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Topic: Byzantine Church

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Byzantine architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is presumed that Basil I's votive church of the Theotokos of Phoros (not longer extant) served as a model for most cross-in-square sanctuaries of the period, including the monastery church of Hosios Lukas in Greece (ca.
The church of Holy Apostles in Thessaloniki is often cited as an archetypal structure of the late period, when the exterior walls were intricately decorated with complex brickwork patterns or with glazed ceramics.
As early as the building of Constantine's churches in Palestine there were two chief types of plan in use: the basilican, or axial, type, represented by the basilica at the Holy Sepulchre, and the circular, or central, type, represented by the great octagonal church once at Antioch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Byzantine_architecture   (1767 words)

 Byzantine Catholic Church in America
Byzantine Catholics in America are the spiritual descendants of Christians in Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East who are the heirs of this Byzantine religious culture, and who therefore trace their spiritual heritage to the Great Church of Constantinople, known as Hagia Sophia (The Church of Holy Wisdom).
Byzantine Catholics are witnesses to the reality of the Resurrection and Ascension of Christ, and follow Christ, in and with Him, to His heavenly Kingdom in the Divine Liturgy, the principal liturgical service of the Byzantine Church.
Byzantine Christian worship is therefore holistic in content and expresses and manifests this beauty in various forms -- ancient sacred religious poetry and hymns, moving chanting styles, bright, brocaded vestments, the burning of incense, the use of candles, the veneration of icons.
www.byzcath.org /Faith-and-Worship/Who-Are-Byzantine-Catholics.htm   (2823 words)

The decline of the Byzantine Empire is strikingly exhibited in the depreciation of currency during the reigns of the Comneni.
From the Syrian and Egyptian Church sprang the Ethiopian, the Indian, the Mesopotamian, and the Armenian Churches.
Byzantine civilization produced a succession of typical women of middle class who are a proof, first, of the high esteem in which women were held in social life and, secondly, of the sacredness of family life, which even now distinguishes the Greek people.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03096a.htm   (16914 words)

 Eastern Orthodox Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The designation "Orthodox", without reference to geographical terminology, is conventionally used by the various Churches to highlight what they see as their full adherence to doctrine; although geographical or ethnic designators such as "Eastern", "Greek" or "Russian" are in common use, the Orthodox Church sees itself as fully catholic (that is, universal).
Those that are known to the Church are glorified (canonized) by incorporating their lives into the Church's liturgical life, a recognition of Christ in them.
In monastic churches it is usual for the lay people visiting the monastery to stand in the narthex while the monks or nuns stand in the nave.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eastern_Orthodoxy   (9760 words)

 Byzantine church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The wooden church in Komancha is in use by the Orthodox parish; therefore, a church from the village of Szybistów/Dudynci (built in 1802 and probably the oldest wooden church in Poland of the Greek cross floorplan) was to be transferred to Komancha to serve the Byzantine Catholic parish.
A similar fate befell the Church of Saint Paraskeva built 1872-74 in Rajskie/Rajs'ke (Lesko county); it was blown up with dynamite by the local authorities in 1990 when the few Byzantine Catholic Lemkos in nearby Wolkowyja/Volkovyja requested that it be opened for their use.
Byzantine catholic services in the Lemko Region are conducted generally in the Old Church Slavonic language (whereas the church in Ukraine is adopting modern Ukrainian as a liturgical language).
www.carpatho-rusyn.org /rich/byz.htm   (394 words)

 HISTORY of the Byzantine Catholic Church
Church, established by Jesus Christ, was spread across the world after the descent of Holy Spirit.
One of the Byzatine Catholic wooden churches in Slovakia (village Krajne Cierno).
The Byzantine Catholic Church was officially acknowledged, but the reversion of the property was not realized in full extent and the persecution carried out by the public authority caused the obstruction of its development.
www.grkat.nfo.sk /eng/intro2.html   (1206 words)

 Byzantium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Byzantine Empire made great contributions to civilization: Greek language and learning were preserved for posterity; the Roman imperial system was continued and Roman law codified; the Greek Orthodox church converted some Slavic peoples and fostered the development of a splendid new art dedicated to the glorification of the Christian religion.
The story of the dedication of the church is that when the building was ready to be consecrated, the Emperor walked in procession from the gate of the palace across the Augustaeum to the outer doors of the church.
In contrast to the Christians, both Roman and Byzantine, who were intolerant of religious differences, the Turks allowed monotheists, or any of the believers in a "religion of the book" (the Bible, Torah, or Koran), to retain their faith and be ruled by a religious superior through the millet system, a network of religious ghettoes.
www.yasou.org /byzantium/byz.htm   (10268 words)

 The History of the Melkite Byzantine Church
In the canonical acceptation of the word it is a particular Church, spread throughout the Middle East and throughout a diaspora of ever increasing extent.
The Melkite Church owes its character as a particular church to two loyalties, one to the Empire of Byzantium and the other to the first seven ecumenical councils.
When, in the fullness of time and "awaited by all the peoples" Christ was born of the Virgin Mary in Palestine(1), most of the world was under the civilizing influence of the "lex romana" and Antioch, situated where the Orontes returns between its banks, was the second most important city in the Empire(2).
phoenicia.org /melkites.html   (4603 words)

 The Byzantine Church
The present-day influence of the Orthodox Church encompasses the territories associated with the former Byzantine and Russian empires: Eastern Europe, Asia (Russia/Siberia), parts of the Middle East and Africa.
This established missionary precedence for the Russian Orthodox Church in the Americas, and Eastern Orthodox Christians were under the omophor (Church authority and protection) of the Patriarch of Moscow.
The Antiochian Orthodox Church, The Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, and the Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church of America (formerly connected with the Vicar Bishop of the (Western) Orthodox Church of France-ECOF), all have Western Rite parishes.
members.aol.com /byzruth   (2180 words)

 St. Anne Byzantine Catholic Church
Byzantine Catholics are (to quote +Pope John Paul II) "Orthodox Christians in communion with Rome".
While the Roman Catholic Church is by far the largest and most powerful of these 23 churches, it is only a part of the whole Catholic Church.
There are several Churches, including the Ruthenian, the Melkite, and the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, to mention a few and we share in the inheritance of the Byzantine Religious Culture of the Christian East.
www.stanne-byzcath.org   (322 words)

 Byzantium: The Byzantine Studies Page
As a result Byzantine culture was subjected to centuries of abuse as a time of barbarism and superstition.
The counterpart to the dismissal of Byzantine culture was its exaltation by 19th-century Romanticism, and by a substrate of Christian, especially Anglican, intellectuals.
Marxist historians are often derided, especially in the United States, for fitting facts to theory [as if they alone were guilty of this!] In Byzantium, especially in the agricultural laws of the tenth century, which were presented at the time as addressing a struggle of the "poor" and the "powerful".
www.fordham.edu /halsall/byzantium   (1791 words)

 Byzantine church leader dies
Metropolitan Judson Procyk of the Byzantine Catholic Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, a reformer who sought to revitalize parishes and fought for the traditional rites and rights of Eastern Catholics, died early yesterday at his home in Observatory Hill.
In approving his code for the Byzantine Catholic Church in the United States, the Vatican permitted its bishops to submit the names of married candidates to Rome for approval on a case-by-case basis.
A highlight of his service as archbishop was the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Metropolitan Byzantine Archdiocese of Pittsburgh, held at the David Lawrence Convention Center, Downtown, in October 1999.
www.post-gazette.com /obituaries/20010425procyk2.asp   (1226 words)

 Saint Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church is one of Youngstown's jewels among places of worship.
The architecture was patterned after the Cathedral Church in Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia, which was the mother diocese of the present Byzantine Catholic diocese in Pittsburgh.
Besides the lower level auditorium at the church, a social hall with excellent facilities is located on Shady Run Road where the original watercolor painting of this image design hangs.
www.iarelative.com /st_nick.htm   (176 words)

 Local Catholic Church History and Genealogy Research Guide and Worldwide Directory
For instance, in the Roman Catholic Church, the Sacraments of Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion) are often received at different ages, while in the Byzantine Catholic Church, as in most of the Eastern Catholic Churches, these three Sacramental Mysteries of Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist are given together to infants.
Please keep in mind that the work of the Church is ongoing, parishes may vary greatly in their staffing, and records may or may not be indexed by surname, therefore it is advisable to limit your request to two or three specific records.
The Romanian Byzantine Catholics in the United States are under the jurisdiction of the local Latin rite dioceses, and others may attend the local Roman Catholic churches as well depending upon the availability of local Eastern Catholic churches and services in their area of residence.
home.att.net /~Local_Catholic   (4838 words)

 Orthodox church Music, Russian Orthodox church Music, Greek Orthodox church music, Byzantine chant, Church Slavonic ...
Courses for Orthodox Church Choir Conductors in Moscow - The goal of the Moscow Orthodox Church Conductors’ Courses is to train choir directors for Orthodox parishes in Moscow and beyond.
Chrysostomos - choir of the Bratislava Byzantine Catholic Parish
Choir of The Orthodox Christian Church Of Christ The Saviour, a parish of the Orthodox Church in America.
stjrussianorthodox.com /music.htm   (1286 words)

 Church Supplies church_supplies
The Bell, is the significant item of the church, characterizes the invitation to the people from the church not as a simple building, but as the house of God.
All the bells are manufactured with the mixture of fine metals, brass, silver 999, copper are the most common, (there is also a very limited mixture of gold on request) to achive the sound perfection.
Zeon in the liturgy is the article connected with the preparation of the Holy Communion in the Orthodox Church.
www.religiousmall.com /church_supplies.html   (516 words)

 Byzantine Church
Because of this role the Church of Byzantium played a major role in the development of Liturgical traditions that would spread throughout the Middle East.
There are fourteen Churches that follow the Byzantine Liturgy, yet all have their own variations and history.
Each of these Churches may be studied by selecting the appropriate link from the menu on the left.
www.faswebdesign.com /ECPA/Byzantine/overview.html   (101 words)

 Church Supplies Online Mall - www.ReligiousNet.Com
Church supplies, aiming to satisfy even the most demanding visitor for their indisputable quality.
In our site you can find Church Supplies and Ecclesiastical items that can be used either during the Holy Liturgy or to decorate the interior of a church.
When I took them to church this weekend to be blessed, my priest's first reaction was asking me if they were hand written.
www.religiousnet.com   (647 words)

 Holy Angels Byzantine Catholic Church
Parish of the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Van Nuys
Our parish family is honored and pleased to have you share in the life of our church.
The goal of our life in the Church is that we be sharers with the Risen Christ in his victory over sin and death.
www.holyangelssandiego.com   (183 words)

 History of Russian Catholic Church
The liturgical and spiritual practices of the Russian Orthodox Church and of some of its sister churches may be referred to more generally as the Byzantine-Slavonic Rite, i.e., the Byzantine liturgical and spiritual tradition as received by and adapted to the needs and use of the Slavic peoples.
Subsequently, this command to observe strictly the Russian Orthodox Church's rituals and spirituality was confirmed during an audience with Pope Pius X attended by Mlle.
There are countless other Russian Byzantine Catholics, lay and clergy, who have suffered for their belief in Jesus Christ from 1893 to the present, especially the martyrs at Sandormoch and Leningrad in 1937.
rumkatkilise.org /necplus.htm   (5117 words)

 Spero News
Byzantine healing service include seven and eight thousand people showing up with all-night sessions
The Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Parma OH has issued an invitation to all men interested in the diaconate to contact their pastors to begin the admissions process.
Classes will be held at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh PA,...
www.speroforum.com /site/full.asp?id=26&title=Byzantine+Church+News   (209 words)

 The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc. (Independent Jurisdictio
We would like us to unite, and we inform you, that as long as they are Orthodox and/or Old Catholic Christians, we have no intention of changing them, that there leader shall remain and that he will be in the Council of Metropolitans, and united under God.
The Church Seal and Flag is the property of this jurisdiction.
His Holiness is of Noble Birth and a Prince of the Holy Church.
members.tripod.com /~Mark1x1/index.html   (937 words)

As was said before, We of The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc.(Independent Jurisdiction) are NOT Roman Catholic,and we are Not ANTI-Roman Catholic either.
The Byzantine Catholic Church, Inc.(Independent Jurisdiction) was Incorporated in 1964 as a non-profit jurisdiction and reformed in 1965.
Mar +Azarias left this Church in 2005 to form his own Church to be more "Traditional" he said, than we are.
netministries.org /see/churches/ch02254   (1187 words)

 Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Church Home Page
We, as members of Annunciation parish and the Eparchy of Van Nuys, are inheritors of the legacy of the Byzantine Catholic Church and its heritage.
As Byzantine Catholics in America, we have come to embrace not only the original ethnic groups of Europe, but all people who wish to worship according to the Byzantine Catholic tradition.
We look forward to the future in the third millennium of Christianity with hope and optimism for our Church, may we always remember to be faithful stewards of their loving legacy of faith!
www.annunciationbyzantine.org   (127 words)

 Russian - The Byzantine Church   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Russian Catholic pioneer of interracial and social justice, author, and foundress of Madonna House lay apostolate based in Combermere, Ontario, Canada.
A Byzantine Catholic Carmelite monastery in France rooted in the spirit of the Prophet Elias and the saints of Mt. Carmel.
A society devoted to the memory of the Russian philosopher who inspired the founders of the Russian Catholic Church to seek communion with Rome, who received the sacraments of that Church in defiance of the canons of Orthodoxy.
members.aol.com /byzruth/russian.htm   (194 words)

 Religious Icons, Church Supplies, Byzantine Icons, Religious Jewelry, Christmas Shopping, Incense Burners, Christmas ...
Now starting at $4.50, we may have the most complete collection of Byzantine icons on the Internet.
Find more than 4000 Holy icons exact replicas of Byzantine art, with more than 450 different religious themes taken from originals in museums, monasteries and private collections.
We manufacture from raw material Byzantine and Classic Art items, handmade according to your specific desire.
www.religiousmall.com   (994 words)

 Byzantine Catholic Church in America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Highlights of recent events in the Byzantine Churches and additions to this site.
Links to Byzantine Catholic and other Eastern Catholic parishes on the web.
Discuss your faith on our Message Boards or just stop by to visit and read about Byzantine Christianity.
www.byzcath.org   (163 words)

 St. Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church
Basil the Great Byzantine Catholic Church is a parish of the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church, a Church in full communion with the Holy Father the Pope of Rome.
The parish is part of the Metropolia of Pittsburgh and the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy (Diocese) of Van Nuys.
Any Catholic properly prepared may receive Holy Communion here and fulfill one's Sunday obligation by participating in the Divine Liturgy.
www.stbasil.org   (87 words)

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