its sponsors.
This factor has now been overcome through Butterfly's original technology "High Tension," which adds enormous tension within the molecular structure of the rubber.
Come see Butterfly sponsored Eric Owens and Gao Jun defend their singles title.
www.butterflyonline.com /butterfly4.htm   (204 words)

 The Butterfly Effect
The "Butterfly Effect", or more technically the "sensitive dependence on initial conditions", is the essence of chaos.
This is an illustration of the butterfly effect - the idea in meteorology that the flapping of a butterfly's wing will create a disturbance that in the chaotic motion of the atmosphere will become amplified eventually to change the large scale atmospheric motion, so that the long term behavior becomes impossible to forecast.
The "Butterfly Effect" is often ascribed to Lorenz.
www.cmp.caltech.edu /~mcc/chaos_new/Lorenz.html   (348 words)

For a dance piece, Butterfly and Suzuki alone is not the most promising material to hold an audience’s attention, but it is important to the story line to show how, especially towards the end, all that Butterfly has left is hope, however thin.
Butterfly has given birth to a son and is still faithfully awaiting the return of her husband.
At one point an audience member was heard to shout "Butterfly is pregnant!" which was answered with "Yes, with Toscanini's child" an allusion to the relationship between the singer and conductor.
www.balletmet.org /Notes/BUTFLY99.html   (3870 words)

 Craig's IBM Butterfly page
The main file of interest is for the Butterfly is called IBM ThinkPad 701 Technical Information, Tips, and Techniques.
Aside from listing the current versions of software and firmware it gives memory maps, IRQs, DMA assignments, etc. One other file worth mentioning is the version 3O BIOS upgrade document which describes how to upgrade your BIOS to the current release.
One final note, the Butterfly is apparently not the first 701; according Harold Rogers' The History of Computing at Los Alamos, a vacuum tube based IBM 701 was produced in 1952.
www-nrg.ee.lbl.gov /leres/butterfly   (542 words)

 Monarch Watch : Rearing Monarchs : Overview
To hold a butterfly, always hold all 4 wings at once in their vertical position.
If the butterfly does not unwind its proboscis after several tries, place a probe or pin in the loop of the proboscis and pull the pin away from the head so the proboscis is extended and touches the honey solution.
In both cases the butterfly should be placed in an envelope while it is being weighed.
www.monarchwatch.org /rear/index.htm   (1776 words)

 Butterfly Center
The Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science is a stunning, living exhibit that showcases hundreds of live butterflies in a naturalistic rainforest setting.
The butterflies are raised on special butterfly farms in tropical Asia and North, Central, and South America, and shipped to the Center in their chrysalis form.
Also included in the Butterfly Center experience is an Insect Zoo, where you’ll meet some of the butterflies’ more creepy-crawly relatives, and the Entomology Hall, (currently closed for renovations) where hundreds of spectacular specimens of preserved butterflies, moths, beetles, and other insects are displayed.
www.hmns.org /see_do/butterfly_center.asp?r=1   (419 words)

 Monarch Picture Story
The monarch butterfly is sometimes called the "milkweed butterfly" because its larvae eat the plant.
The butterfly waits until its wings stiffen and dry before it flies away to start the cycle of life all over again.
In either the caterpillar or butterfly stage the monarch needs no camouflage because it takes in toxins from the milkweed and is poisonous to predators.
www.kidzone.ws /animals/monarch_butterfly.htm   (562 words)

 Madame Butterfly - Giacomo Puccini
Madame Butterfly originated in a story by John Luther Long and was adapted for the stage by David Belasco.
What makes the piece work are the characterizations of Butterfly and her Captain Pinkerton, both in the drama and in the rich and luscious Puccini score.
There is one jarring, inexplicable note, when Mitterand has Cio-Cio San's uncle, a priest who comes to curse her for giving up her religion for the American, appear out of the sky, like a spirit, instead of the very real figure in the libretto.
www.culturevulture.net /Opera/Butterfly.htm   (429 words)

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