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Topic: Byronic hero

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Course description: The purpose of this seminar is to examine the development of the Byronic Hero and to account for his tremendous impact, influence, and popularity both in 19th-century and contemporary culture.
Byron created heroes who embody the ultimate in individualism, self-sufficiency, ambition, and aspiration, yet who are isolated, gloomy, unsatisfied, and dangerous to themselves and others.
Byron, "Prometheus," "Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte," Childe Harold, Cantos 3 and 4, The Corsair, Lara.
hss.fullerton.edu /english/astein/574syll.htm   (430 words)

  §11. Dramatic works. II. Byron. Vol. 12. The Romantic Revival. The Cambridge History of English and American ...
In other words, Byron is a romanticist when he introduces into his dramas super-natural beings and a strong lyrical element, but a classicist when he draws his material from the beaten track of history and refuses to admit the intervention of a spirit-world into the affairs of men.
The Assyrian king has far more of Byron in him than any of the so-called Byronic heroes; for, while they are but shadowy representations of a certain temper of mind, Sardanapalus is a creature of flesh and blood.
Byron’s terza rima of the Commedia; for, whereas Dante almost invariably makes a distinct pause at the close of the stanza, Byron frequently runs on the sense from one tercet to another and, thereby, goes far to destroy the metrical effect produced upon the ear by Dante.
www.bartleby.com /222/0211.html   (1359 words)

 [No title]
The Byronic hero of either historical period is concerned in particular with harnessing sexuality, the display of identity, and the sheer play of a textual erotics.
Byron's self-representations as the Byronic hero and Mapplethorpe's self-portraits show the face as effeminate _because_ it is seductive, the costuming as gender-play _because_ it is teasing, and both offering relations between men.
The Byronic hero's scowl and the feminine makeup and pseudo-Hamlet of Mapplethorpe's self-portraits all point to the same conceit: that once the wicked invitation is inscribed on the body of the artist, he must then step in front of the artistic/photographic eye to become the feminized body over which contracts get made and invitations exchanged.
www.infomotions.com /serials/pmc/pmc-v4n1-fay-mapplethorpes.txt   (5952 words)

 Characteristics of the Byronic Hero
With regard to his intellectual capacity, self-respect, and hypersensitivity, the Byronic hero is "larger than life," and "with the loss of his titanic passions, his pride, and his certainty of self-identity, he loses also his status as [a traditional] hero" (Thorslev 187).
Byron's Manfred, a character who wandered desolate mountaintops, was physically isolated from society, whereas Childe Harold chose to "exile" himself and wander throughout Europe.
Bronte's youthful age, however, did not preclude Byron and his works from having a profound effect on her and her writing; indeed, the "cult" of Lord Byron flourished shortly after his death "dominating [the Brontes'] girlhood and their young womanhood" (Bloom 2).
www.umd.umich.edu /casl/hum/eng/classes/434/charweb/CHARACTE.htm   (0 words)

 CBU - Honors Journal - Satan in Literature
Heroism is not usually identified with Satan; however, in poetry, he takes on the heroics attributed to a rebel.
This hero is an antithesis to all the traits of the moral hero found in literature.
Satan is a hero because of his traits and the passion that he exerts in serving his punishments.
www.cbu.edu /Academics/honors/hj2k4_sil.htm   (2665 words)

 Stein, "Immortals and Vampires and Ghosts, Oh My!: Byronic Heroes in Popular Culture", Romanticism and ...
The Byronic hero, with his ambition, aspiration, aggressive individualism, and "Promethean spark," is alive and flourishing in the latter half of the 20th century.
The Byronic hero is so pervasive in contemporary popular texts that once one begins to establish, in class, the parameters of his type, the examples seem endless.
The Byronic hero is a figure of autonomy, self-reliance, defiance, and power, and he is an outlaw who lives by his own moral code.
www.rc.umd.edu /villa/vc97/june00/stein.html   (4221 words)

 All About Romance Novels - Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Know - The Original Byronic Hero
Byron was born with a club foot, a defect that caused him anguish of mind and body throughout his entire life.
Byron's father died when he was very young and Byron and his mother spent a lot of time running from creditors.
Byron become the sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale when he was ten years old and for the rest of his life he was always conscious of his dignity as a peer, no matter how reckless and wild his behavior.
www.likesbooks.com /byron.html   (1040 words)

 Variations on a Theme | Romanticism from the canvas to the printing press to the opera house
Lord Byron's activities in Parliament at the time were notable and he enjoyed the status of a London socialite and acquainted himself with many prestigious writers and literary figures.
Byron wasn't all "doom and gloom." As extravagant and hedonistic as he was, he was known to be generous, kind, courageous, and hard-working if he could set his mind to it.
Byron was not a brilliant poet; in fact much of his poetry is riddled with stylistic errors.
library.thinkquest.org /C0126184/english/ebyron.htm   (719 words)

 Xena: A Modern Byronic Hero, err... Heroine.
Another twist is that Xena shares with many recent incarnations of the Byronic heros is that she is, for all her darkness, a hero.
The brooding, haunted Byronic hero has been mixed with the superhero: the super-human champion of justice and defender of innocent bystanders, small children and damsels in distress.
The Byronic hero is usually beyond ordinary mortals in some way, and Xena’s prowess as a warrior is downright supernatural.
www.laughton.com /cougar/writing/xena_as_byronic_hero.htm   (1271 words)

 [No title]
Brooding, dark, and sardonic, the outsized heroes of Byrons great poems Childe Harold and Manfred are rebellious individuals who live by their own moral codes.
In this elegant literary and cultural study, the author traces the development of the Byronic hero from Byrons swaggering originals to Schwarzeneggers Terminator character and Anne Rices Vampire Lestat.
Byronic heroes also strut the stages and recording studios of contemporary music, although their persona differs from the arrogant and blustering Manfred.
www.forewordmagazine.com /reviews/viewreviews.aspx?reviewID=3121   (426 words)

 Lord George Gordon Byron - Biography and Works
Byron's influence on European poetry, music, novel, opera, and painting has been immense, although the poet was widely condemned on moral grounds by his contemporaries.
Byron spent his early childhood years in poor surroundings in Aberdeen, where he was educated until he was ten.
Byron's body was returned to England but refused by the deans of both Westminster and St Paul's.
www.online-literature.com /byron   (1460 words)

 Byronic hero
However, even before Byron exemplified the character in his life and works, the literary predeccesors of the Byronic hero in English can be traced back to Milton, especially Milton's interpretation of Lucifer as having justified complaint against God.
Byron's influence was manifested by many authors and artists of the Romantic movement during the 19th century and beyond.
The Byronic hero is also featured in many different contemporary novels, and it is clear that Lord Byron's work continues to influence modern literaturehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byronic_hero [Aug 2006]
www.jahsonic.com /ByronicHero.html   (246 words)

 Mid Term Papers: Term Papers on The Byronic Hero
Below is a free term papers summary of the paper "The Byronic Hero." If you sign up, you can be reading the rest of this term papers in under two minutes.
Most heroes would probably have laid with down and died along with their pride, but once again, Napoleon stood tall, refusing to go along with the norm.
Another Byronic hero trait is the belief that the very thing that makes up great is the very thing that will e...
www.midtermpapers.com /8703.htm   (462 words)

 The Byronic Hero | Stein
In her scrutiny of characters ranging from Manfred to the Sandman, from Melmoth to Lestat, from Heathcliff to Angel, Stein suggests that the Byronic hero serves its audience as an emblem of defiance and complacence.
The Byronic Hero in Film, Fiction, and Television bridges nineteenth- and twentieth-century studies in pursuit of an ambitious, antisocial, arrogant, and aggressively individualistic mode of hero from his inception in Byron’s Manfred, Childe Harold, and Cain, through his incarnations as the protagonists of Westerns, action flicks, space odysseys, vampire novels, neo-Gothic comics, and sci-fi television.
While audiences may not seek to emulate the Byronic hero, Stein notes that he desires to emulate them; recent texts plot to “rehumanize” the hero or to voice through him approbation and admiration of ordinary human values and experiences.
www.siu.edu /~siupress/titles/f04_titles/stein_byronic.htm   (0 words)

This type, based on the work and life of the poet Lord Byron, is a proud, cynical rebel who refuses to submit to the rules of society.
Often there is a taint of sin or scandal in his past which becomes forgivable only when we understand the true circumstances, which have been hidden from the rest of the world.
Byronic heroes are usually handsome, but like Lord Byron himself, who was lame, they may have a physical handicap that only increases their sex appeal.
www.pinkmonkey.com /booknotes/barrons/janeyre06.asp   (1431 words)

 era eroe byronic hero
Manfred is the supreme example of the “Byronic hero”: proud and...
ultimissima clayman eroe elementale api danze era eroe byronic hero 1...
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era-eroe-byronic-hero.wnakxc.net   (0 words)

 English 213 A
The Byronic Hero is a creation of the narrative poetry of George Gordon, Lord Byron.
One of the key connections that may help you understand the Byronic Hero is that he is, in some ways, like the Romantic conception of Satan in Paradise Lost--the rebel who fights against a tyrannical establishment but is destroyed by his own overwhelming pride.
One Byronic Hero with which you might be familiar is the character of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.
spider.georgetowncollege.edu /english/allen/byron2.htm   (0 words)

 Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman's Journal
You described Dream as Byronic at least once; to what extent did you consciously conceive of him as a type of Byronic hero?
He fits the profile of the Byronic hero very closely.
I've written an article on Byronic heroes in popular culture (a miniature version of an as yet unpublished book on the topic), and Dream is one of the heroes discussed.
www.neilgaiman.com /journal/2002/04/well-this-is-simultaneously-question.asp   (257 words)

 Byronic Hero Term Papers, Essay Research Paper Help, Essays on Byronic Hero
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 Love Seduced: The Byronic Hero
Don Juan is the solemn, brooding, calculating, seducer who strives not for the fruit of love, but rather is enslaved to the appetite that stands in the place of love.
Byron uses Don Juan as a powerful foil for those social institutions which he thought contributed to human misery by stressing unachievable ideals.
The Byronic hero both fascinates and repels, terrifying us with his coexistent immorality and efficacy, disturbing us in his realistic reflection of humanity.
www.virtualmuseum.ca /Exhibitions/Valentin/English/4/424.php3   (0 words)

 Vampires Don't Suck
And the figure of Byron pretended to be himself and wrote about the solitary person on the moors with this horrible hurt inside.
Vampires remain compelling, both as villains and heroes, because through them we are safe to contemplate aspects of ourselves which would otherwise be unthinkable.”
Actress Julie Benz, who plays Darla, the vampire who first turned Angel, believes part of the appeal of vampires is their ability to live without limitations.
www.vampiresandslayers.com /vampires_don't_suck.htm   (0 words)

[01] A Byronic hero is defined by Thomas B. Macaulay according to The Oxford Companion to English Literature (Oxford University Press, New York, 1985) as "proud, moody, cynical, with defiance on his brow, and misery in his heart...
This paradox set me to pondering that tragic chestnut, WUTHERING HEIGHTS, starring that Byronic hero par excellence, Heathcliff, and his unworthy soulmate, Cathy.
[13] Historically, the Byronic hero has been presented to us, for the most part, as a male figure, someone whom men emulate and women desire and wish to possess (straightly speaking, of course.
www.whoosh.org /issue6/mclain.html   (997 words)

 byronic hero: termpapersresource.com- a great term papers, essays, research papers resource
Although there are some elements of social competitiveness with regards to Claudio and Don John, Claudio’s love for Hero is not based on proving himself as a dominant male.
However, Claudio’s fear of approaching Hero is based on his infatuation and is an endearing trait.
Our professional writers at termpapersresource.com can provide you with the right sample term paper on any aspect of "byronic hero" in no time at all.
termpapersresource.com /term-papers/392/byronic-hero.html   (405 words)

 Web QnA   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Shelley's preface to "Julian and Maddalo" creates a portrait of a man that is clearly modeled on Byron or the Byronic hero: a nobleman who is aloof from society, of thwarted ambition lacking a worthy object of attainment, but who is nonetheless a magnetic character drawing others to him.
Byron's heroes, however, were never meant to be role models or representatives of a country/nation.
Byron meant for his heroes to be "archrebels" and it was this rebellious energy along with their moody self isolation that gave the Byronic hero his "savage grandeur".
curriculum.calstatela.edu /WebQnA/webqna.pl?module=astauff2-4&action=viewall   (5147 words)

 Stein, "Immortals and Vampires and Ghosts, Oh My!: Byronic Heroes in Popular Culture", Romanticism and ...
Drawing connections between Byron's heroes and contemporary popular culture heroes allows students a fuller understanding of Byron's work and its cultural context while at the same time providing them with another tool to analyze the films, television series, and books they, as consumers of popular culture, so avidly appreciate.
In both nineteenth-century and late-twentieth-century texts, the Byronic hero is given superhuman abilities.
Given his superior capabilities, the Byronic hero, whether in his nineteenth-century or contemporary incarnation, provides his audience with a satisfying vicarious experience of power (and empowerment, for that matter), autonomy, mastery, and defiance of oppressive authority.
www.rc.umd.edu /praxis/contemporary/stein/stein.html   (4293 words)

 Byronic Hero   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The stereotypical Byronic hero not only has great intellectual knowledge, but he is overconfident and arrogant of himself because of his better position in society.
The Byronic hero is not your usual hero because he is continuously being reminded of and tortured by his former life because of his ignominious acts, especially concerning sexual misdeeds.
Another characteristic often seen in a Byronic hero is the strong emotions that he possesses such as those of Mr.
www.free-webspace.biz /simplyme/byronic.html   (482 words)

 Immeritus » Forums » Character Forums » Anything Black Goes » Byronic Hero?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The fully-fledged Byronic hero is more isolated, darker, more complex in his history and inner conflict, and therefore more frightening and more compelling to the reader.
After all, being a Byronic hero or an anti-hero is not the same as being a literary protagonist or a villain.
This time the dramatic hero is cast in a story that doesn't fit with all the rules of the ancient Greek theater.
immeritus.org /index.php?name=ForumsPro&file=viewtopic&p=137698   (3156 words)

The Byronic hero was a man possessing a pair of tragic flaws, overweening ambition coupled with defiance of authority and/or tradition.
One of the primary qualifications of a tragic hero was nobility of birth or of character.
All tragic heroes fell, and Satan proved to be no exception, for "He had been falling in the abyss some four thousand years (1)." His fall was not simply a fall into the abyss, but he was cut off from light--the light of day and the light of God's presence.
www.students.mcneese.edu /jb6366/devil.html   (1507 words)

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