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Topic: Byelections

In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  The Manila Times Internet Edition | WORLD > Thaksin’s party suffers blow in byelections; 14 seats still empty
BANGKOK: Weekend byelections failed to fill all the seats in Thailand’s parliament, officials said Monday, raising new questions about how to end the crisis that forced the prime minister to step aside.
The Election Commission met yesterday (Monday) to decide whether new byelections for the 14 empty seats could be held this week, spokesman Ekachai Warunprapa said.
Another option would be for parliament to convene with the 14 seats still empty, and for the lawmakers to vote on whether to organize new byelections, he added.
www.manilatimes.net /national/2006/apr/25/yehey/world/20060425wor3.html   (309 words)

  The Week   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Byelections for a party in power in Tamil Nadu have generally been, in filmy terms, box-office duds.
Many feel the byelection results might have emboldened her to take up the case again and arrests once again would destroy the goodwill she has created for herself.
CPI state secretary D. Pandiyan said the byelection victory should not be viewed as people’s approval for the Jayalalithaa regime.
www.the-week.com /25jun12/currentevents_article9.htm   (1449 words)

 Testing the waters
The May 14 byelections for two Assembly seats in Tamil Nadu assume great importance as the next round of Assembly elections is only a year away.
An immediate reason for this is that political parties view the byelections to the Kanchipuram and Gummidipoondi Assembly constituencies, to be held on May 14, as trial balloons that will indicate which way the voters' mood is swinging.
Earlier, on April 19, the Chief Electoral Officer for Tamil Nadu, Naresh Gupta, said the Election Commission was considering deploying paramilitary forces in the two constituencies and videographing polling stations to prevent bogus voting and the presence of anti-social elements.
www.flonnet.com /fl2210/stories/20050520003103800.htm   (1388 words)

 Byelections for three seats in WB on Sep 16   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Election Commission today announced that byelections will be held for three Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal -- Malda, Katwa and Purlia -- and Bongaon assembly seat of the state on September 16.
The notification for byelections will be issued on August 23 and the last date for filing of nominations is August 30.
In a press note, it said that it is not holding elections to fill 10 Lok Sabha vacancies caused in the wake of disqualification of members in cash-for-query and MPLAD scheme scams as there is a Supreme Court stay.
news.webindia123.com /news/Articles/India/20060817/424579.html   (131 words)

 Date set for municipal byelections to fill vacant seats in N.B. - October 20, 2006 - Canadaeast.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Date set for municipal byelections to fill vacant seats in N.B. FREDERICTON (CP) - New Brunswick's chief electoral officer has set Dec. 4 as the date for municipal byelections to fill 17 vacant seats in various municipalities throughout the province.
Annise Hollies says the byelections are necessary because there is over a year and a half remaining before the next regularly scheduled municipal elections.
Byelections to fill the vacant mayor positions will be held in Aroostook, Memramcook and Petit-Rocher.
www.canadaeast.com /cp/atlantic/article2.php?articleID=57030   (127 words)

 Tories, NDP win upsets in byelections   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Liberals lost strongholds in Newfoundland and Ontario Monday in a string of seven byelections that also saw Canadian Alliance chief Stephen Harper win the seat he needed to become Opposition leader.
Opposition politicians had billed the byelections as a referendum on sleaze and urged voters to reject Liberal candidates to show Prime Minister Jean Chretien they were upset by alleged corruption in the handling of government advertising and sponsorship contracts.
Heading into the byelections, the Liberals had 166 seats in the House of Commons.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/683039/posts   (1410 words)

 Blair hit by Lib Dem poll surge | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
Michael Howard, who poured resources and energy into both byelections, was possibly the biggest victim of the night, after the Conservatives slumped from second to third in both byelections.
On a respectable byelection turnout of 36.8%, the swing away from Labour's candidate Liam Byrne, a computer entrepreneur, was higher than Labour had expected, the ninth worst in Labour's history.
The byelections, held in the week of the spending review and the highly critical Butler report, confirm Mr Blair has daunting battle ahead to re-establish trust before a general election widely expected next spring.
politics.guardian.co.uk /byelections/story/0,11043,1262761,00.html   (843 words)

 Tories sweep seats in 3 N.L. byelections
A fourth byelection — to replace PC backbencher Kathy Goudie, who resigned last month — will be held in Humber Valley district on Monday to fill a remaining vacancy.
The byelections were called in January to fill vacancies caused by the departures — for very different reasons — of three members of the PC caucus.
Under provincial legislation, a byelection must be called within 60 days of a seat becoming vacant, and held within 90 days.
www.cbc.ca /canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2007/02/08/byelections-nl.html?ref=rss   (1602 words)

 The Hindu : Byelections likely in May
The byelections in the Saidapet, Vaniyambadi and Acharapakkam Assembly constituencies are likely to be held in May.
The final electoral rolls for these constituencies would be published on April 25, paving the way for the byelections either in the middle or at the end of May, Election department sources said here.
Though the byelection in Saidapet and Vaniyambadi was initially scheduled to be held along with the poll in Andipatti on February 21, it was cancelled after the Election Commission Secretary, K.J. Rao, found largescale bogus inclusions in the draft rolls in the two constituencies.
www.hindu.com /thehindu/2002/03/20/stories/2002032003250400.htm   (284 words)

 Iemma's task after the byelections - Editorial - Opinion - smh.com.au
The vote had not gone well for Labor: three byelections, three solid swings against the party.
Yet the issues in both seats were similar: at the core were health, schools and transport.
Mr Iemma did not need the byelections to tell him those are the issues hurting the Government.
www.smh.com.au /news/editorial/iemmas-task-after-the-byelections/2005/09/18/1126981943147.html   (913 words)

 British voters turn on Blair in byelections - Iraq - www.theage.com.au
Britain's ruling Labour Party was facing an uphill battle last night to hold two supposedly safe seats in byelections.
The byelections are an electoral test of Tony Blair's credibility after the damning Butler inquiry into Iraq intelligence.
The byelection results are likely to be known early this morning.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/07/15/1089694487166.html?from=storylhs   (497 words)

 The Hindu : Front Page : Violence mars council byelections
ARSON DURING POLL: A Qualis van set on fire by miscreants near MGR Nagar in Chennai on Tuesday.
CHENNAI: All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam cadres fought pitched battles outside polling stations during the Chennai Corporation byelections in two wards on Tuesday.
The police arrested agitating leaders and volunteers of both parties after they took to the streets protesting against the violence.
www.hindu.com /2005/04/20/stories/2005042011060100.htm   (557 words)

 Special report: byelections | Special Reports | Guardian Unlimited Politics
July 20, Lewis Baston: The byelection results are great for Labour, but David Cameron can expect renewed grumbling in his ranks, while the Lib Dems were caught napping.
There were only six deaths in the last parliament, and seven so far since 2005, compared with 24 between 1987 and 1992 when BBC Newsnight's byelection reporter Vincent Hanna was in his boisterous prime.
June 27: Labour are preparing to spring an early double byelection on the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats next month, calling the contests in Ealing Southall and Tony Blair's seat of Sedgefield on July 19 or 26, party sources said this morning.
politics.guardian.co.uk /byelections/0,11043,584981,00.html   (1202 words)

 Federal-Byelections, 2nd Writethru Bgt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper, defying opinion polls that suggest his Conservatives are slipping in the key battlegrounds of Ontario and Quebec, has called a pair of byelections to fill vacant Commons seats in both provinces.
Conservative fortunes are somewhat brighter in Ontario, but there has been slippage in that province as well, with the latest surveys putting the Liberals back in front.
Sandra Buckler, a spokeswoman for Harper, insisted Sunday that the decision to call the byelections was motivated not by backroom political considerations, but by a simple conviction that the vacant seats ought to be filled.
www.recorder.ca /cp/national/061022/n102291A.html   (640 words)

 Opposition struggling to match Tory momentum in byelections
Opposition parties in Newfoundland and Labrador are struggling to prepare for four byelections, not to mention the general election scheduled for October.
The byelections — three being held on Feb. 8, followed by a vote in Humber Valley on Feb. 12 — were prompted by various departures from the PC ranks:
Kathy Goudie, the embattled MHA for Humber Valley, quit last Friday — after the other byelections were called — citing stress from having double-billed her expense claims as a factor in her decision.
www.cbc.ca /canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2007/01/24/byelxns-parties.html?ref=rss   (1708 words)

 Byelections still possible - Political Forums
Plus I bet these two ridings would end up getting more national political attention than they ever have or will in their existances (Layton would probably be there every other day if he was smart).
It would be very interesting to watch, high political drama even, if they do hold those byelections.
Byelections are no longer possible, looks like the election results are here to stay.
www.mapleleafweb.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=2129   (760 words)

 Liberals, Bloc win byelections, May finishes 2nd
A byelection was called after Liberal MP Joe Fontana quit federal politics last spring to run in a failed mayoral bid.
Much media attention in the byelections has focused on Gravel, who was a teenage prostitute before becoming a Roman Catholic priest.
The results of the two byelections mean that the Conservatives have 124 seats in the House, followed by the Liberals (102), Bloc (51) and NDP (29).
www.cbc.ca /canada/toronto/story/2006/11/27/federal-byelections.html   (1439 words)

 Full Coverage: Charest Liberals split pair of ...
Premier Jean Charest passed a symbolic test of his leadership abilities by winning the longtime Liberal stronghold of Outremont in a byelection on Monday, but failed to score a comfortable victory.
Two provincial byelections underway in Quebec are keeping voters busy: one in Vercheres, just east of Montreal, while the other is in the downtown Montreal riding of Outremont.
Liberal Raymond Bachand held on to his party's traditional stronghold of Outremont and Pequiste Stephane Bergeron turned in a decisive victory in Vercheres in provincial by-elections in the two ridings...
www.topix.net /ca/bernard-landry?full=c3e93e6803   (346 words)

 Byelections in the 1992-97 Parliament
Many of those candidates marked as Independents contested the byelections on a specific policy theme and not as an Independent candidate.
He stated he intended to contest every subsequent byelection until he polled more votes than the majority over a Conservative candidate, or the law was changed to prevent such a situation.
However, he announced at a news conference on the eve of poll that he had resigned from the Liberal Democrats and joined the Labour Party.
www.election.demon.co.uk /by1992.html   (1376 words)

 TheStar.com | News | Ontario byelections called
“These byelections offer voters the opportunity to elect strong Liberal candidates who will build on our government’s progress and be in a position to move forward on local issues,`` Sorbara said in a statement.
Opposition parties, who have long called for the byelections, said voters now have a chance to send the governing Liberals a clear message before the general election in October.
Other interest groups are also vowing to use the byelections to press for change.
www.thestar.com /News/article/169753   (497 words)

 Causes of Byelections since the ‘Reform Act’
This analysis does not include vacancies for which no byelections were held because of a dissolution of parliament.
Much of the research work on which this table is based was undertaken by the late F.W.S. Craig.
Most causes of byelections are matters of common law.
www.election.demon.co.uk /causes.html   (889 words)

 babble: Quebec Federal Byelections June 16th
In any case, if Joe Clark could run in a New Brunswick byelection and Brian Mulroney could run in Nova Scotia not to mention Stockwell Day running in BC and John Turner in Vancouver, I don't think Layton running in Quebec would be seen as that odd.
Need I remind people that the NDP in Quebec has a grand total of about 300 members and at least half of them are anglophones and allophones in montreal.
I think it would be a joke to have Jack Layton run in a byelection in a riding in Quebec where the NDP has no local organization whatsoever and which is about a 4 hour drive from where there is any concentration of NDP activists to speak of.
www.rabble.ca /babble/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic&f=9&t=000286   (4727 words)

 The Week   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
When three Shiv Sainiks-turned Congressmen emerged victorious in the byelections to the Assembly from Vengulra, Rajapur and Sangmeshwar on January 24, their mentor, Revenue Minister Narayan Rane, had been learning the nuances of Congress ideology at the party conclave in Hyderabad.
To impress the Congress leadership further, Rane is now concentrating on byelections to Shrivardhan and Naigaon Assembly seats, from where his supporters, Shyam Sawant and Kalidas Kolambkar, are seeking re-election.
Shrivardhan, where Muslim voters hold the key, is part of the Raigad Lok Sabha seat represented by the new Union minister for minority affairs, A.R. Antulay.
www.the-week.com /26feb12/currentevents_article4.htm   (618 words)

 Liberals gain no ground in Ont. byelections   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
TORONTO -- Opposition parties held their turf in three Ontario byelections Thursday as voters stuck with the status quo by casting ballots against Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government.
But the Liberals showed much better results in two of the ridings compared to 2003, as name candidates helped improve the government's showing in byelections for three seats vacated by provincial members who ran in January's federal campaign.
The premier noted this week that the last time a governing party won a byelection held by an opposition member was 1985.
www.canada.com /topics/news/politics/story.html?id=dcae131f-da89-4a7d-8e34-48f1fd6d6f39&k=67518   (832 words)

 cric.ca - Canada's Portal - FOCUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The federal Liberals stunned the separatist Bloc Quebecois in a pair of byelections Monday night, snatching two seats that had been in the Bloc column for a decade.
The federal Liberals stunned the separatist Bloc Quebecois in a pair of byelections last night, snatching two seats that had been in the Bloc column for a decade.
It was a sweet victory for Prime Minister Jean Chretien in his closing months in office -- although one he may have to share with former finance minister Paul Martin.
www.cric.ca /en_html/focus/focus_archives/focus_v1n23.html   (302 words)

 CTV Politics Blog :: Harper calls byelections -- right before the Liberal convention starts
First of all, there's a pretty narrow time frame for these two by-elections to be held so that the new MPs will be ready to sit in Parliament when it resumes in the new year.
These byelections are taking place solely for the benefit of the constituents of these communities.
For the benefit of the rest of us, would the Liberal Party please stop their daily whining and complaining sessions over every perceived slight.
politicsblog.ctv.ca /blog/_archives/2006/10/22/2437344.html   (1297 words)

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